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The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021


Academic year: 2021

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The Extra Mile – a Trail Run with Heart - is a More

Community Trust annual fundraising initiative. It launched

in 2018 with the purpose of providing sustainable

support to people in our local rural community, coupled

with the conservation of endangered species.

As with 2020, we’re again taking the 2021 event into the

virtual space, making it possible for you to go The Extra

Mile for our communities and conservation, regardless of

where you are.

COVID-19 has had a far reaching and

devastating impact, especially for

those most vulnerable. The women and

children of our communities, and our

endangered wildlife, have been hit hard.

Conservation sits close to our

hearts, and we place great emphasis

on environmental education and

community-based conservation

practices. In light of the dire threat to

rhino, pangolin and the African wild dog,

we’ve decided to dedicate each of our

Going the

Distance with Us

This year we have

partnered with the

Endangered Wildlife

Trust, Sabi Sand

Pfunanani Trust, The

Good Work Foundation,

Two Red Pens and

Lactic Acid to bring

The Extra MileVirtual

Run 2021 to life.

run options to one of these

endangered species, so as to bring

attention to the critical need to

preserve and protect them.

Meet our endangered icons.

Rhino - 5km Run

Pangolin - 10km Run

Wild Dog - 21km Run

A contribution of just R80 (per run

entry) will go so far. (R80 is under

US$6 and under Euro 5)

The Extra Mile

Virtual Run



Together, we can respond to our communities’ critical needs, help preserve our natural heritage, and bridge the gap between community and conservation.

The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021 2

Meet the Beneficiaries

With Community and Conservation All the Way

Jabez Preschool, Justicia B 65% Beneficiary

Justicia B village forms part of the Bushbuckridge area, bordering the Kruger National Park, which has the largest concentration of poverty in South Africa. Around 70% of its people are economically inactive, with women and children left the most vulnerable. The opening of Jabez Preschool in 2018, made possible by our friends and partners around the world, has given mothers in the village the opportunity to go back to work and their children the best possible foundational education close to home. Previously, parents had to walk with their littlies of no older than five for over an hour to get to the nearest school or had little choice but to let them walk alone. Jabez has become both a place of learning and care for Justicia’s children, and we have plans for a veggie garden and upgrades to the kitchen.

Wild Dog Project, Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) – 35% Beneficiary

The African wild dog is one of Africa’s

‘Magnificent Seven’ species but also one of its most endangered. The largest population survives in southern Africa where it isn’t in fact very ‘large’ at all, with about 3 000 individuals under threat from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. South Africa’s largest and most viable population of 250 dogs in 22 packs can be found in the Kruger National Park, where the Endangered Wildlife Trust has established its Wild Dog Project. The project aims to increase the range, number and status of these animals by securing and expanding their habitats, finding solutions for co-existence with human communities, and supporting legislation to protect them. This takes extraordinary efforts and resources, and the EWT is in great need of our help to help our African wild dogs.

...bridge the gap between community and conservation...”


The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021 3

With the help of Two Red Pens, who have taken the 2020 virtual journey with us, we are bringing The Extra Mile to you. This year, you can run, sponsor and go The Extra Mile for our communities and conservation – no matter where you are in the world…

The Event

Together in Spirit!

Aiming for 1 500 registrations!

Day: 25 September 2021 (Heritage Day long-weekend)

Time: Anytime! The event will be open for 24-hour period on the day

Place: Anywhere! Around your neighbourhood, in the local park, on your treadmill…

Participants: Anyone! From professional runners to families

Cost: * R80 for 5km/10km/21km entry – or

sponsor a local community runner to run virtually with you. * R400 for full goodie bag and entry for 5km/10km/21km entry including your exclusive TEM medal, branded T-shirt and branded buff. (Courier costs included- for South Africans residents only). Early bird discount - R375 per participant before 25th August 2021

Dress: It’s Heritage Day-weekend, so dress up, show off your culture and what makes you proud to be South African, or any other nationality Entertainment: The charismatic Warrior Ric will be keeping us motivated with warm-up videos and live commentary streamed on our event Face Book page, The Extra Mile Virtual Run

Winners: You’re a champ just for taking part! No winners will be announced – instead every runner will be entered into a raffle, stand a chance to win fun spot prizes* on the day, and receive a certificate of completion

*Sponsoring event merchandise and prizes is a great opportunity to get your business out there, and to directly contribute to a country and people in need

The Live Auction

The fundraising excitement for our beneficiaries will continue with our live online auction, which in previous years has included an array of luxury items and inspiring experiences, including five- star safari getaway. All proceeds will again go to benefit Jabez Preschool in Justicia B village and the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wild Dog Project.

You’re a champ just for

taking part! ”


With Our Communities All the Way

Connect and go the extra mile for

each other... ”

The Trail Run itself – traditionally through the villages of the Bushbuckridge community, and their rangelands bordering the Sabi Sand Game Reserve – was conceptualised to raise awareness of the poverty here, and to raise funds to respond to the urgent need for basic services. The event truly became a special day where local people and businesses, visitors, stakeholders and their families came together to connect and go the extra mile for each other to ultimately grow a stronger community.

The goal of The Extra Mile is threefold: 1) To raise awareness of the community’s critical needs, and the need for the support from local NPOs and lodges; 2) To raise awareness of the importance of preserving our natural heritage, and bridging the gap between community and conservation; 3) To raise funds for sustainable, environmentally- friendly development in these impoverished villages.

The Extra Mile Trail Run 2021 4

With our support, the people here have great determination to better their own lives. They therefore get fully involved in The Extra Mile, both as participants and assistants. In 2019, 150 community members were hired to help with set- up, marshalling, security and clean-up. And even those that were not directly involved found a way to help – running to fetch a tired runner water, and giving a runner who couldn’t go any further a lift – we know of so many heart-warming stories.

The people we are helping are just as open- handed, and despite their circumstances show a generosity of spirt that is extraordinary and humbling.


Something else to look forward to is our live online auction, where an array of luxury items and inspiring experiences, including five-star safari getaways, are on the cards.

Again, all proceeds generated benefit the community and conservation.

The Extra Mile Events

Anyone is welcome

to take part in the

Virtual Run... “

Anyone – from professional runners to families – is welcome to take part in the Virtual Run, and can choose between a Rhino 5km, a Pangolin 10km or a Wild Dog 21km race. Our aim is to sign up 1 500 participants including 500 sponsored community runners for our 2021 Virtual Run.

On the day of the race we will have the charismatic Warrior Ric as MC. He brings an incredible energy to the event.

The Extra Mile Trail Run 2021 5


The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021 6

Sponsorship Packages Bronze Sponsor

R2 500 Silver Sponsor

R3 500 Gold Sponsor R5 000

Sponsor logo on event page x x x

Social media ‘shout out’ (FB and Insta x4) x x x

Sponsor mention and logo on entry emailer x x

Sponsor logo on runner certificates of

completion x

Participants take away the unique experience of having run for communities and conservation virtually with sponsored community runners from Africa’s rural villages.

We expect The Extra Mile to gain momentum in the coming years and for the 2021 event to be an even bigger success, with runners from across the world able to join in. We appreciate the opportunity to share this incredible experience with you and hope that you’ll join us on the journey to The Extra Mile 2021, building new relationships that bring hope to others along the way.

Let’s Work Together

Marketing and PR opportunities – as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to market your

business to participants and other partners, with branding opportunities on The Extra Mile website and through relevant event CI and marketing materials.

Networking opportunities – as this event grows, it also aims to attract more businesses as partners. This is an opportune time to connect with local businesses, suppliers, lodge owners and staff, NPOs, participants, partner networks, and local communities.

A worthy contribution towards community and conservation – this return on investment cannot be measured in terms of the social and environmental impacts it has. It is opportunity for another human being who does not have the resources or means to build a better life, and security for our most threatened wildlife species that relies on our critical intervention for its survival.


The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021 8

Let’s Work Together

General Event Sponsorships

You can choose to sponsor the entire event as title sponsor, or cover the cost of any event giveaways. Alternatively, consider sponsorship of goodie bags for all 500 community runners. In return, we’ll place your business logo on anything you sponsor, as well as on The Extra Mile website, entry emailer and on the runner certificates of completion.

Event Prize Sponsorships

Sponsor a prize from your business – this could be anything from wine/liquor hampers or dinner vouchers, to spa vouchers and experiences or getaways. In return, we’ll place your business logo on the The Extra Mile website; include you in our social media ‘shout outs’; and give you a sponsor mention in our communications to the winners and during their live announcement.

Auction Prize Sponsorships

Beyond The Extra Mile virtual run, the event auction is one of our most anticipated events, with luxury items and inspiring experiences up for grabs. Make it memorable and promote your business by becoming a prize sponsor. In return, we’ll place your business logo on the event website and auction page, with details about the prize and your business; include you in our social media ‘shout outs’ on auction-related posts; and give you a sponsor mention in our communications about the auction, to the auction winners and during their live announcement. General Donations

Any contributions towards The Extra Mile event and beneficiaries are appreciated. Should you wish to be a silent sponsor and simply make a donation, please complete the form below.

Bring hope to others along the way...”


Sponsorship Form

Full Name or Business Name: ______________________________________________________________ ID/Business Reg No.: ___________________________________ VAT Number: _____________________ Physical Address: ________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Code: ____________________________ Postal Address: _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Code: ____________________________ Responsible Person: ____________________________________ Position: _________________________ Mobile: ______________________________________________ Work: ___________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________________

Sponsorship Options:

Sponsorship Package Bronze

Silver Gold

Comments: ________________________________

General Event Sponsorship Item/s and Value: ___________________________ Comments: ________________________________

Event Prize Sponsorship

Item/s and Value: ___________________________ Comments: ________________________________

Auction Prize Sponsorship

Item/s and Value: ___________________________ Comments: ________________________________

General Donation*

Value: ____________________________________ Comments: ________________________________

SIGNATURE OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON: __________________________________

The Extra Mile Virtual Run 2021 10

Payment Process:

Please complete the above sponsorship form and pay as per below the entry process: Deposit your contribution into the More Community Trust Run bank account.

Please note: No cash or cheque deposits will be accepted


Bank: First National Bank (FNB) of South Africa

Branch: White River

Branch Code: 270552

Type of account: Current Account Account Number: 62565694546


Email completed Sponsorship Form and Proof of Deposit to michelle@more-ct.co.za

*General Donations: Should you wish to make a donation only, please use ‘Donation’ as your deposit reference.


Michelle Scott, General Manager Telephone: +27 (0)11 880 0992 Cell: +27 (0)72 475 3355

Email: michelle@more-ct.co.za www.morecommunitytrust.co.za


...it is the gift of

opportunity to

another human

being who does

not have the

resources or

means to build a

better life. ”

Get In Touch

Michelle Scott, General Manager: michelle@more-ct.co.za | +27 (0)72 475 3355 | +27 (0)11 880 9992 Minenhle Moyo, Project Assistant: extramile@more-ct.co.za

MCT is B-BBEE Level 1-certified MCT is a Section 18A-approved Public Benefit Organisation View our certificate here: View our registration here:

https://bit.ly/2Lg5R3x https://bit.ly/31PYYfj

Please like our @morecommunitytrust page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @morecommunitytrust for news and updates



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