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There is an old popular camp song that goes The B-I-B-L-E

Yes, that’s the book for me

I stand alone on the Word of God The B-I-B-L-E

I think most of us would agree that reading and meditating on scripture is an essen-tial part of our Christian faith. But how are we supposed to read the Bible? I came across this piece from the late Eugene Peterson that speaks to this question. He wrote “The Pharisees had an extensive and meticulous knowledge of scripture. They revered it. They memorized it. They used it to regulate every detail of life?” So why did Jesus so frequently criticize and condemn them? Because the words were studied and not heard. The purpose of the scriptures was a means to be able to listen to God” (from Reversed Thunder)

We acknowledge as Christians that we do not worship the Bible; we worship Christ to whom the scriptures give witness. We confess that Christ is even greater than words that attempt to describe him. How wonderful it is to know that when God wanted to show us how much God loves us and what it means to be created in the divine image, God didn’t send us another book to study, God came to us in person. John writes, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth”. We call this the Incarna-tion. One of Jesus’ many names that witnesses to God coming to us is the name Emman-uel which means “God with us.” God came as one of us to feel our deepest joys and sor-rows; to experience everything that we have experienced and yet without sin. As one an-cient church Father stated it, “God became like us so that we could become more like him.”

The Newsletter of Inman United Methodist Church Fayetteville, GA 30215 December 2020


As we come together to get ready to celebrate another Christmas, let us listen, by God’s grace, for what God is saying to us in this ancient story as told by Luke (Luke 2:1-20). We know that this babe in Bethlehem will soon become Lord of all. May the lyrics of Philip Brooks in “O Little Town of Bethlehem” serve as a prayer for us as we get ready to receive him and seek to walk in his ways. O Holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray;

cast out our sin and enter in, be born in us today. We hear the Christmas angels, the great glad tidings tell. O Come to us, abide with us, our Lord Emmanuel. (UMH #230, verse 4)

May you have a joyful Advent and Christmas season, Rev. Tommy Ross

Oh Immanuel, God with us, truly in this Advent season

we celebrate that you are not hidden in some faraway cloud, but you chose to be with us in the blur and mystery of our lives. In the midst of lists and rush, you are with us as a song that echoes in our minds, as the light of a candle, as a card from a friend. They are

signs of your presence. We turn to you this season and pray that you would birth joy and healing, blessing and hope in us. Let something wonderful begin in us — something

surprising and holy. May your hand be upon us. Let your love fill us.

Let your joy overwhelm us. Let our longing for you be met on a coming holy night. Immanuel with us once again.



On November 17th we were acknowledged for our

completion of the 2019 Apportionment’s!


Piper is 12 years old and attends Hampton middle school where she is in the 6th grade. She enjoys school and is an excellent student. Her favorite subjects are social studies and science. Recently Piper started playing the clarinet for her school band and enjoys it quite a bit. When she grows up, she has showed interest in both the fields of animation and

zo-ology to compliment her love and knowledge of animals and art. Piper also enjoys read-ing, drawread-ing, riding her bike, and spending time with her cat. She is a very friendly girl who always tries and go above and beyond for those she cares about. Her mom and dad

are very proud of the young women that she is becoming.

Piper is an active part of our Youth here at Inman UMC. She is an engaging young lady that has not only brought a light to our group she has not missed one regularly scheduled

youth meeting since May. If you happen to see Piper at church or in your community please make sure you tell her how much we appreciate her!


The summer of 1980 was filled with excitement ….we ordered the 40 foot container and with the help of friends packed every-thing from furniture, which included my prize grand piano, all our clothes, , toys, paper products, my musical library, and so much more. France is a modern country, everything that we were bringing, we could have gotten in France, but at four times the cost….yes, on our missionary budget, it was much cheaper to send it, than buy it in France.

So we packed up our little family - 3 boys at the time - and off

we flew, each with a week of clean clothes. It was an 11 hour flight, thankfully the chil-dren slept. We arrived and a member from the church we were assigned to, greeted us ….he spoke no English. After another two hour drive, we arrived in Strasbourg, found the apartment that was reserved for us, took our luggage in and waved goodbye to the nice man. Exhausted, we sat down in this totally empty apartment : no furniture, noth-ing to sleep on, no kitchen set up: no cupboards, no stove etc. …with one bare light bulb in each room, we sat in silence ….my thoughts were “What have I done”. —after all, this wasn’t a 3rd world country.

The chill of fall was descending ….we were from California, where it was still warm. We put on every piece of clothing we had. Soon, there was a knock on the door and several men from the church brought in old cotton mattresses and blankets and enough fixings for a picnic …the Bible says “In everything give thanks.”

Soon, the kids were already starting to get sick and coughing more and more, so off I went to try and get some heat in the apartment, but learned that France is “socialistic” and everyone gets the heat turned on the same day….October 15… one more

month. If I had the space, I could tell you of unbelievable happenings like when the movers dropped my beautiful grand piano on the steps or the day we tried to get our kids registered in school. And with each experience knowing that God is in control.

Christmas is one of those times of year that heals the broken heart and grants cheer that only God can give…..Christ is born. For us, it started about 5 days before Christmas.


Little cabins were set up in the open market place, where they have been doing this for the last four-hundred years….THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. Each night, we would bundle up and put on our snow boots and brave the sub-zero temps. Walking in the market was so exciting….thousands of lights, displaying all sorts of toys, and so many va-rieties of sweets. For us, our favorite was a hot goofier….a thick Waffle covered in choc-olate and whipped cream.

For the church Christmas program, the Americans (our kids) were given little verses to say in the Christmas enactment of the Manger Story….and they worked hard to have just the right accent. At last, the big evening came. We gathered together in market square, each one with a lantern, we processed to the church singing the carols. The church was dark with just our candles giving the light …..we all stood and of course sang Silent Night while the Pastor and other men lit the tree….real burning candles. Then the scenette, of course, some kids forgot their lines, and the choir mostly sang off

tune, but it didn’t matter….Jesus was reborn in our hearts. ….the Pastor gave a blessing, …..and all of a sudden “Father Christmas” appeared at the church entrance and gave the biggest “ho ho ho” I’ve ever heard. The children screamed with delight. All sorts of candies were distributed, and a warm cup of mulled wine was served ….Christmas cheer was everywhere, so much kissing (French greeting is two kisses, one on each cheek)….It was a grand evening, one to be remembered.

With the festive mood over, we returned home and, along with our nanny, put the kids to bed, ready for a new day. With the kids asleep, Marilyn and I decided to walk a bit …the once busy market place was silent….fresh fallen snow….crunch, crunch….with our boots on, the snow made it’s own music…. crunch, crunch….”It was a good day, wasn’t it” “Yes”.

Christmas Day….again meeting early at the church, a lot of greeting and kissing and singing of the carols and a solemn message from the Pas-tor. Old French churches don’t heat the ancient

edifices… my mind wandered watching the steam from his breath fog up his glasses. I thought….”wow, we’re in France”. ...Ace and Marilyn Edewards


Notes on Some of Our Favorite Christmas Carols

SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT (Stille Nacht, ) is always a favorite particularly on

Christmas Eve. The lyrics ( originally written in German) by Priest Joseph Mohr in 1818 are perfectly complemented by the melody of Franz X. Gruberwritten, organist. The organ was broken in Oberdorf, Austria on December 24 ,1818, and they suddenly needed a song for the Christmas Eve service. Joseph Mohr wrote the words and gave them to the church or-ganist who wrote the tune which was sung a few hours later for the first time with a guitar accompaniment.

AWAY IN A MANGER is also known as Martin Luther 's cradle song,

but it's original composer is actually unknown. It is one off the most popular carols in all of the English speaking countries and is based on

Luke 2: 4-7. James Mueller wrote the familiar tune that we know as "Mueller." The song came to Nashville in 1883, and became very popular spreading all over the United States.

IT CAME UPON THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR (based on Luke 2:14) has lyrics that

were written in 1849 by Pastor Edmund Sears, a Unitarian pas-tor of Wayland , Massachusetts . The next year, Richard Willis set the beloved carol to the tune so well known in the U.S. which has made it one of the most popular carols in our coun-try. The tune name is simply "CAROL." In the United King-dom the lyrics are sung to a different English melody titled " NOEL."

----Jolynn Stevens----


United Methodist Women


Love and Fellowship Circle

The “Lunch Gathering” scheduled for December 1st has been canceled.

Also, the Christmas Craft Bazaar scheduled for December 12th has been canceled.

We decided it was necessary as we want all of our friends and family to be safe from


Our wish is for all of our friends and family to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Joni Janssen, President

It's that time of year again!

The time to show our staff here at Inman how much we appreci-ate

all they do for us throughout the year.

The Staff Parrish Relations Committee is currently collecting a staff "love offering".

Please show our staff all the love this holiday season. Don't forget to tag your gift "love offering"!


As you continue to consider your offerings for the upcoming year, please know that your giving enables us to continue to reach out to our congregation and community by provid-ing meanprovid-ingful worship services to those desirprovid-ing to come on Sunday mornprovid-ings as well as

those preferring to stay at home and join us from a distance. Again, thank you for your generosity!


At this point the water leaks on the north and east sides of the educational wing appear to be corrected. More concrete was poured in November to channel the water away from the building and some large bushes were removed. Thanks to David Cathey, Jerry and Jean Haygood, Linda Wagner and Herm Janssen for several days of hard work. Keep your fin-gers crossed and pray as we enter the rainy season from De-cember thru February.

On the west side parking area, the hole has been fixed. Thanks to Herm Janssen, Linda Wagner and Ricky Harp for their assistance in completing this project. Also in

November, the carport renovation at the parsonage was finished. We will continue to work on the gutters and gutter guards around the church and the parsonage during De-cember and January. Exterior painting on the sanctuary windows, columns and parsonage windows is scheduled for the next several months as the weather permits.


Throughout the years, Inman United Methodist Church has help students and families in our area. We have provided help in donations to CARE (Children at Risk in Educa-tion) and also during the holidays through the Angel Tree Project.

Things are changing this year when it comes to our participation in Angel Tree and other ways we donate to the schools and the children in need. In an effort to make it easier for the community to help students and their families, Fayette County Schools are introduc-ing a new mobile app called Purposity that will allow followers to see the needs of stu-dents in our school system and purchase essential items (clothing, shoes, cleaning

sup-plies, toiletries, groceries, etc.) directly from the app. The items will be sent to the school

system for distribution.

Since Purposity is a nonprofit, all items purchased through the app are tax deductible. In order for the school systems, counselors and social workers to start posting to the app, we need 500 followers. To help us achieve that goal, please simply download the Purposity

app to your mobile phone in either the App Store or Google Play and select to follow Fayette County Public Schools.

Once we have the followers needed, you will start receiving weekly notifications highlight-ing presshighlight-ing needs of our students. Purposity is an Atlanta-based nonprofit whose mis-sion is to connect people in need with those who can help and accomplish this mismis-sion through an app that makes it easy for neighbors to help neighbors. School systems

throughout Georgia and around the nation are using the Purposity app to help meet the needs of struggling students and their families who are having difficulty making ends meet due to a variety of issues such as illness, loss of income, change in family dynamics, or a catastrophe like a fire or weather-related damage.

The generosity of our community and Inman UMC is amazing, thank you for your

willingness to support students and their

families. Thank you for following Fayette County Public Schools in Purposity!

New App Makes Helping Students and

Families in Fayette County Easier


For healing from health concerns

Jayne Akeman

Carlos Allen (Gloria Reid’s brother) Angus Anderson

Sara Ballard Roger Barnhill Michael Barb

Ray Barday (Charles Cox)

Liz Beardon (Judy Becco’s sister) Gene Benton (Sandy Mathis) Glenda Berman (Dixie Berner) Jack Brannon (Jeff Wedge) Henry Cawthorn

Cheryl Chance Darleen Cornelison Kay Cox

Lane Cox (Lyn Wheeler) Karen Glessner (Kay Cox) Brenda Harp

Nicole Henry John Kozisek

Zena Locke (Jeff Wedge)

Tammy Mardies (Mary Jane Fortner) Tommy Mask Karen Millman Joanne Minter Eugene Pritchard Gloria Reid Miriam Schmidt

Scott Smith (Melanie Wagner) Ruth Sitton Jane St. Amour Claire Starkey Roger Starkey Katy Swanger Marvin Tidwell

Lee Wagner (Brad Wagner’s father) Luz Webster (Gloria Reid)

Jeff Wedge

Rhonda Wheeler (George & Lynn Wheeler) Kathey Young

For healing from cancer

Ben Akeman Roger Allgood

Tim Barnes Gail Bloomer

David Booth (Martha Kozisek) Brandon Brown (Claire Starkey) John Bullard

Tim Casteel (Dena Anderson) Billy Bob Cheek (Donna Stilwell) Jackie Clayburn

Nancy Cox (Cox’s sister-in-law) Walter Delia (Martha Kozisek) Dan Dudley (Pat Pratt)

Mary Lee Giddings Bill Haleday

Sig Hall (Ed Roehm)

Katie Hart (Arthur & Terrie Hart) Leigh Hawkins

Daniel Houghton (Martha Kozisek) JL Houze (Charles Cox)

Burl Hurley

Jean Jones (Nancy Allgood) Luke Key (Mary Jane Fortner) Matt Kirkindall

Carol Kline (Linda Chaffin) David Lowe (Martha Kozisek) Katie Schmidt (Brenda Schachle) Joey Shelton (Deborah Morris) Bobby Smith (Tammy Cox) Ann Talant (Caroline Akeman) Brent Taylor (Jim & Karen Blue) Earl Terry (Charles Cox)

George Wheeler

Bobby Williams (Rick Minter) Louise Woods (Ann Hembree) Kay Young (Forrest & Sara Ballard)

For Those Mourning the Death of These Loved Ones Agnes McChargue Tommy Markham, Jr. Donna Hilton Sallie Bostwick Other Concerns

For the children/youth programs of Inman Unspoken prayers of the congregation


If you see that a birthday is missing, please notify the church office so that we can make the correction in our records.

Inman Staff

Rev. Tommy Ross, Pastor (706) 473-3141 (cell)

Dena Anderson, Children & Youth Coordinator

(770) 576-5019 Kari Guy, Church Secretary (770) 461-2123 Jolynn Stevens, Director of Music Ace Edewards, Pianist The Informer is a publication of

Inman United Methodist Church 151 Hills Bridge Road

Fayetteville, GA 30215

(770) 461-2123


Erika Bishop

Myra Jean McChargue Austin Anderson Michael Little Forest Ballard Emily Wagner William Swanger Arlys Ferrell Frank Newland Judy Roehm Barbara Ponzio Warren Mahaffey Eve DeLisle December 3 December 3 December 5 December 5 December 7 December 8 December 9 December 11 December 11 December 12 December 17 December 24 December 31 To the congregation of Inman United

Method-ist Church. The last few months have been so amazing. I wanted to thank everyone for your support, kindness, and patience as I am going through the learning curve. I truly enjoy work-ing here, and look forward to gettwork-ing to know all of you.


Kari Guy





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