The Shamrock Scoop. Check out our F.A.C.E.S.: If you ever have information. share you may

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Mark Your Calendar…

♣ August 24 - 6th grade Bible Mass, 11:00 AM

♣ August 28 - Open House for grades 5-8 at 7:00 PM

♣ September 1 - Labor Day, no school

♣ September 9 - party

♣ September 11 - party dress down

♣ September 12 - Picture Day Shamrock Tidbits:

♣ If you ever

have infor-mation to share you may send submis-sions for the newsletter to office @stmarthasch no lat-er than each Monday at 12:00 PM for the upcoming newsletter. Principal’s Corner S T . M A R T H A S C H O O L

The Shamrock Scoop

August 20, 2014

Volume 4, Issue 1

Check out our F.A.C.E.S.:

St. Martha Core Values Founded in Faith Accomplished by Education Celebrated through Individuality

Embodied in Leadership Shared as a Community

St. Martha Core Values Founded in Faith

Accomplished by Education

Celebrated through Individuality

Embodied in Leadership

Shared as a Community

Dear Parents,

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time. The past four days have been terrific and the students have done an awesome job adjusting! Enthusiasm and expectations are high in hopes that this year will bring outstanding achievement in academics, in community spirit, and in affirming our faith in God.

We want to welcome all of our new families to our parish school and the following new faculty members:

Mr. Danny Atkins - 7th/8th grade Literature Mrs. Dana Bale - 3rd grade

Mr. David Baughman - 5th/6th grade Math Ms. Kari Haney - 5th/6th grade English/Literature Mrs. Alesha Jones - Music

Mr. Jonathan Perri - 7th/8th grade Math Ms. Jessica Thomas - Reading Resource

As always, your communication with us is very important. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or us whenever you have a question or concern, or need information.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year! Sincerely,

Cathy Guizio Kellie Hood Principal Assistant Principal

* Please be sure to check each page of the newsletter this week! There is a letter from Fr. Hamilton.


♣ Have you signed up for REACH Alert? If not, please do so right away as this is a vital

commu-nication tool to our parents. You do not have to sign-up every year! You may locate direc-tions on our website on the right-hand side of the page. We will be sending a test communi-cation out Thursday afternoon, make sure you are in on the action!

♣ The PTO earned $844 selling uniforms at the Used Uniform Sale this summer! That’s

fantas-tic! Thank you to all who participated in the sale!

♣ We are very excited to premiere our very own St. Martha Highlight Video! You may view this

video at We would like to thank Mr. Ruiz who put this video together. We are so blessed to have such talented individuals who share their gifts with us!

♣ Have you “liked” St. Martha Church and School on Facebook yet? This is the official

Face-book page for our entire campus, so don’t miss out, “like” us today!

- The Health Fair will be Friday, September 19th from 8:00-2:30 PM. Volunteers

are needed to assist with screenings and to escort groups of students. All volun-teers must have attended Honor Thy Child and have a background check on file at the parish office. If you are interested in helping, please contact Tina Walsh at 417-5499 or

- Mark your calendar for our first St. Martha Bearno’s Pizza night on September

10th! More information will follow.

This n’ That

Academics, Clubs and Extra-Curricular

• Please check your child’s Wednesday folder for a note from Art Around School


Welcome Back to School

Check this area weekly to keep up with Sacrament meetings, schedules and parish events.

ATTENTION: 6th Grade BIBLE MASS - 6th Grade students concentrate their studies on the Old Testament. This year all our 6th graders in the parish will receive their Youth Bibles at the 11:00 Mass on Sunday, August 24th. We will have a donut social in the cafeteria after Mass.

Weekly School Masses: Parents and Parishioners are encouraged to join the children for our weekly school masses. Wed. at 8:00 AM. Primary Masses- Pr.- Grades K-4. Intermediate/Jr. High-I/J- Grades 5-8. All School- AS

August 20 - Pr. Planned by 4D- St. Bernard September 3 - Pr. Planned by 4B- St. Gregory the Great August 27 - I/J Planned by 5P- St. Monica

8th Grade CONFIRMATION 2015-

Confirmation Date Announced: Friday, January 30, 2015- 7:00 PM - Cathedral of the Assumption with Archbishop Kurtz Students will be selecting Sponsors for Confirmation in the next two weeks. Information in Wednesday folders.

Parent/Sponsor Meeting- (not for students) - Thursday, Sept. 11, 7:00 PM in Church Confirmation Enrollment Mass - Saturday, Sept. 13, 4:00 PM Mass

8th Grade Servers’ Crosses will be presented at this Mass

Spaghetti Dinner for Candidates/Sponsors and families immediately after Mass Servers for weekend Mass:

Sat., 4:00 August 23rd Beau Becker & Taylor Pickerell Sun. 8:00 August 24th John Paul Klapheke & Justin Ogle 9:30 Mason Karrer & Nicholas Karrer

11:00 Gretchen Thomas & Matthew Graves


Isaiah: 56: 1 Thus says the Lord: Observe what is right, do what is just .

Catechism of the Catholic Church: no. 1807. "Justice toward men disposes one to respect the rights of each and to establish in

human relationships the harmony that promotes equity with regard to persons and to the common good."


Annette Bergamini Parish Catechetical Leader : ext 28 Jim Coyle- Evening Rel. Ed. Coordinator : ext 26 Helen Morgan- RE Administrative Assistant ext 43 Chad Bader- High School Youth Minister ext 34

Sports Ministry

Would you like to stay up-to-date on all of our Shamrock Sports Ministry happenings? Just go to the link below and join. You do not need to have a Team Pages account to join the site.

From the Parish Office

Page 3

Volume 4, Issue 1

Parish Catechetical Leader: Annette Bergamini

Boys’ AD: Tammy Beam, email: Girls’ AD: Amy Ackermann, cell: 599-9828, email:


August, 2014

Dear School Families,

It was so great to see many of you on registration evening. Plus, the smiling faces of your children bring life to the building. A school without children is a very sad place.

With the beginning of school, I again remind each and every one of you the core identity that we have here is St. Martha School. We are Catholic. Our first priority should always be coming to Mass on Sunday. Thus, I renew an invitation to place as part of your weekend schedule, time to come to Sunday Mass and worship God to-gether.

The number is 147. The last time I counted, that is the number of St. Martha stu-dents that came to a Sunday Mass. You might ask, why or how did you come up with that number? When the deacon was preaching, I was counting. With almost 400 hundred students, I ask that parents and grandparents make coming to Mass an im-portant part of the life. We offer Children’s Liturgy of the Word for our little ones at the 11:00 a.m. Mass. It is an opportunity for the kids to hear the Holy Scriptures on their level, and you as the adult are able to focus on the Mass without distraction. St. Martha Parish offers in financial assistance $70,000.00 to those who attend the school and are in need of some help in tuition bills. The bulk of the money is offered to those who are active in all aspects of the parish life: Sunday Mass, volunteering on a regular basis, fulfilling your sports ministry obligations without fail. We will again look at the families who requested assistance and having money that was not used by our first round of offering, and hopefully be able to re-distribute it. Please consider becoming more involved in the parish if tuition assistance is a priority to you.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Fr. Mark M. Hamilton


Dear Parents,

The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself as the new music teacher and to inform you on what we are going to learn this se-mester! I am very excited to get started on this new year and can’t wait to see what the students have in store!

My name is Alesha Jones and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal performance from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have studied music and theatre since I was young and know that it was a great outlet for me as a child. I hope to instill the same enthusiasm and excitement for the arts into your students. I have also been trained classically in voice and have taken 15 years of piano lessons. I do teach voice and piano on the side, after school and a letter will be sent out after Labor Day with more information.

This semester we will be going over an array of things involving music. Since it is the beginning of the year we will first be going over the basic fundamentals of music. Concepts such as rhythm, note names, tempo, dynamics and meter are just some of them. As was the case in years past, primary grades will also be preparing for the Christmas program. In junior high, we will move on to some music history and focus more on different genres of music. The junior high will do a spring production; there will be more information on that later on in the year.

I want my class to be as interactive as possible because I want your children to learn how to apply the things we have learned and see how they can be applied in our world today. Music is a beautiful thing and I think that even if you don’t have a natural talent for it, it can inspire you and enhance your learning in other subject areas. I will be asking for input regarding musical interests to contrib-ute to lesson content and encourage student engagement.

I would love any help when the Christmas program gets closer from parent volunteers, especially if you have a background in music and theatre. Please email me if you would like to be a part of it.

Thank you so much for your time and for your children! I am so blessed to work in a great school. I look forward to meeting all of you and a wonderful year.

Sincerely, Alesha Jones Music Teacher St. Martha School 502-424-5500

From the Music Department

Page 5




St. Martha

Fall Fundraiser is Coming!

Our fundraiser begins soon. But please don’t wait!

Order online now and get a jumpstart on prizes!

We will be drawing one lucky student at our kickoff assembly who has at least one online item sold be-tween now and then. It’s simple to do and many stu-dents earn the “Magic Number” prize level by getting at least 8 online sales right now.

Simply visit and use code

2515682 for our online store. Email the store link and

our unique school code, post on Facebook, and use the email campaign tools on the website to reach all of your friends and family!

What: This is our biggest and most important

fund-raiser of the year! We NEED your support!

Why: The monies raised will help to purchase

ad-ditional resources available for our new Reading series!

When: Kick-Off is Monday, Sept. 8th, 2014 Who: All students and families at St. Martha.

Prizes: We have a “Beary” Cool All-Star Cast of

Bear collectibles this year! Great prizes, drawings, and events are in store. Online sales count toward end-of-sale prizes so start now!




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