Follow the instructions below to create your registrant list directly in CornellConnect.

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How to create a registrant list in CornellConnect Email tool

Registrant lists can be used for several things:

• Send an email to your registrants giving them final details about your event. For example: final location, reminders to wear their Cornell red shirt, etc.

• Send your post-event survey immediately after the event to all your registrants.

• Send an email to those that have NOT registered for your event. (Steps 7-16)

Follow the instructions below to create your “registrant list” directly in CornellConnect.

1. Under the dropdown menu of Forms Management, select the Create/Manage Events page.  



2. Find your event, then hover your mouse/pointer over the blue “ACTIONS” button



Select Forms Management

from the main tool bar then: -Event

-Create/Manage Events

o "Actions" button to display selections




3. The blue “ACTION” button will display a box of selections. Find the section “MANAGE”.

4. Find the active URL words “Create email list” and click on the words.


Create and manage events

Display events with the following traits:


EVENT TITLE: EVENT START DATE: Between 2/27/2012 and

OWNERSHIP Owned by me Not owned by me ACTIVATION STATUS Active (Test) Active (Live) Inactive Scheduled (Test) Scheduled (Live) ARCHIVE STATUS Available Archived MOBILE DISPLAY Mobile-optimized form Regular web form

Apply filter

Events Create an event form


ID Form name

124827 DC37 - CC Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton - Big Red Fiesta and Flamenco

Cornell Club of Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton - Big Red Fiesta and Flamenco

Rename Copy Delete Archive

124813 DC37 - CC St. Louis - April 2012 General Body Meeting

Event announcement

dc3700 3/27/2012 3:12pm

dc3700 Cornell Club of St. Louis April 2012 General Body

EDIT: Form pages Form configuration

PREVIEW: As a customer As an admin Form URL

MANAGE: Orders Credits Attendance list

Waiting list

Create email list

REPORT: Detailed Summary Event Items

Cornell University

Administration Center

1 of 1 3/27/12 9:23 PM

Click on the words "Create email list".


5. Before the “Registrant List” is created, this box pops up. Click on the button: “Create form respondent list”

6. To view the list you created go to “Create & Manage Lists” tab. You may now send an

email using this list of current registrants. You are now done. Select the button

"Create form respondent list"

Here is the list that was just created.

You may use this list to:

-email special messages prior to your event -email a survey to registrants after your event


7. Do you want to send an email to everyone that has NOT registered for your event?

First, you will need to download a list of NetIDS of your registrants from your event.

Go to the dropdown menu: Forms Management. Select: Events. Select: Create/Manage Events



9. “Create Detailed Report” screen comes up automatically. You will need to select the box “Client ID” in the “Order Information” section.


10. Scroll down to find the next section “Personal Information”. Select the boxes “First Name” and “Last Name”.

Select fields to help you verify your data


11. Review the “Report Display Options”. Read each radial button selection and make sure you select what applies to you. When done, click the button “Download report – txt format” to save your file on your desktop.

Read each radial button to make sure you select what applies to your needs

Click here to save as a TEXT file.


12. Open the saved file into Excel and review the data. If all NetIDs are listed, delete the fields: first name and last name. Save the NetIDs only as a text file. Upload this NetID list into Email Marketing: Create & Manage lists. Then click on the tab “Combine recipient lists”.


13. Find your original event list so it is displayed in the first dropdown box. Make sure the “add”

function is displayed on the left side. (DO NOT combine emails lists and NetID lists. This

function only works for NetID lists.)



Click on the tab: Combine recipient lists

Add your Original Email list you sent to invite everyone.

Make sure the "add" function is displayed.



14. Click the “ADD” button on the right side of the screen to create another dropdown box.

15. Make sure the “subtract” function is displayed on the left side of the screen. Find your “Registrant List” you created earlier in Step 12 of this document.

GIVE YOUR NEW LIST A NAME…..then “Save” your list.


Click the "ADD" button to create another dropdown box for your next list.

Make sure the "subtract" function is displayed here.

Find the "Registrant List" you created from your event as described in Steps 7-12 in this document.



16. Click the word “Display” to view your list count.



17. Proceed with connecting this list with your Reminder Email to those that have NOT registered.


Are some of the lists for your event made up of Uploaded Email lists for parents, students, and friends? If you answered YES, remember: DO NOT combine emails lists and NetID lists. You will need to create a separate list and separate email for this group.

To create this separate list for this group, follow steps 1-6 and 13-17 (skipping 7-12) of this document.


Click "Display" to calculate your final number in your list.




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