C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

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C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k



To start your online applications, please log in to http://ff.academicos.ul.pt/cssnetff. For the online application in English please click “EN”


Then please click “Candidaturas a Mestrados (diploma Estrangeiro) / Application to Master course (foreign degree)”


Image 1 -


Image 1


Next, you have to register, creating a username and a password. You have to click on “Register”

(Image 2 -



C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

2 To continue your registration process, please read and accept the terms and conditions outlined



Image 3 -


Image 3 – Terms and Conditions

3. Insert your data. The Username should not have spaces nor stresses and should be lowercased. After inserting your data please submit the registration (Image 4 -



C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

3 4. After this step, you will receive a request in the email address you have entered earlier,

asking you to confirm the registration (Image 5).

Image 5 – Registration E-mail


After confirming the registration, please click the “link” button (Image 6 -

) to activate your account.


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

4 6. You will receive the information that your account was successfully created (Image 7). Your

username and password enable you to make your application.

Image 7 – Username and Password

Useful Tip

If you wish to apply for more than one course, you will have to make as many registrations as the number of courses you choose. Therefore, you will have one username and one password for each application process.


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

5 7. After your successful authentication, you must answer to all mandatory questions for each

of the following sections. Please note that questions with an asterisk * are required.

Personal Information Validation

After you have completed all the information please click on “next” (Image 8 - )

Image 8 – Personal Information Validation

Schooling Level: please choose Licenciatura for Bachelor Degree; Mestrado for Master’s degree; Doutoramento for PhD

Identification Type: please choose Autorização de residência for Authorisation for residence; Bilhete de identidade estrangeiro for Foreign ID card; Passaporte for passport


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

6 8. Choosing the Master Course – Select the course you want to apply for (Image 9 -

) and

then click on “next” (Image 9 -


Image 9 – Choosing the Master Course

9. Personal Information – Fill in all the personal information. If you do not have a “fiscal number” (Image 10 -


please insert the number - 9999999990

Image 10 – Personal information

Marital Status: choose Solteiro for Single; Casado for Married; Viúvo for widower; Divorciado for Divorced; União de Facto for De facto Marital; Separado judicialmente for legally separated;


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

7 10. Candidate Status and Contacts - For “Residence address” (Image 11 -

) please type

the name of your country (could be in English) and for “Zip Code”


Image 11 -


please enter the following zip code - 9999-990. After you have completed all the sections please click the “next” button


Image 11

- →).

Image 11 – Candidate status and contacts

Employment status and professional: please chooseAluno, estudante for Student; Desconhecida, não tem for Unknown, don't have one; Desempregado for Unemployed; Doméstico, Outra situação for Stay-at-home or other situation; Reformado for Retired person;

Serviço Militar for Military Service; Trabalha por conta de outrém for Employee; Trabalhador familiar não remunerado for Unpaid family worker; Trabalhador por conta própria como empregador for Employer; Trabalhador por conta própria como isolado for Lone worker

Current Occupation: Please choose Agricultores e Trabalhadores Qualificados da Agricultura e Pescas for Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers; Desconhecido, não tem for Unknown, don’t have one; Especialistas das Profissões Intelectuais e Científicas for Experts in scientific and intellectual occupations; Operadores de instalações e Máquinas e Trabalhadores da Montagem

for Plant and machine operators and assemblers; Operários, Artífices e Trabalhadores Similares for Craft and related trades workers;

Pessoal Administrativo e Similares for Clerical support workers; Pessoal dos Serviços e Vendedores for Service and sales workers;

Quadros Superiores da A.P., Dirigentes e Quadros Superiores de Empresa for Managers; Trabalhadores não Qualificados for Elementary occupations; Técnicos e Profissionais de Nível Intermédio for Technicians and associate professionals;


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

8 11. Prerequisites (Application Fee) – In this step, it will be shown the application fee, which

bank details for payment will be available after submitting your application. You should just click on “next” to continue (Image 12 -


Image 12 – Prerequisites (application fee)

12. Application Documents – Here, you must upload all mandatory listed documents:

Carta de Motivação Letter of Intent

Documento de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) Fiscal Card (if you do not have this document please upload the identity card or passport)

Fotografia tipo-passe Photo

Documento de Identificação Identity Card or Passport

Certificado de Habilitações com disciplinas realizadas e média de conclusão de curso

Transcript of Records with final classification. The Transcript of Records should be recognized by the Consulate of Portugal of the home country of the candidatye or byApostille of the Hague

Curriculum Vitae máx. 2 folhas A4 Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages)

Documents should be preferably sent in PDF format (the maximum size for each file is 5024Kb). If the document is composed of several files, it is necessary to group them in a single file, using a tool such as ZIP.


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

9 To submit the documents you have to choose the document you want to upload.

Click on “Procurar” (Image 13 - ), choose the document and then click on “uplod”

(Image 13 -



After you have uploaded all the required documents, click the “next” button to continue (Image 13

- →).

Image 13 – Documents submission

13. Admission Form – This is the summary of you application. Please check if everything is correct. If so, click on “Finish” (Image 14 -).


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

10 Image 14 – Summary of you application

14. Application Summary - Check if everything is correct. If so, you should click “Formalize Candidacy” (Image 15 - ). If any information is not accurate, make changes needed. Click on “Change application information” (Image 15 - ):

Image 15 – Formalize Candidacy

Useful Tip

After pressing “Formalize Candidacyyou can access to your application process but you cannot change any of the information nor documents submitted


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

11 15. At the end of the process, you should download the following PDF documents:

a) Prerequisites Payments –the Faculty of Pharmacy bank details for the payment of the

application fee. Please click “download” (Image 16 - ). This document is visible in the image 17. If it is an international bank transfer please read carefully the instructions on image 17 (Image 17 - )

b) Application Proof –Please click “download” (Image 16 - ). This document is can be seen in the image 18.


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

12 Image 17 – Application fee


C a n d i d a t e H a n d b o o k

13 Image 18 – Proof of application

Useful Tip

You can access to the portal CSSnet to check the status of your application, which will evolve in accordance with the following sequential states. In case of any doubt regarding your application process, please feel free to contact us through posgraduados@ff.ul.pt.




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