FUEL MANAGEMENT SERVICE. Can you afford not to?

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• Step 1: Dynafleet Online

• Step 2: Consultancy


Fuel Management Service – a 2 step process

• FMS is a programme to help operators manage their fuel and other related operating

costs by providing equipment and support services. The programme is in 2 steps:

• Step 1 – Dynafleet Online

– Dynafleet Perform and Locate hardware will be fitted into the trucks

– Operators subscribe to Dynafleet Online to provide detailed information to manage driver and fuel costs

– Operators are supported by Volvo and Volvo Trucks Dealers with report analysis – Driver development programmes can be built into the plan (CPC compliant)

• Step 2- Consultancy

– For operators that want more after step 1

– A Volvo FMS consultant will get involved, agree a plan, including charges, savings target etc.


Online, Onboard, On budget


Original Dynafleet Online packages are still

available. FMS is an additional service

Dynafleet equipment in truck still available in three different packages

available to order:

– Perform: Gives you access to detailed reports about fuel consumption,

driver distance, time and driving style. Also features an individual

service plan for each vehicle and a function for following up driver


– Perform & Locate: Same content as Perform as well as detailed maps

and tracking all the way down to street level.

– Operate: Same content as Perform & Locate plus the ability to

communicate between driver and office using e-mail.


User-friendly Dynafleet Online

Simple for office personnel

All you need is a regular PC with Internet access.

If you can use Windows and e-mail, you can also use Dynafleet Online.

Simple, clear and well-presented reports and maps.


Flexible Dynafleet Online

Overview Report – an overview of results , helps guide you to problem


Summary Report – detailed report of fuel used, distance, time, by vehicle ,

by driver

Exception Report – detailed look at any key area

Mileage, Time, Odometer Reports – specific reports on selected criteria

Environmental Report – detailed report on all emissions on a vehicle(s)

over any period . Shows your carbon footprint

Driver Activity , WTD Reports – monitor drivers activity, hours worked,

compare to WTD

Tracking Report – detailed log of vehicle routes, time and speed

Maps – see where your vehicles are from the office, see the hours the

driver has left


User-Friendly Dynafleet Online

• Simple for the driver

• The Perform and Perform & Locate packages do not require any input from the


• The Operate package is easy to handle.

• Simple logging-in. Driver is identified automatically from the digital tachograph.

In trucks with an analogue tachograph driver logs in with a PIN code.

• Simple, clear messages in the display. Conventional keyboard.


Dynafleet Online is the solution

• No additional investments in computers and/or software, all you need is internet


• User-friendly, all the information in one place.

• Dynafleet Online is an excellent tool for the company when wanting to monitor

• efficiency’s and control cost’s

• Dynafleet Online is a Volvo system, which guarantees continuity and quality.

• More than 35,000 units delivered since the end of the 1990s.

• Dynafleet Online is a flexible system; Non Volvo trucks can be connected .

• The system can be tailored to your needs..

• Can be integrated with existing administrative systems such as for wages, servicing



What actions next:

Contact your local Volvo Dealer for further information

Visit our website at


and follow the Dynafleet link

Contact a member of the Volvo TIS Team

– Chris Evans

Sector and TIS Sales Manager

07831 572420

– Andy Walker

TIS Fleet Sales Manager

07966 325128


The smart way to sustainable fuel savings


More important than ever to save fuel

• Tough business climate with tight margins

• Fuel consumption accounts for some 33% of the total


• The price of fuel constantly reaches new heights- 13%

increase in 6 months 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 17 37 57 77 97 Pence/L tr (Diesel) Year Depreciation Interest

Repair & Maintenance Tyres Insurance Tax


Driver Admin


What is Fuel Management Service?

Fuel Management Service (FMS) is a programme for operators who want

professional help to obtain and sustain long-term lower fuel consumption

and other operating costs

The service takes 12-36 months to implement and includes:



What’s in it for the customer?

• The FMS programme helps to achieve

real measurable savings in fuel consumption - on average 2-10%

• In a typical long-haulage fleet, with a

net profit margin of 2-3%, the savings from FMS alone may raise this margin to 3-5%


• Lower fuel consumption • Higher profit margin

• Defensive driving = Fuel economic driving = safer driving

• Lower maintenance/repair costs

• Lower vehicle-related costs (e.g. tyres) • Motivated driver = productive


• Lower risks (and costs) for damage and accidents

• Lower pollutant emissions

• Stronger

company image


How it works

1. Fuel management audit

5. Handover

4. Monitoring & action plans

3. Information & training

2. Action planning

• Preparations

• Fuel management audit • Audit report

• Collect data & set targets • Driver Development planning • Management support planning • Information meetings • Driver information • Initial driver training • Monthly report • Quarterly status meetings • Additional training of drivers • Contract review • Training of Fuel Management Coach


This is what you need

• Tool for logging of fuel used and

determining driving style (e.g. Dynafleet Online)

• The data is needed on a regular basis

• True commitment and support from


Small investment, big return - example

Current Position Savings if 3% achieved Miles per Annum 100,000

Average MPG 8.0 Fuel Cost per litre £0.9

Fuel Cost Per year £51,075 £49,542

50 Vehicle Fleet Cost £2,553,000 £2,477,000 FMS Consultant/yr £10,000

Driver Development £40,000 (first year)

FMS cost = £50,000 Saving /yr = £76,000

£26,000 first year £66,000 second year



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