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About Us

Who we are?

Our Strategies

Our Skill Set

Our team at Puissant Technologies is well versed in designing and developing the web portals. The latest design of the websites include - high conversion rate landing pages, excellent functionality among the web pages, simplified and lucid content writings, creative and beautiful graphic design, accessible from all kind of devices like, mobile, tabloid, laptop, desktop etc., are the features which we provide to our customers.


Our Services:

1. Registering, Transferring and Renewal of Domain Names of the websites

2. Installation or Hosting Services for the websites

After registering the Domain Name for your website, you host or install your ready and designed website on the server machine connected to the internet. Now, your website becomes visible on any computer on the earth which is connected to the internet.

3. Reselling Services for the Hosting Space

We, at PT is also the reseller of the hosting space for other’s websites. The ultra-fast cloud services maintain 99.98% server uptime for the websites hosted on our hosting-servers. This never let you feel tiring due to the long time taken in getting your website opened.

4. Landing Page Design and Optimization

Landing Page of your website is the one which converts the visitors coming to your website into the potential customers. In view of this importance, the landing page has to be developed with extreme caution.


5. Website Design and Development

We, at Puissant Technologies are working on the two major technologies – PHP and Java.

I. The First Suite of Software

II. The Second Suite of software

We design and develop websites using multiple technologies. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, MySQL Database, MS Paint etc. are the technologies used in designing and giving more dynamic features to the websites.

6. Websites Re-Design, Up-Gradation and Maintenance


7. Content Marketing

To improve the quality of your website the relevant, unique and valuable contents has to be pushed on regular and timely basis. We provide the quality contents for the variety of websites and businesses.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The factors which affects the position of a website in the search result are classified into basically two categories – internal as well as external ranking factors. The internal factors can be controlled by the website owner if he or she is aware of the “SEO strategies”.

9. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement or Google AdWords

This is another popular method to get the link of your website on the top of Google Search result. You need not to have a well SE Optimized website for this.

10. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

It helps in getting your businesses connected with social media websites like - facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. This is the best way to develop awareness about your brand, services, sales etc. – worldwide.

11. E-Mail and SMS Marketing

This is another way to let people know about your businesses by sending bulk e-mails and SMSes.

12. Analytic Services

We help the small and large enterprises in getting the accurate and intuitive data for simplifying the complex business environments, finding the probability of the outcomes, reducing the risks and taking the right decision for the overall growth in their businesses.

13. E-Commerce Websites


14. Social site Development

This sort of websites is having more and more features for their visitors. There is no doubt that it takes more time to be developed as compare to the normal websites.

Current Project

Currently, we are working on a social site project which has to be similar to meetme.com.

The entire project is divided into five phases of which the first two have the following descriptions:

Project Plan:


Phase wise Project Development -


15. ERP/Software Development

Software is developed in a number of phases e.g. Requirement Gathering and Analysis, System Design, Coding, System Testing, Implementation and finally maintenance. This overall process is called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

16. Mobile Applications Development

At Puissant Technologies, we help our customers develop top of the line and futuristic mobile applications. We are interested in making your Android application product successful by partnering with you. If you’re looking for an Android app developer, then you’ve come to the right place.

17. Application Integration

It is the process of integrating the developed software or ERP to the hardware machine.

18. Application Maintenance


19. Application Re-Engineering

Our advance engineering methodologies are capable to re-engineer the already existing software.

20. Project Outsourcing Services (POS)

The business network of PT is enough to get any IT need of our clients fulfilled.

21. Outsourced Product Development (OPD) Services

Our team at Puissant Technologies also works on the outsourced projects.

Services Features:

1. Custom and Responsive Web Designing 2. Hosting Services of 99.8% Server Uptime 3. Quality Excellence

4. Flexible Products 5. Multi-level Security 6. Simplified and Systematic 7. Maintainable and Up-Gradable

Our Soft Skills:

1. Creative Web Designing

2. Capability to work on multiple technologies 3. Dynamic and Wide-Ranged Skills

4. Entrepreneurial 5. Content Writing Skills 6. Innovative Skills

7. Technical and Interpersonal Skills

8. Enough network to Outsource all kind of IT needs


Our Commitments:

1. Trust and Transparency 2. Work Culture

3. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Our Processes:

1. Agile Process

Our Certifications and Accreditations:

1. Puissant Group-being the group of three companies has been registered under MSME. 2. Registration under Commercial Establishments DSE Act, 1954.




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