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PhD representatives Student Unions Housing Healthcare and sports Nations Social activities. Overview


Academic year: 2021

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• PhD representatives

• Student Unions

• Housing

• Healthcare and sports

• Nations


Your representatives


– Angeliki Adamaki (Geofisik)

– Kristina Conrady (Luval)

– Georgiana Maries (Geofysik)


– Angeliki Adamaki (Geofisik)

– Kristina Konrady (Luval)

– Georgiana Maries (Geofysik)

Arbetsmiljögruppen (Work environment group) – vacant

Jämställdhetsgruppen (Equal opportunities group) – Audrey Campeau (LUVAL)

Rekryteringsgrupen (Recruitment group)


PhD representation

Department Level Faculty Level University Level Union Level University Level

PhD Council Equal Opportunities Group

Recruitment Group

Work Environment Group

PhD Council (TNDR) → Faculty Board, Recruitment committee, Research Education Board etc...

You are here PhD Students Board (DN)


Student representatives at Faculty &


• Elected every year by all PhD-students in the department

• PhD-representatives homepage:


• Representing PhD-students at monthly board meetings


Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga doktorandrådet


• TNDR is the PhD students’ council of the faculty of science and technology (http://www2.teknat.uu.se/tndr/)

• Representatives from each department to TNDR are elected every year.

• Takes care of the rights and concerns of PhD students.

• Organizing social events (fika, PhD student afterwork, doktorandgasque, pub crawls, etc.)


Student Union(s)

• Elected by students, political student parties

• Representing students in University

• Questions e.g.

– Housing

– Study loans

– UpUnet-S

– Etc.

Uppsala Student Union Phone: 018-480 31 00 Fax: 018-480 31 29 E-mail: reception@us.uu.se Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Address: Uppsala studentkår Övre slottsgatan 7 753 10 Uppsala


Student Unions

• The situation as of July 1, 2010:

– The Swedish government has abolished compulsory student union membership. Membership is voluntary.

– Currently there are four student unions


• Uppsala Student Union (will serve as union until 2014)

• Pharmaceutical Student Association

• Uppsala Union on Engineering and Science Students


Student Union – PhD Committee

Who you can address in case of trouble

• PhD-committee

– Supervision

– Career options for PhDs

– Secure forms of employment

– Equality in the work place, i.e. the university

• PhD-ombudsman

– Problems with supervisor

– Problem with faculty or department

– Student- och doktorandombud | Student Ombudsman


Student Housing

• There is a shortage of housing in Uppsala, so a waiting period should be expected!

• Uppsala generally uses a Queue/Waiting List system – you must sign in to a website and begin accumulating “waiting list days”. One then applies for specific

apartments/rooms, and the person with the highest number of waiting list days is granted the


• Generally, the accommodation is of high quality with strict rules about cleanliness when previous tenants leave. You can accept an apartment/room without

viewing it first, because it is guaranteed to be clean and well maintained.


Student Housing

• Check this website to get more information about housing:


Student Housing

• To find accommodation:

– Heimstaden: No queue system, with rooms becoming available often. www.heimstaden.com

– Studentstaden: Queue system specializing in student housing. www.studentstaden.se

– Lilla Sunnersta: Newly build housing area 6km from town center with a queue system.


– Uppsalahem: Queue system for Uppsala. http://www.uppsalahem.se/

– Student Nations: Check your nation for

accommodation. Fixed dates and registering required.

– Studentboet. A list of second hand rentals organized by the Student Union. http://www.studentboet.se

– Other accommodation websites advertizing rentals: www.blocket.se, www.studentlya.nu, www.casaswap.com, www.unt.se



Buying an apartment!?

• If you know you will be in Uppsala for a few

years then buying a flat could be an option for you.

• It is possible for many PhD students to be elligable for a mortgage, depending on your circumstances.

• Can be a way to secure hassle free, perminant accommodation for your time in Uppsala.



Buying an apartment!?

• What to do if you want to buy a house

1. Talk to your bank to see if they will grant you a loan guarentee.

2. Find a house/apartment you would like to buy (http://www.hemnet.se/) and investigate by attending a viewing.

3. Put in a bid on that apartment.

4. If you win the bidding process you can then meet with the bank and house/apartment owners to finalise all the agreements.


Student Health and Sports

• Uppsala Studenthälsan – provides two services: Health Care and Exercise and Sports

Health Care is in addition to the public health care system – you can make an

appointment with a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or counselor. Studentkår membership and a receipt of payment of student fees are required.

• Check out the courses and workshops that Uppsala Studenthälsan is organizing (e.g. stress handling, concentration building, etc.)!

Feelgood is the official health-care organization for the university employees: http://www.feelgood.se/hem/

The Student Health Center is located at Övre Slottsgatan 7, 2nd floor. Telephone: 15 50 50


Student Health and Sports

• Uppsala Studenthälsan has two sports centers: Campus 1477 Science Park and


• They both offer aerobics, gym equipment, spinning, climbing and ball sports

• There is a membership fee to use the gyms. The

department supports sports activities financially.


Other exercise opportunities

• There are many other non-university gyms and pools in Uppsala, including

– Actic (http://www.actic.se)

– Fyrishov (http://www.fyrishov.se)

– SATS (http://www.sats.se)

– Friskis & Svettis (http://www.uppsala.friskissvettis.se/)

• Most of these places offer student discounts on membership fees


Social life and Student Nations

• There are 13 student nations, dating back to 17th century, forming

part of a long tradition.

• Each one is connected to a region of Sweden, however you can join any nation. You can participate in the activities of all nations once you’ve joined one.

• The cost is about 200 SEK per term, in addition to the union fee

• You can get brief info on each nation from here:

http://uppsalastudent.com/page/ nations



Why join a nation?

Okay, so you want to join a nation. Here is what you get out of it:

• Your student ID card (kårleg) – needed to get into pubs, discounts when with e.g. SJ and SAS

• You can also obtain the student ID card for free if you join the Student Union


Why join a Nation

Housing – most Nations offer housing with you can apply to (more on housing later)

Grants and scholarships – you can apply for various funding opportunities, for example to travel to a conference or do field work (more later)

Studying facilities, such as libraries, study rooms, computer facilities, etc.

Part-time employment is available at the pubs and restaurants

Different social, arts and sports activities. Clubs for any interest – orchestras, choirs, photography, wine-tasting, theatre, culture, dance, music, theology, etc.

Pubs, restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs (you MUST be a

member to get into most of these). International clubs with events organized for those students coming from abroad


Social Life in Uppsala

• For international students especially, it can take time to build up a social network in


• There are many ways to meet new people in Uppsala, especially through the student

nations, as already discussed

• Take up a hobby, find some activity to meet people, go out and see what’s around you…



• 30 april

• Champagne breakfast

• Boat race on the river

• Drink beer in the park at Ekonomikum

• Pointless hat-waving

• Champagnegalopp


Social Life in Uppsala

• Ways to meet people in our department include:

– T.G.I.F. (Friday pub held on a roughly monthly basis)

– the Christmas and Spring parties

– PhD students activities (organized by yours truly)

– Geologiska Sektionen


Working environment

• The department strives to achieve a fair,

comfortable and discrimination-free working environment

• If you have problems in your workplace,

please feel free to contact any one of us for assistance

• You should keep your working hours to

approximately 40 hours per week, keep track of what you spend time on, esp. when it


Any questions?


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