CURRICULUM VITAE. Language Reading Speaking Writing. Serbian/Macedonian mother tongue. Sinisa

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Family name: Zaric First names: Sinisa


BELGRADE Date : from 1970 to 1974

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained Bachelor of Arts

Institution Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade Date from 1975 to 1978

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained Master of Science

Institution Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Institution Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade Date from 1979 to 2003

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained PhD

1. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing


2. Membership of professional bodies: SEMA ( Serbian Marketing Association ), EUROMED ( European Mediterranien Bussines Association ), Scientific Society of Economists …

3. Other skills: keynote speaker at numerous congresses and Conferences in Italy, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary, etc. Topics: Event management and marketing, Strategic marketing in tourism, product development in tourism, brand development and place management.

4. Present position: Professor at the University of Belgrade and Director of Center for International Studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Counsellor of the Adriatic Fair, Budva, Montenegro, Member of the various scientific committees,

5. Years within the firm: 34 / since 1976.

Key qualifications: Dr. Sinisa Zaric lectures on postgraduate studies at the University of Belgrade, Trieste (2005), Bologna (2005-2009). Lecturer at the University of Economics of Prague. Member of the Program Commettee of the Doctoral Conference at the University of Sheffield - City College.(three years in row).

For more than 10 years he was the CEO of the Belgrade Fair as well as the World Trade Centre in Belgrade. His consulting experiences include the managing of the SAM Agency in Belgrade /1989-1990./, Geopan Cultural and Trade Centre in Burgas (from 2001, as well as the Event Marketing Agency. An expert for event marketing and event management, combining rich personal experience with the most recent world achievements.


6. Recent publications:

Zaric, S. and Babic, V. (2012) "Management & Trust During the Global Economic Crisis: The Case of Serbia", Holistic Marketing

Management Journal, Bucharest, Romanian-American University Press (June)

• Grubišić, Zoran., Zarić, Siniša., Vuković, Darko. (2011): FDI Inflow in SEE Countries and its Consequences in the Context of the Financial Crisis. Proceedings of the 5th International Scientific Conference: Finance and the Performance of Firms in

Science, Education, and Practice, pp. 116-130. Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic. April 28, 2011. ISBN


Zaric S. and Babic, V. (2010) "Social Capital Influence on Global Economic Crisis" in: Chavdarova, T. et al. Markets as Networks (eds.) , Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press

Zaric, S. and Bianchi, M. (Eds) (2009) Development and promotion of local system to support innovative SME`s, Belgrade, Benian Ekonomik


• Zaric, S. (2010) "The Role of Amphitheatres as Venues in Modern Event Industry" in : Bianchi, M. , Del Bene, L. , Tampieri, L and Zaric, S. (a cura di) Bacini Territoriali E Bacini Culturali Nello Sviluppo Delle Piccole E Medie Imprese, Cesena, Il Ponte Vecchio

• Zaric, S. and Mitrovic, Dj. (2008) "Economic and Institutional Aspect of the Transition to the Knowledge-based economy in Serbia" in: Paraskakis, I. and Luneski A..(eds) Infusing Researchs and Knowledge in SE Europe, Thessaloniki, South East European Researche Centre


7. Professional experience

Date from - Date to

Location Company& reference person1 (name & contact details)

Position Description

2001 - 2010 Montenegro Adriatic Fair, Budva,

Cousellor Organization of events: trade events, seminars, conferences, special events,

Management consulting 2006 – 2008. Italy University of Bologna, Faculty

of economics, Forli, Piazza della Vittoria, 20

Lecturer Teaching, Bussines economics and marketing,

Member of the scientific committee of Master CESPEM

Participation in various conferences about the role of events in tourism

2007 - 2010 Italy Centro Studi sull'impresa di famiglia "Di padre in figlio" Milano

Advisor Team work with family bussineses,


2007 - 2009 Italy, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia

Interreg project ( Adriatic programme) SVILOPIM

National Project Coordinator

European project, see:

8. Other relevant information

- Member of the Steering Committee of the Union of International Fairs – UFI, Paris, 1997 - Member of the Board of Advisors “Who ‘s Who in Historical Society”, 2001., USA, - Member of the editorial board of the “Holistic Marketing Management Journal” Bucharest

- Member of a larger number of significant professional organisations and clubs, such as Scientific Society of Economists, Belgrade, - Author of the book “Sajamski praktikum” /2001/ – English title “Trade Show Manual”, editor and co-author of the book "Trade Shows and Positioning".

- Frequent guest of foreign companies as an advisor in creating corporate events as well as at the Universities and international conferences

- National coordinator and participant in EU project and project proposals

- Lecturer at ITA International TradeFair Academy, Berlin, Germany ( ) - Ex President of the Rotary Club Belgrade Old City




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