Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

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Question 1: Choose the correct answer: (25 marks)

1. Hydralazine is used IV to treat sever ………. hypertension:

a. Essential b. Secondary c. a and b are incorrect d. a and b are true 2. Is a side effect for nitrates isosorbide mononitrate:

a. Brady cardia b. Hypertension c. Hypotension d. All are true 3. The time between each SL isosorbide dinitrate tablets in angina pain is:

a. 5 min b. 5 hours c. 15 min d. 10 min 4. Which of the following statements describes the action of antacids?

a. Antacids neutralize gastric acid. b. Antacids block the production of gastric acid c. Antacids block dopamine d. Antacids enhance action of acetylcholine

5. Propranolol is primarily used for:

a. Decrease heart rate b. bronchodilation c. decrease blood sugar d. prevent bradycardia

6. The nurse should not administer digoxin if:

a. HR above 60 bpm b. HR below 60 bpm c. SBP ≥ 140 mmHg d. DBP ≥ 90 mmHg

7. The isosorbide dinitrate side effects include all except one:

a. Hypotension b. Dizziness

c. Headache d. Persistent flushing

8. Short term side effects of amiodarone include all except one:

a. Hypotension b. Skin reactions

c. Bradycardia d. Tachycardia

9. Which is contraindication for acetazolamide:

a. Hydrocephalus b. Glaucoma c. Hepatic failure d. Metabolic alkalosis

10. Patient who take Furosemide is needing to follow up:

a. Blood pressure b. Serum Potassium c. Pulse d. All are true

11. Ahmed is under chemotherapy in which nausea is an expected side effect. Which of the following drugs is indicated to prevent such side effect?

a. Metoclopramide b. Cimetidine c. Tagamet d Famotidine.

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2 | P a g e 12. Codeine sulfate:

a. Use as antitussive b. Relive moderate pain c. a & b are true d. a & b are not true 13. special uses of pethidine include all except one of the following:

a. Sever pain b. Anesthesia adjunct c. Analgesic during labor d. Use as antitussive 14. the drug of choice when the respiratory depression drug is unknown:

a. Neostigmine b. Naloxone c. Atropine d. Morphine

15. Proton pump inhibitor that administered before meal to reduce gastric acid production: e. Ranitidine f. Omeprazole g. Calcium carbonate h. Famotidine

16. H2 receptor antagonist, block histamine release and inhibit HCL secretion:

a. Ranitidine b. Omeprazole c. Calcium carbonate d. Sodium bicarbonate 17. All are true about side effect of aminophylline except one:

a. Vomiting b. Tachycardia c. Hypertension d. Tremors 18. What is the nursing intervention for comatose patient on mannitol without crystals?

a. Urinary catheter insertion b. warm mannitol c. Cool mannitol d. All mentioned are true

19. Mannitol is use in cerebral edema to:

a. Reduce ICP b. Increase ICP c. Reduce IOP d. Increase IOP 20. All are true about hydrochlorothiazide except one:

a. Treat hypertension b. Increase H2O excretion c. S/E: Hypoglycemia d. S/E: hyponatremia 21. Folic Acid is more important in pregnancy to prevent:

a. Megaloblastic anemia b. Neural tube defects c. Anemia d. None of the above 22. Which of the following drugs is antiemetic?

a. Ranitidine b. Scobutyl c. Metoclopramide d. Bisacodyl

23. All of the followings are side effects for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics Except:

a. GI bleeding b. Bronchospasm c. Hypotension d. Tinnitus

24. All of the following are contraindications for corticosteroids Except:

a. Congestive heart failure b. Septic shock c. Hypertension d. Cushing’s syndrome 25. Which of the following diuretics is used for treatment of brain edema?


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Question2: Put True or False:

(10 marks)

1. ( ) Naloxone is used for respiratory depression induce by narcotic.

2. ( ) Diclofenac Na and Aspirin should be administered on empty stomach

3. ( ) Indomethacin is used for closure of patent ductus arteriosus in newborn.

4. ( ) Dialysis is treatment for severest toxicity and poisoning of Acetylsalicylic acid

5. ( ) Promethazine is antihistamine that have antiemetic properties.

6. ( ) Metoclopramide is antiemetic drug that use safely in pregnancy.

7. ( ) Atropine is used to treat organophosphorus poisoning.

8. ( ) Potassium chloride should be given in small amount of IV fluid like Saline.

9. ( ) Glucagon is antagonist for insulin

10. ( ) Morphine Relieves pain by binding to opiate receptors in CNS.

11. ( ) Antianginal drugs dilated blood vessels that increase supply and decrease demands.

12. ( ) Amiodarone is an antiarrhythmic drug compatible with glucose 5%.

13. ( ) Deferoxamine is compatible only with normal saline for its infusion

14. ( ) Clot formation may be life-threatening when it occurs as a response to hemorrhage.

15. ( ) Heparin is parenteral anticoagulant, prevent clots extension, S/E hemorrhage. 16. ( ) Heparin need follow up for APTT, antidote for heparin is Vitamin K.

17. ( ) Antidote for warfarin is protamine sulfate.

18. ( ) Beta 2 adrenergic receptors dilated bronchi and arterioles.

19. ( ) Adrenaline increases insulin release & enhance glycogenolysis.

20. ( ) Streptokinase is thrombolytic agent used for MI and contraindicated in hemorrhage and uncontrolled hypertension..

Question 3: Discussion

(10 marks)

1. Side effect for atenolol "beta adrenergic blocker".

1. --- 2. --- 3. --- 4. --- 2. Treatment of iron toxicity:

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ...


4 | P a g e 3. Uses of Propranolol: 1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ...

4. What are the nursing considerations for Hydralazine?

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 5. Treatment of salicylate intoxication

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ... 5. ...

6. Treatment of overdose of paracetamol

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ...

7. Nursing consideration for insulin:

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ...

8. Compare between Aspirin and Acamol Acamol Aspirin Items Class Action Hepatoxicity

Peptic ulcer and bleeding Antidote


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Question 5: Matching

(5 marks)

( ) Oxytocin 1. Oral hypoglycemic agent, most common side effect is


( ) Betamethasone 2. Is the only insulin that can be given IV

( ) Metformin 3. The first line drug of choice for treatment of type 2


( ) Regular insulin 4. Prevention of respiratory distress in premature baby

( ) Glimepiride 5. Stimulate uterine contraction

( ) Acetylcysteine 6. Antidote for digoxin

( ) Immunofab 7. Improve weak myocardial contractions

( ) Calcium gluconate 8. Antidote for acetaminophen

( ) Scobutyl 9. Administered before giving morphine to prevent


( ) Metoclopramide 10. Used to relive colicky pain in renal colic.