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Academic year: 2021

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In addition to singing in the Chapel Choir, the Quiristers take part in the School’s choral society, known as Glee Club, performing major choral works in Winchester Cathedral, as well as making recordings, broadcasts and tours abroad. They are also well-known as a boys’ concert choir in their own right, giving numerous concerts, often for charities. Their singing has taken them to countries all over the world, including Austria, Holland, Spain, the Vatican City, the United States and Hong Kong. Since 1966 the Quiristers have been taught at The Pilgrims’ School, in the Cathedral Close, where they receive an excellent all-round prep school education. Quiristers regularly win music and academic scholarships to their senior schools, and often go on to gain choral scholarships to university.

The self-discipline, motivation and commitment absorbed from their musical training shape them into confident individuals with a keen sense of teamwork and a commitment to the highest standards - attributes invaluable in any walk of life.

T h e b e n e f i t s o f a

Quirister education

William of Wykeham, Chancellor of England and

Bishop of Winchester, founded Winchester College

in 1382, for the purpose of educating boys to

exercise leadership in society. He took as the

School’s motto the popular proverb, Manners

Makyth Man, to express his belief that a civilised

society relies for its future on good education,

founded on Christian principles.

From the School’s foundation the Quiristers have been central to this vision, as the Chapel and its daily worship are fundamental to his ideal. The word quirister, an old form of chorister, is now unique to Winchester College. The 16 boys, aged between 8 and 13, still sing the top line in the Chapel Choir, upholding a tradition unbroken for six hundred years.

Since the great Thomas Weelkes in the 16th century, and Samuel Sebastian Wesley in the 19th, the choir has flourished in more recent years under George Dyson, Sydney Watson, Henry Havergal, Christopher Cowan, Raymond Humphrey, Julian Smith, Christopher Tolley and now Malcolm Archer.

The Quiristers still have a cathedral-style routine of daily practices and regular services in the Chapel as part of the College Chapel Choir.

No other independent senior school in England retains its ancient choral foundation in this way.

U p h o l d i n g a


Manners Makyth Man

Secur ing a char itable future for Quir ister s

The Q Appeal

“The spiritual formation which the Quiristers receive is moulded by the matchless experience of singing great music in a great building, in the context of fine liturgy. The memory of this powerful combination remains with them all their lives.”

Malcolm Archer Director of Chapel Music

Winchester College makes a substantial contribution

to the costs of the Quiristers’ education at The

Pilgrims’ School, and also pays for related expenses,

such as instrumental tuition. This costs, on average,

£150,000 a year.

At the same time, aware that Quirister parents have to fund the remainder of the school fees for their sons, Winchester College and The Pilgrims’ School are supporting a fund to provide means-tested bursaries for talented Quiristers who otherwise might struggle to afford the Pilgrims’ fee. The Shedden Fund has been established, thanks to the generosity of various donors, to ensure that this wonderful and unique education is available to all talented boys.

The endowment required to help Winchester College secure the Quiristers’ future, and at the same time to build up the Shedden Fund, is £5 million.

The Quirister Appeal is therefore directed at these two objectives: 1. The Quirister Endowment Fund

2. The Shedden Bursary Fund

Whether you are a former Quirister, a parent or grandparent of a Quirister, a former member of the College Chapel Choir or Glee Club, or perhaps an appreciative listener, we are appealing to you to help us ensure the continuation of this great tradition at Winchester.


H ow t o m a ke a


To support either the Quirister Endowment Fund

or the Shedden Bursary Fund:

1. Contact Winchester College Society on +44 (0) 1962 621217 for credit or debit card donations

2. For donation forms go to www.winchestercollege.org/development 3. To donate securely online go to http://wyksoc.com and click the blue button If you require any further information about the Quiristers Appeal please contact Winchester College Society on the telephone number above. The English choral tradition is the envy of the world and part of our national heritage. At times of disaster and joy, day in and day out, it is there to enrich and nourish our hearts.

Many former Quiristers are professional performers, teachers and conductors: they are heard on radio and television, and in concert halls worldwide; they conduct youth orchestras, choral societies and opera in places ranging from Wandsworth Prison

to Covent Garden via Paris and Graz. Hilary Finch of The Times wrote that

the Quiristers have ‘a unique combination of alertness, happiness and real sense

of performance.’

“I am a great upholder of the quirister tradition in Chapels and Colleges. I believe that children who receive the benefit of training as choristers will be grateful to those who made it

possible. I know of the great opportunities that Winchester College has given to generations, and I wish Winchester

College every success in their appeal for support.” Sir David Willcocks

Former Director of Music at King’s College, Cambridge and conductor of The Bach Choir.




The Winchester Tradition

Music by composers associated with Winchester College Winchester College Chapel Choir

Directed by Malcolm Archer, Paul Provost (organ) Recorded in June 2009 and released in 2010.

1 Ascribe unto the Lord – Samuel Sebastian Wesley(14:56)

2 Hosanna to the Son of David – Thomas Weelkes (1:57)

Morning Service in D – George Dyson

3 Jubilate Deo(2:36)

4 Benedictus (5:21)

5 Lauds (Three Songs of Praise, No II) – Dyson(4:04)

6 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace – SS Wesley(3:49)

Missa Omnes Sancti – Malcolm Archer(16:48)

7 Kyrie eleison (3:31)

8 Gloria (Cantor: Jonathan Midgley)(5:39)

9 Sanctus (1:20)

10 Benedictus (2:20)

11 Agnus Dei (3:58)

12 O Jesu, King most wonderful – Jeremiah Clarke,

arr Paul Provost*(3:01)

13 I sing of a maiden (Treble soloist: William Docherty)

– Raymond Humphrey*(3:04)

14 A heart alone – William Cole*(4:00)

15 Jubilate Deo (tone v) (Cantor: Sam Oladeinde)

– Paul Provost*(3:45)

16 Domum, dulce domum – Malcolm Archer*(1:39)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C minor – Dyson(5:38)

17 Magnificat (tenors & basses)*(3:07)

18 Nunc Dimittis (Quiristers)(2:31)

* First recording, or first recording of this version

Winchester College Society

17 College Street Winchester SO23 9LX

Tel: +44 (0) 1962 621217 Email: development@wincoll.ac.uk www.winchestercollege.org Registered Charity No. 1139000


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