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We want our customers to become more efficient.

Every sheet counts: Minimum waste,

optimum yield, and reduced process costs

by using A+W software solutions.

ALBAT+WIRSAM are market leaders in software systems for the flat glass industry and window and door production. We are developing ERP-, PPS- and optimization systems to make glass and window producers more efficient. Our products are

suited for small, medium-sized, and big companies. We have been on the market for more than 30 years, selling our products world-wide.

Our cooperation with so many companies in the industry as well as with machinery manufacturers, our long years of experience and the constant development of our software hold many advantages for our customers.

Our solutions help to control and optimize the entire value added chain, from basic glass up to the finished window or storefronts.


Our products

A short overview.

A+W products stand for completely integrated, networked business control. ERP and PPS systems will help you create quotations, place orders, do capacity planning, manage the stock on hand, purchase goods, plan and control production, do dynamic optimizations, control harp racks, control dispatch, issue invoices, run statistics and analyses, and much more...

Software for glass, windows, and doors

We offer:

Order processing-/ ERP systems •

Capacity and production planning •

Production control and monitoring •

Dynamic cutting optimization systems •

CAD systems •

Training, consulting, and service •

Our products

A short overview.


A+W stands for

networked solutions.




is a comprehensive ERP system for flat glass companies. Functions: Entry of quotations, orders, credit notes, master data management, management of purchase orders and enquiries, control of other business areas (e.g. inventory, purchasing, dispatch etc.). Detailed, graphic display of all defined products. Technical order entry offers full CAD integration for the construction of shapes and free shapes, for variants of frequently produced shapes also based on templates.



is a comprehensive production planning and control system for IG, toughened, and laminated glass, and multi-step production. ALCIM provides you with all the necessary tools for planning and controlling your production. Individual configurations may include e.g. integrated monitoring, pro-duction support via monitor display, tracking of sheets, and CNC control based on barcode scans as well as a complete production data collection.

The main players

in the field of flat glass.

in the field of flat glass.

The main players


is a sequence-creating, dynamic optimization and cutting control system for cutting, breakout, and sorting, with the option of additional dispatch control via RackOpt (trans-port rack optimization). DynOpt controls automatic sorting systems like HEGLA’s SortJet or BYSTRONIC’s first’sort. As an ALCIM module, DynOpt creates every desired pro-duction sequence with top yield, thanks to the restriction-free cutting followed by dynamic sorting.

XOPT-ON Dynamic

is a real-time cutting control system for creating highly flexible optimization jobs while keeping residue plates to a minimum. Due to the constant use of residue plates and the possibility to cut stockplates of different glass types alternately, the overall yield may be improved by several percent. Ideal for the real-time addition of remakes and rush orders.


Organization and

cutting optimization.


The main players

in the field of windows.

in the field of windows.

The main players


is a complete system for order processing, just-in-time scheduling, production scheduling and detailed production planning, inventory management, purchasing, and dis-patch planning.

CANTOR ERP is a comprehensive software system with a homogeneous, intelligent user interface for the use with Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. CANTOR ERP is certified for Windows 7 and Vista.

Dealer Software

is a custom-made system for your resellers. This system offers the same operating surface for quotation and order processing, and the same advantages as CANTOR ERP. It is based on the master data of the window producer who provides his business partners with this program.

Updates via Internet and online purchasing are proven technologies. CANTOR’s dealer software has more than 3.500 users.


is the optimum solution for controlling your production and dispatch. Every employee will get the necessary information via monitor; all CNC machines can be controlled. No tedious searching on the shop floor and dispatch; paperless production becomes reality. CANTOR CIM always knows the whereabouts – finished element, accessory, or individual elements during production.


is a construction system, directly integrated in order entry, for high-level construction elements and complex Georgian bar patterns.


Windows for all

wants and needs.



for you.

A+W provides service for their customers, right from the start. On-site analysis, consulting prior to a possible partnership, or long-term service from our consultants and support teams after signing the contract:

You will find yourself in good hands.

We want to render our customers’ business more efficient, in the long run. This means that we will deal with your questions and problems instantly, and thoroughly. Our consulting, workshop and training program, international service points, and our central support hotline guarantee optimum service. Regular customer surveys help to gauge the degree of satisfaction as a basis for constant improvement.



He is likely to break

lots of sheets

before he becomes

a world champion...

Our software helps to get

replacements quickly!



in the glass and windows business.

Glass producers as well as windows/door producers have to master lots of challenges:

Material-, machinery- and labour cost reduction •

Energy-saving production •

Efficient process handling •

Machinery and information system networking •

Delivery time reduction through just-in-time production •

Automation in order to supply top quality, permanently •

Minimization of down times •

Our solutions

support you.

You process glass or produce windows, doors, conservatories. We optimize your processes.

We have been cooperating with glass and window producers for many years, developing software solutions for the challenges the market is faced with. Today, more than 1500 companies in the glass industry are using ALBAT+WIRSAM software for glass. Every third window in Germany is produced with the help of CANTOR


Our products will help you save material cost, guarantee the swift transfer of information, speed up delivery times, and improve the quality. This will help you save money, day in, day out, because every sheet counts!


A+W offers


Good reasons

for using A+W.

Improve your efficiency by using our software! •

We will help to optimize your yield, and reduce the waste. •

Our software will control the entire production process. •

Independent from machinery manufacturers, it can be used with •

all existing machines.

We offer flexible payment terms: Ask for our FlexRate! •

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are always around.


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A+W – world market leader in the flat glass industry, for medium-sized and corporate clients for over 30 years. Our experience of many years is your benefit for glass and storefronts, windows and doors.

A+W – your reliable partner

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