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Online Opportunities



Ad Type Dimensions Pricing (Net)

Intelligent Content Unit (ICU)

Super-sized ad unit serves as a “site within a site,” showcasing assets such as videos, white papers, social content feeds, and interactive polls

300x600 Includes up to 5 tabs/ assets and 1x ad build

$200 CPM ($10,000 minimum buy)

Wallpaper banner


(150x1050 on both sides of site, with 980 px gap)

$135 CPM Leaderboard Pushdown 728x90 (expands to 728x270) $135 CPM Interstitial Banner

Served once a day to each unique visitor, this banner allows your message to stand out from competing ads on the site

640x480 $120 CPM

Mobile Ad Units

Ad served to visitors of our site through a variety of mobile devices. Formats are expandable (upward)

320x50, 300x50, 216x36, 168x28 $100 CPM Top Leaderboard 728x90 $90 CPM Skyscraper 160x600 $90 CPM Big Box/Rectangle 1 300x250 $90 CPM Big Box/Rectangle 2 300x250 $80 CPM Bottom Leaderboard 728x90 $70 CPM

Grab the attention of our site visitors through ROS banner ads

Dynamic options for

eye catching ads.

) ) M M u ummbuuyy)) M M Leaderboard Big Box/ Rec Sky-Scraper

Digital Solutions

Big Box/ Rec



Online Opportunities



E-Newsletter Pricing (per send – Net rates)

Big Box/Rectangle (300x250) $2,000

Text Ads $1,500

Reach our most engaged users

The most cost-effi cient

way to push e-messages.

E-Newsletter (Pricing above)

Physicians Practice delivers three e-Newsletters per week featuring practice management tips and insight from our experts. This includes our weekly “Pearls” column, addressing the real world problemsfaced in practices with concise advice that can be shared with the whole staff.

Advertorial E-Blasts ($6,000 per send, Net) Featured 3x per week on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - advertorial e-blasts offer exclusive messaging targeting our full subscriber list of 85,000+ for the day. Vendor supplies HTML and subject line.



Digital Solutions

Online Opportunities



Live + 3 months Archive On-Demand 6 months Lead Guarantee* (no cap)

Supplied $21,000 $15,000 150

* Include UBM Medica-supplied content by one of our experts for an additional fee. Engage your target audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads through one of the Physicians Practice webinar programs:

Live Webinar +


» Product Announcements » Ask-the-Expert series » Press centers » Town halls » Corporate updates



» Expert presentations » Featured products » Service line presentations


» Lead capture

» Resources tab for additional sponsor-supplied assets » Audience development / marketing



Whether your goal is lead generation or brand awareness, Physicians Practice offers a variety of turn-key

content marketing programs to meet your needs.

Digital Solutions

Online Opportunities



A comprehensive resource on a single topic, drawing on content from Physicians Practice, as well as from across the web.

Programs have 3-month minimum and includes audience development tactics to drive traffi c.

» Exclusive (entire banner roadblock and 6 content links) - $7,500 Net/month » Multi-sponsored (banner and content links)

» Position #1 (780x90 and 3 content links) - $5,000 Net/month » Position #2 (300x250 and 2 content links) - $3,000 Net/month » Position #3 (160x600 and 1 content link) - $2,000 Net/month



Leverage your pre-existing materials with a dedicated landing page on the Physicians Practice site.

No-risk programs are performance-priced based on downloads of vendor-supplied content.

» Materials could include presentation decks, white papers, case studies, video programming and podcasts.

» Traffi c drivers will appear on and where appropriate, on relevant sites across UBM Medica. Dedicated emails will drive additional traffi c to the landing page.

» Pricing starts at $75 per lead ($3,000 minimum program)


Help practices navigate their most critical practice management concerns with custom created content.

Programs start at 6-months, with 150 leads guaranteed.

» Custom eBook or whitepaper created by UBM Medica on a topic of your choice.

» This enduring resource will be promoted throughout the UBM Medica HCP audience and will be gated after the fi rst viewed page of content for lead generation.

» Pricing starts at $15,000 Net

Physicians Practice offers a variety of additional customized digital solutions are available to fit

any objective and budget. Contact your account representative to explore options and pricing.



Online Opportunities



Align your company with Physicians Practice to provide objective, topic-specific news and developments leading up to, and during major industry events in 2016.

Digital Solutions


» BANNERS Rotated on for 2 months (60,000 impressions) » E-NEWSLETTERS Banner or text ad placement in 4 of our e-newsletters to our most

engaged subscribers

» E-BLAST Supplied HTML content, dedicated send to 85,000 opt-in subscribers » LEAD GENERATION Guaranteed 100 leads from a gated, supplied asset on

All 4 Options: $10,000 net (valued at $21,600) Banners/E-newsletters only: $5,000 net (valued at $11,400)


Sponsor coverage from HIMSS or MGMA with package that includes: » Banners and sponsored content links within show coverage area for 3 months » Banners on daily E-Newsletters during show to our most engaged subscribers » Dedicated 1x E-Blast to 85,000 opt-in subscribers




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