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IPR-Helpdesk-China.eu & Round

Table on European IPR Activities

in China

Sino Italian cooperation on

Industrial Property


Cooperation source

Agreement Of Cooperation on Intellectual

Property between the Government of the

Republic of Italy and the Government of the

People’s Republic of China (signed in Beijing

on June 8, 2004)

Sino Italian Intergovernmental Committee

headed by the Prime Ministers of both




Annual Action Plan with State Intellectual

Property Office (SIPO)

Trademark expert working group with the

ChineseTrademark Office, State

Administration for Industry and Commerce



Areas of cooperation

Promoting the IPR awareness of SME both

in China and Italy

Enhancing the IPR enforcement



Building a market of mutual confidence where people

and economic institutions in their economic

transactions are able to act sharing and trusting the

same rules concerning protection and enforcement

of IPRs and where the will of all the relevant

Authorities, in Italy and China, to protect and

enforce IPRs is clear and strong


Main cooperative initiatives

Seminars devoted to SMEs

Building confidence in the market to make the economy grow: Italy, China and industrial property (two day conference held in Rome on May 23-24, 2005)

Use and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Laws and Promoting SMEs Development (one day Symposium held in Guangzhou City, on September 16, 2006)

“IP for Life Sciences” one day seminar held in Milan on the occasion of Milano Check up Fair from 6 to 9 June 2007)

Developing a Sino Italian IP guide for SMEs Officials exchanges

scholarships for study and research of SIPO experts in Italy (a three month scholarship in 2006 for two SIPO officials , a five month scholarship in 2007 for two SIPO officials, two one week study visits in 2005 for SIPO high level delegations)

IPR enforcement

• Partecipation of Chinese and italian Judges at the jointly organised seminars

• Within 2007 according to the Action Plan 2007 it will be provide for issuing some sentences of the Supreme Pleople’s Court concerning IP case law on the Review “Italian IP Courts case law report”. This Review offers a comparison of all the case law (about provisional measure decisions and decisions on the merit) of the Specialized Sections in 1st and 2nd instance with the superior unification of the Supreme Court (so called “Corte di

Cassazione”) and a section is devoted to decisions on IP case law taken by foreign Courts. The Review

represents, therefore, a fundamental tool of knowledge and updating for all those who operate in the Industrial and Intellectual Property field. And the Chinese SPC Judges would contribute to enrich this publication.

• Judicial workshops

• Chinese IP Administrations support for the four IP helpdesks which the Italian Government opens next November in China


Italian IP helpdesk

In November 2007 a network of 19 IP

helpdesk located in markets considered

sensitive by Italian enterprises (China,

Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Republic of Korea,

Turkey, EAU, Russian Federation, Brazil,

USA) set up by the Italian Government will

became operative.


Italian IP Helpdesk: reasons why

they have been conceived and their


There is a condition of internationality postulated by the economy that make

null a clear division among domestic markets. In this new landscape the

system of rules and rights on property of growing importance is represented

by IPRs related to the protection of intangible aspects (knowledge and

innovation) of goods and services travelling among different markets around

the world. This brings about the need to protect and enforce IPRs in a way

able to catch the cross border dimension of markets.

As the development and the growth performance of industrial economies had is

foundations in property rights, certainty of contracts and institutions to

enforce them, efficient IP system that assures certainty and enforcement of

IPRs is the necessary condition for the economic growth in

knowledge-driven economy [William Baumol].

The main mission of IP helpdesk is make an increasing number of enterprises

aware of the importance of using IPRs to create economic value


IP Helpdesks in China

Four IP helpdesks are opening in

China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong

Kong, Shanghai. They will be

located in the Italian Trade

Commission premises


IP helpdesk tasks

The IP helpdesks run by IP experts (an

Italian IP expert supported by a local IP

expert) provide for information on how the

local IP system works (registration

procedures for each IPR and enforcement

procedures in the event of enfringement).

There is also a special legal assistance if

the solution of an infringement case


Ministery of Economic Development IPTO/High Commissioner combating

counterfeiting IP helpdesk Service Desk

Beijing Desk Desk

San Paolo DeskSeul Desk

IP heldesk network


IPTO – IP helpdesk Service

Setting up and managing informative system

Providing for IP contents

Managing services for IP helpdesk intranet

Access to on line information for the public

Supporting High Commissioner












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