Bellevue Public Schools Attention Greg Boettger 1600 Highway 370 Bellevue, Nebraska Wide Area Network Proposal Cover Sheet






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Bellevue Public Schools Attention Greg Boettger

1600 Highway 370 Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

Wide Area Network Proposal Cover Sheet

The Bellevue Public Schools is currently accepting proposals for a district-wide fiber network and service to this network. This network will connect a total of 21 buildings to a single data center located at the Welcome Center and connect to the Educational Service Unit #3. The proposal will be in two parts. Part one will be for the build of the fiber network and Part two will be for the internet service provided. Instructions for Proposal:

All proposals shall be delivered with this cover sheet attached in a sealed envelope no later than Friday Dec 7th, 2012 by 5:00 p.m. central standard time. Please have delivered to the address above.

Bellevue School District is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap. Utilization of any agency for goods and services is predicated upon its adherence to a similar policy of nondiscrimination and affirmative action.

I, nor the firm, corporation, or partnership represented by signature on this Proposal, nor anyone acting for such firm, corporation, or partnership, have communicated directly or indirectly concerning this proposal, to any competitor or any other person engaged in such line of business, nor have I entered into collusion with other prospective vendors in restraint of freedom of competition by agreeing to quote at a fixed price or to refrain from quoting, or otherwise in restraint of freedom of competition by agreeing to quote at a fixed price or to refrain from quoting, or otherwise.

Name of Vendor_______________________________ Main Contact__________________ Signature____________________________________

Service Provider Information Number______________ Address_____________________

City________________________ State_______________________ Zip_________________________ Phone______________________


Instruction To Bidders

● Bids should be delivered in a sealed envelope with attention Greg Boettger Director of Technology by date above

● Any interpretation, correction or change in the bidding documents will be made by addendum

● Proposals will be accepted for services that are E-Rate eligible

● Submission should have the service provided information number (SPIN) ● Vendor understands that the contract can be up to a 10 year cycle

● All questions should be sent to . An addendum will be added to the RFP and reposted on the website with questions answered

Part 1 Fiber Wide Area Network build

Bellevue Public Schools is soliciting competitive bids for a fiber wide area network. The bids are to be for a lease option and should be e-rate eligible. The bids will be given without E-rate discounts applied. The expectation of the final product will need to minimally meet the following guidelines

● Turn key approach including all equipment ● One-gig port at all locations

● All fiber will be brought to each location, connected and lit by bidder as per e-rate


● The district fiber should be vendor agnostic in that the District should be able to use

standard networking equipment at each locations

● All proposals should assume a layer three switch at each location and a layer three switch at the core

● The contract length of term will be up to 10 years ● All permits will be the sole responsibility of the bidder

● Include a map of all lines and connections across all our schools and to esu3

● Include a portal that allows quick access to reports and information on bandwidth usage at each location. These reports should be available internally and immediate.

● Should allow for changes in bandwidth to take place within 24 hours

● 1 gig interface to all locations with 1 gig available access at all locations within 24 hours if needed.

● Should allow all traffic from Bellevue Public Schools to utilize a central data center at the Welcome Center.

● Build should be able to be complete at the earliest date of 9/1/2013 up to the latest date of Jan 1, 2014. The completion date will be worked out with the winning bidder


This is the suggested network diagram for the build. The Welcome Center is the Data center that all schools will be directed to. This suggested network diagram is to be used for bidding purposes only. The district will work with the selected business to make final decisions about network design and infrastructure.


Part 2 for Internet service

The internet service to the Welcome center should be bid out for the following bandwidths. 1. 200 meg

2. 500 meg 3. 1 gig

Bellevue Public Schools should have availability to network statistics on an immediate basis. Training to run these reports must be provided on site as well.

Listed in the chart below is the starting Bandwidth for each location. Each location is listed as 1 G.

All services should be e-rate eligible.

SCHOOL ADDRESS (all at Bellevue, Ne) Except


Starting Bandwidth

ESU3 6949 So. 110th st Omaha 1 G

Welcome Center 1600 Highway 370 1 G

Bellevue East High School 1401 High School Dr 1 G

Bellevue West High School 1501 Thurston Ave 1 G

Lewis And Clark Middle School

13502 S 38th St 1 G

Logan Fontenelle Middle

School 701 Kayleen Dr 1 G

Mission Middle School 2202 Washington St 1 G

Avery Elem 2107 Avery Rd 1 G

Bellevue Elem 12001 Timberridge Dr 1 G

Belleaire Elem 1200 W. Mission Ave 1 G

Bertha Barber Elem 1402 Main St 1 G

Betz Elem 605 W. 27th Ave 1 G

Birchcrest Elem 1212 Fairfax Dr 1 G

Central Elem 510 W. 22nd Ave 1 G


Fort Crook Elem 12501 S 25th St 1 G

LeMay Elem 2726 Kennedy Dr 1 G

Leonard Lawrence Elem 13204 S 29th St 1 G

Peter Sarpy Elem 2908 Vandenberg Ave 1 G

Twin Ridge Elem 1400 Sunbury Dr 1 G

Two Springs Elem 3001 Spring Blvd 1 G

Wake Robin Elem 700 Lincoln Rd 1 G

CHAP Center 1201 Gregg Road 1 G

Question that need to be answered in proposal

1. Will fiber network be e-rate eligible now and after the initial 10 year contract? If not, please explain the rationale for the service proposed.

2. Is the network a subscribed service or a non-subscribed service (shared or non-shared lines?)

3. Will the vendor supply an SLA (Service Level Agreement) on the fiber and if so, please provide a copy of a standard SLA that has been used with other customers?

4. Can the vendor supply a map with all fiber routes to every building for Bellevue Public Schools?

Evaluation Method

The following will be used to evaluate each proposal 1. Price for build and price for service

2. Does the proposal meet all the guidelines listed in Part 1 and Part 2

3. Are all aspects of the build and service e-ratable and if not, please explain and include cost to district in the proposal.

4. The answers to the last four questions.

5. Provide examples for three similar projects with contact information. School districts are preferred.

6. During the evaluation of the proposals, the district may require clarification of information or may invite selected vendors to an oral presentation to amplify and or validate


Addendum 1 Sept 28

1. On this Fiber build out……do you want a homerun from each school back to the Welcome center/Data center?. This is the suggested and preferred build but not required. We need a route back to the data center from every location.

2. Do you want a ring configuration between schools? Is it possible to have a combo between both homerun/ring topology? The build decision in not in concrete that is has to be a “Spoke and Hub” configuration. This would be the best solution for us and the preferred build for all pieces of the network for Bellevue Public Schools, but we will look at all proposals and configurations as long as everything is e-rate eligible.

3. On the networking side……is BPS going to choose the network equipment or is that left up to each vendor? Is the fiber build out at the discretion of the vendor? The

networking equipment is left up to the vender as long as it easily interfaces with any or all of the rest of our networking equipment. The fiber build out is at the discretion of the vender, as long as all components of Part 1 and Part 2 are met. 4. Is the lease option for the equipment only or do you want bandwidth costs to each

location factored in as well? Bandwidth seems to be part 2 of the build-out. Yes. Both equipment and bandwidth cost to each location.

5. Are there schools that are considered support centers for other schools within the district? Yes, on the “campus of the Welcome Center, there are the Lied Center, Service Center and Transportation facilities. All these buildings currently have fiber run to them.

6. Are the speeds given in Part 2 of the RFP the connectivity to the Welcome Center? You referenced internet vs. a WAN connection. Please clarify.. Yes, to the welcome Center 7. Isn’t internet handled through ESU? No, not like the normal school district. We pay

Windstream for all out Internet for Staff and our students are filtered through ESU. 8. We want to make sure that the speeds requested in 2 separate locations in the RFP are

the same. In one spot you have the speed designated as “MG” in the leg requirements, and in the internet section it shows as “meg”. Could we get clarity on this? Are you looking at Mb? Yes Mb on all.

9. I also wanted to add what type of fiber did you want quoted…..single mode or multi-mode? How many strands of fiber, 6 , 12 ,24 strands? 24 to the high schools, 12 to the middle, 6 to the elementary? Any help on these will also guide us to a sold solution for you. The mode is not important as long as I have 1 gb through put. In the diagram I proposed, I would like 6 strand (3 pair) at all buildings minimum.

10. Should we assume that the Lied Activity Center and Support Center will also be additional legs from the Welcome Center as all other sites on the suggested network map in your RFP?  Once  you  are  hooked  into  the  Welcome  Center,  these  buildings  already   have  fiber  run  to  them  and  we  own  the  fiber.  





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