Orthopedic Specialists Of SW FL New Patient Information Form

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Patient Name: DOB Age M or F

SS# Home Ph# Cell Ph# Work#

Local Address City/State Zip Code

Northern/Other Address City/State Zip Code

Reason for visit If an injury, how did this occur:

Date of Injury Is Injury Auto or Work Related

Referred By: Prim. Care Physician: Phone#:

Employer Name: Occupation

Spouse's Name: Spouse's DOB: Spouse's Wk#:

Nearest Friend or Relative not living with you: Phone#:

Health Ins. Carrier: Auto Ins. Carrier

Attorney's Name Ph #

If Patient Is A Minor, Parent's Name: Parent's Employer

Wk Ph#: In Case Of An Emergency Notify: Phone:

Pharmacy Name Phone #

Patient Email Address

Date: (Signature)

Fm# 1006 03/04 I hereby authorize Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida (hereinafter “OSSWF”) to release any information concerning my care to my insurance company and/or any company under whose policy I am considered an insured and/or omnibus insured. I hereby irrevocably assign all insurance benefits (and/or rights to collect the same) to which I am entitled including, but not limited to, Health Insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medical Payments, and/or Medicare benefits, to OSSWF. Moreover, I hereby direct any such insurer to make the necessary payment exclusively and directly to OSSWF in a form payable to OSSWF, only. This irrevocable assignment is given in exchange and/or in consideration for the medical treatment, care, or services rendered to the undersigned by OSSWF.

I___________________________________, and/or my representative agree not to bring frivolous medical malpractice case or cause of action against the physician or physician's legal entity providing care. Furthermore, should a meritorious medical malpractice case or cause of action be initiated or pursued, I _____________________________, and/or my representative agree to use an expert medical witness who adheres to the guidelines and/or code of conduct defined by the specialty society for expert witnesses in the area of medicine who would typically have the background experience to render an opinion on such a case.

New Patient Information Form Orthopedic Specialists Of SW FL

Notwithstanding the granting of this irrevocable assignment, the undersigned agrees to be directly responsible to OSSWF for

ALL bills for services rendered to the undersigned, and this agreement and/or assignment is made solely for OSSWF’s


Orthopedic Specialists Medical History Form Of

SW Florida

Patient's name Date of Birth Age Sex M F

PAST MEDICAL HISTORY - Have you been diagnosed with any of the following medical conditions?

Yes no Yes no Yes no

Heart Disease Yes No Blood Clots/DVT Yes No Rheumatoid Arthritis Yes No

Heart Attack Yes No Bleeding Disorder Yes No Osteoarthritis Yes No

Angina/chest pain Yes No Hypertension Yes No Gout Yes No

Congestive heart failure Yes No Stroke Yes No Thyroid Disease Yes No

COPD/Emphysema Yes No Liver Disease Yes No Tuberculosis Yes No

Asthma Yes No Hepatitis Yes No HIV/AIDS Yes No

Pneumonia Yes No Anemia Yes No Seizures Yes No

Kidney Disease Yes No Sickle Cell Disease Yes No Anxiety Yes No

Renal Failure Yes No Stomach/intestinal ulcers Yes No Depression Yes No

Diabetes Yes No Cancer Yes No Fibromyalgia Yes No

SURGERIES-please list all surgeries with approximate date.

Problem Date

1. 2. 3. 4.

Medications-List all medications with dosage and frequency, (attach list if extensive)

Medication Dosage Frequency

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Patient signature Date

Physician Signature Date Medical history form (cont.)

Drug and Food Allergies or adverse Reactions (include penicillin, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs And local anesthesia)


In order to establish a complete understanding of the financial

Social History:

Marital status: Single Married Divorced Widow(er)

Number of children Presently living alone Yes No

Do you presently smoke tobacco? Yes No

If yes, please list amount you smoke: pack/day packs/week number of years smoked Do you drink alcohol regularly? Yes No

If yes, please amount and type ingested per day Per week What is your occupation?

Family Medical History: (do you have a family history of any of the following illnesses?)

Yes No Yes No Yes No

Cancer Yes No Rheumatoid Arthritis Yes No Heart Disease Yes No

Diabetes Yes No Degenerative Arthritis Yes No Thyroid Disease Yes No

Immune Disorders Yes No Lung Disease Yes No Kidney Disease Yes No

Immunizations: (approximate date or age)

Flu Tetanus

Review of Systems:

Are you currently having or have you had problems with any of the following?

Circle Describe all Yes responses

Musculoskeletal no yes

(reason you are here today; ex. Joint pain, muscle pain, etc.) Weight loss/weight changes no yes

Fever no yes

Eyes, ears, nose, throat no yes

Heart/Cardiovascular no yes Lungs/Respiratory no yes Gastrointestinal no yes Genitourinary no yes Skin no yes Neurological no yes Endocrine no yes Hematologic no yes Psychiatric no yes

I certify that to the best of my knowledge the preceding information is true and accurate.

Patient signature Date

For office use only:

Initial date Initial date

Initial date



Patient Name:___________________________________________ Where is your pain?

Please mark on the drawing below all the areas where you feel your pain. Use an X for pain

Use a ___ for numbness



The Specialized Care of Fellowship-Trained Surgeons


Accident/Injury Detail- (this form must be completed, signed and dated)

Many insurance companies require accident/injury details after they receive our claim. Please answer the following questions and explain how this accident/injury occurred.

Is this claim related to an accident?

NO If not due to any type of accident, please describe your symptoms; when they started, and the manner in which they started.

YES Please answer the following that apply below: Date of Injury:

Location of Injury (home, work, etc.):

If Auto, Motorcycle, slip/fall, or “Other Accident” please answer the following:

Auto Motorcycle ATV/Dirt Bike Bicycle Slip/Fall Other (animal bite, tools, etc.)

Provide description of how accident occurred:

If Auto/Motorcycle:

Were you the driver or passenger? Do you own the vehicle? Yes No

If motorcycle related, do you have PIP insurance that would cover medical expenses relating to this accident? Yes No Has a claim been made with your auto insurance carrier? Yes No

If Work related, please answer the following:

Name of employer at the time of injury: Are you self employed? Yes No

Do you receive a W-2 (employee) or 1099 (subcontractor) from this employer at year end? W-2 1099 Have you filed a Workers’ Compensation claim? Yes No

Has the employer or the workers’ compensation carrier accepted or denied liability? accepted denied

Attorney Information

Have you sought the assistance of an attorney relating to this accident/injury? Yes No If yes, please provide: Attorney’s name:

Attorney’s address: Attorney’s phone:

To the best of my knowledge the above information is true, accurate and complete. Unanswered questions indicate they do not apply. My signature authorizes any Medicare carrier, intermediary, insurance carrier, or plan to make available to my health insurance company, ____________________________________, all records necessary for processing claims filed by me or on my behalf. I authorize all insurance payments, including auto, and medpay to be made directly to Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida.



Test, DJ






Orthopedic Specialists

of Patient Information Page

SW Florida

Patient's Name

Reason for today's visit? If leg pain, what side

Describe where the pain is (what hurts, when it hurts): How did the injury occur?

Where did the injury occur? Date of injury

If no injury, when did the pain start?

What makes the problem worse? (please circle all that apply)

Heat, cold, exercise, movement, rest, sitting, standing, lying down, bending What makes the problems better? (please circle all that apply)

Heat, cold, exercise, movement, rest, sitting, standing, lying down, bending Is there anything else that helps the pain?

Is the pain worse in the AM or PM (circle)?

Does the pain keep you up at night yes or no (circle?) Are you having any bowel or bladder trouble?

Does the pain travel anywhere? (circle) arms, legs, feet, hands, buttocks, shoulder blade, trapezium

Is the pain different? How is it different?

Please circle all that apply to describe your pain:

Burning, throbbing, aching, sharp, dull, knife-like, pressure, pins and needles, stabbing, numbness, nagging stiffness, tightness, pulling, deep, superficial, falls asleep, constant, occasional

How bad is your pain from 0 to 10? (0 is no pain, 10 being the worst pain) Paint at its worst

Pain at its least


Have you seen any other physician for this problem? Doctor's name What treatment was given?

What medications were you given?

Did they take xrays? if so, of what? Where were the xrays taken? (office, hospital, imaging center)

Have you had any MRI/CT scans/physical therapy/Injections? of what

Where were they done? How long ago?








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