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Vol 8, No 6 (2018)


Academic year: 2020

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Computer Science and Software Engineering

ISSN: 2277-128X (Volume-8, Issue-6)

A Review on Introduction to Docker and its Features

Mohd Yasir*

Scholar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering ABESIT, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


Abstract— Docker is an open source platform that provides the facility of containerization. The applications that are built in the docker are packaged in a standard form called a container.1 It contains the technology that you need to build a container. The idea is to build an environment that you can package up in the Box. Let’s keep it that simple. You package up into Box and you ship it some where. You don’t care how to ship, as a developer your job is to create this box that is the container environment, and everything that’s needed for you to run it successfully. It provides some facilities, which are useful for developers. It is an open platform can be used for building, distributing, and running applications in a portable, light weight, flexible and stackable, Docker Engine. Docker provides Docker Hub, which is a cloud service for sharing applications.

Keywords— Before Docker, Docker, Containerization, Docker Images , Docker Architecture


Docker is an open source platform that runs applications and makes the process easier to develop and distribute. The applications that are built in the docker are packaged with all the supporting dependencies into a standard form called a container. These containers keep running in an isolated way on top of the operating system’s kernel. The extra layer of abstraction might effect in terms of performance.Additional layer of abstraction may be affected in terms of performance. Even though, the technologies of the container have been around for over 10 years, but docker, a new hope is right now a standout amongst the best innovations, since it accompanies new capacities that the prior technologies did not have Initially, it gives the facility to create and control containers. Besides that, applications can easily be packed into lightweight docker containers by the developer. These virtualized applications can easily be worked anywhere without any alteration. Moreover, docker can convey more virtual situations than different innovations, on the same equipment. To wrap things up, docker can easily coordinate with third-party instruments,which help to easily deploy and manage docker containers. Docker containers can be easily deployed in a cloud-based environment.



ISSN(E): 2277-128X, ISSN(P): 2277-6451, pp. 12-16

At the top of the host operating system virtualization is the technology of importing guest operating systems. This technique was revelation in beginning. Becouse developers run multiple application in different virtual machines. It eliminated the need of the extra hardware resource and enable backup allowing and easy recovery in case of failure condition. Thus reducing the total cost of foundation. But there is some disadvantages in VM. All running on the same host to running multiple virtual machine in the same host operating system leads to performance degradation. Another problem with virtual machine which use virtualization is that it takes almost minimum of boot up. It is very important in real time applications where fast processing is priority.



Docker is a containerization platform which packages application and all it’s dependencies together in the form of containers so as to ensure that your application works seamlessly in any environment be it Development or Test or Production. Each application runs on a seperate container and will have it’s own set of Libs & dependencies. This also ensures that process isolation. Each application is independent of other applications.



This Technique can be used to bring about virtualization to the operating system level while virtualization abstraction with hardware and containerization abstraction with software. Containerization is a type of virtualization. Containerization is more efficient as there is no guest operating system here. Bins/Libs of containers are on the host kernel which makes processing and execution rapid . Even booting of container takes only fraction of a second Because all the containers run on the same host. They are light weight and faster than virtual machine.

Who can use Docker?

Docker is designed to benefit both developers and system administrators, making it a part many Devos tool chain.


ISSN(E): 2277-128X, ISSN(P): 2277-6451, pp. 12-16 How Docker work?


Docker engine is heart of the Docker system. With the combination of Socket Io or TCP / IP connection, the rest of the API is used to communicate between CLI Client and Docker Daemon. In a linex operating system there is a docker client which can be accessed from the terminal and docker host which runs docker daemon. We build the docker images and run the docker containers form commands in the CLI client to the docker daeman.

Docker images:



ISSN(E): 2277-128X, ISSN(P): 2277-6451, pp. 12-16 Docker Registry:

Docker Registry is a storage component for Docker images.We can store the images either in public or private repository. Docker Hub Docker has its own cloud repositoryHub Docker has its own cloud repository.



The server is the physical server that is used to host multiple virtual machines. So this layer remains the same.Host OS is original machine such as Linux or Windows. So this layer remains the same. Now the new generation comes in the Docker engine. It is used to run to operating system ,which previously uses virtual machines as a docker container. All Apps now run as Docker containers. The major advantage in this architecture is that you don’t need to have extra hardware for Guest OS. Everything works as Docker containers.

Advantages of Docker:

1. Flexible-Even most complex applications can be containerized. 2. Lightweight-Containers leverage and share the host kernel.

3. Portable-You can build locally ,devloy to the cloud ,and run any where. 4. Scalable-You can increase and automatically distribute container replicase.

Disadvantages of Docker:

1. Containers don’t run at bare-metal speed. 2. The container ecosystem is fractures. 3. Persistent data storage is complicated. 4. Graphical applications don’t work well.


We’ve had a great tour through what Docker is and isn’t, and how it can benefit an organization. We also recorded some of the common drawbacks. We have tried to report to you many of the small pieces of discernment that we picked up from the running Docker in production. Our personal experience has shown that the promise of Docker is realistically achievable, and we’ve seen remarkable benefits in our organization as a result. Like other powerful technologies, Docker is not without its downsides, but the net result has been a big positive for us, our teams, and our organization. If you implement the Docker work flow and integrate it into the processes of your organization, there is every reason to believe that you can benefit from it as well. So let’s quickly review the problems that Docker is designed to help you solve and some of the power it brings to the table.


[1] Rad BB ,Bhatti HJ “An introduction of docker and Analysis of its performance ”.IJCSNS March2017,vol 17 No.3 PP


ISSN(E): 2277-128X, ISSN(P): 2277-6451, pp. 12-16

[3] Anderson, C. (2015). Docker [software engineering]. IEEE Software, (3), 102-c3.

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