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1 This guide will give you a comprehensive look at the Vonage Business Solutions online user interface from the End User side. You can access voicemail, set up phone ring options (“Never Miss a Call”), view company call activity, and more!

Accessing Your Online User Interface

To log in to the online user interface:

1. Navigate to http://my.vonagebusiness.com.

2. Enter your username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact your administrator.

3. Click “Sign In.”

Please Note: When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to choose a secret question and answer. This question is used to verify your identity in the event that you need to reset your password.

Navigating the User Interface

The End User online interface is designed so that you can make changes to your extension(s) from a single page.

Top Navigation

Quickly navigate to different sections of the user interface by using the navigation icons at the top of each page.

End User Training Guide

Everything You Need to Get Started on

Vonage Business Solutions’ End User Portal




Call Logs Settings

Company Directory


This section shows you information about your account. Click Edit Profile Settings to update your cell phone Make a Phone Call on your Vonage phone from the online user interface.

If you have multiple extensions, choose which extension you would like to manage or edit.

Click here to Log Out.

See the current settings for your Outbound Caller ID.

Never Miss a Call allows you to view and configure your extension’s ring options. You can also set your phone to Do Not Disturb.

My Devices allows you to select between various phones (devices) configured for your extension. Click Edit My Devices to configure an additional phone.

Get Help provides a link to

Left Navigation

The left navigation pane provides access to management tools for your extension and profile settings.




The Home Page is the default page when first logging in. Here you can find information about recent calls and voicemails.

To navigate back to this page, click on the Home icon.

View a graphical

representation of your calls from the past week.

View your Recent Calls.

View and play your recent Voicemails.


My Voicemail

Your extension’s voicemail is stored on your phone as well as in an online inbox accessible through the “My Voicemail” section.*

In this section you can edit your voicemail settings, record greetings, listen to voicemails, or download and delete voicemails.

Search Voicemail based on Date, Time, Caller ID, Notes, and/

or length of the voicemail.

Click to expand or hide the Advance Search Filters.

Click the green Play button to listen to your voicemail message.

Check the box to Delete your message, mark your message as played, or mark your message as unplayed.

Quickly search your voicemails.

*Please Note: Vonage stores voicemail messages for 90 days. After this time, your voicemail messages may be removed from Vonage’s system.



My Recordings

My Recordings section allows you to search, play, download, and email your On Demand call recordings.

Search Recordings based on Date, Time, Caller ID, Notes, Duration, and more.

Click to expand or hide the Advance Search Filters.

View your recordings, sorting by the Date and time, Name of the caller, the Direction (inbound, outbound or intra-PBX), Phone Number, the Length of the call or the Location.

Check the box to Email,

Download, Delete or move your recording to the Recycle Bin.


My Call Log

A log of your inbound, outbound, and intra-PBX (within the system) calls are listed under the “My Call Logs” section.

Search calls based on the Date, Time, Caller ID, Call Direction, Call Disposition, and International Calls.

Click to expand or hide the Advance Search Filters.

Export your call logs as a PDF or Excel file.

Show or hide columns of the call log results.

Click the speaker icon to play the recording associated with this call.

View your call logs, sorting by the Date and time, the Caller ID, the Length of the call, the Direction (inbound, outbound or intra-PBX), or the call result (Disposition).




Click on the Settings icon to configure your Extension Settings, Never Miss a Call, Voicemail PIN and Greeting, Call Monitoring, and your Devices.

Extension Settings

Extension Settings is the default page when first clicking onto Settings.

To use Call Continuity Service, designate a backup number for your extension.

View your extension details.

Enter the area code you would like to use as the default when making outbound calls.

Save and continue.

Turn Call Screening on and record a call screening greeting.

Choose to connect the call, send the caller to voicemail or transfer the call by enabling the Screening Menu.

Enable Call Announce to hear the call tag of the extension called.


Never Miss a Call

The “Never Miss a Call” section allows you to configure how your phone will ring. Click the radio button to choose one of four ways your phone can ring: Send Calls to Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Follow-me, and Simultaneous Ring. You may also turn on Do Not Disturb in this section.

To send calls to your extension’s voicemail if you do not pick up, choose “Send Calls to Voicemail.”

1. Next, choose the number of seconds your phone will ring before your voicemail picks up the call.

Please Note: Each ring is about five seconds.

2. Press “Save.”

Enable Call Forwarding

To forward your calls to another extension, Call Group, Call Queue, other feature, or an outside number, choose “Enable Call Forwarding.”

1. Choose the extension or feature from the drop-down menu, or choose “Add Personal Number” to forward your calls outside the Vonage system.

2. Next, choose the Caller ID that will show up on the phone to which your calls are being sent. You can choose to show either the originating (original) Caller ID or any number on your account.

3. Press “Save.”

Send Calls to Voicemail



Enable Follow Me

Customize your phone to “follow” you by ringing different numbers.

1. Choose the extension or outside number you want to ring first next to “Ring this Number First”.

If you want your own extension to ring first, make sure to choose “This Extension’s Handset”.

2. Choose the amount of time you want the call to ring the chosen extension or outside number.

3. To add another number or phone, click the “+” sign to the right of the ring time. You may add up to five extensions or outside numbers.

4. Choose the voicemail box that you want your messages to go to if no one picks up the call*. This can be your extension, or another extension on your account.

5. Finally, choose the Caller ID and press “Save.”

*Please Note: Vonage’s system will leave the call wherever a connection is made. This includes an outside number’s voicemail.

Please keep this in mind when choosing an outside number and a ring time.


Do Not Disturb

Your final option under “Never Miss a Call” is to set your extension to “Do Not Disturb.” If this option is selected, your calls will go straight to your busy message and your phone will not ring. When Do Not Disturb is selected the slider will appear blue, if not selected the slider will be gray.

Please Note: If you set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” on the online user interface, there will not be an indicator on your phone itself.

Enable Simultaneous Ring

To ring multiple extensions or outside numbers simultaneously, choose “Enable Simultaneous Ring.”

1. Choose an extension or an outside number you want to ring simultaneously when your extension receives a call from the drop-down menu next to “Ring Simultaneously.”

2. To add another extension or number to ring simultaneously, click “+”. You can add up to four extensions or outside numbers.

3. Choose the amount of time you want the call to ring before going to your extension’s voicemail.

4. Finally, choose the caller ID that will show up on the phone to which your calls are being sent, and press “Save.”



Voicemail PIN and Greetings Settings

Click on the Voicemail tab to edit your voicemail settings, record your greetings, and set your exiting voicemail options.

*Please Note: If you choose to delete your voicemail messages after they are sent to your email address, it is important to

remember that Vonage does not store these messages on our system. Please make sure that you are receiving your voicemails via email prior to checking this box.

Check the box to Send Voicemail to Email. Enter your email address, and you will receive an email with an attachment of your voicemail message.

Check this box if you want to delete your voicemail messages from your phone and from the Vonage system after you receive them via email.*

Edit your Voicemail PIN. This can be any number, up to 10 digits.

Record or upload your Voicemail Greetings. Press the speaker button to play the greeting already saved.

Press the red button to record; when pressed Vonage will call you on your extension or any outside number to record your message through your phone. Press the blue arrow button to upload a greeting.

Please Note: Uploaded greetings must be in .wav or .mp3 format and no bigger than 8MB in file size.

If you would like callers to have the ability to exit your voicemail box by pressing “4”, click the Ring this Number button and enter either an extension or an outside number.

Make sure to let callers know that this is an option in your voicemail greeting.


There are four types of voicemail greetings for each extension:

1. “Name Greeting”: Record your first and last name only. This greeting is played when a customer accesses your extension using the dial by name directory.

2. “Unavailable Greeting”: This greeting is played when you do not answer the phone. It is the most commonly heard greeting.

3. “Busy Greeting”: This greeting is played when your phone is on “Do Not Disturb,” or when all of your phones’ line appearances are in use.

4. “Out of Office”: This greeting is played when the “Use ‘Out of Office’ Greeting” is checked. It will override all other greetings until the box is un-checked.

Call Monitoring Settings

When Call Monitoring is enabled for your extension click on “Call Monitoring” to configure your PIN (personal identification number).

Devices Settings

Configure your extension for up to three devices on the Devices Tab.

Edit your Call Monitoring PIN. This can be any number, up to 10 digits.

Click to make this device Active.

Uncheck for this phone to no longer receive calls.

Choose an E911 Location to indicate the phone’s physical location in the event you need to call 911.

Enter your device information including, Device Name, Provisioning Model, and MAC Address*.



Click here to view your colleagues contact information.

Company Directory

The Company Directory presents real-time status of co- workers and allows you to Click-to-Call a co-worker from within your company-wide directory.

Change your status from Available to Away.

Select how you would like to View your Dashboard.

Click Customize to choose who you would like to view in your Personal Dashboard.

Icons will appear next to the Vonage logo indicating if your colleagues are on the phone or set to Do Not Disturb.

View Caller ID and Duration of active calls.

Click to Call an extension or queue, or click to enter a conference call.

View the number of Attendees in a conference call.

See detailed information about your Call Queue including the number of agents on a call, callers waiting, agents logged in, and the average wait time.




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