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bruce carscadden


inc 715 East Hastings St

Vancouver BC V6A 1R3 FOR

The Regi onal Di stri ct of Central Kootenay


Issued for TENDER, 05 June 2014 BCA Project No. 1333


1. Project Directory 2. Table of Contents 3. Instructions to Bidders

- Bid Forms & Appendices - CCDC2 – 2008

- Supplementary Conditions 4. Technical Specifications 5. Appendicies


Issued for Tender 05 June 2014


Table of Contents 1 – 4

Division 0 Instructions to Bidders

00 21 00 Instructions to Bidders 1 – 6

00 41 00 Bid Forms 1 – 3

00 41 00 A List of Bid Documents 1 – 2

00 41 00 B List of Subcontractors 1 – 1 00 41 00 C Alternate Prices 1 – 1 00 41 00 D Separate Prices 1 – 1 00 41 00 E Cash Allowances 1 – 1 00 41 00 F Agreement of Surety 1 – 1 CCDC 2 – 2008 00 73 00 Supplementary Conditions 1 – 9

Division 1 General Requirements

01 00 00 General Instructions 1 – 15

Division 2 Existing Conditions

02 41 00 Demolition & Make Good 1 – 5

Division 5 Metals

05 50 00 Metal Fabrications 1 – 4

Division 6 Wood and Plastics

06 10 00 Rough Carpentry 1 – 5

06 20 00 Finish Carpentry 1 – 3

Division 7 Thermal and Moisture Protection

07 92 00 Joint Sealants 1 - 4

Division 8 Door and Windows

08 41 13 Aluminum Entrance & Storefront 1 – 6

08 81 00 Glass Glazing 1 – 8

Division 9 Finishes


09 29 00 Gypsum Board Systems 1 – 6

09 30 00 Tiling 1 – 5

09 51 00 Acoustic Ceilings 1 – 3

09 65 70 Resilient Sheet Flooring 1 - 6

09 91 00 Painting 1 – 5

09 99 99 Finishes List 1 – 4

Division 10 Specialties

10 14 19 Interior Signage 1 – 2

10 28 14 Toilet and Bath Accessories 1 – 3

10 21 00 Compartments and Cubicles 1 - 5



Hazardous Materials Report – “Asbestos Identification and

Assessment at the Regional District of Centrak Kootenay’s Castlegar & District Community Complex”, by Westurn Canada Safety Services Ltd. (November 9, 2013).

1 – 29



.1 Sealed Bids for the renovation and addition to the Castlegar Recreation Centre located at 2101 6th Avenue, Castlegar BC, will be received at the customer service counter at the Castlegar & District Community Complex, 2101 6th Avenue, Castlegar, BC V1N 3B2. Attention: Buyer, Purchasing, until 2:00 pm local time on 26th June 2014.

.2 Bids will be opened in public immediately following bid closing time.

.3 Electronic copies of the Bid Documents may be obtained by general Contractors only, not Subtrades, from the consultant Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc.

(bruce@carscadden-architect.com or jen@carscadden-architect.com). Print copies can be obtained at cost (non-refundable) directly from the printing company appointed by the Consultant. .4 Bid Documents will be issued on BC Bid, and can be requested from the consultant in PDF format


Castlegar & District Community Complex

2101 6th Avenue Castlegar, BC V1N 3B2

Phone: 250-365-3386 and

Southern Interior Construction Association

Head Office:

#104-151 Commercial Drive Kelowna, BC

V1X 7W2

Phone: 250-491-7330

.5 The Owner reserves the right to accept any or to reject the lowest or any or all bids. The Owner is not obligated to reject non compliant bids.

.6 After acceptance by the Owner, the Consultant on behalf of the Owner, will issue the successful bidder a written "Notice of Acceptance".


.1 The intent of this bid call is to obtain an offer to perform the Work as indicated on the drawings and as specified.

.2 The Contractor is to perform the Work to allow portions of the facility adjacent to areas of Work to remain operational during construction.

.3 The Contractor is to perform the Work where there are no scheduled events or uses (17 July 2014 – 4 August 2014). Scheduling of Work is to be coordinated in advance with owner.


.4 The Contractor is to perform the Work to permit the Owner to fully occupy the space by 30 August 2014.


.1 Sealed bids to be entitled to consideration must be made upon the Bid Form provided in these Bid Documents, submitted in duplicate, and enclosed in a sealed opaque envelope, bearing the name of the project, and the name and address of the bidder.

.2 The Bid Form must be completed in its entirety. Bid Forms or enclosures which have any items omitted or which are illegible or obscure or contain arithmetical errors or any special conditions added to the bids or any other irregularities will be considered informal and may cause the bid to be rejected. Blank spaces shall be completely filled in, numbers shall be stated in script as well as in figures. Numbers in script shall take precedence over figured numbers. Corrections, erasures, or alterations shall be witnessed by initials of signing authority.

.3 The Bid Form shall bear the date of signing and shall be executed by bidders in accordance with one of the following requirements:

.a Limited Company. The full name of the company and the name(s) and status of the authorized signing officer(s) must be printed in the space provided for that purpose. The signature(s) of the authorized officer(s) and the corporate seal must be affixed; or .b Partnership. The name of the partnership and the name(s) of the person(s) signing must

be printed in the spaces provided. The Bid Form must be executed by one or more of the authorized partners, who must sign in the presence of a witness who must also sign; or .c Sole Proprietor. The business name and the name of the sole proprietor must be printed

in the spaces provided. The sole proprietor must sign in the presence of a witness who must also sign.

.4 Bids not received by the proper time and at the place designated in item 1.1.1 above will be returned unopened to the bidder.

.5 Any bid offered on other forms, or with alterations, additions or omissions may be rejected. .6 Verbal revisions to the bid will not be accepted. Faxed or hand delivered, written revisions to a

submitted Stipulated Bid Price will be accepted provided that they are received by the time and at the place designated in item 1.1.1 above and prior to bid closing and endorsed by the same party or parties who signed and sealed the original bid. The owner can not be responsible for fax transmissions that arrive late or are illegible for what ever reason.

.7 The Owner may, by notifying all bidders, extend the time for the receiving of bids and may issue addenda to the Bid Documents.

.8 It is the responsibility of the bidder to be aware of the date, time and place of bid closing and of any addenda or supplementary information issued.

.9 In consideration of the agreement by the Owner to review all bids submitted bids shall remain open for acceptance and shall be irrevocable for a period of thirty (30) days after bid closing date.


.10 Contractors shall complete and include with their bid, Appendix 'B' List of Subcontractors to be used in the work. Only one Subcontractor shall be submitted for each trade. Specify all work to be done by the Contractor's own forces. No alternate names shall be entered. No change of

Subcontractors following the opening of bids shall be allowed without written permission of the Consultant. The Owner reserves the right to reject a proposed subtrade for reasonable cause. Refer to GC 3.8.3. Bids that do not comply with these requirements in sole or in part may be disqualified.

.11 Contractors shall complete and include with their bid, Appendices “A” “B” "C", "D", "E" and “F” of the Bid Form. Refer to each Appendix for the amounts and descriptions of the work that are to be included in the stipulated price. Prior to signing the Contract the Owner may at its discretion adjust the Work as contemplated by these appendices and adjust the Contract Price accordingly.


.1 On award and signing of the contract, the contractor will provide the owner a Performance bond in the amount of 50% of the Bid Price.

.2 Each Tender is to be accompanied by a Consent of Surety duly completed by a surety company authorized and licensed to carry on business in British Columbia and having an office in British Columbia and a Bid Bond payable to the “ Regional District of Central Kootenay”, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the Total Tender Price, and not a dollar amount, as a guarantee of the die execution of the Agreement with the District of Central Kootenay and the delivery of the Bonds specified in Paragraph 1.4.3 below.

.3 The forms of the Bonds are to be those issued by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee as follows:

Bid Bond: CCDC 220 (latest)

Performance Bond: CCDC 221 (latest)

Labour and Material Payment Bond: CCDC 222 (latest)

.4 The Bid Bond of unsuccessful Tenderers will be returned to them as soon as possible after the Contract is awarded and the Bid Bond of the Tenderer to whom the award is made will be returned upon execution of the Agreement, delivery of a Performance Bond for 50% of the Total Tender Price and a Labour and Material Payment Bond for 50% of the Total Tender Price, commencement of the work, and compliance with any other conditions set out in the Form of Tender. The cost of all Bond premiums is to be included in the Total Tender Price.

.5 All bonds are to be issued by a surety company authorized and licensed to carry on business in British Columbia and are to have an office in British Columbia.



.1 The successful Bidder shall be required to execute a formal contract with the Owner using the Stipulated Price Contract CCDC2, 2008 form as amended in accordance with these Bid Documents.


.1 Bidders shall be deemed to have inspected and examined the site and surroundings and to have reviewed all applicable documents in order to obtain a satisfactory comprehension of the work required and shall satisfy themselves and make all investigations necessary as to the quantities, location and nature of the work, the means of access to the site, the accommodation and facilities they may require, and the conditions under which the labour force will be employed, and in general have themselves obtained all necessary information, local or otherwise, as to risks, contingencies, and other circumstances which may influence or affect their bids. No allowance will be subsequently made for failure to make such examination.

.2 Site Visit: The Owner has arranged a tour of the Site 10:30 am local time on Thursday, June 5th, 2014. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. However, the Bidder shall bear the sole

responsibility for any misunderstanding with regard to the nature and conditions of the Work which may arise as a result of the Bidder failing to attend the Site tour.

.3 Claims for additional costs will not be entertained with respect to conditions which could reasonably have been ascertained by an inspection of the site prior to the bid closing date.


.1. All enquiries regarding bid requirements, drawings, and specifications shall be directed to the Consultant:

Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc. 715 East Hastings Street Vancouver, BC V6A 1R3 (604) 633-1830 (tel) (604) 633-1809 (fax)

.2 If during the period of preparation of its bid, the Bidder should find any discrepancies, ambiguities, errors or omissions in the Contract Documents, she/he shall refer such items to the Consultant for clarification not later than four (4) working days prior to the bid closing date.

.3 The Consultant will review such questions and when information sought is not clearly indicated or specified will issue an Addendum. A copy of the Addendum will be forwarded to each party registered as having received a set of Bid Documents.

.4 Neither the Owner nor the Consultant will be responsible for verbal interpretation or corrections. Only Addenda in writing will be considered in interpreting the Contract Documents. Neither the Consultant nor the Owner will be responsible for the failure of any bidder to receive any Addenda. .5 All Addenda will become part of the Contract Documents.


.6 All bidders are advised to ensure that they and their Subcontractors have included all portions of the work in their bid prices.


.1 Materials and equipment shown in the specification and on related drawings, establish the quality standard required. Equivalent materials and equipment, to gain approval, must meet these minimum standards.

.2 It is understood that where any particular brand or manufacture of articles or materials is specified, that such shall be regarded as establishing a standard. Any brand or manufacturer approved by the Consultant will be approved for general design concept only and in no way will relieve the supplier from complying with any or all conditions of the drawings and specifications, nor will it relieve the supplier from checking sizes and dimensions. Unless prior approval is given in writing by the Consultant, only the kind and make of the material specified shall be used. .3 Any such alternatives or equivalents shall require the prior written approval of the Consultant in

the form of a written Addendum as a condition to forming a part of the Contract.

.4 The cost of any changes or alterations required in the Work to accommodate equivalent or alternate materials or equipment shall be included in the Bid Price. A later claim by the Contractor for additions to the Contract Price because of changes in the work necessitated by use of

alternates or equivalents will not be considered.

.5 Application in writing for an approved equivalent will be considered up to and including three (3) working days prior to the bid closing date. All applications shall be accompanied by a complete description of the material or equipment which is proposed to be used as an equivalent. Strict compliance with the above requirements is necessary in order to ensure consideration of any applications.


.1 Refer to GC 11.1, for Insurance requirements for the Project.

.2 Within seven (7) days of notification of acceptance, and prior to commencement of Work, if earlier the successful bidder must provide a certified copy of the insurance specified in these Bid



.1 No bid received after the stipulated time on the bid closing date will be considered. .2 A bid shall be rejected if the bidder fails to:

.a specify the Bid Price:

.b submit the bid on the specified Bid Form; or .c fully and properly execute the Bid Form.


.3 The Owner may at its discretion reject any bid with additions, alterations, incomplete information or other informalities or irregularities.

.4 It is understood and agreed that all information requested by the Owner in the Bid Documents is important to the Owner and will be used by the Owner in accepting or rejecting any bid. The Bid Price is one element of the bid analysis and equivalent or greater weight may be given, at the Owner's sole discretion, to any other item or information requested in the Bid Documents. It is understood and acknowledged that the Owner intends to obtain the best overall price from a qualified responsible bidder and is entitled to evaluate all information received in respect to bidders without providing any explanation of any kind for any decision it makes. It is also

understood and acknowledged that the Owner will utilize the most current available information in its possession to calculate quantities and assess unit prices as components of the Bid Price. If a bid is accepted, the bidder will provide a general analysis of the Bid Price, showing the breakdown of amounts for the various portions of the Work and the work of its proposed subcontractors. .5 The Owner's Award of the Contract may be based on any combination of price, schedule, quality

or any one of them or any other consideration deemed to be in the best interest of the Owner. .6 The Owner shall not bear any responsibility or liability to an unsuccessful bidder for any loss or

damage which the unsuccessful bidders may suffer or incur as a result of the rejection of its bid by the Owner or for any expense incurred by the unsuccessful bidder in the preparation of the bid. .7 The Owner is not obligated to reject non–compliant bids

.8 The Owner reserves the right to reject any tenders of a company that is, or whose principals are, at the time of tendering, engaged in a lawsuit against the Regional District of Central Kootenay in relation to work similar to that being tendered.


.1 All Federal and Provincial taxes and custom and excise duties shall be included in all bids. .2 GST shall not be included.

END OF SECTION 00 21 00 15 May 2014







SUBMITTED TO: Buyer, Purchasing

Castlegar & District Community Complex

2101 6



Castlegar BC

V1N 3B2

SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________

Having examined the Bid Documents as listed in APPENDIX 'A' to this Stipulated Price Bid, and

Addenda No. to No. inclusive, all as issued by ___________________________

______________________________________________ and having visited the Project Site;


(Contractor's legal name) hereby offers to enter into a Contract to perform the Work required by

the Bid Documents for the stipulated price of:


($_____________________________) in lawful money of Canada, which Stipulated Price Bid

(herein called the "Bid Price") includes all specified separate prices and cash allowances and all

applicable Federal and Provincial taxes in force at this date except GST.


Accompanying this Bid is a Bid Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the Stipulated Bid

Price in favour of the Owner issued by a surety company registered to carry on business in

British Columbia.


The information on Subcontractors, Alternate Prices, Separate Prices, Unit Prices and Cash

Allowances as called for in the Bid Documents is provided in the attached Appendices and

forms an integral part of this Bid.


We hereby declare that:


.b No person, firm or corporation other than the undersigned has any interest in this Bid or in the proposed Contract for which this Bid is made;

.c This Bid is open to acceptance for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of Bid closing. .d If the Owner fails to make payments to the Contractor as they become due under the

terms of the Contract or in an award by arbitration or court, interest at five percent (5%) per annum on such unpaid amounts shall also become due and payable until payment.


.1 If notified in writing by the Owner of acceptance of this bid within thirty calendar days after the bid closing date, we will:

a. Actively commence the Work of the Contract within seven (7) days of receipt of such written notice.

b. Enter into and execute the Contract stipulated by item 1.4.1 of the Instructions to Bidders and return the executed Contract to the Owner within seven days of receipt.

c. Furnish a certified copy of the Contractor's insurance called for in the General Conditions within seven days of notification of acceptance or prior to commencement of Work if earlier.

d. Furnish a Performance Bond as specified in the Contract Documents within 14 days of receipt of notification of acceptance.

e. Provide a Labour and Materials Bond as specified in the Contract Documents within 14 days of notification of acceptance.

f. Furnish in triplicate within 14 days of notification of acceptance, a detailed construction schedule for review by the Consultant, showing the order in which we will start the Work and estimated dates of completion of the major components of the work.

g. Furnish within 14 days of notifications of acceptance, a general analysis of the Bid Price, showing the amounts for various portions of the Work and the work of our proposed Subcontractors, in the same format as the Specifications Index, with a total price consistent with the amount of our Bid Price.

h. Furnish a complete list of all material suppliers within 14 days of notification of acceptance.


.1 Acknowledgment of receipt of the following addenda to the Contract Documents is hereby made:

Addendum No. _________ dated _______________ : _____ pages

Addendum No. _________ dated _______________ : _____ pages



Signed, sealed and submitted for and on behalf of:





(Street Address or Postal Box Number)


(City, Province and Postal Code)

(Apply SEAL above.)



Name and Title:


(Please print or type.)









SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________


The following is the list or description of the Bid Documents referred to in the Bid for the above named Project:

1. Instructions To Bidders

2. Stipulated Price Bid and Appendices “A” to “F”

3. Standard Construction Document CCDC2, 2008, Agreement, Definitions, The General Conditions Of The Stipulated Price Contract. (not included / available upon request) 4. Supplementary Conditions.

5. Specifications:

Refer to Table of Contents. 6. Drawings As Listed Below:

ARCHITECTURAL Issued for Tender, 05 June 2014














SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________


The following are the Subcontractors we propose to use for the Divisions or Sections of Work

listed hereunder.

(If not used, bar and initial the space below)


Division 05 50 00 Metal Fabrications

Division 06 00 00 Wood, Plastics & Composites Division 07 00 00 Thermal & Moisture Protection Division 08 00 00 Door & Windows

Division 09 00 00 Finishes Division 10 00 00 Specialties













SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________


The following are our values for the work listed hereunder. Work and amounts for “base bid” items are included in our Stipulated Price Bid. Amounts listed for each alternate are the total difference in Contract Price to include the alternate work in the Contract. These prices for the alternate work do NOT include value added taxes.




Base bid is existing CMU wall in Male and Female Washrooms (Rooms 01 & 02) painted. Alternate price to remove existing CMU wall, patch & repair surfaces adjacent to demolition as required and install glazed screen.

New glazing in Rooms 01 & 02 to be tempered, laminated safety glass from Glas-Pro in “True Blizzard” or approved alternate.













SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________


The following are our values for the work listed hereunder. Such work and amounts are included in our Stipulated Bid Price. These Separate Prices do NOT include value added taxes.









SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________


The following are our values for the work listed hereunder. Such work and amounts are included in our Stipulated Price Bid.







Castlegar & District Recreation Centre – Kitchen flooring +

washroom upgrades

SUBMITTED BY: ___________________________________________________



In consideration of the payment of the sum of $10.00 by the Owner for the surety (the

receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by the surety), the surety agrees that

in the event that the Principal named herein has its bid accepted by the Owner for

construction of the Contract referred to above, that the surety will supply 50%

Performance Bond and a 50% Labour and Materials Bond wherein the Owner will be

named as Obligee and the Contractor named as Principal.


Bonding Company



The AGREEMENT between Owner and Contractor CCDC2-2008 is hereby amended as follows:



.1 The interest rate to be used in Article 5.3.1 shall be one percent (1%) per annum above the Royal Bank of Canada prime bank rate.


Add the following definitions:

Builders Lien Act means the Builders Lien Act S.B.C., 1997 chapter 45 as amended from time to time.

Holdback Trust Account means that account required pursuant to Section 5 of the Builders Lien Act.

Payment Certifier means the person performing the functions of payment certifier under Section 7 of the Builders Lien Act.

The GENERAL CONDITIONS of the Stipulated Price Contract CCDC2-2008 are hereby amended as follows:


Replace clause with the following:

“the order of priority of documents, from highest to lowest, shall be: (a) the Agreement between the Owner and the Contractor (b) Definitions

(c) the Supplementary Conditions (d) the General Conditions (e) all properly issued Addenda (f) the Specifications - Division 1

(g) the Specifications - Division 2 through 16 (h) Material and Finishing Schedules (i) the Drawings


(k) the Instructions to Bidders.


Add the following to the end of clause 1.4.1:

“The Contractor, when requesting the Owner’s consent to an assignment, shall provide evidence satisfactory to the Owner of the proposed assignee’s ability to complete the Contract in respect of its technical and financial competence, its workforce and its equipment along with any other information requested by the Owner.”


Add clause 2.2.19 as follows:

“2.2.19 The Consultant shall be the Payment Certifier and shall perform the functions of payment certifier under Section 7 of the Builders Lien Act. In this role, the Consultant shall request certain

information from the Contractor as is reasonably necessary to perform duties and the Contractor shall promptly furnish such information. The Owner and the Contractor agree that the Consultant is entitled to rely on information provided by the Contractor and Subcontractors in performing functions pursuant to Section 7 of the Builders Lien Act and that the Consultant shall not be liable to the Owner, Contractor or Subcontractors for payments based on information given by the Contractor or Subcontractors on which the Consultant could reasonably be expected to rely.”


Delete clause Add the following clauses:

“3.2.7 The placing, installation, and connection of work by others on and to the Work does not relieve the contractor from its responsibility to provide the warranties required under this Contract. 3.2.8 The Contractor shall cooperate with the other contractors in the common use of the Place of the

Work and shall comply with the general requirements of the Owner reasonably necessary to enable the other contractors to perform their obligations.”


3.4.1 In the second sentence delete “and in making such review the Contractor does not assume any responsibility to the Owner or the Consultant for the accuracy of the review.” At the end of the third sentence delete “did not discover” and replace with “could not have reasonably discovered”.




Add the following new paragraph:

“5.2.8 Applications for progress payment shall be accompanied by a statutory declaration stating that all wages, Subcontractors and suppliers accounts have been paid.”


Insert after: “review by the Consultant to”, the text “evaluate the list of items and to”. Add the following new paragraphs:

“5.4.4 The Contractor shall, no later than thirty (30) days following issuance of the Certificate of Substantial Performance, submit to the Consultant all documentation called for in the Contract Documents including, but not limited to, certificates, guarantees, warranties, surveys,

photographs, project record data, as built drawings, and operations and maintenance data.


Delete clause 5.5.3


Add the following clause:

“5.6.4 Where a request is made by a Subcontractor or sub-Subcontractor (the “Requesting

Subcontractor”) under section 7(3) of the Builders Lien Act for a determination of whether the work performed by the Requesting Subcontractor is complete, the Consultant, as Payment Certifier shall, before making any determinations, immediately notify the Contractor of the request. The Contractor shall then prepare and submit to the Consultant, pursuant to clause 5.4.1, a comprehensive list of items to be completed or corrected and apply for a review by the Consultant to establish Substantial Performance of the relevant portion of the Work.”



5.7.2 Add the following to the end of clause 5.7.2:

“If the Consultant determines that the application is not valid, the Contractor shall remedy the incomplete or defective items identified and thereafter provide the Consultant with another application for final payment. This process will be repeated until a final certificate for payment is issued. Additional costs, if any, incurred by the Owner for processing any second or subsequent application will be borne by the Contractor, will be due on demand, and may be deducted and retained by the Owner from any payment then or thereafter due to the contractor under this Contract.”

5.7.4 Change “five days” to read “20 days”. Add the following clause:

“5.7.5 The Contractor shall submit to the Owner, prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Performance of the Work and prior to the release of any holdback moneys and, if specifically requested by the Owner, in conjunction with the application for final payment, the following: a) a statutory declaration, sworn by a director or officer of the contractor, or other evidence

satisfactory to the Owner, that all accounts incurred by the Contractor for supervision, labour, materials, equipment, subcontracts and all other indebtedness relating to the Work, then due, have been paid in full, except lien holdback moneys properly retained; b) evidence satisfactory to the Owner that the contractor is in compliance with the Workers’

Compensation Act (British Columbia), including the payment of all premiums and assessments due thereunder, and

c) evidence satisfactory to the Owner as to whether any liens have been filed or registered against the Place of the Work, by the Contractor, any Subcontractor, supplier or any other person in respect to any Work performed under the Contract Documents.”


Add the following clause:

“6.2.3 The costs of each agreed upon change will be dealt with separately and shall be deemed to include all direct, indirect and consequential costs associated with that change, including without limitation, all impact costs, overhead costs and profits. No other claim for additional costs will be considered or paid by the Owner.”



Add the following new paragraph:

“6.4.5 The Contractor shall be deemed to have fully examined the Place of the Work prior to submitting his price and to have noted the surroundings and all local conditions as they may affect the Work. Except for concealed conditions, no additional compensation will be allowed for extra costs the Contractor incurs as a result of conditions that could reasonably have been observed during a visit to the Place of the Work.”


Add the following to the end of the last sentences of clauses 6.5.1 and 6.5.2:

“…upon presentation of supporting documentation as required by the Consultant or the Owner.” Add the following clauses:

“6.5.6 The entitlement of the contractor to an extension of the Contract Time or reimbursement of costs under this GC 6.5 shall be subject to the condition that the Contractor shall have exercised all reasonable efforts to avoid, or minimize the duration and costs of any delay in respect of which a claim for extension of the Contract Time or reimbursement of costs is made.

6.5.7 If the Contractor is delayed in the execution of the Work for any reason other than the for which an extension of Contract Time is permitted under GC 6.5, the Contractor shall take whatever remedial measures are necessary, at his own expense, to expedite completion of the Work by the specified contract date.

6.5.8 No claim will be allowed under this GC 6.5 for an extension of the Contract Time or

reimbursement of costs as a result thereof, unless the event or circumstance on which the claim is based affects adversely the critical path for achieving Substantial Performance of the Work.” Add the following new section to PART 6 - CHANGES IN THE WORK:


6.7.1 Where changes in the Work are to be established by cost and a percentage fee, the following percentages shall apply:

.1 The Contractor shall be entitled to a mark-up for combined overhead and profit of 10% on work performed by the Contractor.

.2 Subcontractors and sub-Subcontractors shall be entitled to a mark-up for combined overhead and profit of 10% of work performed by the Subcontractor and sub-Subcontractors, respectively.

.3 The Contractor or Subcontractor shall be entitled to a mark-up for combined overhead and profit of 5% on work performed by Subcontractors or sub-Subcontractors,



Add the following to the end of clause 7.1.1:

“The Owner may require the Contractor to assign to it all the subcontracts and all bonds issued on behalf of the Subcontractor in favour of the Contractor, then in effect.”

Add the following clause:

“7.1.7 If a claim of builder’s lien is filed against the Project in respect of the Work by any Subcontractor, sub-Subcontractor, material supplier, worker or other person claiming through, by or under the Contractor.

a) the Owner may, at its option, instruct the Contractor to cause the said claim of builders lien to be removed from the title to the Project within ten (10) working days from the date of such notice by direct payment, furnishing of a bond, payment into court or otherwise; b) if the claim of builders lien is not removed from the title to the Project within such time or

such further time as may be subsequently agreed upon, the Owner, without prejudice to any other right or remedy it may have, may take such steps or proceedings, including payments, settlements or compromise of the claim or payment into court, as the Owner reasonably determines as necessary to procure release of the lien, and all payments and costs, including legal fees and disbursements incurred by the Owner shall be paid by the Contractor the Owner or may be deducted from any amount then due or thereafter becoming due to the Contractor; and

c ) the Contractor will defend, indemnify and save the Owner harmless from the amount of all such claims and the costs of defending any and all actions commenced against the Owner pursuant to the Builder’s Lien Act including the legal costs of the Owner.”


Delete clause


Delete clauses 8.2.6 and 8.2.8.

Delete clause 8.2.7 as written and substitute the following:

“On expiration of the 10 Working Days the parties may refer the unresolved dispute to the courts or to any other form of dispute resolution, including arbitration, which they have agreed to use.”


Revise clauses under GC 11.1 Insurance per the following Delete all clauses under GC 11.1 Insurance entirely and substitute the following:


11.1.1 Without restricting the generality of GC 12.1 – INDEMNIFICATION, the insurance coverage will be arranged and paid for as under-noted:

.1 General Liability Insurance

a) The Owner shall obtain, maintain and pay for Comprehensive General Liability Insurance “Wrapup form”, with a limit of not less than Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00), inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death, and damage to property including loss of use thereof. Such insurance shall cover the Construction Manager, Contractor and the Owner and shall also cover all Subcontractors and anyone employed directly or indirectly by the Contractor or his Subcontractors to perform a part or parts of the Work but excluding Suppliers whose only function is to supply and/or transport Products to the site. The insurance does not extend to any activities, works, jobs, or undertakings of the insureds other than those directly related to the Work of this Contract.

b) The insurance shall also include the Owner’s Architectural and Engineering Consultants and their Subconsultants, except for their liability arising from the undertaking of their professional obligations, operations and activities. c) The insurance shall include coverage for:

(i) Premises and Operations Liability;

(ii) Products and Completed Operations Liability; (iii) Blanket Contractual Liability;

(iv) Cross Liability;

(v) Elevator and Hoist Liability; (vi) Contingent Employer’s Liability; (vii) Personal Injury Liability;

(viii) Shoring, Blasting, Excavating, Underpinning, Demolition, Piledriving and Caisson Work, Work Below Ground Surface, Tunnelling and Grading, as applicable;

(ix) Liability with respect Non-Owned Licensed Vehicles; and (x) Broad Form Property Damage.

d) Any Property Damage deductible applicable shall not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00). e) This insurance shall be maintained continuously from commencement of the Work

until the certificate of Substantial Performance of the Work is issued, plus with respect to completed operations, cover a further period of twenty-four (24) months from the


date of the certificate of Substantial Performance of the Work.

f) The Contractorshall obtain and maintain Commercial General Liability insurance with a limit of not less than Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00) inclusive per occurrence for Bodily Injury and Property Damage with respect to Completed Operations of the Work on an ongoing basis for a period of 6 years following Substantial Performance of the Work. This insurance will include the Owner and Consultant as Additional Insureds with respect to liability arising out of the operations of the Contractor

.2 Property Coverage

a) The Owner shall Provide, maintain and pay for Course of Construction coverage, against “All Risks” of physical loss or damage, and will cover all materials,

property, structures and equipment purchased for, entering into, or forming part of the Work whilst located anywhere within Canada or the U.S.A. including coastal or inland waters thereof, while in transit or storage and during construction, erection, installation and testing until completed and handed over and accepted by the Owner. Such coverage shall not include coverage for the Contractor’s or Subcontractor’s equipment of any description. There will be a deductible of not greater than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) for each and every occurrence, except for the perils of Flood which shall have a deductible of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00) and earthquake which shall have a five percent (5%), subject to a minimum One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) deductible. b) The coverage shall include as a protected entity, the Consultant, each Contractor

or Subcontractor who is engaged in the Work.

c) The coverage will contain a waiver of subrogation against all protected entities except where a loss is deemed to have been caused by or resulting from any error in design or any other professional error or omission.

.3 Boiler and Machinery Insurance

a) The Owner shall provide, maintain and pay for Boiler and Machinery insurance in the joint names of the Contractor, the Owner and the Consultant. The policy shall include as insureds all Subcontractors. The amount of insurance shall be not less than the replacement value of the Work, for coverage not less than that provided by the “Boiler and Machinery Comprehensive Form” and shall be maintained continuously from commencement of use or operation of the insured boiler and machinery objects and until 10 days after the date of Substantial Performance of the Work.

.4 Automobile Liability Insurance

The Contractor shall provide, maintain and pay for, and require all Subcontractors to provide, maintain and pay for Automobile Liability Insurance in respect of all owned or leased vehicles, subject to limits of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) inclusive per occurrence.


.5 Aircraft and Watercraft Liability Insurance

The Contractor shall provide, maintain and pay for liability insurance with respect to owned or non-owned aircraft and watercraft if used directly or indirectly in the performance of the Work, subject to limits of not less than Two Million Dollars

($2,000,000.00) inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death, and damage to property including loss of use thereof and including aircraft passenger hazard where applicable. 11.1.2 Unless specified otherwise, the duration of each coverage/insurance policy shall be from the date

of commencement of the work until the date of the certificate of Substantial Performance of the Work.

11.1.3 The Owner shall, upon request, provide the Consultant and Contractor with proof of

coverage/insurance for those coverages and insurances required to be provided by the Owner prior to commencement of the Work.

11.1.4 The Contractor shall provide the Owner with proof of insurance for those insurances required to be provided by the Contractor prior to the commencement of the Work.

11.1.5 The Contractor and/or his Subcontractors, as may be applicable, shall be responsible for any deductible amounts under the policies of coverage/insurance except for perils of Flood and Earthquake, which deductibles shall be the responsibility of the Owner.

11.1.6 The Contractor shall provide, maintain and pay for any additional insurance which he is required to provide by law or which he considers necessary to cover risks not otherwise covered by insurance specified in this section.

11.1.7 The Contractor hereby waives all rights of recourse against the Owner and any other Trade or Sub Contractors engaged in the Work with regard to damage to the Contractor’s property. END OF SUPPLEMENTARY GENERAL CONDITIONS



.1 Notify the appropriate authorities of intention to carry out operations in the vicinity of a utility or structure at least one week prior to the commencement of such operation and obtain approval for access to any operations carried out on adjacent public and private property.


.1 Contract Drawings. .2 Specifications. .3 Addenda.

.4 Reviewed Shop Drawings. .5 Change Orders.

.6 Other modifications to the Contract. .7 Field Test Reports.

.8 Progress Photographs

.9 Vancouver Building By-law, British Columbia Plumbing Code, and Canadian Electrical Codes, together with all supplements, Occupational Environment Regulations.


.1 Throughout the duration of the work the Contractor shall revise the Schedule whenever any significant change occurs.


.1 It is the responsibility of the Contractor and the subcontractors in formulating the bid to ascertain the labour conditions existing on the site with particular respect to union or non-union labour and to comply with these conditions. The cost of doing so shall be included in the Contract Price.


.1 The Contractor will arrange project meetings and assume responsibility for setting times and shall assume responsibility for recording and distributing minutes.


.1 Progress of the work shall be fully documented in a daily work sheet prepared by the Site

Superintendent for the Contractor and shall be available on site for review. The daily report shall include the following:

.a A summary of Subcontractors on-site and work in progress. .b Issues identified and requiring resolution.


.2 On a weekly basis provide the following:

.a Digital photographs clearly showing of the progress of the work and documenting any issues identified.

.b Reports and photographs shall be distributed weekly by e-mail or facsimile to the Consultants and others as required.


.1 The Building Permit will be obtained and paid for by the Owner. The Contractor(s) shall obtain all other permits, licenses including business license and certificates required for performance of the work. Provide the inspection authorities with such plans and information as may be required for issue of acceptance certificates. Furnish inspection certificates in evidence that works installed conform to the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. Fees and permits will be paid by the Contractor(s).


.1 Execute the work in accordance with the Vancouver Building By-law, and Supplements, Occupational Environment Regulations and all codes and standards specified within the text of the specification.

.2 Conform to the latest issue of codes and standards specified, as amended and revised on the date of receipt of Bids unless otherwise required to meet applicable Codes, Vancouver Building By-law and Standards.

.3 Materials and workmanship must conform to or exceed applicable standards of Canadian Government Specification Board (CGSB), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other referenced organizations.

.4 If required by the Consultant, the manufacturer/supplier shall furnish documentation indicating compliance with the requirements of the Vancouver Building By-law including, and where required, certification by a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of British Columbia.


.1 Only products and methods specified shall be used, or such products and methods approved as equivalent. Alternative products and methods may be used only where approved in writing by the Consultant.

.2 Application for approval of equivalent or alternative products will be received by the Contractor and approved by the Consultant prior to the work commencing.

.3 Submit request for approval, in duplicate, to the Contractor. List specification section or drawing number and page, brand, model, and manufacturer of specified product and proposed product, with full supporting technical specifications, data, and samples.

.4 Approval of products does not relieve the Contractor from meeting the requirements of the specifications, and for all maintenance that may be required for incorporation of them into the work.


.5 If any alternative product is used, whether specified or later approved, the Contractor shall make all changes to the work indicated in the Contract Documents necessitated by use of the

alternative at no extra cost to the Owner.


.1 Observe and enforce all construction safety measures by the Canadian Construction Safety Code supplemented by the Vancouver Building By-law, applicable Workers' Compensation Board requirements, and local statutes and By-laws.

.2 In the event of conflict between any provisions of the above authorities, the most stringent will apply.

.3 If required to be in compliance with municipal or provincial regulations the Contractor will employ a Construction Safety Officer.

.4 All Contractors on the project are responsible for the health and safety of their workers as regulated by all applicable acts and regulations. Each Subcontractor is obligated to comply with all laws, regulations, and codes concerning safety as shall be applicable to the work and to the safety standards established during the progress of the work by the Construction Safety Officer and to conduct all one's operations within the Project Safety Policy as set out by the Contractor. Copies of the Project Safety and Loss Control Program will be available at the Project Site Office. It is the Contractor's responsibility to obtain copies of the Project Safety Program, be familiar with and comply with same.


.1 Prior to commencing work and prior to receiving payment for Substantial Performance of the work, provide evidence of compliance with all requirements of the Workers' Compensation Board, including payments due there under.

.2 At any time during the term of the Contract, when requested by the Consultant, provide such evidence of compliance for any or all subcontractors.


.1 Adequately protect all work completed or in progress. Any work damaged or defaced due to failure to provide such protection shall be removed and replaced or repaired, as directed by the Consultant at no increase in the Contract Price.

.2 Prevent overloading of any part of the building. Do not cut, drill or otherwise sleeve any load-bearing structural member without written approval of the Consultant.

.3 The Contractor(s) shall assume responsibility for any damage to existing paving, walks, adjacent building and property, services, etc., caused by construction operations. He shall repair and make good same, or bear the expense of such repairing.


.4 The Contractor's attention is directed to the existence and possible existence of historically significant and/or fragile materials or finishes, aerial and underground services otherwise concealed and other public or private improvements which may be within the work area or adjacent thereto and may or may not be shown in the Contract Documents. The fact that any historically significant and/or fragile materials or aerial or underground service is not shown upon the plans shall not relieve the Contractor of his responsibility to ascertain the existence, position and ownership of any such structures or materials that may be subject to damage by reason of its operations. The Contractor shall make every worker on the site aware of their responsibility to report the existence of such materials, finishes or services. The Contractor shall take every precaution to preserve and protect any such improvement from injury or damage during his work operations, but shall not be held liable for damage to existing buried services and utilities not shown on drawings or physically indicated, marked or laid out on site.

.5 The Contractor shall notify the Consultant immediately of any damage to existing amenities or services and shall remove and replace his work at no additional charge to allow repairs or replacement to affected damaged amenities or services. The Contractor shall take proper measures to maintain access to existing manholes, catch basins, electrical pull boxes, fire hydrants, valve boxes and allied services underground and on the surface.


.1 Coordinate trenches for gas, electrical, telephone and water to ensure there be one dig and one dig only.

.2 The Contractor shall take every common and reasonable precaution to avoid damage and minimize interruption to Owner's and adjacent property and services. All costs associated with making good any damage and/or providing temporary service or protection shall be borne by the Contractor.

.3 The Contractor will coordinate the work of the Subcontractors with efficient and continuous supervision.

.4 Cooperate with the authorities having jurisdiction and other contractors engaged in simultaneous development of adjacent facilities. Coordinate access to the site, the location, removal or adjustment of temporary fences, sheds and utility services.

.5 Where appropriate the Contractor shall coordinate the work of all trades requiring suspension or fixing devices to be incorporated into the structure. Where required, such suspension or fixing devices are to be built into the structure and/or by of the type specified or detailed herein, the Contractor shall submit to the Consultant details of the device he proposes to use accompanied by such information as the Consultant may require to assess the capability of the proposed device.


.1 All sections of work shall include in their bid an allowance sufficient to cover full, continuous working operation through normal weather conditions, without interruptions or shutdowns.



.1 The Contractor shall be responsible for all materials and labour required to complete the work to the full intent of the Drawings and Specifications including changes made by Addenda,

Supplemental Instructions or Change Orders. The Specifications are complementary to the Drawings and Details and what is required by any one shall be as binding as if required by all. .2 The General Conditions of the Contract, Supplementary Conditions, and General Requirements

all form an integral part of each individual section of the Specifications and shall be read, interpreted, and coordinated with all other parts.


.1 Trademarks and labels, including applied labels shall not be visible in the finished work. Such trademarks or labels shall be removed by grinding if necessary, or painted out where the

particular materials is being painted. The exception of this requirement shall be those essential to obtain identification of mechanical and electrical equipment and where required by Code to ensure compliance.


.1 Submit to the Consultant for review, shop drawings, product data and samples specified and noted on the drawings.

.2 Throughout the duration of the Contract, whenever requested to do so by the Consultant submit product samples and colour charts. This is of particular importance where materials are

described in generic terms on the drawings.

.3 Until submission is reviewed, work involving relevant product may not proceed.

.4 Drawings shall be originals prepared by the Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier or Distributor, which illustrate appropriate portion of work; showing fabrication, layout, setting or erection details as specified in appropriate Sections.

.5 Review shop drawings, product data, and samples prior to submission. .6 Verify and clearly identify on each shop drawing:

.a Field measurements. .b Field construction criteria.

.c Catalogue numbers and similar data.

.7 Coordinate each submission with requirements of the work and Contract Documents.

.8 Submittals to include both the Contractor’s and the Subcontractor's stamp, initialed or signed by both, certifying review of submission, verification of field measurements and compliance with the Contract Documents.

.9 The Contractor's responsibility for errors and omissions is not relieved by the Consultant's review of submittals.


.10 The Contractor's responsibility for deviations in submission from requirements of the Contract Documents is not relieved by the Consultant's review of submission, unless the Consultant gives written acceptance of specified deviations.

.11 Notify the Consultant, in writing, at time of submission, of deviations from requirements of the Contract Documents.

.12 Schedule submissions at least ten (10) working days before dates that reviewed submissions will be needed.

.13 Product Data: .a Preparation:

.i Clearly mark each copy to identify pertinent products or models. .ii Show performance characteristics and capacities.

.iii Show dimensions and clearances required. .iv Show wiring or piping diagrams and controls.

.b Manufacturer's Standard Schematic Drawings and Diagrams:

.i Modify drawings and diagrams to delete information which is not applicable to the work.

.ii Supplement additional information to provide information specifically applicable to the work.

.14 Samples:

.a Office samples shall be of sufficient size and quantity to clearly illustrate:

.i Functional characteristics of the product, with integrally related parts and attachment devices.

.ii Full range of colour, texture, and pattern. .b Field Samples and Building Envelope Mockup:

.i The Contractor shall erect, at the project site, at a location acceptable to the Consultant/Owner Representative.

.ii Size or area - as noted on the drawings.

.iii Remove mockups at conclusion of the work or when acceptable to the Consultant/Owner Representative.


.i Product data: Submit the number of copies which the Contractor requires, plus three copies which will be retained by the Consultant and Owner Representative. .ii Samples: Submit the number stated in each Specification Section.

.iii Shop Drawings: Submit six prints which will be retained by the

Consultant/Owner Representative or as specified in Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical divisions.

.d Submittals shall contain:

.i The date of submission and the dates of any previous submissions. .ii The project title and number.

.iii Contract identification.

.iv The names of the Contractor, the Supplier and the Manufacturer. .v Identification of the product, with the specification number. .vi Field dimensions, clearly identified as such, in imperial.

.vii Relation to adjacent or critical features of the work or materials. .viii Applicable standards, such as CSA, CGSB or ASTM numbers. .ix Identification of deviations from Contract Documents.

.x Identification of revisions on resubmittals.

.xi The Contractor's stamp, initialed or signed, certifying to review of submittal, verification of products, field measurements and field construction criteria, and coordination of the information within the submittal with requirements of the work and of the Contract Documents.

.xii Provide Engineer's stamp where required.


.1 Make any corrections or changes in the submittals required by the Consultant/Owner Representative and resubmit until stamped as reviewed.

.2 Shop drawings and product data:

.a Review initial drawings or data, and resubmit as specified for the initial submittal. .b Indicate any changes which have been made other than those requested by the


.3 Samples: Submit new samples as required for initial submittal as soon as possible after notification of the rejection or disapproval of the original submission and shall be marked "re-submitted sample."


.1 General:

.a Workmanship shall be the best quality, executed by workers experienced and skilled in the respective duties for which they are employed. Immediately notify the Contractor if required work is such as to make it impractical to produce required results.

.b Do not employ any unfit person or anyone unskilled in their required duties. The Contractor reserves the right to require the dismissal from the site, workers deemed incompetent, careless, insubordinate or otherwise objectionable.

.c Decisions as to the quality or fitness of workmanship in cases of dispute rest solely with the Consultant, whose decision is final.

.2 Coordination:

.a Ensure co-operation of workers in laying out the work. Maintain efficient and continuous supervision.

.b Be responsible for coordination and placement of openings, sleeves, and accessories.


.1 Location of equipment, fixtures, and outlets indicated or specified are to be considered as approximate. Location of service runs, ducts, conduits, piping, suspension systems, and other concealed items shown on drawings are diagrammatic.

.2 Locate equipment, fixtures, and distribution systems to provide minimum interference and maximum usable space and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations for safety, access, and maintenance.


.1 Conceal pipes, ducts, and wiring in floor, wall, and ceiling construction of finished areas except where indicated otherwise.


.1 Execute cutting (including excavation), fitting, and patching required to make the work fit together properly.

.2 Obtain the Consultant's approval before cutting, boring or sleeving load-bearing members. .3 Make cut with clean, true, smooth edges. Make patches inconspicuous in final assembly. .4 Fit work airtight to pipes, sleeves, ducts, and conduits.



.1 Requests for Interim and Final Reviews must be in writing. The Contractor requests for Interim will read "fully completed". The Final Contractor Request will read "all deficiencies fully

completed". Requests for these inspections must be in writing seven (7) days prior to inspection.


.1 When Interim or Final Reviews and tests of installation, assemblies, and equipment by the Consultant, Municipal, Public Utility and/or manufacturer's inspectors, indicate deficiencies, all costs incurred by any of these authorities to revisit the project site for further review and tests will be paid by the Contractor.

.2 Requests for Site Reviews to be in writing to the Consultant or applicable authority.


.1 Pay all monies due and obtain all permits and certificates for the installation and connection of all utilities and services, except telephone, cablevision, hydro, gas, water and sewer which will be arranged for and paid for by the Owner.


.1 Particular requirements for inspection and testing to be carried out by testing laboratory approved by the Consultant are specified under various sections.

.2 Where tests or inspections by designated testing laboratory reveal work not in accordance with contract requirements, the Contractor shall pay costs for additional tests or inspections as the Consultant may require to verify acceptability of corrected work.

.3 The Owner will pay for all initial testing as called for in the specifications. The Contractor is responsible for payment of testing required by authorities having jurisdiction and as outlined in 1.26.2 above.


.1 Remove temporary facilities from the site when directed by the Consultant/Owner.


.1 Fires, burning or burying of rubbish and waste materials on the site are not permitted.

.2 Disposal of waste or volatile materials, such as mineral spirits, oil or paint thinner into waterways, storm or sanitary sewers are prohibited.

.3 Provide a container for waste. Drywall and other hazardous material shall be kept separate. Dispose of all waste materials in a legal manner.



.1 As-Built Drawings:

.a The Contractor shall keep one set of white prints of all contract drawings, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinklers and Drainage, including all addenda, revisions, clarifications, change orders and approved shop drawings in the site office and identify them as "As-Built drawings".

.b As the work proceeds, the Contractor is to record clearly and indelibly in red pencil "as-built" conditions wherever they deviate from the original directions of the contract drawings.

.c At Substantial Performance, the Contractor will submit the As-Built prints to the Consultant together with a digital file formatted to AutoCAD 14.

.d The Contractor shall certify to the Consultant that the prints and digital files provided represent the work "as-built".

.e The deviations that are to be recorded shall include, in general, items that are hidden from view and items of major importance to future operations and maintenance and to future alternations and additions. Detailed requirements in this connection are set out in the body of the specification of work.

.f A holdback from the monies due to the Contractor will be maintained until all the "as-built" prints and digital files are certified as correct and delivered to the Consultant.

.2 Recording:

.a Label each document "PROJECT RECORD" in neat large printed letters.

.b Record information concurrently with construction progress. (Do not conceal any work until required information is recorded.)

.c Drawings: Legible mark to record actual construction:

i. Depth of various elements of foundation in relation to finish first floor datum. ii. Horizontal and vertical locations of underground utilities and appurtenances,

referenced to permanent surface improvements.

iii. Location of internal utilities and appurtenances, concealed in the construction, referenced to visible and accessible features of the structure.

iv. Field changes of dimension and detail.

v. Changes made by Supplemental Instruction or by Change Order. vi. Details not on original contract drawings.

.3 Submittal: At the time of application for substantial performance, deliver Record Documents to the Consultant.


Table 1: Sample Location, Asbestos Type & Percent

Table 1:

Sample Location, Asbestos Type & Percent p.121