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-To the Members of the Grand Traverse Yacht Club:

The sailing and boating season is here, and I am pleased to report to the membership. The GTYC Board,of Directors has exciting calendar of events for 1987.


Social Calendar

Vice Commodore Norm Kline has P,r0vided a complete cal~ndar o~ evel~s which has been included for your use throughout the new season./ .~me special comments on our first two social events are in order: ' ~t



The Oyster Stag is Friday, April 24; four tickets have been'

enclosed. This is our traditional season opener and an impowtant fund raiser for the GTYC. We do hope you and your friends


attend--remember, non-members are most welcome. .



The Launch Party scheduled for May 15 also takes on specia~

significance this year. Andy Powell has not only sparked this event, but is also providing the fresh trout entree. Proceeds from this dinner will be dedicated to the purchase of a new computer for the club. This equipment will be used to calculate race results, reduce the bookkeeping work load, and prove valuable in organyzing billings, mailings, and maintain membership records.

Race Calendar

Rear Commodore Gary Ford has included a list of all races and regattas planned for the season. You will note that the first Triangle Series is scheduled for Saturday, May 23. The very popular (30 to 35 boats is typical) Wednesday night series begins on June 10. The race committee has added some excitement to the formula. This year there!will be a separate spinnaker fleet. We'll continue to run A and B jib and main fleets with all skippers wishing to race with spinnakers forming a third fleet which will start behind the A and B JAM fle~ts. If you haven't tried the Wednesday night series, it really is great fun before, during, and after the races. It's a great way to gain tons of race experience without intimidation ...even I will give room at the mark to new racers.


Buildings and Grounds

Director Rick Meyer has devoted much time and effort in developing a plan that will lead to repair of the launch ramp that is undercut, reinforce the north seawall, improve general site drainage, better define our south boundary, and improve the dinghy storage area. Some of,th is work wi 11 be accomplished by hired contractors; however, much is planned for a Work Bee beginning at 4:00 p.m. Friday, ,May 1 and continuing 'til dark

ana--reconvening Saturday, May 2 at 9:0;0 a.m. Rick will organize and assign specific tasks so that we can make the best possible use of the time. We'll also be putting the dock in at that time.




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Club Manager

Join me in welcoming Linda Mueller back as Club Manager. All of us who have served on party committees can testify to Linda's value to the GTYC. Race Chairman

Under the supervision of Board member John Briggs, we are actively seeking an individual to fill the position of Race Manager. The

individual selected will be responsible for operating the Junior Sailing Program, managing starts and finishes of yacht club races, and

maintaining club grounds. It makes a great position for a student on summer break. If you know of someone you feel is qualified, please give John a call at 922-3000.

In closing, allow me some comment with regard to social and race

committee work. The GTYC will only be as successful as its membership is supportive. Keeping a club of the size and complexity of the GTYC is no easy task, yet much of the work seems to fallon too few individuals. The flag officers and directors of your club would very much appreciate your support in 1987.

n the water.

on Smith Commodore






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Triangle Series #1

Memorial Day Fun Regatta Traverse City to Suttons Bay Triangle Series #2

Wednesday Night Race #1 Charlevoix LMSRF

Wednesday Night Race #2

Traverse City to Leland (LMSRF) Leland to Northport

Wednesday Night Race #3 Wednesday Night Race #4 Fourth of July Fun Regatta Triangle Series #3

Wednesday Night Race #5


Invitational (LMSRF) Wednesday Night Race #6 Chicago to Mackinaw Wednesday Night Race #7 Port Huron to Mackinaw Wednesday Night Race #8 Little Traverse Yacht Club Invitational (LMSRF)

Wednesday Night Race #9 GTYC Lightning Invitational Wednesday Night Race #10 Beaver Island (LMSRF) Wednesday Night Race #11 Traverse City to Northport Wednesday Night Race #12

Nancy J Cup for Wednesday Night Series finalists

Red Fox Regatta (LMSRF) Labor Day Fun Regatta Shore Sails Fall Open

Traverse City to Charl~voix Charlevoix to Traverse City



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Oyster Stag Launch Party Trout Dinner First TGI Friday Happy Hour

Memorial Day Fun Regatta Party Breakfast on the Beach

Suttons Bay Bluegrass Party

Wednesday Night Series Taco Party

Cruisers Rendevoux Potluck on Suttons Bay

Fourth of July Fun Regatta Party GTYC Invitational Regatta Party Wednesday Night Series

Fish Fry

National Governors' Association Conference "Sesquicentennial Parade of Sail" with fireworks

Wednesday Night Series BBQ

Crab Dinner

Labor Day Fun Regatta Party Wednesday Night Series Awards Dinner

Nominations and Commodore's Party Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet






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