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Back Pain Relief

EFT's results for back pain relief are often astonishing. In over 50% of the cases, with no meds whatsoever, back pain vanishes or noticeably reduces within a few minutes of applying EFT. Also, repeated applications of EFT often brings relief to chronic back pains so that they no longer re-appear daily, weekly or monthly. This is pain relief at its best and doesn't involve drugs of any kind.

For more information, you can review a few actual cases below.  Severe back pain finally subsides after anger issue uncovered  Back pain so intense, he had to crawl on his hands and knees.  I fixed my dentist's back pain

 Intense back pain and numbness

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Severe back pain finally subsides after

anger issue uncovered

 This useful case by El March, PhD OM illustrates quite clearly that stubborn pain often has important emotional causes. Notice how her common sense questioning uncovers an underlying anger issue.

 By El March, PhD OM

 Hi Gary,

 Being in the field of Orthomolecular Medicine for many years, when Ed came to me for lower back pain, we did a variety of things to have him up and running after three months of not being able to go to work or do any movements.

 I sent him to chiropractors, made him do exercises and did mega vitamin therapy, only to have him back - at the beginning every few months and later every few years. This year Ed came back with the same nagging pain after having the pain on and off and not so severely for about 3 years. He came to my office in great pain and completely stiff, looking for more exercises and advice to ease the situation. This time I decided to try the EFT method on him and with his permission we started.

 I knew that he has been suffering from this for more than ten years. I first just did 3 rounds of tapping with him on the pain. The pain went down from a 10 to 5 and back up to 10 again. Then we started talking and I found out that he has been laid off from his job couple of years back and he is in business for himself and he cannot afford to take the


time off. So we tapped for: Even though this pain is the only way that I can rest and spend some time at home without feeling guilty that I'm not making an income...  We also tapped on: Even though I don't believe this system is going to do anything for


 During these tapings the pain dropped down to an 8 and no matter how many more rounds we did, it kept on going back and forth between 5 and 8.

 Then I asked Ed to explain his emotions on the pain and he said, "anger". I asked for further explanation and he went on to tell me the story of how this back pain had come about.

"I was employed at a financial institution as a senior computer centre analyst. At the day

this happened I was monitoring the progress on one of the jobs I had given one of my staff to do when we had some computes delivered to our laboratory. As I was looking for someone to set the computers up, my manager, Dan walked in and asked me to haul the computers to a different location in the lab where they would be waiting for installation.

I felt his action was uncalled for and disrespectful to my seniority and grade level. This

was completely out of line and this was not part of my functions and I felt belittled in front of my direct reports. As I was lifting one of the boxes, the muscle in my back made a noise and I felt a heat rushing through my lower back and then I could not move

anymore. I was sent home and stayed on short term disability for about three months and I came to see you one month before my recovery to go back to work."

 With this explanation I decided to tap on the feelings he had going back to 1994 and his manager's actions:

"Even though my manage was disrespectful to me and belittled me in front of my direct

reports and I don't believe he had the right to ask me to do what he did, I completely and lovingly accept myself, I love and respect myself, I forgive myself and I forgive Dan."

 Once we finished tapping on this the pain dropped from an 8 to 3. Ed kept on calling Dan an "Ass" so I did another round of tapping on:

"Even though Dan behaved like a complete ass and was completely out of line for asking

me to move the computers, I completely and lovingly accept myself. I love and forgive myself and I forgive Dan."

 Two rounds of this and Ed's pain was completely gone. He was amazed but did not believe it would last. He went home and I touched base with him the next day and then the next week and now couple of months later, still no pain.

 I think this method has added quite an edge to my regular practices and in the meantime I have used it on myself and family members for variety of quick therapies from shoulder pain to headaches, nausea, and so on. This method is absolutely invaluable.

 Best Regards,

 Dr. El March Ph.D. OM

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Back pain so intense, he had to crawl on

his hands and knees.

 April Roundy gives us motivation to use EFT for even the most intense of pains. In this case, she applies it to her son-in-law whose lower back pains were so severe that he had


to crawl on is hands knees instead of walking. Please note the value of persistence here and the approach she used to find out that the core issue was a financial one.

 By April Roundy

 My oldest daughter and family live in Utah. She called me about 3 weeks ago saying her husband was in so much pain with his lower back, that he could not even walk. He had to crawl on his hands and knees. Could I help? "I will do my best, put Dustin on the phone."  It was his lower back. I repeated some probable emotional causes and asked him, which

one of the statements he resonated to. He replied, "Experiencing fear where money is

concerned." He was right in the middle of making a big financial decision. So he tapped

and/or his wife tapped on him (because his pain was so intense.

"Even though I am experiencing fear, where money is concerned...",

"Even though, I am very skeptical about EFT...

"Even though I think my mother-in-law is whacko..."

 He kept tapping over and over again. His 0-10 pain rating in the beginning was at a "25" (smile). By the time we got off the phone, he was down to a "3". He was walking around.  I called the next morning. The pain had left and had not returned. His back was sore from having a deep massage done, but the pain and inability to walk was gone. I would say we worked straight for 30-45 minutes. And it was gone.

 Sincerely, April Roundy

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I fixed my dentist's back pain

 In this brief case, Peggy Lawson uses EFT to relieve her Dentist's substantial back pain. In the process, she "borrows benefits" and reduces her own pain and discomfort while sitting in the dentist's chair.

 By Peggy Lawson

 Dear Gary:

 I had an appointment at the dentist the other day. He had already cancelled a previous appointment earlier in the week, because he had hurt his back.


 When I arrived at his office, the dental asst. informed me that he was still in a lot of pain, but didn't want to disappoint any more of his patients. When the dentist walked in, I could see the pain in his eyes. Furthermore, it occurred to me that I truly didn't want anyone working in my mouth who was in that much pain.

 I asked him if he could think of any other emotional reason for the pain in his back and he said, "No, I don't think so. And it's not exactly in my back, more in my, ahem, lower

left cheek." Then I asked him if he was willing to allow me to show him something that

might help him. He recoiled, and said, "Will it hurt?" My eyes slid over to the huge syringe with the 4 inch needle that he was preparing to stick in my jaw, and I dryly replied, "Not as much as that's going to hurt me!"

 Still, he was desperate and willing to try anything. So I sat up in the chair, and did 4 rounds of EFT.

 "Even though my lower back hurts..."

 "Even though I have this pain in my left cheek..."  Finally I said:

 "Even though I have a big pain in my ass..."

 Which, after 2 rounds, left him chuckling, but more importantly, pain- free. Free to work on me next! This next part is incredible to me.

 I don't have any phobias about going to the dentist, but it's not something I look forward to either. I hate when the needle goes into my jaw, and I really dislike the way the numbness makes my lips feel 10 sizes larger and I can't even tell if I'm drooling or not. The numbness taking its time to wear off is very unpleasant also and I sometimes bite the inside of my mouth until it does.

 I had none of that!

 I didn't even feel the needle going into my gum, and I never felt any pain, nor the unpleasant numb feeling. It was if I hadn't had or needed an anesthetic at all. It was amazing to me. Apparently, since I had spent several minutes tapping for and with him, I borrowed the benefits of EFT from the dentist! I can't remember when that's ever

happened to me before and I tap on a lot of people!

 GC COMMENT: Click here to learn more about the intriguing subject of Borrowing Benefits.

 PEGGY CONTINUES: I highly recommend tapping on your dentist next time it's necessary to go, if he or she will let you and see if it doesn't help you!

 Best wishes,  Peggy Lawson

Intense back pain and numbness

 Hi Everyone,

 Larry Stewart, D.C.H., a newcomer to EFT (about two months), reports this instructional experience with his wife's back pain. My comments follow Larry's message.

 Hugs, Gary 


 Hi Gary,

 Two weeks ago, at 8:00 on Saturday morning, I awakened to hear my wife's cries of pain. Shirley had picked up a stack of magazines, and in the process, had pinched a nerve in her back (she's done it before) and was lying on the ground, crying from the pain. I almost called an ambulance, but I decided to see if I could offer some immediate relief from some of the pain. She rated the pain as a solid 10, and numbness in the toes, an 8 on the big toe and 10 on the small ones.

 We tapped, no change. We tapped again, maybe a little relief. About 15 rounds of tapping and we had her to a 1 on the pain, 0 on the numbness in the big toe, and 2-3 on the

smaller toes. She rested and continued to tap every few hours through the weekend. We finally got her to the doctor and the Chiropractor on Monday.

 For the next few days, anytime the pain crept up, she would tap. She continued to tap for the numbness. Ten days later, she is starting to be able to walk normally again. When this has happened before it meant days in bed followed by months of pain and numbness. I'm convinced EFT helped, at least to relieve the neuro-muscular tension that accompanies the injury.

 Larry Stewart, D.C.H. 

 GC COMMENT: When speaking with Larry on the phone I commented favorably on his persistence (he kept at it for 15 rounds). This sometimes makes the difference between impressive results and no results whatsoever. Many people give up after 2 or 3 rounds despite my repeated pleas in the EFT Course regarding persistence. They are looking for "one minute wonders" and become disappointed when they don't appear every time.  It was Larry's thought that EFT helped to "relieve the neuro-muscular tension that

accompanies the injury." That's my observation as well. I don't know if we actually repair

any physical damage (it's possible that we do, though) but I have seen numerous cases where pain that appears to emanate from obvious physical damage is either substantially reduced or eliminated through tapping. It's as if some form of unresolved emotional issue is creating muscle tension which, in turn, pushes and pulls on the joints, ligaments, etc. in the damaged area. Once the emotional tension is relieved, physical relaxation often occurs along with the client's report of relief from the pain.

 The EFT Course is loaded with examples of this and, along this line, students may wish to review again the session with Cathy on audiotape 1B in the EFT Course. As you recall, she suffered from a back injury for 24 years before using EFT. She tried every known intervention she could think of and nothing gave her relief until she started tapping.  Also, it's often worthwhile to look for specific emotional issues that may be contributing

to the pain. To this end I often ask....


 This often leads me straight to an issue which provides dramatic relief from pain. Here's an example.

 3 years ago Adrienne and I were giving a workshop for therapists. To test us, some of the therapists brought their "tough clients" for us to work with us--one of which was a middle aged lady who had been in a severe automobile accident two years prior. I remember her telling me that she had a metal plate in her neck and that her right arm was beset with pain that was ALWAYS at a 9 or 10. I mean ALWAYS. It never let up.

 We used two rounds of EFT on the arm pain. No result. I then asked her,

"If there was an emotional contributor to this pain, what would it be?"

 She didn't hesitate even an instant to come out with an angry tirade about the driver of the car that hit her, the incompetence (her view) of her physicians and on and on. There was nothing subtle about her anger. Her face took on a red complexion and the veins stood out on her neck. If she was a volcano, I would have evacuated the room.

 So we did two or three rounds (about two minutes total) on the anger and she quickly calmed down. She spoke of the incident in much calmer terms AND....THE PAIN IN HER ARM WENT TO ZERO. Further, her therapist phoned Adrienne two months later and reported that the arm pain had remained at zero.

 The intense anger was apparently manifesting itself as arm pain. Some might consider this link between anger and arm pain to be mere coincidence. That is, we "just happened" to do something for the anger and the arm pain "just happened" to subside. That argument might hold some water if this type of thing only happened on rare occasion. However, we do this repeatedly with EFT. Our web site is loaded with examples. It ain't coincidence.  This link between physical ailments and emotional issues is obvious. In fact, the link is so

clear to the experienced practitioner that in many cases a client can be helped by coming in through either the physical door OR the emotional door.

 It's nice to have choices.  Cheers, Gary

20+ articles on pain and physical


 The following messages came as a request for members of our email forum to submit their experiences with EFT as it relates to pain and physical symptoms. Nothing

contained herein is meant as a substitute for proper medical advice or supervision.

 Hi Gary! I used EFT successfully with my 24 year old daughter on Christmas Eve. She had tendonitis from a recent work injury and was in a wrist brace. Her SUDs rating was 7-8 and she was having difficulty holding anything in her one hand. We did two rounds


of EFT and reduced it to a level of 1. It continues to remain at the level 1-2. Thanks, Lyn West

 Hi Gary, Please share the following: In addition to using EFT with clients and always with successful relief, I have also used it on myself successfully for back pains/sciatica. I have been recently diagnosed with cataracts and since I have been tapping I "see" a definite improvement in my vision. I will be giving an inservice course to a group of nurses and nurse practitioners on stress. Some of them already know of my involvement with EFT and are looking forward to incorporating this technique in their professional and personal lives. Maurice Kouguell, PhD I have used EFT for 2-3 months. I have seen impressive results in the relief of physical symptoms. I myself had a chronic shoulder pain with symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia. I had seen a chiropractor and took OTC pain relief meds almost daily for the muscle pain. I targeted the shoulder pain with EFT and got relief within two rounds. I have had mild discomfort in the shoulder since then that quickly resolves with short rounds.

I also used EFT with a client who had been in a serious auto accident. Her Jeep Cherokee had been totaled and she was removed from the vehicle with the jaws of life. She came to my office hunched over with back and neck pain. I used EFT and within 2-3 rounds, she did not have the pain.

Last story! A close friend damaged her knee and had reconstructive surgery. For Christmas, she came to a dinner party. It was obvious that she was in serious pain, but also depressed about her inability to move around as she used to. After everyone else left, I asked her if she would like me to try EFT and she agreed. Within minutes her face lifted and she said the pain was gone. She had more range of motion than ever before. I also targeted her feeling "overwhelmed" and she became tearful, but this, too, subsided. She left stating she felt better than she had since the accident, she moved more easily and she SMILED. Days and weeks later, she is still doing well.

I have had some physical conditions in clients that did not improve with EFT, but usually there is great relief. Laura Campbell, BCSW

 ...personally, I have used EFT to reduce my menstrual cramp pain by more than 50%; i.e. I take about 25 - 50% less pain medication. I am frequently able to tap away cramping and when I can't, I need less medication to do the job for me. Best wishes, Mary Sheridan I have had several experiences of using EFT to resolve physical pain for myself and my family, but I will not bore you with these. Two dramatic incidents occurred with clients recently. A moderately retarded individual I know, who had recently had knee surgery, fell down the stairs just as his knee had begun to heal. He was so traumatized by this experience that he refused to walk at all (I already posted a description of the full case). In treating him for his fear of climbing the stairs, it was necessary to treat him for the pain in his knee. Two series of EFT were necessary to completely resolve this pain. After almost 3 months, this pain has not returned.

My partner and I worked with an executive secretary who had experienced chronic pain for many years as a result of long term steroid use. She had pain in her shoulder, chest, back and especially in her foot. She stated that she had a bone spur in her foot which


caused almost unbearable pain. We had her focus on each of these areas and quickly resolved all of the pain except that in her foot. The pain in her foot took several rounds but did finally resolve. To test this we had her running up and down the stairs where we work. She was able to do this with no pain and without getting out of breath.

This treatment was done over four months ago. The only pain which has returned is some residual pain in her foot which so far she has not felt the need to treat again. Hope this is helpful. Tom Altaffer, LCSW

 In my practice, I have helped people with many physical issues using only EFT.

Sometimes, I have witnessed spontaneous remissions of pain while working on emotional issues or on entirely different physical issues. My clients have experienced relief from pain and discomfort relating to the following:

headaches neck stiffness PMS allergies asthma Fibromyalgia hiccups stomach cramps hangovers postoperative discomfort

Stephanie Y. Rothman, CHT I've used it [EFT] very successfully with a woman

diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The technique helped not only in relieving her pain, but in increasing her feelings of energy and motivation. This was during a period when there had been no changes in her diet, medication, or usual pattern of activities, and the changes happened rapidly, so I'm relatively sure the EFT was responsible.

I have also been happy with some preliminary work with a person whose arthritis pain was impeding therapy. Regards, Ken Barclay, MS, MHP

 I have used EFT successfully in a number of cases of chronic pain, including: 1) Back pain - One of the Vietnam Veterans in a group I was running suffered from chronic ongoing lower back pain. During one session we did one round of the EFT shortcut sequence on this and his response was an incredulous "It's gone! How did you do that?" He then spent the remainder of the session trying to bring his pain back or check whether it would recur - which it didn't - at least for the remainder of the session (approx. 1 hour)!

2) Shoulder pain - After about 3 rounds of EFT, a colleague reported that his shoulder pain from playing tennis, which had constantly plagued him was down from a 6 to "about a 2".


3) Migraine Headache - A participant in one of my Healthy Living groups had a severe headache, which she expected to follow its normal course and turn into a migraine. 3 rounds of EFT and the pain was gone.

4) Knee pain - A colleague to whom I was explaining EFT found that most of her

emotional pain became concentrated in her knee. Whilst working on her emotional issues, the knee pain became first more intense, then gradually lessened and went away.

These are just some examples. Regards, Steve Wells I worked with a woman last summer who was experiencing a tremendous amount of stress in her life. She told me that as the stress-level had intensified, she'd developed ongoing pain in her lower back and left leg, which had been troubling her for a number of weeks. She had been checked out

medically without anything being found, so I referred her to an osteopath whom I respected. We worked on some of the issues related to the stress, but I did not attempt to use EFT for the pain during that first appointment.

When I met with her the following week, the pain had intensified and was accompanied by some numbness in her leg. Since she was to be medically re-evaluated (by the

osteopath) in just another few days, I suggested we try some EFT tapping for the pain. (I had not had much experience using EFT for pain, so we approached it as an experiment.) We were both delighted when the pain diminished to 0 after just two rounds of the EFT process. The numbness was reduced but did not clear completely.

The following week, she reported that the pain had increased only slightly by the time she saw the osteopath. After the osteopathic treatment, both the pain and the numbness were gone, and she has had no recurrence of these symptoms.

I have since used EFT to treat less dramatic instances of pain (headaches, sore muscles, eye strain), usually with very good results.

Warmest regards, Callie Currier, M.A. A colleague and friend of mine is a childhood diabetic. Ten years ago he had a serious bout with his eyes and seemed to be losing his sight. In October 97 he went to his doctor who said that things looked bad and he wanted to see him in December and if things weren't better, it looked like another round of laser surgery was in order. My friend felt that the original laser surgery had made things worse and it was very traumatic for him. I suggested that he do EFT for "the pressure in my eyes" every day without looking for a suds scale. He did, agreeing that at this point he would try anything. He returned to the Doctor in December and was told that he would not need to be seen again for six months!

Pretty amazing, this stuff! Wayne McCleskey 

 I have had a few experiences with treating pain:

A nurse was limping one morning and complained that she would have to take ibuprofen to make it through the day. She had twisted her foot and had a mild sprain. I showed her how to do EFT for the pain and it went to zero. She told me later that it did not return the


entire day.

I was treating a lady for public speaking anxiety. In the middle of the tapping, she looked startled and exclaimed, "My terrible headache just went away!" Her speaking anxiety was also eliminated.

I was doing an EFT demonstration to a group. I mentioned that it might work on pain and one man volunteered to do a demonstration. He struggled to his feet and explained that he had arthritis in both knees and rated the pain at an 8. After one round of tapping, he said the stiffness was gone and the pain was down to a 1. He was delighted and started doing knee bends in front of the group.

While I was treating the arthritis case above, unknown to me, another man was tapping along. He later told me that he had considerable pain from diabetic neuropathy but it simply went away when he tapped.

I trained a nurse in EFT who related the following. She had a post-op patient who was in considerable pain despite being given all the analgesics the doctor prescribed. (She was also complaining loudly.) The nurse stayed after her shift ended and showed the patient how to do EFT. Her pain went to zero and stayed there through the night, much to the relief of the patient and the nursing staff. The next day, the nurse found the patient happily tapping away when the slightest discomfort arose.

These are not all chronic and I did not make an effort to do long-term follow-up, but then painkillers are not long-term either. Jack Eason Rowe

 Below is an excerpt from a post of mine from early November. Most people wanted some form of pain relief, only a few were interested in fear/phobia. I'll be back in my office on Monday and check my records for any other supporting material.

At a health fair last Saturday, I worked with 22 people in five hours. The chair was always full. Some were eager, others curious, others outright disbelievers. One man watch with militant disbelief (his words) as I helped his wife get rid of a building

migraine (8 to 0). He then sat down (!) and asked if there was anything I could do for the constant pain of a heel spur he had been living with for two years. I tapped on him (intuitively it seemed to me more believable for him than self-treatment) and the pain resolved to zero. He and his wife came by several hours later, still smiling. Blessings, Mike Wright

 Although my license doesn't permit me to treat medical problems, I have used EFT on myself and family. The best result for me is that I have reduced my medication for my hiatal hernia by more than 50% over the course of a year. In fact, my incidents of distress have also greatly reduced. Gloria Arenson

 Once a week, I volunteer at a Distress Centre for people in crisis. Yesterday, one young woman called with a crisis and mentioned, as an aside, that she suffered from


tapped for about 3 rounds when she giggled and commented that she sure lucked out when she got me as her counsellor. Said she felt great - no pain and her depression went with it. Heady stuff.

Some time ago, I dropped in to visit a friend at her shop - she's a designer - and she was on her way home as she was feeling "nauseous, headachey and just plain blah". I asked her if she'd try a weird new technique - she agreed. We did setup, tapped, gamut, etc. & after 4 sessions she felt better - just tired - said she was impressed. I told her to do it herself when she got home. Sorry, I didn't follow up.

One of the aerobic instructors, where I work out, mentioned to me that his mother, who was visiting from France was suffering from shingles (she was stressed and distressed due to a death in the family). I told him that I'd fax him a copy of the Basic Recipe and when he was familiar with the pressure points and had taught them to his mother, he could call me and I'd work with her. He did and I did and after 3 or 4 rounds she was feeling much better - rash still there but pain and irritation way down. Her emotional state was also much improved. I told him to continue the tapping with her. This was just recently and we still have more to do-if he calls me back, that is. Still, pretty good, I think. Another one: Today, as I was driving, I felt a cramp beginning in my foot. They can get quite excruciating. I tapped on the CB & UE points, a few times each - and that was it - GONE. I didn't say anything aloud, just concentrated on the cramp - (and on my driving, of course). Powerful stuff. I'm now going to try to cure my husband of his snoring - a hydraulic drill is music compared to the sounds that accost me nightly. I'll keep you posted - if it doesn't work, my next post will be from jail. Sharon Toole 

 I have used EFT at several occasions with headaches, in which cases it offered fast relief. Also with joint problems, digestion problems, nausea and a yeast infection. One very clear case has been my own allergy for cats, a life-long history. Last year I visted a friend in Iowa, who has a cat. Within ten minutes I got an acute asthma attack, which I even had to treat with steroids. This year I visited him in his new flat in Brooklyn: same cat, same allergic reaction. The difference: 3 rounds of the Basic Recipe, all the symptoms

vanished within a few minutes. I could just stay and continue our discussion for hours. Hope this helps. Willem Lammers

 When I was first learning EFT, I recruited as many of the staff in my office as I could to "try" this new thing...Very skeptically they came in with their phobias, fears aches and pains etc. Two of the most memorable ones though were from the psychiatrists who work with me. One had severe back pain for which she had been taking pain killers for months. She was on her way to get her noon dose, and agreed to a round of EFT. After one or two rounds her pain was completely eliminated and it has not reoccurred (it's been several months now). The other psychiatrist had TMJ and rated it as a 7 at the moment. With a few rounds that was eliminated. That held for at least a few weeks, I haven't checked with him lately so I'm not sure if it still holds, I informed him that if he held his stress in his jaw it could return, but to just use EFT to release it. They walked away puzzled, and are now using EFT with their own patients!! Warmly, Mary Sise, CSW When my wife has a headache she reaches for me and EFT now instead of Tylenol or ibuprofen. Two to three rounds of EFT always eliminate her headaches.


My three year old daughter, Leah, recently had a rash on both her hands. We put lotion on it, but she complained of her hands hurting. Two rounds of EFT and the pain was gone and she was off to sleep in a few minutes. In the morning the rash was largely gone. OF COURSE, had the rash persisted in the morning, we would have called the pediatrician. EFT is not a substitute for medical attention, just a good adjunct. I successfully treated a client who kept overdoing it on a bum knee. EFT helped him give himself permission to rest the knee so that it would heal.

My wife has suffered from sea sickness for many years. Alas, my agency's 25th anniversary party was to take place on a riverboat restaurant sailing up and down the Delaware River. EFT to the rescue. We treated her issue of sea sickness a week or so before the dinner in our home. No treatment was even necessary the evening of the cruise or on the cruise. She had no symptoms at all, not even queasiness. Regards, Jeff Bakely As has already been reported I have worked with clients and my family members for physical complaints with an outlook on "try it on everything" and see what happens. To this end the following physical complaints have had significant reduction with a suds going to 1 or 0.

Period cramps, tension headaches, blurred vision, sleeping pattern going to a full night's sleep ( this hadn't occurred for the person for 5 years), reduction in physical exhaustion, viruses, return of normal menstrual cycle. Also my 4 year old had never slept the whole night through until I started tapping after prayers - she now sleeps through to 5-6:00 am and then comes for a visit.

I have found the responses very encouraging and extremely consistent. I think it's great and am proud to belong to this group of practitioners. Everyone have a lovely day!!! Kind regards, Darryl Dewar

 Like the rest of you, I have been using EFT on everything and have had some jaw droppingly awesome results. I can't remember all the people with pain who have been helped by the EFT algorithm, but I'll try to summarize the ones that stick out in my mind. A very close friend of mine has arthritis that has caused her a lot of pain, and as a result she has had to curtail some of the exercise that she used to regularly engage in to keep herself strong and to keep her joints flexible. In the winter here in northern MN, it is often necessary to use indoor exercise equipment like NordicTrack, and she found that because of her pain she would have to stop after five or ten minutes. I taught her EFT, and now she just taps when the pain starts and keeps going without pain for a full half hour. (Her doctor knows about this and thinks it's a good idea, but thinks the benefit is "all in her head" anyway).

I was referred a self-described "broken down athlete" who is also diagnosed DID by her psychiatrist for hypnotic treatment of her pain that she was constantly experiencing. She was a virtuoso (virtuosa?) hypnotic subject as would be expected from someone


through hypnosis (which I used first because that's what she was referred for and because I enjoy it so much, especially when working with someone with great talent). There were still some areas of pain that did not respond to the hypnotic approach, however, so I suggested we try this other approach (EFT) and she was pleased to leave the office without pain. I taught her the algorithm to use at home, and in a follow-up phone call this week, about four months after our last meeting, she indicated that she still uses the

algorithm when she needs it, which is getting less and less frequently, and she is enjoying freedom from pain she has had for years.

I have used EFT with pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents, burns, fibromyalgia, tmj (this latter case had been through a university pain clinic and a tmj program including biofeedback without significant relief before EFT), and many other conditions. Hope this helps. Jonathan Speare

 Have not used EFT specifically for pain reduction. I have one client who suffers from fibromyalgia and when we did EFT for some emotional issues, she mentioned that some of the pain in her shoulder seemed reduced. I hope to address her chronic pain soon - she has been in emotional crisis and that was a priority. I've printed a number of the case studies to share with her. One of the issues we will probably have to deal with is whether she believes that she deserves to be free of pain. Susan Hykes A man I am presently treating in a couple situation occasionally/frequently has nearly uncontrollable panic attacks just before he drifts off to sleep. This almost always causes instant diarrhea for him. After asking him to perform the complete EFT procedure six times a day as a preventative for a week, he reports in three weeks' time only two occasions prior to sleep where he felt the onset of anxiety. Then he tapped the EFT shortcut and fell promptly asleep both times. No more diarrhea. Best, Fritz Frurip LMFT

 Hi Gary and Everyone,

I have used EFT with many different physical conditions as well as pain with great success. The one that stands out in my memory is the client who had fibromyalgia for at least a year. She had tried many different therapies; she said that the one that helped the most was acupuncture but even that was not sufficient. She was at that time using morphine and two other pain medicines for some relief. Considering that EFT and acupuncture use the same energy system, I thought it was worth a try. She told me that the day before she had a massage of her arms with no relief at all of the excruciating pain afterward. She also said that she felt that she had let God down by being so ill that she could do the work that she was supposed to do (teach small children). After that broad hint I asked her to tap the side of her hand and say "I accept myself even though I have this disease". Immediately she had no pain in either arm! She was amazed as you can imagine. We completed the EFT process and the remainder of her pain in her neck and shoulders also left her. I followed up with her the next week and she reported that her relief lasted only 1-2 hours at a time. She repeated the treatment as often as necessary during the day and if she wakes in pain always with immediate relief. She was able to decrease the amount of pain meds she was taking and greatly enjoyed the control she had over her pain that she had never had before. Mary Stafford, M.Ed., TFTdx, C.P.C.  When hypnosis was a larger part of my practice than now (due to "power" therapies) I


were exploring personal difficulties in hypnosis. It used to be described hypnotically as "patient resistance" but in fact I believe it represents a layer of anxiety, fear etc for that person that has to be carefully and gently explored.

I have found the same headaches with EFT and again the person tends to be people who like to be "in control". I have gently urged them to stay with the process and have found that the site of pain will usually jump around a bit then settle and go. When I have come across this feature I have resorted to the full EFT sequence and from memory I can not recall any experience where the pain did not go.

When using hypnosis I have sometimes had to get the person to their safe place and close the session down with the person understanding that a) there was more work needed on this issue and b) we would follow this up next session. I have not had to resort to this with EFT. I'm not sure if that is due to the nature of the problem being discussed, the type of person I was working with, or the difference in techniques. My gut feeling is it is the difference in technique. Anthony T Smith

 About 15 minutes ago I concluded a session with the owner of a business in my town. I happened in his store earlier today and noticed that he was hobbling. I asked what was wrong and he explained that since July he has been having excruciating pain in his arms, shoulders, hip, and thighs. He also had a terrible tingling sensation in his fingers and particular discomfort in one middle finger. He said he had several medical work-ups and was even treated for 'Lyme's' disease. In a few days, he had plans to be on his way to seeing a seventh doctor.

I invited this gentleman over to my office and saw him after his business was closed. We started with the pain in his shoulders which he rated at 8. After a few rounds of EFT the pain was down to zero in the right shoulder and about one in the left. Also, the pain in his hips were down to zero as well, even though we did not tap for that. We then tapped for the numbness and tingling in his fingers and went from a rating of eight to zero in his right fingers and to one or two in his left fingers. Then he said that the middle finger in his left hand was experiencing some discomfort which he rated at eight. We did EFT on that finger discomfort and it went down to about one or two.

Needless to say, he was amazed at the relief he received. I was quite impressed myself. I told him that there was no guarantee that the pain would not come back so he left with a copy of EFT-on-a-page pledging to do more tapping if the pain returned. I also gave him a copy of the manual since he was eager to read more about EFT. This experience was quite heartening.

I trust that this sharing is indeed helpful to others who, like myself, are learning how to be of service to mankind. Sincerely, David T. London, PH.D."



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