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BIC Lazio spa, Business Innovation Center, network of regional development agencies:


Academic year: 2021

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Via G. Pezzana 109 – 00197, Roma, Italia +39 06 8072444 - +39 347 0376394 kim.assael@alice.it Italian 08/08/68 SSLKBT68M48H501R Last position:

From December 2009, Project manager of the European Network for Baroch Cultural Heritage Project (Culture 2007-13 Programme, EACEA, Strand 1.1. Multiannual Cooperation Project). The European ENBaCH project joints together 8 Universities of six different European countries.

Most recents employments: 2007-2009

BIC Lazio spa, Business Innovation Center, network of regional development agencies:

Professional consultancies within the socio-economic local development area (pilot projects on migrant and disable enterpreneurial people)

Leghein srl, society of social research on ethic affiliated to CENSIS:

Professional consultancy within social research on programming training interventions in the socio-sanitary and assistance sector for the Province of Florence (F.S.E Project)


WWF Assistant to International cooperation function and support to the research and development of future projects of the cooperation function about “Migrations and Sustainable development”


2009 (Aprile – Maggio), Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione, Training course on

“the 7th Framework Programme of EU RS&T”

(Legal basis, the architecture and structure, Management, regulation of Call for Tenders, Funding schemes, types of activities; projects presentation and


gathering of informations; Evaluation and negotiation of the proposals; financial accountings and the Consortium Agreement).

1995-1996, Foreign Affair Ministry (MAE) - World Health Organisation

(WHO)/ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità): International Master in Primary

Health Care Management (ICHM) at the ISS of Rome;

1996 (September- November): Action-research on the Italian cooperation project in Mostar (Bosnia) “Quality and socio-sanitary assistance to families: from emergency to development”, thesis of PHD master;

1996 (gennaio), LUISS University of Rome:

Training action: “Communication within no profit organisations”; skills learnt: planning, methods and techniques of communicating within no profit organisations;

1993, La Sapienza, University of Rome, Faculty of Modern Literatures:

• Degree in Social Anthropology, Dept of Statistic and actual sciences,

(110/110 cum laudem), with an experimental thesis: “For a social anthropology of the disasters. Emergencies, development and community participation”.

• Training workshops on action-research of the GIRS (Interdisciplinary Group for the Social Research)

Laboural experiences: From 1992 to 1994:

• University of Rome La Sapienza/GIRS/PRODERE (UN Programme for Displaced, Refugees and Repatriated people of Central America): Stage in Centro

America (Guatemala, El Salvador)

• OMS/WHO OMS - Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità HQ- Ginevra: Consultancy within the D.A.R.E. (Development of Appropriate Response for Emergencies) Project on:

• the Realisation of a socio-sanitary handbook for socio-health entitled “Communitarian risk and Resources maps";

• organisational coordination of the International workshop “Emergencies and Information”, (Rome, at Internationl Press Service) and the results of the project;

• Member of the Board of Directors of the I.S.U. – Istituto di Sviluppo Umano, Roma.


• Project collaboration within PRODERE Programme / Italian Cooperation on: • technical assistance to the ADELs (Agencias de desarrollo economico local) in

Centro America (N. C_93315) including the production of papers to disseminate in Italy the experience of the UNDP/PRODERE Programme and the organisation of a workshop in Centro-America (San Salvador) to evaluate the ADEL activities.

• Development Cooperation Programme UNDP-PRODERE (N. C_93315)

• Stage with a research grant on "Scientific communication within UN organisations (UNDP, OMS, UNESCO, FAO, UNICEF, UNEP e CEE).

1995-98: consultancies on project proposals, transnational partnerships, coordination of products and training within European projects Occupation

NOW (0493/E2/N/M), INTEGRA, Fleximodo Project (DGXIII-D2) at the City of

Science of Naples. 1999-2005:

Consultancies and projects collaboration on design of monitoring and evaluation processes, didactical materials for training courses, Quality systems Assessor of Uni Eni Iso 9000 in training organisations, organisational secretariats with the following organisations: PIEMMEI, Istituto di Formazione dell’API Napoli (Ente Bilaterale della CONFAPI Campania E.R.F.E.A.); Associazione Temporanea di Scopo “Formazione Ambiente e Sviluppo locale”- Napoli; EBTC Ente Bilaterale del Turismo; Calvaruso& Associati s.a.s – Napoli; PMI CONSULTING COOP Scarl di Napoli; Innovazione e Apprendimento s.r.l. – Napoli - Studio di progettazione organizzativa.

From 2008:

collaboration with the IDEASS programme, the international cooperation programme on participatory territorial development processes for the human development, with the support of UNDP, UNIFEM, ILO, UNOPS of the United Nations, to the redaction of articles on social innovations for its web site which is visited by 107 different world countries with 151.363 contacts till January 2014.

Fields of expertise:

development management, social anthropology, project cycle management, action-research and development, community participation, organisation of international workshops and conferences.



Other Languages:



Reading: Writing:




Reading: Writing:

Comprehension: FRENCH B1GOOD


USER Reading: Writing:


Skills and relational competencies:

team building and participative approach; needs assessment of clients and interdisciplinary groups; internal and external communication among professional groups; cooperation in transnational contexts; flexibility in role. Those competencies have been acquired through experiences abroad and the participation to European projects.

Organisational competencies:

self planning and programming; project coordination and management; problem solving; work for objectives.

Those competencies have been acquired through the Master on Primary Health Care Management and gained by the coordination experiences with multidisciplinary team groups.

ICTs competencies:

computer packages normally used are operational systems as windows, mac; main applications of office automation; Epinfo; statview; main browsers of internet and email clients as Ms outlook, Eudora, Mail

Speciality and professional competencies:

Anthropology of natural disaster and extraordinary social situations; desk and applied research; interviews (social-research); community participation techniques (scenario-workshop; community needs maps); participative planning techniques (action-research); organisation of workshops and



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