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From the publishers of and


Comprehensive coverage of America’s commercial and

financial litigation market

Benchmark provides general counsel at the country’s preeminent corporations, investment banks, and financial institutions with analysis of the best commercial and financial litigators and law firms in the United States. In addition to covering the national litigation market, Benchmark identifies the leaders in the antitrust, insur-ance, intellectual property, international arbitration, product liability, securities and white collar crime markets. Benchmark is a tool for lawyers or executives seeking experts in a particular field, a national powerhouse with exceptional bench strength, or a local leader in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.

• A US-based publication run from the New York offices of Institutional Investor and Euromoney’s Legal Media Group, the global market leader of business-to-business magazines, practice area and business law guides.

• Distribution to in-house counsel at US investment banks, financial institutions, commercial banks,

corporates and selected Fortune 500 companies as well as partners at leading litigations firms in each state. • Extensive research on America’s leading trial lawyers, commercial litigators and litigation practices of the top

US firms.

• The only guide to make the crucial distinction between the country’s national and regional litigation markets. • Available online at and

“It is clear from the quality, accuracy and integrity

of its information that Benchmark Litigation is

extraordinarily well-researched and objective. The

Delaware section reflects a deep and

comprehen-sive understanding of the local litigation


Daniel Griffith, Whiteford Taylor & Preston




What is Benchmark?

Benchmark offers new insight into the domestic litigation market. It is the only guide that reflects the true range and scope of litigation services offered in the US. Benchmark accounts for market realities, differentiating between national firms and local leaders, highlighting bet-the-company trial lawyers and outstanding behind-the-scenes litigators, and distinguishing expert generalists and practice area specialists.

Benchmark is the only guide:

• to focus exclusively on the US litigation market; • to distinguish between national and regional markets; • to identify attorneys with expertise in specific practice areas; • to interview judges using mediation organizations such as JAMS; • to conduct proper analysis of bench strength;

• to take into account the full range of litigators’ skills, not just courtroom success; • to use US-based researchers conducting face-to-face interviews.

Editorial structure

Benchmark’s unique editorial structure provides readers with an invaluable tool for understanding the country’s litigation market. We use four basic criteria to organize our review of law firms and litigation attorneys:


High-end litigation often requires a nationwide strategy, although local knowledge and reputation can be crucial to winning a case. Benchmark anticipates this distinction and structures its editorial in two sections: section 1, an analysis of national firms that handle complex cases anywhere in the country, and section 2, a guide to the local firms in each of the 12 US circuit courts of appeal.

Practice area specialization

Attorneys don’t like being pigeonholed. Some litigators practice in one specific area of expertise, but many – especially the country’s top go-to lawyers for bet-the-company cases – are generalists; they are equally capable of winning a patent trial and an antitrust case. Benchmark’s editorial structure reflects this essential distinction.

Litigation skills

A successful litigator does more than just win at trial. Benchmark’s editorial analysis will assess all the traits and skills it takes to be a good litigator. Our researchers will examine an attorney’s ability to strategize, write a per-suasive brief, conduct cross-examination, lobby on behalf a client, execute discovery and pre-trial procedures, negotiate effectively, communicate complex facts to a jury, and connect with a judge or jury.

Bench strength

Lead partners running a case are only as good as the team behind them, and most general counsel want to know about a firm’s bench strength. Our editorial team examines each firm’s credentials by researching clients’




New Products

Euromoney Institutional Investor is proud to announce new additions to the family of Benchmark publications: Benchmark Plaintiff; Benchmark Canada; and Top 250 Women in Litigation.

Since Benchmark was first published six years ago, it has experienced dramatic growth in popularity and in credi-bility as an unparalleled force in the industry, being the only legal handbook to focus exclusively on litigation in the United States. As Benchmark’s profile has been elevated among US litigators and in-house corporate counsel, the editorial team has been consistently soliciting feedback as to how we could provide even more comprehensive coverage of the US litigation market. We noticed a resounding demand for greater focus on litigation firms that represent plaintiffs and on firms with top female litigation talent. Benchmark Plaintiff and Top 250 Women in Litigation were launched to meet either demand and are designed as complementary supplements to the parent Benchmark Litigation guide; as well as serving as guides on the most complete picture of the US litigation market in their own right.

Benchmark Plaintiff adheres to the same methodology as the main litigation guide; covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. While some plaintiff-oriented firms and attorneys are ranked and editorialized in

Benchmark Litigation, this guide goes a step further in providing plaintiff lawyers their own separate editorial platform, highlighting firms and individuals responsible for bringing the cases that matter. This includes many firms not previously touched on in Benchmark Litigation; these firms were uncovered through targeted question-ing that specifically solicited peer feedback regardquestion-ing firms conductquestion-ing plaintiff work to any extent. This guide approaches the editorializing of the plaintiff capacity from a holistic viewpoint, encompassing firms and attor-neys who exclusively engage in the plaintiff practice as well as those who equally attend to matters in the defense and plaintiff capacities.

Top 250 Women in Litigation is the preeminent guide to featuring top female litigation practitioners in each state, plus the District of Columbia. Much of the research is based upon that conducted for Benchmark Litigation; however, the editorials in Top 250 Women in Litigation delve further into the careers of these leading women in their fields, showcasing their careers and casework experience. In addition, Top 250 features long-form editorial content touching on matters affecting women in trial law, such as work-life balance and career advancement. Benchmark Canada was developed to provide a forum for analysis of the Canadian litigation market of the same rigor and caliber as for the US Benchmark Litigation. In addition, US-based companies are increasingly finding themselves in Canada, trying and defending disputes. The rankings and editorials are divided on a provincial basis (with the exception of the Atlantic provinces, which have been grouped into one chapter) with all of the major provinces covered. The guide's results are the culmination of a four-month research period that allows our researchers to conduct extensive interviews with litigators and their clients. During these interviews we examine recent casework handled by the firms and ask sources to offer their professional opinions on litigators practicing within their province or practice area(s) across the country.




contact Benchmark editor Michael Rafalowich at To participate or inquire into the research process for Top 250 Women in Litigation, please contact Benchmark deputy editor and Top 250 lead writer Anne Szustek at To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Benchmark publisher Jonathan McReynolds at

Awards programs

Benchmark has launched two national awards series to honor the work of litigators: one each in the US and Canada, the nations covered by the Benchmark family of publications. The awards recognize the best of the best among the firms and litigators editorialized in the guides in terms of casework, practice-area work, and overall litigation acumen. The awards also note achievements on the part of firms with regard to pro bono work and diversity efforts, as well as for female litigators and for lifetime achievement. Additionally, there are awards recog-nizing excellence in litigation matters handled by in-house corporate litigation teams. The next US awards are being held in New York on January 31, 2013; the Canada awards in Toronto on February 5, 2013. To participate in the research or for general inquiries on the awards series, contact Benchmark deputy editor Anne Szustek at For sponsorship opportunities or table reservations, contact Benchmark publisher Jonathan McReynolds at




Methodology and submission guidelines


Firms and individuals cannot pay to be recommended in Benchmark. Recommendations come only as a result of (1) evidence of outstanding case successes in the last year; and (2) consistently positive feedback from peers and clients. Editorial submissions

A member of our editorial team should already have contacted you, asking you to provide us with information about the key matters your firm has handled in the last year. If they have not contacted you by February 1, please contact the editor, Michael Rafalowich at We need to make initial con-tact with firms by February 1.

Please provide us with:

i) a brief description of each case; ii) the party(ies) your firm advised;

iii) the main points of interest about each case (for example, did the case establish precedent? did it result in a very large award?);

iv) details of your firm’s main achievements and victories in relation to the case; and

v) the names of all partners that worked on the deal, including the lead counsel as well as junior partners. Interviews

From February to May 2012, the Benchmark editorial team will be conducting extensive face-to-face interviews with the country’s leading litigators, with general counsel at Fortune 500 companies, investment banks and other large businesses, and with judges.

The purpose of these interviews is to obtain an insight into who the country’s leading litigators are, and – most importantly, why they have obtained that position.

“I have always been impressed by the level of

depth and commitment that Benchmark utilizes

in selecting law firms and lawyers for its

publica-tion. I have had the privilege of participating in

this process. Benchmark is one of the first

resources I utilize in choosing counsel both

within and outside of my home state. Through

that process, I have been able to work with

many talented lawyers around the country.”




Give yourself the best chance to receive good editorial


Send us detailed case information …

Our journalists are constantly researching important litigation victories, but we are also interested in the intrica-cies of each firm’s litigation department.

Upon receiving our questionaire, please fully complete each section so that we have all pertinent information regarding your firm’s participation in major cases.

… and personnel information

As the process continues through the summer we hope you’ll keep us informed about the latest personnel moves and changes at the firm. If the chair of your firm’s litigation practice has recently changed or if your firm has just poached an entire specialist litigation team from a rival, tell us! We need your help to keep Benchmark as accurate as possible upon publication in September.

Make sure case information is relevant

However many cases your firm has won, we won’t have room to write about all of them. To make sure we write about the ones you feel are the most important, it helps us if you are selective. Please only submit information

on cases that you consider to be your best achievements of the past year.

As mentioned earlier, please also make sure you explain why each case, and your role in the case, was important. It might have resulted in a particularly large award, involved a complex legal issue, resulted in ground breaking precedent or implied any number of less obvious things.

All this type of information helps us to determine who the leading firms really are. Be available for telephone interviews

The more interviews we conduct about the market, the more accurate our analysis will be. During the tele-phone interviews with you, we can also double-check the accuracy of your firm’s editorial submission, which avoids mistakes such as misspellings of partner and client names.




Influence the most powerful buyers of litigation services

Institutional Investor’s outstanding reputation among, and relationships with, the world’s largest corporations, banks and financial institutions mean that we can access sophisticated channels of distribution.

Benchmark boasts unrivaled targeted distribution, which accomodates existing clients of participating lawyers and firms.

Benchmark is sent to:

• In-house counsel at US investment banks, financial institutions, commercial banks, corporates and selected Fortune 500 companies

• Partners at leading litigations firms in each state.

In addition to publishing in hard copy, Benchmark is available free of charge on the internet at and at

"Benchmark's overview of the Florida

mar-ket is spot-on. I'm impressed with the

quality of research and the thorough and

extensive job that their researchers have


Marty Steinberg, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod




By advertising you:

• Direct in-house counsel looking to outsource litigation work to your firm details and professional résumé to engage your services.

• Maximize potential for new business revenue by demonstrating your capabilities to our targeted readership and your nominated recipients.

• Make potential and existing clients aware of editorial coverage which independently highlights your abilities. • Use our unbiased recommendation to encourage those looking to retain counsel in your practice area to

con-tact you.

• Associate with the leading identifier of litigation expertise and therefore raise your profile.

• Make referral business possible by increasing awareness of your firm’s lawyers in unfamiliar jurisdictions. • Ensure existing clients are reminded independently of your abilities, confirming their decision to choose your


• Ensure your rivals don’t get a competitive advantage by receiving more press coverage.

• Become a member of the exclusive group of recommended firms and lawyers with biographical information included.

Firm listing – standard entry: US$5,950 Full page entry: US$7,950

Individual/biography entry: US$2,450 Display advertisements

Full page color: US$8,500 Inside front/back: US$12,500 Outside back: US$12,500




About the publisher

Euromoney Institutional Investor’s Legal Media Group has been publishing market-leading, in-depth magazines and directories covering the business law market for 18 years. Its publications have become the global market’s most respected studies of the top law firms and leading attorneys, and are an essential resource for general coun-sel at the world’s largest corporations, in-house councoun-sel at major banks and investment institutions, and mem-bers of prominent law firms.

The directories are researched, compiled and written by Legal Media Group’s extensive team of full-time, specialist journalists, based in New York, London and Hong Kong. The directories provide buyers of legal services with independent research and expert, in-depth analysis of the market’s leading practitioners, helping them to choose their legal counsel.







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