Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe


Groundbreaking Software Enables Digital Document Communications

Across Major Computer Environments

New York (June 15, 1993) (NASDAQ:ADBE) — Adobe Systems Incorporated today introduced Adobe™ Acrobat, a family of new software products that enable for the

first time a practical and effective method of communicating all types of documents across different types of computers. This announcement, along with supporting announcements from technology and business partners and customers’ unveiling of new products and services that utilize Acrobat software, were made today at a special event at the The Auditorium at Equitable Center in Manhattan.

“Acrobat will fundamentally change the economics of information by removing the critical barriers that have kept electronic documents from moving between computers,” said John Warnock, Chairman and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated. “Today’s paper-based information is hampered by the physical media. Acrobat technology liberates information and the flow of ideas and allows it to enter the electronic age.”

Using Adobe Acrobat software, users can send electronic documents created on their computer to other computer users, regardless of the recipients hardware platform, operating system or application software. These documents can then be read, annotated, printed and stored by the receiving computer. Adobe Acrobat products preserve the essential look and feel of even the most complex documents that contain photographs, various typefaces and color.


At the event, Adobe demonstrated how the Acrobat family of software products are being applied to dramatically change how companies communicate and manage information at several of the nearly 400 Acrobat Beta test sites. Customer application examples include information publishers, on-line services, insurance and financial services companies, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods suppliers, and organizations in education and government.

Adobe Acrobat Product Line

The Adobe Acrobat Product Line is composed of three different products: Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Exchange and Acrobat Distiller™. The Macintosh® and Windows

versions are available immediately with DOS and UNIX® versions expected in late 1993.

Acrobat products utilize Adobe's new Portable Document Format (PDF), a PostScript™

-based file format that can describe documents in a completely device and resolution independent manner.

Acrobat Reader is a software application that enables information consumers to view, navigate and print information received in PDF format. Acrobat Reader will be offered through retail distribution and made available to publishers for bundling with electronic information products of all types, from corporate reference manuals to textbooks and consumer magazines. This viewer is the first in a series of Adobe Acrobat products designed to grow with information consumers as they evolve into sophisticated users of digital content technology.

Acrobat Exchange is a software application that addresses the needs of users creating and exchanging documents in PDF format. Like Acrobat Reader, it enables users to view, navigate, and print PDF files. In addition , Acrobat Exchange allows users to annotate and create PDF files. The Acrobat PDF Writer will be included in Acrobat Exchange versions for Macintosh and Windows environments to enable the creation of PDF files from standard desktop applications.


Acrobat Distiller is a software program that translates PostScript language files into PDF files. This program is available for individual users or multiple users sharing a network. Acrobat Distiller is used for creation of PDF files from documents that contain placed Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) artwork or images, as well as from documents created in applications that bypass system-level printing facilities and generate their own

PostScript language files for printing. Acrobat Distiller also enables creation of PDF files from UNIX and DOS applications.

Pricing and Distribution

The Acrobat Reader is priced affordably for large-quantity buyers: 50 copies $50 per copy

100 copies $40 per copy 500 copies $35 per copy

Acrobat Exchange is priced in individual units. However, customers who want to purchase multiple copies of Acrobat Exchange not only have a price advantage but also can select a variety of platforms. For example, if a corporation purchases 100 copies of Acrobat Exchange, they could choose 50 copies for the Macintosh and 50 copies for the Windows environment or any variety for each platform. In addition, Acrobat Reader users can upgrade to Acrobat Exchange for $99.

1 copy $195

5 copies $156 per copy 25 copies $150 per copy 100 copies $146 per copy

Acrobat Distiller has two separate pricing categories — an individual user price as well as a network copy price:

Acrobat Distiller $695 Acrobat Network Distiller $2,495


Also, for customers who wish to purchase multiple copies of Acrobat Exchange as well as a copy of Acrobat Distiller, Adobe has developed a “starter kit” to help simplify the initial purchase. The “starter kit” includes ten copies of Acrobat Exchange (customers can install on either Macintosh, Windows or a variety of each) and one copy of the Acrobat Distiller, which is licensed for use on two computers (either Macintosh, Windows or one of each).

The entire Adobe Acrobat product line for the Macintosh and Windows environment is available immediately from any Adobe Authorized Retailer. Adobe is also working with a variety of system integrators and value added resellers. Customers should contact Adobe at 1-800-87-ADOBE for the dealer nearest them.

Product Specification and Software Compatibility

Adobe Systems also announced publication of the Portable Document Format

specification. The Portable Document Format Reference Manual is now available from Addison-Wesley for $24.95. A software compatibility test kit will also be available for all software developers to provide Acrobat compatibility guidelines. In addition, Adobe plans to offer an Acrobat software development kit in the fall of 1993. For more information about the software compatibility test kit and development kit, please call 415-961-4111.

Customer Support

All Acrobat customers will receive free access to Adobe’s Automated Technical Support and Fax Request Line. These systems can answer the most commonly asked technical support questions and fax an immediate response.

Acrobat Exchange customers will receive free support for the first 30 days. Acrobat Distiller and Starter Kit customers will receive free support for the first 90 days. After the initial free support period, customers will have several support options. Customers can


Additionally, Adobe offers a Corporate Help Desk program. This program is designed for a large volume buyer who prefers to support Acrobat users from within their

corporation. Under the Corporate Help Desk program, Adobe will train two corporate support contacts and provide them with priority support for $3,000 per year.

Adobe Acrobat in the Future

Today’s product announcements are only the first in the Adobe Acrobat product line. The company has announced plans for full-text search capabilities by end of 1993 and support for structured documents including SGML in the first half of 1994. In addition, Adobe plans to further develop the PDF format to support document editing, video and audio capabilities in the future.

Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and communicate electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to major computer and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of type and application software products. Revenue for 1992 exceeded $265 million.


Adobe, Acrobat, Distiller and PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.