October 10, Pastor s 2 Cents From: Fr. Jim DeBruycker. Gym Masses. Family Mass

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October 10, 2021

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Pastor’s 2 Cents From: Fr. Jim DeBruycker

I have taken the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory multiple times. Interestingly, I scored high in a number of areas, telephone repairman (wireman) for one, but never as clergy. My strongest score was as a museum curator, I blame this for my vast collection of tchotchkes (collectibles);

if you like it, it’s art if you don’t… it’s a tchotchke. Add to that an addiction to garage sales and you start to have a trash-house situation. (At a garage sale you can buy almost anything for under $5, five years after you wanted it, and since you never needed it in the first place, who cares?) I always thought at a certain point I could unload them onto my nieces and nephews, but millennials don’t collect. One suggested my collection would make great target practice.

They were not even interested in my Lord of the Rings sword collection, although I’m still miss- ing Boromir’s sword and horn. When Jesus says it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, it’s because there is too much junk blocking the entrance. And if you don’t think you are rich, check your income against the rest of the world’s- you will be surprised.

I don’t know about getting to heaven, but getting out of my house is getting harder. I’ve made a commitment to myself that I have to get rid of two items before I buy something else; no new tools, and no more garage sales, although post-COVID there are some real good buys out there. Why do we do it? Sometimes it is real interest. A rock collection can lead to a career in geology, stamps to a study of history etc. etc. But sometimes it’s just completing a set of things, I knew a patient, almost blind and paralyzed in a wheel chair, who had a serene sense of clo- sure when he completed a set of antique Fiestaware a week before he died. Everyone needs a goal. Of course, the issue is: do you control the things you seek after or do they control you?

I’m a great fan of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. It’s basically a comedy show about a bunch of self-centered intellectuals who are learning to relate to other people rather than things.

They start in their imaginary comic book world relating to things and slowly graduate to real relationships. At the end of the series everyone, including the ultimate dweeb, Stuart, finds someone to be with and Sheldon, who thinks he needs no one, finds out he does. You can’t get much more hopeful than that.

Gym Masses

Presider: Fr. Jim DeBruycker Our pre-mass speaker today is Mike Rogers, president of Risen Christ School. Serving grades K-8, this di- verse, dual immersion (English/Spanish) school is a neighbor of SJA, and we are proud to partner with them through our SJA Outreach Fund. Learn more at risenchristschool.org, and thank you, Mike, for sharing the story of this fantas- tic community in a challenging time for students, teachers, staff, and families.

Family Mass

Join us at 9 & 11am in the church for our family-centered Masses. Today we have a representative from Common Hope, a local nonprofit that "fights pov- erty in Guatemala through diplomas,"

come to talk about their mission. We ask that all who attend wear masks to keep our little people safe. Come celebrate at our joyful Masses!

Weekend Masses are Celebrated at:

Weekend Masses are Celebrated at:

Weekend Masses are Celebrated at:

Weekend Masses are Celebrated at:

5pm Saturday & 7:45am Sunday in the Church 5pm Saturday & 7:45am Sunday in the Church 5pm Saturday & 7:45am Sunday in the Church 5pm Saturday & 7:45am Sunday in the Church

9am & 11am Sunday in the Gym 9am & 11am Sunday in the Gym 9am & 11am Sunday in the Gym 9am & 11am Sunday in the Gym Family Masses at 9am & 11am in the Church Family Masses at 9am & 11am in the Church Family Masses at 9am & 11am in the Church Family Masses at 9am & 11am in the Church

We Remember Them: An SJA Vigil for Detained Immigrants: On Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 7:30am, SJA readers and musicians will host a vigil of prayer and song for our brothers and sisters being held in immigration deten- tion. We will be at the Whipple Federal Building where many are brought to court and deported immediately. It has been a tragic year for all those forced to leave their homes, and we urge you to join us as we pray together. Music by Lee and Grant Vague. FFI, contact Julie Madden.


Scripture Readings:

Sun, Oct 10: Wisdom 7:7-11; Hebrews 4:12-13; Mark 10:17-30 Mon, Oct 11: Romans 1:1-7; Luke 11:29-32

Tue, Oct 12: Romans 1:16-25; Luke 11:37-41 Wed, Oct 13: Romans 2:1-11; Luke 11:42-46 Thu, Oct 14: Romans 3:21-30; Luke 11:47-54 Fri, Oct 15: Romans 4:1-8; Luke 12:1-7 Sat, Oct 16: Romans 4:13,16-18; Luke 12:8-12

Sun, Oct. 17: Isaiah 53:10-11; Hebrews 4:14-16; Mark 10:35-45

Looking Ahead…

Stephanie A, Chuck Abramson, Marion Anderson, Arlene Axelson, Ben, Beth Mary, Randy B, Dennis Barta, Kenneth Batie, Phyllis Berninger, Elaine Boehm, Marcia Boehnlein, Patty Brennan, Eric Brekke, Kevin Brown, Rob Brown, Lorraine Bryant, Lynn Bucholtz, Stacy Budd, Pam Burd, Jared Callahan, David Carroll, Mary Cermak, Gabriel Lynn Clay, Mary Cowden, Culver family, Keith Czternastek, Julie D, Harold D, Noel & Melva D,

Nick & Megan Daoust, Larry Dease, Jim DeBruycker, Dennis DeMars, Lois Doyle, Marvin & Betty Dubert, Ava Dunlay, Joe Dunn, Kathie DuRocher, Pete Eichten, Doug Esahlke, Joyce Espe, Forest family, Henry F, Ellie Fitzgerald, Michelle Fourre, John & Margaret Frees, Theresa Goode, Stephen

Goode, Heidi Gregorich, Jerry H, Steff H. Heidi, Phoua Thao Hang, Wang Ger Hang, Brad Hinker, Jim Hinton, Hnilicka family, Megan Hoffman, Jan Horner, Kathy Horner, Will Hornsby, Ruth J, Meg Jay, Tom Jay, Barb Janisch, Isabelle K.J, Kathy, Annie Kack, Brad Karkkainen, Glen Kelley, John Kingston, Sage Kirscht, Dan Kleber, Lois Koegl, Steve Kremer, Abby L, Jane L, John L, Li family, Helen LaFavor, Amy Lainus, Melva Larson, Theresa Little, Maria Sobol Loftus, Janet Martens, Delores Masuda, Amy Matykiewicz, Pamela Mayfield, Dawn McCelland, Mary Jane McConnell, Connie McMullen, Josie Meyer, Kate Meyer, Bob Miller, Kris Mirier, Ted Mueller, J Murphy, Dan Murray, Nate, Trent N, Rita Nelson, Allan Nichols, Craig Nordby, Terri Olsen, Dale Olson, Nadine & Craig Olson, Paul Olvera, Mike O’Rourke, Marleny Rivera Orozco, Colette Ott, John Palmer, Marco Palmer, Jacques Parent, Dinah Patrykus, C Pazendak, Debbie Perrin, Jimmy Peterka, Kurt Podner, Ramirez Correto Family, Ruth Reese, Carol Reiland, Jack Riebel, Rita Olk, Donald & Susan Roufs, Joanne Routzahn, Pat Russell, Randy Russett, Sam, Bev S, Mindy S, Monica Sausen,

Don Schafer, Joseph Schmidt, Jim Schoeller, MaryAnn & Dick Seekamp, Gerry Sell, Jack Sell, Nate Shaw, Marsha Simmons, Sam Slagerman, Maria Sobol, Teddy Sparrman, Joan Speltz, Ross, Vivian Steblay, Carson Stier, Nancy Stockhaus, Rick Streng, Christine Stuart, Lorelei Swan, Grayson Taylor, Vi T, Matthew Tennant, Ed Tischleder, Keith Thompson, Dona Maris Tomasa, Glo Tonskemper, Arturo Torres, Martha Utz, Abby V,

Carin Vagle, Leroy Vague, Dave Velasco, Floyd Ward, Marilyn Weiss, Marlys Weber, Jim Widtfeldt, Mike Williams, Sandy Wilson, Phil Wixsten, George Wolf, Morley Woodruff, John Wozniak, Jo Youngren, Edwina Zagami, Zephie, Annemaire & Ava Zubrzycki, Bridget Zvirin Prayer Corner Requests: To keep prayer requests current, names will be included in the bulletin for four weeks and then removed.

To add a name or to renew your request, please call the Parish Center at 612.823.8205.

Prayer Corner

: Please remember in your prayers those who are in need of healing:

Gluten-free Communion is available upon request. Please see any of the Sunday sacristans in the gym before Mass.

Enhanced Hearing Devices are available in the church and gym.

They are located in the back of the church and the welcome center.

SignUpGenius for Eucharistic Ministers is available online. It is simple, user friendly and a reminder is sent 3 days before your scheduled volunteer day. FFI contact Marcia at mkurtz@stjoan.com.


SYNOD Gatherings will be VIRTUAL (Zoom):

Wednesdays, 7 - 9pm on 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3 and 11/10. Saturday, 10am - 12pm on 11/13.

Go to stjoan.com to get more information on the 2022 Synod Schedule and to register for sessions.

Sunday, 9 and 11am Gym Masses

October 10: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Mike Rogers, President of Risen Christ School, will share news from this wonderful community.

Special music by Deb Harley and Rachael Kroog.

October 17: Presider: Fr. Cassidy. Lisa Amman will speak on Discerning Deacons: The Journey of Women in Our Church.

Special music by Carin Vagle.

October 24: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Bishop Richard Howell of Shiloh International Ministries Temple will speak on gun violence and hope in our city. Special music by Terrie Coats.

October 31: Presider: Fr. Cassidy. All Souls Day: We Remember Those Who Have Gone Before Us. The SJA Schola and Richard Kriehn will join us.

November 7: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Bonnie Rietz, former mayor of Austin, MN, will speak on Embracing New Immigrants. Special music by Lee Vague.

November 14: Fr. Jim Cassidy will celebrate Arm in Arm in Africa.

Special music by T Mychael Rambo.

November 21: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Christ the King Sunday.

Music by our SJA Schola.

Maya Angelou Peace Prayer

Father, Mother God, we ask that those who live in pain be bathed in the river of Your healing;

that those who are lonely may be kept in Your company. Creator God, You, the Borderless Sea of Substance,  we ask you to give to all the worldthat which we need most – peace.



Parish Life

Do You Love To Sing? The St. Joan of Arc volunteer adult choir is coming back and will begin rehearsals in compliance with the CDC recommendations. Hopefully, this will be November. We would love to have you join this joy filled community of singers. Watch the bulle- tin for start-up information. You may also contact Anna Vagle at avagle@stjoan.com or 612.823.8205 ext 235.

A Special Memorial Mass will be celebrated this year on Friday, October 29 at 7pm in the gym. This is a time to remember our loved ones who have passed on to a new way of being and celebrate the gifts they are in our lives. We begin in the Memorial Garden with a blessing of fire and chanting of the names of those who have been buried from our community this past year. The SJA Schola processes into our candle-lit gym and all have an opportunity to light a candle and speak the names of their loved ones. Join us for this meaningful Eucharistic service as we celebrate the whole

“Communion of Saints”

Join us for the SJA 2021-2022 Concert Series: All shows are at 7pm in the gym. Individual Tickets are $25/$10 and the Series Package (all 4 shows with same reserved seat) can be purchased on-line at stjoantickets.com.

x November 14 - A Night In The Tropics: Minnesota Orchestra trumpeter, Charles Lazarus, samples Caribbean, South Ameri- can & Hawaiian music. With Tommy Barbarella & a stellar band.

x February 20: Oh Let Us Build This Place: Music-filled stories from 75 years of St Joan of Arc on the South Side, with T Mychael Rambo, Thomasina Petrus, Charmin Michelle and

Dan Chouinard. Created in collaboration with the SJA Anti- Racism Ministry.

x May 1: The Album: Bridge Over Troubled Water: Collective Unconscious, with longtime SJA Music Director George Maurer on keys, performs the iconic Simon and Garfunkle album, note for note, start to finish. A powerful songbook for troubled times.

x June 12: Something Old, Something New, Something Broadway, Something Blue: Anne Reed, Dan Choiunard and

ensembles from the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month. Pop Tunes from OutLoud! Serious choral music from the Chamber Singers. Old and new favorites from Dan and Ann.

Finance Committee Seeking New Members: The SJA Finance Committee has openings for three new members. We are looking for registered parishioners with business, accounting, legal, risk management, higher education, non-profit management or finance backgrounds. If you are interested or would like to nominate a candidate, please contact Dennis Heaney at dheaney@stjoan.com or 612.823.8205 x234. The time commitment required includes a monthly two hour meeting and a few additional hours per month for meeting preparations.

Parking: Please be considerate of our neighbors and their property.

Do not block driveways or park in their “on-street” handicapped areas. Thank You!

Parish Center Information: As we re-open our campus, the Parish Center Hours are: 9am - 9pm, Monday through Thursday, Friday, 9am - 3pm, and Saturday, 8:30am - noon. We look forward to see- ing you, and we ask that you wear a mask when visiting the Parish Center and attending mass. We are scheduling ministry group meetings on-site for groups of 10 people or less and continue to use Zoom and online options for larger groups. We will keep you posted as we go forward.

Food Shelf Donations Needed: We continue to accept non- perishable food items for Sabathani Community Center, especially needed items are cereal, water

& sports drinks, laundry detergent & body soap. All items can be dropped off Monday through Friday, in the bins in the Parish Center during regular hours (see above).

Thank you for your willingness to help those in need.

Mobile Loaves Twin Cities needs toiletry size soap, shampoo and lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes and lightweight socks. Please place your donations in the collection hamper in the Parish Center lobby. FFI contact info@mobileloavestc.com.

Volunteers Needed: TRUST Main Office is looking for volunteers to answer phones, help with mailings, filing, and other light office work. Contact Operations Director Whitney Jones at 612.827.6159.

Volunteer Opportunity: Looking for volunteers for adult English Language classes at Centro Guadalupano/Holy Rosary. First op- portunity: Assist in a mixed level class for Latino immigrants with an emphasis on conversation on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 5:30 - 7pm.

You’ll work one-to-one with students doing work assigned by the teacher. This is a fun, informal class using language worksheets to create an environment of camaraderie! The second opportunity:

Provide individual language practice on Mondays or Wednesdays, 9:30am - 12:30pm using a variety of textbooks and other resources depending on student needs. If interested please contact Rebecca Welty at 612.724.3651 x207 or lit.centro@gmail.com.

Recycle: Please use the labeled receptacles for compost, paper, glass, plastic, cans, waste and cups. By doing so we will be ecologically responsible and a big help to our maintenance staff as well. Thank you.

Summary of contributions for the week and fiscal year. Includes plate, envelopes and estimated Sustaining Member payments


Week of September 27, 2021 - October 3, 2021 Actual $37,234 Budget $33,873 Prior Year Actual $29,403

Year to Date (July 1, 2021 – October 3, 2021) Actual $507,033 Budget $491,971 Prior Year Actual $421,436

Thank You for your continued generosity!


FFI on Pastoral Ministries contact Sherri Stella at 612.823.8205 ext. 231 or sstella@stjoan.com.

Monday Mental Health: Please join us for a Zoom event this Monday, Oct. 11, 6:30 - 8pm, as author Mindy Greiling presents 75 years of Mental Health Advo- cacy. To join us, follow the link on our weekly email blast. This is a free event, and all are welcome. FFI contact Sherri Stella at sstella@stjoan.com.

Did You Know? Mental Health Connect provides free, communi- ty-based education, resources and support to individuals and families living with mental illness. Find more information at mhconnect.org, or call MHC at 612.312.3377.

Pastoral Care: During these difficult and uncertain times, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you or a loved one is struggling, please contact Sherri Stella at sstella@stjoan.com or 612.823.8205 ext. 231.

Grief Group: Our upcoming fall series has been postponed until a later date. More information will follow. For information about available grief resources, contact Sherri Stella at


Mental Health Matters: It’s OK to not feel OK. Know that help is available if you need it by visiting Hennepin County Cope at hennepin.us/cope. For me free resources or immediate assistance text MN to 741741 or Call **274747 (**CRISIS).

The TRUST Chore Program has a big need for workers to do light house cleaning, fall clean-up, and snow removal. Chore Program enables seniors to continue living in their own home.

Contact Program Coordinator Ama Asantawaa at 612.827.6150.

The TRUST Grocery Transportation Program: Do you know someone who is able to shop independently but can’t get to the store? The Grocery Transportation Program provides rides to and from the grocery store for Riders age 60+ or those living with a disability. Contact Coordinator Sandy Parnell at 612.721.5786.

SJA Mission Statement

Saint Joan of Arc is a joyful Christian community which celebrates the loving word of God in worship and action.

We transcend traditional boundaries and draw those who seek spiritual growth and social justice.

We welcome diverse ideas and encourage reflection on the message of the Gospel.

We are committed to the equality of all our members and strive to ensure their full participation

through liturgy, education and service.

By these means we seek to empower all who come to grow in wisdom and bring to reality the promise of Christ.

FFI on Peace & Justice programs contact Julie Madden at 612.823.8205 ext. 228 or jmadden@stjoan.com.

Sister Parish News From Guatemala: Since the pandemic struck, we have been sending vital emergency funds for food and medication to our Sister Parish in Tierra Nueva Dos. Guatemala is currently only 8% fully vaccinated. We pray for our brothers and sisters and will continue to do what we can to help.

SJA Outreach Fund: This is the Good News! SJA puts our values into action. Justice Grants: Apply Now! Do you work or volunteer with a great non-profit? Through our Outreach Fund, we award grants to organizations in which you, the community of SJA, are involved as volunteers and leaders. Our next deadline is Nov.1.

Pick up a very simple application at the Parish Center.

Women Leaders in Our Church: On Sunday, Oct. 17, Lisa Amman will be our pre-mass speaker, sharing her work locally and at the Vatican to make it possible for women to be ordained as deacons.

FFI on this movement, go to www.discerningdeacons.org.

Building an Antiracist Church: This ministry will continue to meet on Zoom and will also coordinate activities outside SJA, including a recent trip to the MIA, and opportunities with other faith communities.

To join our mailing list, contact Julie Madden at the Parish Center.

Let's Change the Narrative: Root Causes of Migration. On Wednesday, Oct. 20, at Mayflower UCC in Mpls, SJA will co-host an incredible panel of speakers on the role the U.S. plays in driving migration, and the actions we can take together. Co-sponsored by Mayflower and SJA Welcome the Stranger ministry. FFI/to register, go to the SJA website.

SJA Democracy Talks: Protect Voting Rights. Please call Presi- dent Biden (202.456.1111), Sen. Smith (202.224.5641) and Sen.

Klobuchar (202.224.3244) to express your support for the Freedom to Vote Act (S 2747) and to thank them for their support. This mo- mentous legislation would help to repair and reform our democracy to work better for all voters. Stop by our table after mass to learn more!

Warm Hands Warm Hearts Coat Collection: THANK YOU to all who have picked up one of 500 cards to provide a new winter coat, gloves and hat for a child in our community:

x Drop off deadline is October 18.

x Tables are outside the Welcome Center and in the church vesti- bule today to collect your items You can also drop off during the week to the Parish Center.

x If you'd like to help out, we really need teen and adult size hats and gloves.

Health Care for All MN: On Sunday, Oct. 24, stop by our table on the plaza to learn more about our work to ensure affordable, quality health care for all. You are welcome to join our efforts - it will take all of us to transform this system. And if you have an experience of the current health care system that you would like to share, please let us know. Your story has an impact.

Pastoral Ministries Peace and Justice


Faith Formation and Adult Learning Faith Formation and Adult Learning Faith Formation and Adult Learning Faith Formation and Adult Learning

We form the faith of our community through participation in prayer, liturgy, sacraments, education, community and works of justice.

Baptism: To have your child baptized at St. Joan’s you must be a registered member and participate in a 90-minute Baptism prepara- tion class. FFI/to register contact JP by at jfitzgibbons@stjoan.com or by calling the Parish Center.

Spanish Books for Guatemalan Kids: SJA is once again partner- ing with Common Hope, a nonprofit that improves the lives of Guatemalan families through education, housing, and healthcare. This year CH is asking for donations of new books in Spanish to encourage reading and enhance learning. Check here for a list of suggested books: https://amzn.to/3kN2mmG. You can bring your books to the bin in the church vestibule any Sunday during October.

Thank you!

Bring Food & Music! When you come to Family Mass, please re- member to bring a food offering for our neighbors at Sabathani. We will have a container for families to drop off food offerings as they enter the church. And please bring a percussion instrument to Mass—sticks, spoons, bells, tambourines, triangles—anything to bring some joyful noise to our last song. Thank you!

Nursery: FFI contact Michelle Dehn, Nursery Director at mdehn@stjoan.com or 612.823.8205 ext. 240.

Pre-school: (Ages 4-Kindergarten) FFI contact Michelle Dehn at mdehn@stjoan.com or 612.823.8205 ext. 240.

Nursery and Preschool Opening: We're going to delay the start of our Pre-K (and Nursery) program this Fall. Normally, we'd begin in mid-September but with the concerns about the Delta virus and questions about the safety of unvaccinated preschoolers, as well as the volun- teers and staff working with them, we have decided to take a slow, more cautious approach. We'll reach out when we have a start date and we will keep you posted in the bulletin and/or the SJA website when we know more.

Grade School: (Grades 1-6) FFI contact Marie Bissonnette at 612.823.8205 ext. 229.

Elementary Faith Formation: We have made the COVID-19 relat- ed decision to not meet in person for grades 1 - 6 classes this fall.

We are offering our At-Home program which uses our Pflaum grade level Weeklies and parent support online. We will provide additional information and activities using the Family Mass Newsletter, which is emailed to all families. Registrations accepted at any time.

Register online at: https://www.saintjoanofarc.org/sja-elementary- 2021-2022-registration. FFI contact Marie Bissonnette.

Youth Ministry:(Grades 7-12) FFI contact Rose Aspholm at 612.823.8205 ext. 241 or raspholm@stjoan.com

Halloween "Trunk or Treat" at SJA! Mark your calendars for this afternoon of family fun. Sunday, Oct 31, 2 - 3pm in the SJA parking lot. Children ages 0 - 12, accompa- nied by parents, are invited to trick or treat in the SJA parking lot. Come dressed up for fun, candy, activities, and a station in our Memorial Garden to learn more about All Saints and All Souls days. Free and open to families in our SJA community and the surrounding Regina neigh- borhood. FFI email Rose raspholm@stjoan.com

Looking for Volunteers! Do you love passing out candy to trick or treat-ers? Are you interested in helping support a family-fun event at SJA? We need your help! We are looking for 30+ volunteers of all ages to be candy distributors at our "Trunk or Treat" event on 10/31. Time commitment: 1:45 - 3pm. Please provide your own candy to distribute. Costumes encouraged! Park in the SJA parking lot and pass out candy to kids from our community and the sur- rounding Regina neighborhood. Help us make this new event a success! FFI and to sign up call the front desk, 612.823.8205, or email Rose raspholm@stjoan.com

Adult Learning: FFI contact Cynthia Bailey Manns at 612.823.8205 ext. 226 or cmanns@stjoan.com.

Parish Book Club: Join us Wednesday, October 13 in person at The Arc as we discuss The Thunder Before the Storm by Clyde Bellecourt - 6pm social half-hour, 6:30 - 8 book discussion. The books, authors, and dates through Dec. are on the SJA website under Ministries/Parish Book Club.

RCIA: SJA welcomes you on your spiritual journey of study, exploration, faith sharing, and faith formation. The Rite of Christian Initiation, or RCIA, is an important Sacrament designed for adults (called Candidates), who are interested in becoming Catholic, or for Catholics who wish to be Confirmed, and may also include the Rite of Baptism. Each Candidate works with an individual sponsor who will walk with them through this unique faith journey. The RCIA classes led by Fr. Jim DeBruycker and the RCIA leadership team will run from Fall 2021 through Spring 2022 and will build learning relationships that encourage provocative questions about what it means to be Catholic and offer opportunities to grow in one's faith.

FFI contact Fr. Jim DeBruycker at jdebruycker@stjoan.com.

Centering Prayer: Join us Sunday’s in the Arc, 10:15 - 10:45 am, for an in-person meditation, we will also be simultaneously Zoom- ing it on line. FFI contact Ray Spack at raymondspack@gmail.com.


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