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Welcome to the municon...

Emerge into a new dimension of conference venues. Let us lead you through Germany’s largest and most modern conference centre.

From the plane to the conference room – it is only a few steps! Take advantage of this fascinating venue for your conferences, meetings, presentations and trainings for your clients and employees from all over the world.

In our state of the art conference rooms we offer you the latest technical equipment and in your break time in-between meetings feel free to relay in one of our three lounges or enjoy a business lunch in our “Bella Vista” restaurant.

We also cater around the airport area! From a romantic candle light dinner, over gate caterings to mega-events in one of the airport’s hangars – you name it, we take care of it!

Call now! We are looking forward hearing from you!

Best regards from the Munich airport!



the conference centre right in the Munich Airport!

36 conference rooms from 18m to 210m 2 lounges

Club-Lounge, Klassik-Lounge “Bella Vista” restaurant 150 seats

1 recreation room 55,00/day with bed, private facilities (shower, WC) and telephone

*) after 08:00 p.m. a service-supplement of 45,00/hour will be charged

**) Sundays and holidays a service-supplement of 45,00/hour will be charged.

Opening hours...

Mondays through Fridays 8.00 a.m.- 20:00 p.m.

(opening hours may be extended – according to agreement*)


Start communicating

Stocks and flight schedule checked? E-mails sent?

No problem in the




conference centre.

With your laptop and Wireless LAN: navigate through the internet wireless at the Munich airport.

You can send and receive E-Mails, important information or just surf for fun through the world wide web at high speed (data transmission frequency of 11 Mbit).

What do you need:

• A laptop with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP or PDA with Windows/CE/PalmOS • Wireless LAN.

• The access points accept all devices that are using "default" or "any" as network names/SSID. This is the standard configuration of a wireless LAN-card.

• Would you like to work in your company’s network? Please check your access codes to be able to pass your company’s firewall.

• We do offer you a W-Lan group access. (Please ask at the main reception)

Now start the browser and you are online!

Further information is available under www.munich-airport.de/air-lan


Please contact your provider

T-Mobile: Tel.: (0 18 03) 30 28 28 (9 Cent/Min. aus dem deutschen Festnetz) Swisscom: Tel.: (0 18 05) 90 11 09 (12 Cent/Min. aus dem deutschen Festnetz) Monzoon: Tel.: (08 00) 6 00 66 96 (kostenfrei aus dem deutschen Festnetz)

Security advice:

The Munich airport would like to point out, that by using Wireless-LAN – similar to the internet access via set telephone line – data may be read and altered by third parties (hackers).


technical equipment...

rear-projection (rooms C8 / K20/ K71) included in room rent video conference multipoint (room K26) included in room rent

(excl. telephone units)

video beamer/LCD projector 165,00

(in K13/K34/K72 fix installed and included in the room rent)

TV and VCR 60,00

overhead projector 20,00

slide projector 30,00

pana-board 30,00

presentation case 20,00

telephone, fax (1 unit) 0,30 photocopy black & white A4 p.p. 0,45 over 100 photocopies black & white A4 p.p. 0,40 colour photocopy A4 p.p. 0,80 copy on overhead projection film A4 p.p. 1,00 pen and notepad (included in Club rooms) p.p. 2,00 flipchart, magnetic board, pin board, projection screen

one included in room rent,



Your meeting lasts more than one day? You need a hotel room to stay over night? No Problem! There is a wide range of hotels at and around Munich Airport. Most of them offer a free shuttle service.

… directly at Munich Airport:

Kempinski Hotel Airport München *****

Terminalstraße Mitte 20 D – 85356 München Flugha fen Tel.: ++49(89)97 82 0 Fax: ++49(89)97 82 26 10 Mail: in fo@kempinski.de

Web : www.kempinski.de

Not even 5 minutes walking distance from your hotel room to your meeting room in the municon conference centre! With the Kempinski Hotel Airport München star architects Murphy & Jahn have created a piece of art with a spectacular hotel lobby where you can enjoy a drink under palm trees.

… in Schwaig (5 km from the airport): … in Freising (10 km from the airport):

ArabellaSheraton Airport Hotel **** CORBIN Feng Shui Business-Hotel Freising ****

Freisinger Straße 80 Wippenhauser Straße 7 D – 85445 Schwaig D – 85354 Freising Tel.: ++49(89)9 27 22 741 Tel.: ++49(8161)88 69 0 Fax: ++49(89)9 27 22 800 Fax: ++49(8161)85 68 1 Mail: airporthotel.muenchen@arabellasheraton.com Mail: in fo@corbin-hotel.de

Web : www.arabellasheraton.com Web : www.corbin-hotel.de

Quality Hotel Airport München / Schwaig **** Munich Airport Marriott Hotel ****

Freisinger Straße 77 Alois-Steinecker-Straße 20 D – 85445 Schwaig D – 85354 Freising

Tel.: ++49(8122)95 911 300 Tel.: ++49(8161)96 60

Fax: ++49(8122)95 911 999 Fax: ++49(8161)96 66 281 Mail: info@airport-hotel-schwaig.de Mail:

Web : www.airport-hotel-schwaig.de Web : www.marriott.com

nh Hotel München Airport **** Dorint Airport-Hotel München-Freising ****

Lohstraße 2a Dr.- von-Daller-Straße 1-3 D – 85445 Schwaig D – 85354 Freising

Tel.: ++49(8122)96 70 Tel.: ++49(8161)532 0

Fax: ++49(8122)96 71 00 Fax: ++49(8161)532 100 Mail: nhmuenchenairport@nh-hotels.com Mail:

Web : www.nh-hotels.com Web : www.dorint-hotel.de/muenchen-freising

… in Erding (10 km vom Flughafen):

Best Western Hotel München-Airport **** Tel.: +49(8122)99 90 0

Robert-Koch-Straße 10 Fax: +49(8161)99 90 100

D – 85435 Erding Mail: info@airport-muenchen.bestwestern.de


Conference Packages

Beverage Package

The package includes the following:

• beverages in the conference room and for coffee breaks (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice)

• cookies and fruit basked

at the rate of

18,50 per person

Conference Package „Economy“

The package includes the following:

room rent *)

• lunch in our “Bella Vista” Restaurant (excluding Beverages) • beverages in the conference room and for coffee breaks (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice)

• cookies and fruit basked for coffee breaks • technical equipment

(1 ov-projector, 1 flip-chart, projection screen, pin board, pen and paper)

at the rate of

65,00 pro Person

(starting from 20 pax)

Conference Package „Business“

The package includes the following:

room rent *)

• lunch in our “Bella Vista” Restaurant (including 1 soft drink) • beverages in the conference room and for coffee breaks (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice)

• cookies and fruit basked for coffee breaks

• morning break: 1 Bavarian butter pretzel and 1 pastry • afternoon break: 1 piece of cake

• technical equipment

(1 ov-projector, 1 flip-chart, projection screen, pin board, pen and paper, presentation kid)

at the rate of

78,00 per person

(starting from 20 pax)


conference soft drinks…

Adelholzner 0,25l 3,00 coffee (thermo flask) 13,50 orange juice 0,2l 3,00 tea (thermo flask) 13,50 apple juice 0,2l 3,00

ACE - drink 0,2l 3,00

Coca Cola 0,3l 3,00 biscuits per serving 6,50

conference service…

upon request we can arrange the following services for you: • translator

• security staff • VIP-service

• simultaneous interpreting equipment • decoration

• technical staff

• special technical equipment services free of charge:

• change of flight reservations • restaurant reservations


Snacks to be served in the conference room…

Small snacks

butter pretzel fresh from the oven 2,20 per piece butter pretzel with ham and cheese 3,20 per piece

croissants 2,00 per piece

small spicy croissants 2,10 per piece American sandwiches 2,30 per piece

smoked breast of turkey cucumber and egg

tomato and mozzarella cheese shrimp and dill cream

ciabatta (mixed) 4,20 per piece

garnished bread rolls 3,00 per piece Canapés various toppings 2,90 per piece

Milano Salami and Grana Padano cheese Smoked breast of duck and cranberry cream South Tyrol ham and cucumbers

Smoked salmon with crème fraiche Gorgonzola cheese cream and wall nut Brie cheese and wine berries

Parma ham and melon

Sweet snacks

small sweet croissants 1,70 per piece mini puff pastries 1,70 per piece fruit cake from the pan 2,90 per piece other cake from the pan 2,90 per piece

fresh fruit salad 2,80 per piece

fruit basket 17,00 per basket

yoghurt 1,50 per cup

fruit tartlets with exotic fruits 2,20 per piece selection of muffins, doughnuts, brownies 3,50 per serving selection of cut fruit 3,10 per serving mini biscuit-cream-rolls 2,60 per serving puff pastry cream cake 2,60 per piece yoghurt-mango petit fours 2,60 per piece

Wecome coffee: __________ Uhr Coffee breake: __________ Uhr

Lunch : __________ Uhr


Finger food

Make your own choice. For groups starting from 20 pax you may select your own finger food buffet from the items listed below:

satay sticks with sweet and spicy dip 1,50 per serving chicken wings with BBQ sauce 1,80 per serving king prawn fried in olive oil 2,00 per piece vegetarian mini spring roll 2,00 per serving deep fried mozzarella sticks 2,00 per serving chilli poppers 3,00 per serving deep fried onion rings 1,50 per serving sea food deli Dim Sum 2,80 per serving crunchy shrimp 1,80 per piece mini Bavarian white sausage 0,90 per piece

mini quiche 1,00 per piece

deep fried Brie cheese 1,20 per piece

Hot snacks

goulash soup 3,90 per serving potato soup with sausages 3,50 per serving tomato soup with basil 3,00 per serving pan cake soup 2,80 per serving 2 piece of Bavarian white sausages

with sweet mustard and pretzel 5,50 per piece 1 pair of Frankfurter sausages


breakfast and coffee break packages….

continental breakfast

coffee, tea

bread and bread rolls

butter, jam and honey 6,00 per person

extended continental breakfast

coffee, tea

bread and bread rolls butter, jam and honey

sausages, ham and cheese platter 7,60 per person

breakfast „municon“

coffee, tea

bread and bread rolls butter, jam and honey

sausages, ham and cheese platter

boiled egg 10,00 per person

French breakfast

coffee, tea,

croissants, butter and jam 6,90 per person

fitness coffee break

coffee, tea, fresh fruit salad yoghurt

cake 7,60 per person

„A piece of heaven“ coffee break

coffee, tea, fruit tartelettes chocolate mousse

mini puff pastry 8,50 per person

fresh orange-, multi vitamin- and grapefruit-juice 4,00 per glass 0,2l only at pre order (at least 2 working days prior to the event), minimum 1 litre per juice


„Bella Vista“ restaurant ...

...let us pamper you!

Enjoy our lunch buffet offering a wide range of national and international specialities – all you can eat.

lunch buffet 25,00 per person

Beverages served in the

“Bella Vista” restaurant…


Martini bianco 5cl 3,30

Campari 4cl 3,50


Prosecco Mionetto Spumante 0,75l 25,00 Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 0,75l 70,00


Erste and Neue w hite burgundy 0,25l 5,70 Fabiano valpolicella 0,25l 5,70

If you whish to have bottled wine 0,75l, please do not hesitate to ask our service staff. They will be happy to assist you with the selection.



San Pellegrino mineral water 0,75l 6,00 Adelholzener still mineral water ( without gas) 0,25l 3,00 Coca Cola 0,3l 3,00 Coke light 0,33l 3,00 Apple juice Pago 0,2l 3,00 ACE-Drink Pago (Vitamin Drink) 0,2l 3,00 Orange juice Pago 0,2l 3,00


König Pilsener (Pils) 0,3l 2,80 Hofbräu Helles (Lager) 0,5l 2,80 Erdinger Weißbier (Wheat) 0,5l 3,50 Lö wenbräu alkoholfrei (Alcohol free) 0,33l 2,80

HOT BEVERAGES espresso 2,20 espresso double 3,50 cup Cappuccino 2,80 cup Coffee 2,50 mug milk-coffee 3,40 serving tea 3,80 mug hot chocolate 3,20 latte macchiato 3,40


Ramazotti 30% 2cl 2,60 Schnaps 38% 2cl 2,50 Beefeater Gin (Miniatur) 40% 5cl 3,80 Cognac Hennessy (Miniatur) 40% 3cl 4,30 Glenfiddich Single Malt (Miniatur) 40% 5cl 5,80 Roner Grappa Gold (miniatur) 40% 3cl 2,80


Overview off all the outlets run by the

Allresto GmbH company…

We are looking forwart to your reservation.

Café Treffpunkt Self service restaruant in the “Z“-central area. level 03

More than 20 bars, catering deliveries, party service, …

municon conference centre with its „Bella Restaurant”

The Airbräu restaurant, our Bavarian micro brewery in the MAC, and the Airbräu “Tenne” our restaurant hall holding up to 250 pax “Z”-central area, level 03

Ristorante Il Mondo the top class Italian restaurant with view off the apron located in Terminal 1 module B, levels 06/07

Käfer Bistro Terminal 1: quality as a passion! Module A, level 04 (public area)

Burger King - the American way of life. Fast food restaurant in the MAC, level 03;

Airbräu next to Heaven, the „little brother“ in the transit-area of Terminal 2, level 05 (non Schengen)

Käfer Bistro Terminal 2: you will find the cosy atmolphere of Käfer also in the new terminal. Transit-area, level 04


Piazza Monaco: the self-service restaurant with Italian flair. Terminal 2, transit-area, level 04;


General Terms and Conditions of Business Events

1a. Optional dates are binding for both parties in the contract. Municon conference centre reserves the right to let the rooms to third parties after the optional date has passed.

1b. The written consent of the conference centre is necessary for the subletting or letting to third parties of rooms, display cases or surfaces. 2. The organiser of the event/the client can withdraw from the contract by written announcement 22 business days before the beginning of

the event. If the cancellation takes place after this delay, the Municon conference centre will charge the usual rental price, if the letting the third parties proves impossible.


The claims at present are as follows:

More than 30 days prior to the event 20% of the allocation rate 30 – 14 days prior to the event 50% of the allocation rate

03 – 13 days prior to the event 80% of the allocation rate

less than 3 days prior to the event 100% of the allocation rate

It is up to the discretion of the Municon conference centre to post additional charges from up to 35% Percent of ordered F&B turnover.

If the rate for the food turnover has not been definitely fixed, the minimum price applicable at the time for a lunch buffet times the number of persons is the basis of calculation. In case of pre-ordered conference packages the above mentioned percentage are multiplied by the price of the conference package and the number of persons

3. A reduction in the number of participants of a lunch buffet must be notified to the service 72 hours in advance, as otherwise the original number of seats is billed.

4. Different or collateral agreements need to be in writing.

5. The provision on use of decoration materials and other items must receive the consent of the conference centre. All decoration materials must conform fire regulations. All items provided must be collected within 2 days after the end of the event, as otherwise the Municon conference centre reserves the right to have them disposed at the client’s cost.

6. The Municon conference centre can not be held for the loss of or damage to self supplied items, unless the damage was caused wilfully or through gross negligence by the staff of the conference centre.

7. The organiser/the client is liable for the payment for additional services as well as for loss damage caused by his employees, helpers or the participants.

8. If the conference centre has good reasons of business, doubts about the safety precautions take by the organiser/client or is concerned about the good reputation of the Municon conference centre and in case of major force, the conference centre may withdraw from the contract without being liable for any damages to the organiser/client.

9. All Services provided by the conference centre may only be made use of according to the terms of agreement.

10. The provision of food and beverages by the organiser/client requires the written agreement by the Municon conference centre. A corkage or service charge will be fixed.

11. The Municon conference centre guarantees that a change in rates is excluded during 4 months following the agreement. The conference centre reserves the right to increase rates after this period of time.

Prices are inclusive VAT. A possible rise of the VAT after the agreement is concluded is borne by the client.

12. Bills are payable within 14 days from their date without deductions.

13. As far as the conference centre provides technical or other services by third parties, or has them provided by third parties, it only acts in the name and for the account of the organiser. The organiser is responsible for the correct use and return of these appliances and exonerates the conference centre of all claims by third parties arising out of this use.

14. If the client is not identical with the organiser, they are liable jointly and severally.

15. Newspaper advertisement, invitations for presentations or sales events need the prior written consent and if substantial interests of the Municon conference centre.

16. In the case of events being prolonged after 20.00 p.m. the Municon conference centre will calculate a service charge per hour (please refer to current price list for rates).

17. Rooms can be changed.

18. If individual items of terms and conditions of business events should become inapplicable or changed, this does not impair the applicability of the remaining items.

19. The terms and conditions of business are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Munich.





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