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Caution: This information can change at any time. If you are referring a family, please check with the medical provider in advance to be sure services are still as listed. Compiled by:

Tiffany Whitney, LMSW, MPH 355-2080



STUDENTS How to apply for Medicaid

o Obtain a Medicaid application via School Social Worker, via internet, or at one of applying sites below o To complete application you will need the following items:

o Drivers License

o Pay stubs for the last 4 weeks

o Social Security Cards for everyone in the house

o Birth Certificates for all children who are applying for Medicaid o Applying sites

o Greenville County Post Office Box 9399

301 University Ridge, Suite 6700 Greenville, South Carolina 29604-9399 (864) 467-7800

o Greenville Hospital System – Enter the visitors entrance and the office beside the billing office

 If you have questions, feel free to contact Beverly Brookshire at 455-4722

o OB Women’s Clinic Income Guidelines

Adults plus children Monthly Income Annual Family Income

1 $1,733 $20,800 2 $2,333 $28,000 3 $2,933 $35,200 4 $3,533 $42,400 5 $4,133 $49,600 6 $4,733 $56,800 7 $5,333 $64,000 8 $5,933 $71,200

What Ages Are Eligible o Birth to 18

Medicaid Benefits Include: o Doctor Visits

o Health Chick-ups o Hospital Visits o Dental Care

o Prescription Drug Coverage o Vision Care and Eye Glasses


o Lab and X-Ray

Medicaid Recipients In Need Transportation for Medical Appointment o Call 1-866-831-4130

o If have someone to transport, but would like to be reimbursed for gas mileage o Medicaid vans will provide transportation back to the child’s school

o Call 1-866-831-4130 o Request gas log

 Medicaid will mail you a gas log

 You will put starting address, doctor’s address and ending address  Doctor will sign off on gas long

 You can mail or fax and Medicaid will calculate mileage check and mail it to you

Greenville Free Medical Clinic Information to bring:

 Proof of Identification

 Social Security Card (if applies)

 Verification of current Greenville County address

 Documentation of any income from all persons in the household including government assistance

Services: Primary care, specialty care, diagnostic testing and prescription medications for eligible patients. Dental extractions and dental hygiene for established primary care patients only


Downtown Greenville Golden Strip Center

600 Arlington Avenue 1102 Howard Street Greenville, SC 29602 Simpsonville, SC 29681

232-1470 688-2250

Northwest Crescent Center J. Verne Smith Center 925 North Franklin Road 202 Victoria Street Greenville, SC 29617 Greer, SC 29650

241-4857 968-5060

Hours of Operation and Services

 Dental extractions: Tuesday, Thursday

 Gynecology: 1st and 3rd Mondays

 General medical clinics: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

 On Tuesdays and Thursdays patient registration is at 10 and patients are seen at 3:30

 On Wednesday patient registration is at 9 and patients are seen after registration


Taylors Free Medical Clinic 400 West Main Street Taylors, SC 29687 244-1134 Information to bring:

 Identification

 Proof of household income Services: Primary Care

Hours of Operation and Services

 On Mondays pre-registration for appointments and pharmacy services is 9am to 11:30am

 On Wednesdays pre-registration for appointments and pharmacy services is 9am to 11:30am

 On Thursdays patient registration begins at 3 and appointments are from 5pm to 8:30 pm

New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc. Information to bring:

 Proof of identity

 Social Security Card

 Immunization record – ages 0-18

 If applying for sliding fee discount:

o Tax return (from last year) or three most recent paycheck stubs

 Proof of Coverage

o Current Medicare card (if applies) o Current Medicaid card (if applies) o Current Insurance card (if applies) Services: Primary Care


Downtown Greenville Golden Strip Center

130 Mallard Street 1102 Howard Drive

Greenville, SC 29601 Simpsonville, SC 29681

233-1534 688-2237

Hours: 8am – 7pm – Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 5pm Wednesday & 8am – 5pm – Fridays Friday


New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc Locations:

Greer Northwest Crescent Center

111-A Berry Avenue 925 Franklin Road

Greer, SC 29650 Greenville, SC 29617

801-2035 250-0320

Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm Mondays

8am – 12pm Tuesdays

Slater West End Medical Alliance

100 Lindberg Street 811 Pendleton Street #11

Slater, SC 29683 Greenville, SC 29605

836-1109 751-3200

Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Dental Healthcare for the Homeless

1 Memorial Medical Drive 111 A Berry Avenue Greenville, SC 29605 Greer, SC 29651

351-2420 416-0274

Hours: Monday & Wed: 8am – 5pm Tuesday & Thursday: 8am – 7pm Greenville County Health Department

Information to bring:

o Picture Identification o Proof of Residence

o Medicaid Card (if applies)

Services: Immunizations, WIC, Family Planning, Pregnancy Testing, STD, CRS Fee: Childhood Immunization and WIC – no charge; other services-varies Locations:

Downtown Greenville

200 University Ridge

Greenville, SC 29601


Hours: 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday Slater-Marietta

100 Lindberg Street Slater, SC 29683 836-6364


Hours: WIC - 1st and 4th Tuesdays by appointment only

Pregnancy Testing – Wednesdays 9am -4pm by Piedmont women’s center

Eye Doctors

Jervey Eye Group Dr. Ken Yeager Dr. Thomas Tucker Doctors Dr Doctors Vision 148 Walnut Lane Suite F Greenville 29605 2304 W. Parker Road TR 29607

271-3354 Greenville 29611 834-7311


Jervey Eye Group Dr. Michael Wood Dr. Kenneth Knox & Dr. Kohler 131 Commonwealth Drive 1769 Woodruff Road 309 SE Main

Greenville 29605 Greenville Simpsonville 29680

458-7956 458-9600 963-4933

Dr. Michelle Reeves Dr. Brenda McGregor 24 Potomac Avenue Dr.William Milford Greenville 29605 1609 Woodruff Road 277-4420 Greenville 255-7445

Gosnell Opticians Gosnell/Chapman Dr. David Weaver & Dr. Billie Skinner 1946 Augusta Street 100-C Simpson St 1212 Haywood Road

Greenville 233-4148 Greenville 269-1475 Greenville 234-7700 Dr. David Dixon Dr. James Dubose & Dr. Gordon Johnson

812 W Wade Hampton 312B Memorial Drive Greer 877-1825 Greer 877-3031

Medicaid Doctors

New Horizons – see above Center for Family Medicine Greenville Pediatric Center

877 W Farris Road 701 Grove Road

Greenville 29607 Greenville 29607

455-8781 220-7270

North Hills –Pelham North Hills – Greenville 800 Pelham Road 3904 S Hwy 14

Greenville, 29615 Greenville 29615

234-5800 987-9990

North Hills – N. Main Dr. Rebecca Barksdale 505-C North Main Street 232-6689


Medicaid Dentist

Small Smiles Dr. Charles McNutt & Dr. Procter 225 S. Pleasantburg Dr 410-A Pelham Road

233-7737 232-3333

Dr. Henry Faris Dr. Byron Bridges 870 Cleveland Street 3037 Greer Hwy

282-8555 Marietta, 836-8416

Dr. P Jopling & Dr. G. Hoffman Dr. Duncan Shirley 100 Commons Blvd 28 S. Main Street

Piedmont, 269-0820 TR 834-8001

Pelham Links Family Dr. Bryant & Dr. Brasington Dr. Gray

201 Old Boiling Springs Rd 319 The Parkway 110 W Church St 297-6365 Greer Greer, 968-1777 Greer 877-7239


Dr. Fogle & Dr. Whitaker Dr. Glenn Head Dr. Monn & Dr. Munch 305 Ashby Park Lane 6 Point Circle 420 Parkway #b

234-3424 233-1234 877-3232

Crockett Ped. 102 Venture Dr 234-9800 Oral Surgery

Dr. Cobb & Dr. Walker Dr. James Tankersley Dr. Ryland Trayham 2-C Cleveland Court 4103 E. North Street #2 Pointe Circle

271-9990 268-6417 233-2729

Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

The mission is to serve and assist people in our area with developmental disabilities, Autism, and head and spinal cord injuries.

Eligibility Requirements o Mental Retardation o Related Disability o Autism

o Head Injury

o To make a referral for services  Call 1-866-867-3864

 You will be connected to an answering machine


 Someone will contact you within 24 hours o Spinal Cord Injury

o Similar Disability To make a referral for services

 Call Family Supports at 281-3960  Ask to speak with the Intake coordinator  Have following information

 Full Name of Student

 Date of Birth

 Social Security Number

 Medicaid number, if applicable

 Address and Phone number

 Parent/Legal Guardian’s Name Some of the Services Include:

o Service coordination

o Genetic evaluation, Treatment and counseling o Respite

o Stipends for transportation o Residential services o Waiver services

o Equipment and devices to facilitate greater independence Center for Developmental Services

29 North Academy Street Greenville, SC 29601 Phone: 331-1300

Spanish speakers: 331-1445

The Center for Developmental Services (CDS) is a unique partnership linking individuals and families with multi-disciplinary services for developmental evaluation, treatment, education and support.

Partner Services

 Audiology - 331-1302

o Hearing tests, infant through adult, hearing aid fittings, purchases and repairs

 Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics - 454-5115

o Multidisciplinary evaluations, providing written documentation of the complete assessment and extensive recommendations for medical, behavioral, and educational interventions.

 Early Intervention -

o Early Intervention is available to eligible families with children ages birth to five years. KidVentures provides service coordination and special instruction for children under five years old. Please dial 281-9753 and extension 3955.

o Early Intervention is available to eligible families with children ages birth to six years. BabyNet services include initial assessment of developmental delay, service


coordination, and payment for some therapeutic services for children under three years old. Please dial 331-1450

 Special Education

o Child Find Screening clinic for children aged 2 ½ - 5 to determine eligibility for special education services through the School District of Greenville County

 Family Connection of S.C. – 331-1340

o Helping families through one-on-one parent connections, support groups, and other services.

 Medical Day Treatment

o The Wonder Center, Children’s Hospital, Greenville Hospital System

 Provides nursing care for medically fragile and/or technology dependent children Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

 Occupational Therapy

o Kidnetics, Children’s Hospital, Greenville Hospital System – 331-1344 o School District of Greenville County – 331-1302

 Psychological and Learning Centers

o School District of Greenville County – 331-1302 o Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics - 454-5115 o Speech, Hearing, and Learning Center - 331-1402

 Speech Therapy

o Kidnetics, Children’s Hospital, Greenville Hospital System – 331-1344 o Speech, Hearing, and Learning Center - 331-1302

o School District of Greenville County – 331-1302

Greenville County Mental Health Centers Greenville Mental Health

Locations: 1. Downtown 124 Mallard Street 241-1040 2. Slater 100 Lindberg Street PO Box 246 Slater, SC 29683 836-1109

Piedmont Mental Health 20 Powederhorn Road Simpsonville, SC 29681 963-3421 Greer Mental Health 220 Executive Drive


Greer, SC 879-2111

Medical Insurance Coverage New Horizons

Select Health, Carolina Crescent, Regular Medicaid, Blue Choice Health Plan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Unison, South Carolina Solutions, Evolution, Instilhealth, United Health Care

North Hills

Unison (if assigned provider), First Choice/Select Health, Carolina Crescent Health, Total Carolina Care, SC Healthy Choices or SC Homes

Center For Family Services

Regular Medicaid, Select Health/First Choice and SC Solutions Greenville Pediatric Medicine

Regular Medicaid, SC Solutions, Select Health/First Choice

Not Accepting– Amerigroup, Carolina Crescent, Unision, Total Carolina Care

Small Smiles All Medicaid

Dr. Charles McNutt & Dr. Proctor All Medicaid

Dr. Faris

All Mediciad – Not Unison Dr. Duncan Shirley Regular Medicaid Dr. Bridges Regular Medicaid

Not – Unision, First Choice Pelham Links

All Medicaid – until turn 21 Dr. Brasington

Regular Medicaid Dr. Gray


Dr. Fogle & Dr. Whitaker Only under age 6 - SC Solutions Dr. Glenn Head Healthy Connections Dr. Thomas Tucker Dr. Michelle Reeves All Medicaid Dr. Ken Yeager

Healthy Connections, First Choice, Carolina Crescent, First Choice Kids,

Not - Unison

Jervey Eye Group

First Choice, Regular Medicaid Dr. Michael Wood

Dr. Kenneth Knox & Dr. Kohler

Healthy Choice, First Choice, Regular Medicaid Gosnell Opticians

Unision, First Choice, Regular Medicaid

Dr. David Weaver & Dr. Billie Skinner Amerigroup, First Choice, SC Solutions

Not – Unison

Dr. David Dixon Regular Medicaid

Dr. James Dubose & Dr. Gordon Johnson Regular Medicaid, Healthy Connections

For an Exhaustive List of any Medicaid Provider within Greenville County follow the below directions:

1. Type in - 2. Click - Search for a Provider

3. Choose – County 4. Choose – Provider Type


Dr. Amrhein – Endocrinologist

Regular Medicaid, Select Health and SC Solutions Med Van transportation

Regular Medicaid

Dr. Ryan Marcello - Dentist Regular Medicaid

Home Health DHHS

Greenville Mental Health Regular Medicaid

Dr. Won





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