Car-Part Vendor List

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Car-Part Vendor List

A.P.T. Auto Parts Trading (7604) Aftermarket auto body and car parts

Aeromotive Services, Inc. (9142) Wire harness assemblies, connectors, and fuse boxes All Star Auto Lights – Florida (6804)

All Star Auto Lights – Texas (3838)

All Star Auto Lights – California (7235) OEM supplier of automotive lights and lighting products

Alltech Distribution (7690) Manufacturer and supplier of alternator, generator, and starter parts

Alumasal (8135) Used, factory original, alloy, rally, and stock wheels

At Pac Auto Parts, Inc. (8929) Auto body parts and TYC lights

Auto & Truck Electronics (3858) Electronic control modules

Automotive Alliance, LLC (6790) Late model foreign and domestic used parts

Automotive Parts International (9112) OEM parts for European Imports

Autotek Auto Parts (8272) Specializing in electronic automotive parts

BAAN Powertrain Corp. (7017) Automotive and light truck transmissions and transfer cases

Best AutoLite, Inc. (8631) Automotive lighting products


Blackburn's Hubcap & Wheel, Inc. (6373) Used and remanufactured wheels and wheel covers

Body Panels Co. (2694) New body parts

Brite Auto Lites (8730) New and used OEM headlights

The Bumper Doctor (8871) Remanufactured bumpers, paint, and installation

Brock Supply Company – Virginia (6870) Brock Supply Company – Texas (7743)

Brock Supply Company – Arizona (4993) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Bumper & Auto (8776) Steel and plastic bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, mirrors, and more

Bumper Exchange (6648) Automobile bumpers, guards, and grills

Bumper Warehouse (6661) Bumpers, headlights, grilles, mirrors, hoods, fenders, tail lights, and more

CPC Nissan Surplus (8912) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Car Parts Trader (8662) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Carhart Products (8448) Specializing in headlamps, taillights, cornering lights, etc.

Collins Collision Products (7973) Plastic bumpers, fan assemblies, mirrors, condensers, lamps, and wheels

Colorado Wheel Company, Inc. (8243) Original equipment rims and hubcaps


Dahmer Powertrain Inc. (5666) New and remanufactured engines

Diesel Auto Power (8718) OEM replacement parts, specializing in Dodge Cummins

Dorman Products– Arizona (7561) Dorman Products– Kentucky (8353) Dorman Products– Pennsylvania (8352)

Dorman Products – Tennessee (8351) Aftermarket parts and supplies

ETE Reman (6438) Remanufactured transmissions

Ed Rinke Parts (8975) New and used parts and accessories

Find-A-Part (8419) Quality New, used, aftermarket, and rebuilt parts for late model cars and trucks

First Element Auto Parts (8331) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Fond du Lac Bumper Exchange (8363) Aftermarket parts and supplies GP Automotive Products (8632)

Gandrud Auto Group (7732) Chevrolet, Nissan, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler parts and tires

Garo Auto Parts (7034)Power steering rack and pinions, power steering pumps, power steering gearboxes, and CV axles

Go Fit Auto Panels (7796) Body panels, bumpers, grilles, lights, mirrors, cooling, and accessories Cross Canada – Burnaby (7471)

Cross Canada – Calgary (7478) Cross Canada – Edmonton (7477) Cross Canada – Montreal (7473) Cross Canada – Ottawa (7476) Cross Canada – Quebec (7474) Cross Canada – Richmond (7472) Cross Canada – Toronto (6649 & 7470) Cross Canada – Trenton (7475) Cross Canada – West (6732)


Gold Star Bumper Recycling (8517) Recycled bumpers

Headlight Xchange (8535) Used OEM headlights

Hubcap Heaven Nashville (6381) Used wheels, wheel covers, and accessories

Insignia Parts Distributors (8201) Hoods, fenders, bumpers, lamps, radiators, mirrors, and more

iPart Automotive (8785) New OEM parts and reconditioned headlights

JA Aftermarket – Midwest (1396, 2749, & 8755) Aftermarket parts and accessories

Jae Enterprises, Inc. (6898) Wheel simulators, wheel trim, spoilers, body accessories, lighting, and more

JDM Engine Zone (8893) Engines, front clips, transmissions, and accessories

JLC Automotive Warehouse (8118) Reconditioned fuel tank filler necks and more

John’s Body Shop, Inc. (8654) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Kabele Truck and Auto Parts (2420) Specializing in manual transmissions transfer cases

Keystone Automotive Industries BC, Inc. (7298) Bumpers, body panels, radiators, condensers, lighting, and wheels

Lone-Star Automotive Lighting (9040) Interior and exterior automotive lighting

Lulu’s Auto Supply, Inc. (8687) Foreign and domestic collision auto parts


Matrix Radiators (9009) Aftermarket parts and accessories

Maxx Industries, Inc. (7111) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Miami Parts Depot (8878) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Mid America Wheel/On Site Wheel (9074) Alloy wheels

Midwest Distributors (8467) Transmissions, engines, transfer cases, and more

National Autobody Parts Warehouse, Inc. (8661) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Nexus Auto Parts (6562) Aftermarket parts and supplies

OE Reman Direct, LLC (8705) Remanufactured OE bumpers and collision parts

OEM Headlights (8819) OEM headlights, used or hard-to-find headlights and tail lights

OEM Lights (7938) OEM refurbished headlights, headlamps, fog lamps, and tail lamps

OEM Parts (7918) New parts and rebuilders

Original Equipment Recyclers LLC (7312) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Orio North America (9046) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Parts Brokers LLC (8937) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Parts Chain (7653) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Partsmax (6899) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Perfect Fit Group (2305) Aftermarket collision, hard and mechanical, and accessory parts


Powertrain Products (6785) Remanufactured, used, and surplus engines, transmissions, and more

Professional Parts Group (2381) Alternative collision repair parts and services Pro Wheels, Inc. (7822) New and remanufactured aluminum and steel wheels

RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – New York (8389) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – New Jersey (8390) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Indiana (8391) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Massachusetts (8392) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Pennsylvania (8393) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Michigan (8394) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – California (8395) RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Missouri (8396)

RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. – Maryland (8397) Remanufactured gas and diesel engines, light medium and

heavy duty manual and automatic transmissions, heavy duty differentials, transfer cases, and brand new medium to heavy duty starters and alternators

Sherman & Associates, Inc (6276) Aftermarket parts and supplies (no Canadian shipping)

Silla Automotive, LLC (8509) Aftermarket parts and supplies

S.O.S. Diagnostics (8373) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Speedometer Repair Guy (6589) Rebuilt speedometers

Sucher Tire (7964) Tire and OE wheel supplier

Sunbelt Radiators, Inc. (9107) Radiators, A/C condensers, and fan assemblies

Transmission Doctor (8165) Aftermarket parts and supplies

United Commerce Centers, Inc. (2075) New aftermarket collision parts


WH Wholesale (8200) Aftermarket parts and supplies

WBL Automotive (7667) Reconditioned automotive lighting, wheels, and replacement parts

The Wheel Pros (6499) Aftermarket parts and supplies Wheels and More (8239) Wheels and auto accessories

Winnipeg Wheel Works (8882) Wheel sales, repairs, modifications, and refinishing

Woodridge Ford Lincoln (8706) Aftermarket parts and supplies

Yamato Engine Specialists (7208) Engines, transmissions, parts, and more




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