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Near Field Optics

edited by

Dieter W. Pohl

IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, Switzerland


Daniel Courjon

Laboratoire d'Optique P.M. Duffieux, Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France


Kluwer Academic Publishers

Dordrecht / Boston / London


Table of Contents

Preface xi Group Photo xii Glossary of Acronyms xiii


D.W. Pohl

"Some Remarks on the History of Near-Field Optics" 1

Screened Tip Techniques (Aperture Microscopy)

E. Betzig

"Principles and Applications of Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)" 7 R. Kopelman, W. Tan, Z.-Y. Shi and D. Birnbaum

"Near Field Optical and Exciton Imaging, Spectroscopy and Chemical Sensors" 17 M. Vaez-Iravani and R. Toledo-Crow

"Amplitude, Phase Contrast, and Polarization Imaging in Near-Field Scanning Optical

Microscopy" 25 T. Hartmann, R. Gatz, W. Wiegräbe, A. Kramer, A. Hillebrand, K. Lieberman,

W. Baumeister and R. Guckenberger

"A Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope (SNOM) for Biological Applications" 35 P.J. Moyer and M.A. Paesler

"Reflection Shear Force/Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)" 45 D.W. Pohl, D. Courjon, С Bainier, A. Dereux and H. Heinzelmann

"Optical Tunneling through an Adjustable Liquid Metal Gap" 51

Unscreened Tip Techniques

F. De Fomel, E. Bourillot, P. Adam, L. Salomon, G. Chabrier and J.P. Goudonnet

"Recent Experimental Results with the PSTM: Observation of a Step on a Quartz Surface.

Spatial Spectroscopy of Microwaveguides" 59 F. Baida, D. Courjon and G. Tribillon

"Combination of a Fiber and a Silicon Nitride Tip as a Bifunctional Detector, First Results

and Perspectives" 71 M.H.P. Moers, R.G. Tack, O.F.J. Noordman, F.B. Segerink, N.F. van Hülst and B. Böiger

"Combined Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope using

Silicon Nitride Tips" 79 M. Spajer and A. Jalocha


С. Bainier, S. Leblanc and D. Courjon

"Scanning Tunneling Optical Microscopy: Application to Very Low Relief Objects" 97 H. Hon

"Quantum Optical Picture of Photon STM and Proposal of Single Atom Manipulation" ... 105 C.L. Jahnke and M.A. Paesler

"Low Temperature Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscope" 115 Optical Forces

O. Marti and V.l. Balykin

"Light Forces on Dielectric Particles and Atoms" 121 M. Ohtsu, S. Jiang, T. Pangaribuan and M. Kozuma

"Nanometer Resolution Photon STM and Single Atom Manipulation" 131 L. Malmqvist and H.M. Hertz

"Scanned Probe Optical Microscopy Using a Non-Intrusive Probe" 141 Theory

J.P. Vigneron

"Theory of Evanescent and Radiative Fields" 147 D. Van Labeke and D. Barchiesi

"Theoretical Problems in Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy" 157 D. Barchiesi and D. van Labeke

"Scanning Tunneling Optical Microscopy (STOM): Theoretical Study of Polarization

Effects with Two Models of Tip" 179 A. Dereux and D. Pohl

"The 90° Prism as a Model SNOM Probe: Near-Field, Photon Tunneling, and Far-Held

Properties" 189 Ch. Girard, X. Bouju and A. Dereux

"Optical Near Field Detection and Local Spectroscopy of a Surface: A Self-Consistent

Theoretical Study" 199 F. Pincemin, A. Sentenac and J.-J. Greffet

"Near Field Scattered by Subsurface Particles" 209 A. Roberts

"Theoretical Considerations Associated with Near-Field Scanning by Subwavelength

Apertures" 221 O. Keller, S. Bozhevolnyi and M. Xiao

"On the Resolution Limit of Near-Field Optical Microscopy" 229 J.M Vigoureux

"Emission and Absorption of Light by Electrons or Atoms in Optical Near Fields" 239 U. Schollwöck and H. Wagner



Plasmons in Near-Field Optics

U. С. Fischer

"The Tetrahedral Tip as a Probe for Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy" 255 T.J. Silva and S. Schultz

"Development of a Scanned Near-Field Optical Microscope for Magneto-Optic Kerr

Imaging of Magnetic Domains with 10 nm Resolution" 263 J.D. Pedamig, M. Specht, W.M. Heckl and T.W. Hansen

"Scanning Plasmon Near-Field Microscope" 273 H. Bielefeldt, B. Hecht, S. Herminghaus, J. Mlynek and O. Marti

"Direct Measurement of the Field Enhancement Caused by Surface Plasmons with the

Scanning Tunneling Optical Microscope" 281

Instrumental Techniques

M.A. Paesler, E.L. Buckland, P.J. Moyer and B.I. Yakobson

"Sensing Tip Morphology in Scanning Optical Microscopes" 287 P. Tomanek

"Fiber Tips for Reflection Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy" 295 H.-U. Danzebrink and U. C. Fischer

"The Concept of an Optoelectronic Probe for Near-Field Microscopy" 303

Near-Field Infrared Microscopy

A. Piednoir, F. Creuzet, С Licoppe and F. De Fomel

"First Specifications of a PSTM Working in the Infrared" 309 F. Keilmann and R. Merz

"Far-Infrared Near-Field Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems" 317

STM and Light

С Baur, В. Koslowski, R. Möller and К. Dransfeld

"Tunneling with Coupling to Surface Plasmons" 325 J.K. Gimzewski, R. Bemdt, R.R. Schüttler, A.W. McKinnon, M.E. Weiland, T.M.H. Wong,

Ph. Dumas, M. Gu, S. Syrykh, F. Salvan and A. Hallimaoui

"Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy" 333 P. Johansson, R. Monreal and P. Apell

"Calculation of Resonantly Enhanced Light Emission from a Scanning Tunneling

Microscope" 341 LI. Smolyaninov

"Light Emission from the Tunnel Junction of the STM. Possible Role of the Tcherenkov

Effect" i 353 S.F. Alvarado

"A Technique for the Observation of Magneto-Optical Effects with Nanometer



Related Techniques D. Maystre

"A New Kind of Surface Wave: The Localiton" 367 M. Neviere and P. Vincent

"Diffraction Gratings as Components for Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscope Image

Interpretation" 377 O. Keller

"Optical Near-Field Interaction: On the Local Field inside a Quantum Tip" 379 M. Hrynevych, D.J. Butler, K.A. Nugent and A. Roberts

"A Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy with Optical Distance Control" 391 A. Korpel, S. Samson and K. Feldbush

"Progress in Vibrating Stylus Near Field Microscopy" 399 A. De Marco, R. Micheletto, A. Trabucco and P. Violino

"Development of a New Optical Tunneling Microscope" 407

Subject Index 411 Author Index 417





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