College and Career Planning Series:

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Two-Year College Planning

for the Class of 2016

Presented by: The Tantasqua Guidance Department


The Guidance Department Staff

• Mrs. Cantrell – Guidance Director

• Caseload – Last Names A-B, K, N

• Mrs. Coonan – Academic Guidance Counselor

• Caseload – Last Names C-J

• Mrs. Hollingworth – Academic Guidance Counselor

• Caseload – Last Names L, M

• Mr. Hinckley – Academic Guidance Counselor

• Caseload – Last Names O-Z

• Mrs. O’Neil – Technical Guidance Counselor


Senior Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Tantasqua Regional High

School in June 2015, you must:

• Earn a total of at least 140 credits

• Meet all of the distribution requirements:

4 English courses, 3 math courses, 3 lab science courses, 3 history

courses, 7.5 credits PE, 2.5 credits Health, and 5 credits Art


This Could Be You!


Post Secondary Options

What Comes Next?

Typically, 8 out of 10 Tantasqua High School seniors attend some type of post-secondary education, such as:

Technical School or Certificate Program

Two Year Associates Degree

Four Year Bachelors Degree





The College Process: An Overview

A typical four-year college application includes:

College Admissions Testing Scores– SAT, SAT Subject, ACT

Specific College Application or Common Application

Essay(s) and possibly Supplements

Letters of Recommendation – Guidance Counselor and Teacher

High School Transcript and Schedule of Courses Senior Year

A typical two-year college application includes:


College Admissions - Testing

All students who are considering attending a four-year college should have already taken or be registered for college

admissions tests:

 SAT Reasoning

• Critical Reading, Math and Writing

• Recommendation: Take the SAT Reasoning Test two to three times.

 SAT Subject

• 1 Hour exams in one subject

• Recommendation: Take SAT Subject Tests if you are applying to most selective schools.


• English, Math, Reading, Writing, and Science Reasoning


College Admissions - Testing

Upcoming Test Dates:

• SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests:

• October 3rd (at TRHS) – September 3rd Registration Deadline

• November 7th (at TRHS) – October 9th Registration Deadline

• December 5th (at TRHS) – November 5th Registration Deadline

• Visit to register


• October 24th (not at TRHS) – September 18th Registration Deadline

• December 12th (not at TRHS) – November 6th Registration Deadline

• Visit to register

Once you have created your final list of colleges, you will need to send your SAT/ACT scores (for a fee) to each college by their


In the meantime…Utilize Naviance!

There are several tasks students need to complete for two-year college applications and for scholarship purposes:

• Research Colleges and Create a Final List

• SuperMatch in Naviance

• College Representative Visits to TRHS Scheduled in Naviance

• Complete Surveys for Teacher Letters of Recommendation

• Request a Recommendation via Naviance

• Complete Teacher Recommendation Surveys (one per teacher)

• Request a Transcript be Sent to the Colleges on Your Final List


Naviance SuperMatch

SuperMatch is a visually-based search tool that will help you find colleges that fit criteria that is important to you, such as location, size, etc.


College Research & Planning

Additional College Search Resources

• Guidance Counselor

• College View books in Guidance Office

• College Board Handbooks in Guidance Office & online

• School and Local Libraries

• College/University Websites

• Local College Fairs

• Visits with College Admissions Representatives at TRHS

• Online Search engines




College Visits – Interviews

• It is critical to visit the colleges that you are applying to and:

 Go on a campus tour


The College List!

Once you have researched and “pinned” schools in Naviance, you will be able to add a college to your Colleges I’m Thinking About list (click Add under the college name).

When you have done all your research, it’s time to create the final list of schools to which you will apply.

The schools listed under Colleges I’m Applying To in Naviance will be the final list of colleges you are applying to. This list will be used by teachers and counselors to submit your information.

College Research in Naviance, etc.

Colleges I Am Thinking

About – In Naviance

Colleges I’m Applying To –


The College List!

Your college list should have:

• Any two-year schools to which you will apply

• Some Private and Public Options

Remember! You must keep your final list of colleges

accurate in Naviance, as this is the only way your


Public vs. Private Schools

Public universities are partially supported by state tax dollars and are generally less expensive to attend.

• University of Massachusetts

• Amherst, Dartmouth, Boston, Lowell

• State Universities

• Fitchburg, Westfield, Bridgewater, Framingham, etc.

• Community Colleges

• Quinsigamond, Springfield Tech, Holyoke, etc.

Private universities receive no tax monies, are supported by tuition dollars and are generally more expensive to attend.

• Examples include: Anna Maria College, Curry College, Dean College (Two Year


Once you have created your final college list, you need

to then:

1. Send your guidance counselor a request to send a transcript to

each college.

2. Send your teacher(s) a request to complete your letter of

recommendation (for scholarship purposes).

3. Complete a Teacher Recommendation Survey for each teacher


Now that you have created your final college list

and added those schools to Naviance, be sure

you know the following details for each school:

• Application Deadline?

• Application Fee?

• Early Admission Deadlines for Competitive Majors?


Now that your list in Naviance is updated and finalized, it’s time to work on the majority of your college applications:

 Complete Applications

 Submit Applications via Mail or Electronically or

 Participate in one of our Instant Decision Days for QCC

Your counselor will help you with the entire application process, however most of the responsibility is with you:

• Researching/Visiting Schools

• Finalizing Your List of Schools

• Coordinating Teacher Recommendations

• Completing and Submitting Applications


QCC Instant Decision Days!

• QCC Presentation

• December 16th – 9:00 am

• Overview of Programs and Majors

• Review of Application Process

• Free Applications Distributed! • Instant Decision Days

• January 13th and14th, 2016

• April 13th, 2016

On Instant Decision Days, you will:

1. Submit a Completed QCC Application (fee waived).


Accuplacer Exam

• Once you have been accepted to community college, you will need to register for the Accuplacer, a test that

determines your level of knowledge in:

• Math

• Reading

• Writing

• Every student who is attending college needs to take the Accuplacer or a comparable placement test prior to

enrolling in courses, as your test results will determine what courses you are able to take.


MassTransfer & Articulation Agreements

Considering earning your Associate’s Degree at a community college and then transferring to a four-year college to earn your Bachelor’s Degree!

MassTransfer Program

After completing your associate degree with at least 60 credit hours, you will be eligible to transfer into a linked MassTransfer state university or University of Massachusetts

campus with the following benefits:

Benefits Min. 2.0+ GPA Min. 2.5+ GPA Min. 3.0+ GPA


MassTransfer & Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between a

community college and a four-year institution. The benefits of these agreements are guaranteed acceptance from a particular community college program to a given major or program at the four-year


Some examples for QCC are:

• Business Administration – Assumption, Anna Maria, and Nichols College

• Computer Information Systems – Assumption

• Criminal Justice – Anna Maria, Assumption, Becker, Fitchburg State,

Umass Lowell, Westfield State

• Engineering – Umass Lowell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

• Hotel/Restaurant Management – Assumption, Johnson & Wales

• Liberal Arts – Becker, Clark University, Nichols College

• Nursing – Becker, Fitchburg State, Framingham State, Regis College,

Mass College of Pharmacy/Health Sciences


The financial aid and scholarship work begins in the new



• Complete once for all colleges

• Start after January 1, 2016

• Apply for PINs now

 College Financial Aid Forms

 National and Regional Scholarships

• Filing cabinet in the Guidance Office

• Listed in Naviance  Local Scholarships

• Applications will be available in Naviance and in the Guidance – February, 2016  Attend Financial Aid Night


 Your Counselor will be setting up small group and individual meetings with you beginning this week to plan your next


 Prior to this meeting, you should:

 Ask teachers in person for letters of recommendation (usually 2) and submit requests in Naviance.

 Continue finalizing your college list.


Upcoming Events!

College Essay Writing Workshop with the TRHS

English and Guidance Departments

• Thursday, September 24th from 2:15 – 3:15 pm in the


Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

Presentation on Financial Aid


Follow TRHS Guidance on Twitter!

• Be sure to follow our twitter account for updates regarding:

• College Representative Visits

• SAT/ACT Registration Deadlines

• College and Career Updates

• Scholarships!

• And More!




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