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JULY 16, 2015

Community Center 7:30 p.m.

Regular Meeting

The Regular Meeting was called to order by Chair, Timothy

Phenow at 7:33 p.m.

Board Members


Board Members present were: Chair, Timothy Phenow; Vice Chair Bill Lewis; Board Members: Deb Syhre, Terry Sharp, Ken Helvey, Troy Nygaard and John Ferm.

Board Members


Board Members absent were: None.

Also Present

Also present were: Phil Leith, City Council Representative; Terry Just, Director; Mark Saari, Superintendent of Recreation; Chuck Stifter, Superintendent of Parks and Planning; Lisa Jost, Community Center Manager; Patty Anderson, Administrative Supervisor; Frank Weber, Operations Manager; Chris Morrow, Recreation Clerk; and resident, Lindsey Thoreson, 15476 Shadow Creek Rd.

Approval Of Agenda

Motion made by Board Member Nygaard, seconded by Board Member Helvey to approve the agenda for the July 16, 2015 meeting as presented.

Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were six ayes and no nays. Motion carried.


Miscellaneous Board

Member Reports

Osseo Park Board: Vice Chair Lewis noted he had read that Osseo was forming a Park Board and suggested that staff may want to contact them to see if they would like some information or assistance. The Director stated that they have worked closely with the City of Osseo to come up with a program for the

Community Center. He indicated there were no discussions about a Park Board with the previous administrator, but noted he would reach out to the new person.


Central Park: Board Member Sharp noted he drove around Central Park and felt the site was unbelievable. He indicated that people are really getting excited about it.

Maple Grove Days: Board Member Nygaard noted he took part in many of the activities of Maple Grove Days. He indicated he could not believe the turn-out for the parade and wondered if there was an estimate of the crowd.

Board Member Syhre indicated the parade was incredible. She noted they were honored to have City Administrator, Al

Madsen as the Grand Marshall.

Board Member Syhre expressed her appreciation on behalf of the MGCO to the staff. She noted it is difficult to put into words how much they appreciate staff efforts in anticipating what the needs will be and the prior preparation in getting the building, parks and the Town Green ready. Board Member Syhre noted the painting of the curb around the Community Center and what a bright and welcoming look that presented. She stated that the citizens of Maple Grove are so lucky to have such dedicated staff and again thanked all those involved. Chair Phenow, on behalf of the Board, thanked Board Member Syhre and MGCO for an awesome job on another great

celebration. He echoed her comments about the wonderful support and help that staff provides and thanked them for their efforts.

Elm Creek Trail: Chair Phenow noted he was stopped by a resident on Elm Creek Trail who expressed appreciation for a fallen tree on the trail being cleaned up so quickly.

Miscellaneous Staff


Maple Grove Days: The Director displayed slides of the various Maple Grove Days activities. He expressed

appreciation to Board Member Syhre and MGCO for putting such a great event together. He indicated attendance seemed up at most events.

CAC: The Director noted the efforts of CAC which started out studying behavior in youth sports and has morphed into meeting with each sport, who then identified their wants and needs. He indicated that staff had met with the City Administrator and


OMGAA and they identified their desire for smaller grass fields. The Director noted that has been addressed in the Comp Plan, but that is based on development in the northwest part of the City for which there is no defined timeline.

Arboretum: The Director stated that staff will be bringing forward a Board action asking for a request for proposal to look at future sponsorship opportunities and park enhancements at the Arboretum. He noted the original plan was completed in 1997 and that we need to look at space for more tree

sponsorships as well as brick sponsorships. The Director

indicated they could also consider a city area, where trees could be dedicated for Council Members, Board Members, and staff who have served over a certain number of years.

Chair Phenow alerted staff that following recent heavy rains, a lot of gravel has been washed down in front of the Angel of Hope statue.

Goose Management: The Director highlighted the goose management report, noting the numbers over the last five years. Central Park: The Director noted that the Board should adjourn tonight’s meeting to the Central Park ribbon cutting which is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on August 20th. He indicated

that while there are still some things that could impact the schedule, RJM is committed to having the first phase done by August 20th; the playground mid-September; and the ice loop by

November 1st.

Chuck Stifter noted the garden area looks spectacular. He stated that Colleen Hazen along with a lot of volunteers have been responsible for that. He noted the wood ceiling and some other finishing work is going on inside the building. Chuck Stifter indicated that the ice loop had its last concrete pour this week and noted the process of completing that area. He also identified what is taking place in the play area.

Responding to a question from Board Member Syhre about the clematis in the garden, Chuck Stifter noted that the plan calls for iron type pieces for them to grow on. He indicated that when they will be purchased has not yet been determined. Board Member Syhre noted that Colleen Hazen does the gardens at the Town Green also and that they are absolutely


beautiful this year.

Council News: Council Member Leith, on behalf of the Council, thanked Board Member Syhre, MGCO, and staff for all their efforts in hosting Maple Grove Days. He noted he heard a lot of great comments. He updated the Board on where they are in the process of filing the vacant Council position, the vacant Planning Commission position, and Al Madsen’s



Consent Business

Motion made by Board Member Nygaard, seconded by Board Member Ferm to approve the Consent Items as presented.

A. June 18, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes

B. Disbursements

C. PT Employees

D. Recreation Clerk Appointment

E. Fall Fees

F. Spring Recreation & CC Usage Reports

G. Sales in Parks – Polar Express Ice Cream

H. Park Paving 2015 Project – Change Order

I. Special Use Permit – Hearts for Heritage 5k

J. Special Use Permit – Faith Lodge, Hope Walks and

Rolls 5k

K. Special Use Permit – Charities Challenge 5K

Board Member Syhre questioned if there was another vendor that was approved for sales in the park. Patty Anderson

indicated that earlier in the year the Board did approve Jackie’s Four Seasons, but she did not complete the requirements for liability insurance and has not been selling in the parks this summer. She noted that the applicant for Polar Express Ice Cream is a Maple Grove resident. She also indicated that the agreement would run through October of next year, given that this season is already half over.

Board Member Syhre referenced the usage report and

questioned if they anticipated any effect on participation when the 6th grade becomes part of the middle school. Patty

Anderson noted that she did not think that would have much effect as there are very few participants of that age group.


Responding to a question about the disbursements from Chair Phenow, Frank Weber noted that Charles Gorgen was the low bidder used to install the jump harness in the ice arena. Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were seven ayes and no nays. Motion carried.

The Board welcomed Chris Morrow to the position of Recreation Clerk.


Old Business, Item #1

2015-16 Pleasure

Skating Rink Review

Patty Anderson noted that MRPA hosted a Pickleball tournament exclusively at Lakeview Knolls. She indicated everyone loved the facility and expressed interest in coming back. She thanked the Board for making those courts dedicated to Pickleball.

Patty Anderson noted they have previously discussed the flooding of the pleasure skating rinks for the upcoming season. She indicated that staff is recommending that they not flood Fish Lake Woods. She detailed the feedback they had received regarding Hidden Meadows, South Elm Road and Thoresen. Vice Chair Lewis complimented staff on the way the

communication about the potential closing of the rinks was sent out, noting the responses were respectful in their requests that the rinks be kept open. He indicated that they should continue to keep an eye on the numbers and review as necessary. Chair Phenow concurred that they should try to monitor the usage of the three rinks that they have suggested to continue to be flooded for this season.

The Director indicated that staff has suggested that they skip a year before going through the whole mailing process again. Patty Anderson clarified that the motion was to not flood Fish Lake Woods this year as there were no responses to the letter sent out. Discussion occurred that last winter was not good in terms of weather and rink usage and perhaps this winter would be different.


Motion made by Vice Chair Lewis, seconded by Board Member Sharp to approve a modification to the outdoor pleasure skating rinks for 2015-2016 skating season that would include no flooding at Fish Lake Woods.

Board Member Ferm referenced the fact that only two people out of 185 letters sent around Hidden Meadows responded. He noted that given those numbers and what they had done in the past made it difficult to him to see that rink stay open.

Discussion occurred that just because only two people

responded doesn’t mean there isn’t a large population that uses it. It was noted they may hear from Fish Lake Woods when that is not flooded.

Lindsey Thoreson questioned when the survey was sent out. Patty Anderson noted they were sent out earlier this spring, referencing that they were looking at the next winter. Lindsey Thoreson noted that most people don’t care about the ice rinks in the spring. She suggested that perhaps they should contact people during the winter when the rinks are being used.

The question was raised if there would be a follow up letter sent regarding the rinks and their status. Patty Anderson indicated the letter was written to state that this was the proposal being considered at the July Park Board meeting and it was not her intent to send out follow-up letters. She noted that last year they did not send out additional letters and that no one called regarding the rinks they did not flood.

Board Member Helvey suggested that they contact the residents who requested that their rink not be closed and ask them to help in collecting data to see how much they are being used.

Discussion again occurred that they may hear from Fish Lake Woods residents once it is not flooded and may want to reconsider that in the future.

Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were five ayes and two nays, with Board Members Ferm and Syhre voting nay. Motion carried.

Patty Anderson clarified that she could contact the people that responded and request their help in tracking usage.


Old Business, Item #2

CC Main Hallway

Carpet Project Award

Frank Weber presented the staff report regarding the floor replacement project. He reviewed the design team that worked on the selection and the consultant they hired to assist. He noted the importance of being able to clean the carpet and highlighted the details of the carpet they were recommending. Frank Weber displayed a sample of the carpet, noting the custom color. He highlighted the fact that the proposal came in under budget. He also noted what they are proposing for the Nursery School carpet, indicating that is not part of the proposal.

Responding to a question, Frank Weber noted they would be using carpet tiles. He detailed where the carpet would go as well as where the resilient flooring would go. The question was raised if it made sense to carry the resilient flooring through the doorway to the ice arena. Frank Weber indicated they could and noted that area does get a lot of turn points.

Motion made by Vice Chair Lewis, seconded by Board Member Helvey to approve the quote from Sonus Interiors for replacement of flooring in the main hallways and Teen Center lounge for $65,231.00.

Responding to a question about the resilient flooring potentially being slippery in the winter, staff indicated that the flooring has some texture to it that would help in that regard or that they could have a walk off area as they do by other doors.

Discussion occurred that there is not much incoming traffic in that area.

Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were seven ayes and no nays. Motion carried.

The Director clarified that the Nursery School replacement carpet would not come back before the Board as the cost is under the amount that needs Board approval.

Old Business, Item #3

2016 Parks &


Preliminary Budget

The Director presented the staff report regarding the 2016 Parks and Recreation Preliminary Budget, noting it really mirrors the 2015 budget. He pointed out the 2015 budget reflects the Central Park being open for a half of the year, while the 2016 budget shows it being operational for the entire year. The Director noted that of the total increase of 5.8%, Central Park


accounts for 2.8% of that.

The Director detailed major changes in the budget. He indicated that salaries reflect about 1% of the increase. He reviewed the fact that the union contract is up negotiation this year and also highlighted the part time salaries, most of which will be at Central Park. The Director further detailed health insurance, property insurance, electric costs for the ice loop and the sealcoating program.

The Director noted they have requested an additional

Parkkeeper, indicating that is outside of this proposed budget and will be reviewed by the Council as are all new requested positions.

The Director highlighted additional budget proposals including the study for the Arboretum, the assessment management and work order system fee, a security camera in the Dome, additional staffing for the gardens in Central Park and the replacement of trash cans in the parks.

Motion made by Board Member Ferm, seconded by Board Member Syhre to approve the 2016 Parks and Recreation Board Preliminary General Fund and Recreation

Participation Budget.

Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were seven ayes and no nays. Motion carried.

New Business, Item #1

September Tour

The Director noted they have typically done a tour every year in September of the latest improvements or developments of the park system. He highlighted several of those that they could visit this year.

Chair Phenow indicated that his initial reaction to the list was that if anyone was interested in any of the locations listed they could visit themselves, as most of the places listed they have seen at some stage. He noted they will all be at Central Park next month and suggested they may want to skip the tour this year.

Discussion occurred if they should look at touring when the ice loop opens in November. It was pointed out that they would not need a bus tour, but could simply look at the ice loop site when


it is done and maybe meet at Central Park. The Director noted they would probably not be able to meet there at that time. It was suggested they consider a November tour when it gets closer.

Motion made by Board Member Ferm, seconded by Board Member Helvey to reject setting a date for a park tour. Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were seven ayes and no nays. Motion carried.


Motion made by Board Member Helvey, seconded by Board Member Sharp to adjourn to August 20, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Park of Maple Grove.

Upon call for the question, on a voice vote, there were seven ayes and no nays. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Foggia, Recording Secretary and Terry J. Just, Director

Parks & Recreation Board City of Maple Grove





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