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Academic year: 2021



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Under direction of the department manager, provide direct classroom technology support to districts by assisting with the development and implementation of standards-based curriculum, assessments, and technology integration within county classrooms and provide various curriculum related support to improve the learning milieu for all children and youth in schools throughout Kings County.


Proper English usage, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation; California curriculum frameworks and adopted standards;

English Language Development methodology and instructional strategies; Technology applications for classroom uses;

Knowledge of design protocols for implementing classroom instructional technology projects; Knowledge of technology strategies for classroom application;

Appropriate instructional materials for classroom use and reliable sources and suppliers;

Accepted and effective techniques and strategies for working collaboratively with others in the educational field;

Experience in facilitating student support and instructional programs utilizing current technology tools and resources required;

Experience in delivering staff development, training, and/or team leadership/ facilitation required; Research-based best practices in 21st century learning environments, educational technology standards, adult learning/professional development, assessments, data analysis and application, student engagement, differentiation for diverse learners, and improved learning outcomes. Ability to:

Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with children and adults contacted in the course of work;

Understand, carry out and communicate oral and written directions;

Facilitate effective meetings, make presentations, and provide formal and informal training, assistance and guidance to program participants and educational staff related to technology uses and applications;

Model effective core contentand English Language Development lessons utilizing technology; Effectively implement technology enhancements in the classroom;

Gather and analyze data and prepare clear, concise reports, proposals, procedure manuals and documentation incorporating text, graphs and graphics, utilizing sourceware and/or software programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.;

Ability to interpret policies, rules, laws, codes, regulations, and guidelines governing categorical programs;

Work independently with directives, strictly adhering to program requirements, deadlines and due dates;

Work collaboratively with educators, agencies, and the general public; Be flexible and receptive to change;


Education and Experience:

A Masters degree in Education or a related field is required. Five years of teaching experience in one of the core curriculum areas is required. Successful experience implementing classroom technology applications required.

License, Certificate and Testing Requirements:

Possess or be eligible to apply for an appropriate valid California Teaching Credential. Possess or be eligible to apply for CLAD certificate or equivalent.

Possess a valid California driver license and maintain insurability.

Must be able to provide your own reliable transportation to work sites within Kings County. Educational technology related certification(s) highly desirable.


Under the direction of the department manager, provide direct classroom technology support to districts by assisting with the development and implementation of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments with technology integration within county classrooms and provide various educational technology related curriculum support to improve learning;

Coordinate with content providers and instructional staff to assure that English Learner and differentiation strategies are incorporated into technology enhanced lessons;

Assess the needs of program participants and assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of special educational technology projects and programs, in strict compliance with all requirements, guidelines and policies;

Assist school districts to align technology classroom devices, applications, and resources with curriculum standards and the best instructional practices;

Prepare agendas, minutes, reports, fliers, brochures and presentations, and plan, coordinate, promote and conduct meetings, workshops and conferences;

Demonstrate and promote innovative strategies for teaching techniques, classroom device, and application management, and control, student motivation/engagement/resiliency, use of instructional materials, and resources(adopted and supplemental), and other activities relative to curriculum, instruction and assessment;

Monitor and audit program compliance, maintain records, and accurately complete and submit reports and expenditure documentation in strict adherence to all guidelines and due dates;

Keep current with issues, laws and regulations regarding educational technology curricular activities, special education, educational trends, reform initiatives, and other related issues;

Perform other related duties, as assigned.


Incorporated within one or more of the previously mentioned essential duties of this job description are the following essential physical requirements. The following analysis entails an evaluation of the physical demands factors of the job as it exists. This method provides a basis for permitting modification to fit the capabilities and needs of workers with disabilities.

Rating Symbol Key

NP = Not Present - Does not exist O = Occasionally - Up to 1/3 of the time F = Frequently – From 1/3 to 2/3 of the time C = Constantly - 2/3 or more of the time


1. STRENGTH: A. Standing 15 % of time Walking 15 % of time Sitting 70 % of time B. Lifting O 25 lbs. Carrying O 25 lbs. Pushing O 25lbs. Pulling O 25 lbs. 2. CLIMBING NP BALANCING NP 3. STOOPING O KNEELING O CROUCHING NP CRAWLING NP 4. REACHING F HANDLING F FINGERING F FEELING F 5. TALKING : Ordinary C Other NP HEARING: Conversations C Other Sounds O 6. SEEING: Acuity, Near C Acuity, Far O Depth Perception O Accommodation O Color Vision O Field of Vision O

7. PHYSICAL DEMANDS RATING SUMMARY: (1) 2 3 (4) 5 6 (DOL Physical Demand Categories 1 to 6 are very significant to the customary performance of the job if contained in parentheses).

8. PHYSICAL DEMAND COMMENTS: Examples of significant physical abilities associated with “Strength” are extended periods of sitting or standing; “Lifting/Carrying/Pushing/Pulling” are files, books and manuals; “Stooping/Kneeling” are adjusting to height of students, low file cabinet and desk drawers;


notebooks; “Talking/Hearing” are normal classroom noises and conversations, speaking in person/on telephone, and in group settings; “Seeing/Visual Acuity” are reading forms, documents, and computer monitor.


The following analysis represents an evaluation of the surroundings in which the job is performed. Environmental Conditions must by definition be specific and related to the job. Key to Environmental Factors Rating:

NP = Not Present in the job environment S = Seldom – Under 5% of the work day O = Occasionally - Up to 1/3 of the time F = Frequently – From 1/3 to 2/3 of the time C = Constantly - 2/3 or more of the time

1. ENVIRONMENT: Inside 95 % Outside 5 % 2. EXTREME COLD NP EXTREME HEAT NP WET/HUMID NP 3. NOISE 80 Decibels VIBRATION NP 4. HAZARDS: Mechanical O Explosives NP Electrical O Radiant Energy NP Burns NP Other Hazard/s NP

Comments regarding “Mechanical/Electrical Hazards”= equipment and electrical outlets. 5. ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS: Fumes NP Mists NP Odors NP Gases NP Dusts NP Poor Ventilation O Other Hazard/s NP

Comments regarding “Poor Ventilation” = not a problem with a fan or opened window. 6. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING – DEVICES: None.


7. E.C. SUMMARY: Inside Work 2 3 4 5 Numbers contained in parentheses indicate significant involvement of factors enumerated and rated above.

OTHER RELATED FUNCTIONS OF THIS POSITION 1. Other related duties as assigned.

Employee:_____________________________________________ Date:__________________ Authorized Representative:_____________________________________ Date:______________ The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.


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