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According to a recent study, the Indian stock markets have given the highest returns compared to any other asset class over the past decade.

The study proves that investing in the stock market can be profitable, if you have knowledge, experience and above all patience on your side.

Lack of knowledge makes you fail in any field and stock market is the same. Being unaware of the bits and pieces of the market, anyone can easily lose considerable sum of money in a short duration. The main reason behind, is nothing but lack of knowledge. If you don't learn all about the market first, you are setting yourself up for failure and it is the case with most of people in there.


is a Delhi -based company providing quality education in the area of stock analysis using UNIQUE theories developed by our analysis using UNIQUE theories developed by our Director cum faculty Mr. SUNIL MINGLANI (Skilltrackconsultancy). Our courses are widely attended by people from all walks of life, including Individuals (Investors, Business men, full time working, housewives & retired etc.), Traders, Dealers, Analysts, Brokers, sub-brokers and professionals. These courses have been tailored in such a fashion that do not require any kind of pre-requisites. We at SKILLTRACK have a weekend advanced courses for professionals already working in stocks as well as short term week day course for beginners. At the end of these rigorous sessions, you can expect to track market trends, pick high-potential stocks and make informed and logic oriented investment decisions. What's more, we are confident that no other course in the market gives you a better foundation on which you can progressively build and successfully manage your portfolio.


Ask some Questions yourself ?

When you buy a stock, it goes down & when you sell it, it goes up ... Why ?

When you make profit, it is too small & when you bear loss it is too large ... Why ?

When you rely on news, you prove wrong & when you ignore it Then also you are wrong ... Why ?

Every time when stock market crashes, you are almost fully invested... Why ?

Every time when markets are in uptrend all good news comes & when markets are in down trend all bad news comes...Why ?

Every time you are ready to buy a stock at Rs. 1000/- on rise, but not ready to buy the same at Rs. 400/- on decline... Why ?

Every stock has been on up move & your stock has been On down move or stable...Why ? Every time you make mistakes and repeat the Every time you make mistakes and repeat the same next time...Why ?

Even when you do or don't do something, you always make loss...Why ?

Why Because

Every time when you enter any profession or business, you require some knowledge about it & you realize the importance of knowledge & skills. But when you enter in stock market you always rely on "TIPS" given by someone who himself does not know about the market. Every profession / business has some rules. Likewise, when you are trading / investing in stock market without knowing it's rules you always make losses as in other profession/ business, yet people blame stock market without realizing their mistakes.


About Faculty

The core faculty Mr. Sunil Minglani (Director-Skilltrackconsultancy), is a technical analyst, has deep interests in financial analysis of markets from technical analysis perspective. He specializes in Technical Analysis of both the stock market as well as commodity markets and also advises on those markets. Moreover, Mr. Miglani's ability to find peaks & bottoms of the stock markets remains an indispensible quality which keeps him special in his field. Also, his articles often appear in leading News Papers on stock analysis and related aspects. You can also watch sunil miglani view on

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What is Financial System ?

What is Financial System ?

Is the system that allows the transfer of money between savers (and investors) and borrowers. It's the study of different areas of financial system, market types, exchanges, regulators, participants & intermediaries in the market. It attempts to understand the basic of the stock market and its components.

SKILLTRACK can teach you and understand the benefits and limitations of Financial system, it can give you a new set of tools or skills that will enable you to be a better trader or investor, so that you can minimize your errors.

As some said “Experience is the best teacher, but it can be expensive If you always learn from your own mistakes”.


Beginner’s Level programme details

Note : Absolutely Free - Technical Analysis Demo Session by Mr. Sunil Minglani

Eligibility: Who knows the “Value of Money?”

Language: Hindi

The objective: The objective of the programme is to educate participants of the opportunities and risk management in Stock Market.

Who should Attend/Participants

Any Undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate

Who first time enter into stock market , housewife, businessmen Entry-level professionals who start up as stock broker, sub-broker

Any Candidate who pursuing professional courses like CA,MBA (finance) etc. Any stock Broker. Sub-broker, Relationship manager, Dealer, sales executive Stock trader, Retail investor & high net-worth investors


Direction/Location Map

For Further details, contact:

Tel: 8882424222

220, 2nd FLOOR RAMA MARKET , PITAMPURA, DELHI ( Near Pitampura metro station)

Tel: 011-47525544, 011-47048766, 8882424222

E mail: ; Website :

Course Duration

9 Sessions ( Mon, Wed & Thu) or Any time as per Group

{3 hour per session including breaks (Total 27 hours)}




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