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Autumn Program 2015 Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Academic year: 2021

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Autumn Program 2015

Danish Society for Naval

Architecture and Marine Engineering

www.skibstekniskselskab.dk Fot o : P et er T h er ki ld sen


Støtte til innovation

og udvikling ...


The program folders

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Next program: End january 2016 Contact the company’s secretariat at: Skibsteknisk Selskab

Amaliegade 33 B, 2. sal, DK – 1256 Copenhagen K Att. Kirsten Weede,

Tel.: +45 33 33 74 88, kw@maritimecenter.dk



Brancheorganisation for den danske maritime industri


Interested in


Contact Kirsten Weede



News about and for the Danish maritime industry







y r t s u d n ihe Danish maritime tews about and for N


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PPG Coatings Denmark A/S Agent for PPG Coatings SPRL/BVBA. Gladsaxevej 300, DK-2860 Søborg

Tlf: 5664 2800 E-mail: marine-dk@ppg.com www.ppgpmc.com


Welcome to a busy autumn with excellent opportunities to share knowledge and know-how. Take the opportunity to net-work with your colleagues in the Blue Technical Denmark

Once again it is a great pleasure for the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (DSNAME) to welcome you to an exciting fall season with new professional and knowledge-intensive events.

Society Planning Group

The Planning Group of the Society, which consists of a wide range of "stakeholders" in the Blue Denmark, has selected some interesting and topical events for the pro-gram in the autumn season 2015 and have even put some in stock for the 2016 program.

We salute the members of the planning group for their great commitment and the efforts put in to ensuring good knowledge sharing within the company’s professional areas.

The planning group is fully in support of the government’s maritime growth plan for the Blue Denmark and the future chal-lenges for Danish shipping and maritime production.

IDA Maritim

(The Maritime Society of Denmark)

I also extend my gratitude to IDA Maritim for a very productive and forthcoming

co-operation in the past year 2014. It provi-des the Danish maritime industry with a very strong network that inspires and cre-ates new business relationships.


The weekly newspaper SØFART has been our media partner and ensured the disse-mination of information both before and after the meetings and conferences. For this valuable cooperation, I am also gra-teful.

The Society’s network of contributors

Our network of contributors, which may be seen in this publication, is a major fa-ctor in ensuring the financing of the Soci-ety’s work and enables the Society to employ an effective secretariat. Additio-nally the financing is a prerequisite for the topical activities that enable essential knowledge sharing, idea generation and network activities mainly in the technical and environmental fields.

I thank all contributors for their support.

Your benefits from our meetings and conferences

Do you want to share knowledge, take part in professional networks and be in-spired by interesting people in the Blue Denmark?

Then it is a good opportunity to show up to the many activities in the upcoming fall 2015 program. Here you can learn, maybe go home with a new business con-tact, freshen up an old concon-tact, get a new idea or find a solution to a challenge in your business.

The possibilities are many, and you are encouraged to be active and inquisitive during the presentations and dialogue.

Welcome to the autumn season 2015

Erik Ingolf Tvedt


The transition to English as working language

Many people in the Blue Technical Den-mark do not have Danish as their native language, and the Society’s Board has therefore decided that the future Society bi-annual publication will be in English. This will also ensure that the magazine can be used abroad for commercial and common benefit. We hope that it will be well received and will contribute to our international colleagues feeling well rece-ived.

Autumn 2015

The program for the fall of 2015 is shown on pages 5 and 6.

WMTC 2015

World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC 2015) will be held in the United States on the 3rd to 6th of November. Please reserve the dates – early bird reser-vation is already available.


We hope that there will be a number of Danish presentations at the conference, and it surely will provide plenty networ-king opportunities with international col-leagues.

The website and news

The Society’s website is available in both Danish and English:


Here it is possible to subscribe to the electronic version of our newsletter. You will find this under the tab “Newsletter” on the website. You will automatically re-ceive the latest news, including detailed information of the upcoming events in DSNAME.

Finally meetings will still be announced at the webpage of IDA Maritim (The Maritime

Society of Denmark). The good coopera-tion that has been built up over a number of years, will continue.

Presentations from the various lectures will, pending the permission of the indivi-dual presenters, also be available at DS-NAME’s website in PDF format.

Registration and meeting venue

Participation in meetings of the DSNAME is usually free.

Meetings are held at IDA’s conference cen-ter on Kalvebod Brygge, Copenhagen, in collaboration with IDA Maritim.

Our cooperation with IDA Maritim also means that IDA Maritim offers refresh-ments (sandwiches and drinks), usually at 18:00 in connection with evening mee-tings.

On account of refreshments and the size of the room, we kindly ask you to sign-up for the individual arrangements through the IDA website www.ida.dk

If you have questions about the Society, please call the Society’s secretariat at +45 3333 7488 and ask for Kirsten Weede Or send an email to


With all my wishes for another exciting season!

Erik I. Tvedt, FRINA

Secretary-General of DSNAME

Welcome to the autumn season 2015


Autumn Program 2015

Monday 7 September from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314750

Maritime Risk Management

Risk is a difficult topic to handle. In order to manage it, it must somehow be made concrete. The traditional way for regulation to address risk is to prescribe measures. For some time, regulators and industry have been striving to introduce a more flexible approach. Recently, in some classifica-tion societies experiences gained inter alia in the offshore field have led to new ideas on regula-tion based on risk.

Speakers (to be announced) with background in classification and in developing IMO regulation

Monday 21 September from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314751

EEDI and the risk of under powering of ships

New ship designs are emerging along with stricter and stricter limits for the ship’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), which is regulated by IMO and already enforced to limit the energy consump-tion of the propulsion plant of ships. In the coming years the EEDI limits will be further tightened according to an agreed plan and inevitably lead to lower propulsion power installed. For this rea-son new regulation of IMO dealing with the needed minimum power for safe navigation and mano-euvring of ships is evolving as the safety of lives and protection of the environment must be kept at top priority. Background for the regulation as well as practical experience and research within the field will be key themes of the program.

Monday 5 October from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314752

Ship Stability

Since the time of Archimedes, the topic of stability of ships has fascinated eminent scientists, en-gineers and sailors throughout the centuries. Despite great efforts, the field remains relevant and of high focus, it combines deep theoretical basis with practical and ethical concerns from a contin-ually changing industry and society. Stability represents one of the primary topics within naval architecture – both damage and intact stability regulation remain at the forefront at IMO.

The topic ship stability will be illustrated by those who are involved in and are working with stabi-lity – the authorities, the classifications societies, the naval architects and finally also the practical approach from the loading computer developer and the navigator on board the ship.

Monday 26 October from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314753

Big Data in Shipping and Cyber Security

Big Data is a new buzzword in the shipping community – promising great results, and a concept that cannot be separated from requirements for Cyber Security. This meeting will deal with both; giving a broad overview of new projects within the roam of Big Data, and an update on what is going on with regard to Cyber Security.

Monday 16 November from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314754

The use of LNG as an alternative marine fuel is becoming increasing popular

Duel/multi fuel gas engines are now available on the market, and the challenges related to LNG bunkering are being solved through innovative solutions. It is now even a realistic and viable alter-native to consider retrofitting an existing vessel to run on LNG. These topics and more, including updates on ongoing research projects, will be presented by experts and pioneers in the field of ma-ritime LNG applications.


Monday 23 November from 0900 to 1700 hours (whole day conference) - arrangement no. 314789

In recent years the passenger shipping and ferry industry have been under steady pressure due to increasing competition from alternative traveling and vacation possibilities, rising fuel costs, and new stricter environmental regulations, especially the requirement for low sulphur content in fuel. This has resulted in many new initiatives, to reduce both costs and the environmental impact of passenger ship operations and design.

Alternative fuels, such as LNG, are now being used successfully onboard ferries, but also other energy sources are being introduced, such as electric propulsion - either by 100 % electric supply from shore or by a combination of electric power supplied by diesel-generators and large battery packs – i.e. hybrid solution.

Weight reduction of passenger ship is always of interest to Naval Architects and ship operators. One of the areas being investigated is in the use of lightweight materials to replace steel, which is the subject of a number of different research projects currently underway at several universities and research institutes.

Cruising in the arctic is becoming an ever increasing popular segment of the cruise industry, but such offerings in polar waters results in many new challenges for passenger vessel operations, in-cluding requirements for the newly ratified Polar Code at the IMO.

The small domestic ferries connecting different parts of Denmark are under steady development, and focus on this ferry segment will still be an important task for the Danish maritime industry. Come and hear about all these issues and more, including an update of the latest developments on new rules and regulations, which will be presented and discussed at this one day conference.

Monday 7 December from 1600 to 2000 hours - arrangement no. 314755

DSNAME annual Christmas event with the famous ‘Bruce Peter’, who will give his version of the past history about our great passage ship company DFDS.

Including DSNAME Award celebration of a skilled and young naval architects student.

ATTENTION! Please check the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’s website regarding the final date of the events. The dates shown above are only indicative. The exact date, along with the program will be posted on the website about 6 weeks before the event. On the website you can also sign up for the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’s newsletter and be constantly informed about the meetings and events.

Details of the individual events will be announced in Ingeniøren and Søfart magazines about two weeks before each meeting.

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering welcomes any ideas and suggestions for lecture topics, conferences and other activities that you think the association should address.

Note: Unless otherwise stated,

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering meets at


Entry is free, but remember to register via IDA’s website (www.ida.dk)

- alternative telephone registration with network’s secretary Helle Borch, IDA, tel. +45 3318 4650.

General questions regarding Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and its activities can be addressed to Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine

Engi-neering’s head of administration, Kirsten Weede on tel. +45 3333 7488.


Funds distribution

Funds distribution usually takes place twice a year, in April and November. Here the Board of Directors consider incoming applications and pro-cesses for possible support in cases based on own operations. In spring 2014, the Foundation rece-ived nine applications for financial support, and out of these, the Board desired to support 7 ap-plicants.

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Ma-rine Engineering Fund is a foundation founded by Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Ma-rine Engineering since January 6th 1994. The fund’s objective is to disseminate vessel’s te-chnical knowledge including providing support to individuals who are wishing to be trained in the marine engineering discipline, and also to scien-tific researches or other developments within the marine engineering. In addition, the fund’s aims to provide support for the society and other pur-poses related to shipbuilding and shipping. The Foundation’s resources are provided from ferences’ profits, returns of investment and con-tributions, which are granted from different sources. The Foundation welcomes any applicati-ons for financial assistance for purposes, which fall under the Fund’s act.

If you are interested in more information about the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Ma-rine Engineering Fund and the Fund’s activities, you can find us at:


STF (Søfartsteknisk Forening)applied for financial support for the publication of an anniversary pub-lication.

The granted amount is DKK 25,000.

Ingrid Marie Vincent Andersen Head of Centre at DTU Maritime applied for 20 free seats for Masters Students at the conference 10th IFAC Conference on Maneuvering and Control of Marine Craft.

The Fund granted a maximum of 10 free seats under the condition that the seats are given to students attending maritime courses at DTU Mechanical Engineering. The granted amount is DKK 23,515.

Stella Goldberg applied for financial support for student exchange at Nanyang Technological Uni-versity, Singapore. Her interest is within ship de-sign and construction.

The fund granted DKK 20,000 on the condition that money will be refunded, if she applies for grants from other funds and the total amount achieved exceeds the applied amount.

On behalf of Associate Professor at DTU Mechani-cal Engineering Ulrik Dam Nielsenthere was ap-plied for financial support for a research visit in Tokyo, Japan. The purpose of the visit is to dis-cuss common research of DTU and Tokyo Univer-sity of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) and the possibilities of student exchange. The granted amount is DKK 10,000.

Ph.d. student Esben Orlowitz, applied for financial support for attending the conference Internatio-nal Conference on Hydroelasticity in Marine Te-chnology. He is committed to perform a presentation of an article that he has written about ship vibrations.

DKK 10,000 was granted to cover participation fee, transport, and accommodation.

On behalf of the board of Nul-Kryds, Christian S. Nielsenapplied for financial support for students attending the annual congress Nordiske Tekniske Højskolers Skibsbyggerkongres (NTHS). The an-nual congress takes place at the maritime stu-dent’s organization LRK at Aalto University in Finland.

The granted amount is DKK 10,000.

Irene Rosberg,Executive MBA in Shipping and Lo-gistics at CBS Executive, applied for financial sup-port for 5 free seats for students at Short Sea Shipping Conference. The conference is hosted by European Shortsea Network (ESN) in cooperation with CBS Executive.

The Fund granted the covering of 3 free seats under the condition, that the seats are given to students attending maritime technical univer-sity programs at the schools of mechanical en-gineering or the School of Navigation (Navigationsskolen).



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Support DSNAME and advertise in our

program folder

Contact Kirsten Weede · kw@martimecenter.dk

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e S


t n



Stadionvej 4 · DK-3390 Hundested · Danmark Telefon +45 47 93 71 17 · Telefax +45 47 93 99 02

E-mail: hundested@hundestedpropeller.dk www.hundestedpropeller.dk


Recommendations for the 2015 Danish Society

for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Foundation honorary award

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation’s honorary award of DKK 25.000 is given every au-tumn to a student who exhibits extraordi-nary commitment to the maritime sector. DTU, SIMAC, The Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Mana-gement, Aarhus and Fredericia, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and MARTEC have the option to award the students with an honorary grant.

The recommendation shall include argu-ments for why the students have made scholarship merits and has to be received by the Fund no later October 1st, 2015.

The honorary grant will be awarded at Da-nish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’s Christmas party in December.

Send the recommendations to:

info@skibstekniskselskab.dk in PDF format

Or by letter to:

Skibsteknisk Selskab/

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Amaliegade 33 B DK-1256 Copenhagen


Danish Society for Naval Architecture

and Marine Engineering

Skibsteknisk Selskab The Board of Directors

Erik Ingolf Tvedt

Secretary General of DSNAME

Special adviser and principal ship surveyor, Danish Maritime Authority Tel.: +47 52 74 52 68


Thomas S. Knudsen

Senior Vice President MAN Diesel & Turbo Tel.: +45 33 85 12 86 thomas.knudsen@man.eu

Per Winther Christensen

Deputy Technical Director Denmarks Shipowners Association Tel.: +45 33 48 92 52


Peter Bjerregaard


The Association for Promotion of Shipping

Tlf.: +45 33 48 92 10 epb@mail.dk

Anders Ørgård Hansen

Managing Director and owner of OSK - ShipTech A/S

Tel.: +45 86 17 80 99 anh@osk.dk

Bjarne Mortensen

Area Development Director DNV GL

Telf.: +45 30 36 29 13 bjarne.mortensen@dnvgl.com

Ulrik Dam Nielsen

Associate professor DTU Mekanik Tel.: +45 45 25 19 70 udn@mek.dtu.dk

Hans Otto Holmegaard Kristensen

Consulting Naval Architecht Rugvænget 204

DK-2980 Kokkedal Tel.: +45 40 45 90 20 hohk@tdcadsl.dk

Bo Cerup-Simonsen

Director, Center for oil and gas - DTU Technical University of Denmark Tel.: +45 21 78 94 03


Hans Henrik Petersen

Søfartsteknisk Forening Tel.: +45 40 45 11 04 hhpetersen@gmail.com


Foreningen til Søfartens Fremme

Amaliegade 33B, 1256 København K Members of DSNAME:

www.sofartsteknisk.dk Secretariat

DSNAME & Foundation

Kirsten Weede Head of Administration Amaliegade 33 B, DK-1256 Copenhagen K Tel.:  +45 33 33 74 88 kw@martimecenter.dk Maritimt Selskab DSNAME partner Valdemar Ehlers

Chairman IDA Maritim Nordic Area Environmental and Statutory Advisor

Lloyd’s Register EMEA Tel.: +45 32 96 18 00 valdemar.ehlers@lr.org

Front page foto:

OSK - Foto: Peter Therkildsen


Erik Ingolf Tvedt (chief) and Steen Sabinsky


Grefta Tryk A/S, Grenaa

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Founadation The Board of Directors:

Claus Kruse

Chairman of DSNAME Foundation Naval Architect

Tel.: +45 40 45 33 88 c.kruse@mail.dk

Peter Bjerregaard, Per Winther Christensen, Anders Ørgård Hansen, Ulrik Dam Nielsen, Bjarne Mortensen

Granly Diesel A/S

Hovedvejen 233 B, Osted - DK-4320 Lejre Fiskerihavnsgade 34 - DK-6700 Esbjerg Tlf. (+45) 46 42 35 50 www.granlydiesel.com From 76 to 4000 hp

Environment friendly

Diesel Engines


Income Statements

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (DSNAME) Income statement from 1 January to 31 December

I N C O M E 2014 2013 Membership fees 0 0 Business Contributions 184.500 183.000 Interest income 3.028 2.815 Advertisement Income 182.487 238.303 -Printing of folders -51.565 -50.588 Total Income 318.450 373.530 E X P E N S E S Staff costs 0 0 Payroll taxes 0 0

Quota for Danish Employers' Association 0 0

Staff costs 0 0 Administration Negotiations Seminar Secretariat services -95.000 -95.000 Consultant -30.000 -30.000 Postage -14.030 -14.318

Office supplies, printed materials -9.526 -10.244

Informatics -18.278 -24.681

Board meetings -5.799 -1.817

Representations, gifts, etc. -2.880 -500 Subsidies for DSNAME -83.000 -110.000

Revision -5.900 -5.900

Administration others -4.755 -4.470 -269.168 -296.930 Other expenses

Speakers etc. -29.302 -36.698

Printing of blue cards 0 0

Travel, transport -8.808 -2.803

Seminar, courses 0 0

Dining with lecturers

Additional costs -3.768 -2.390

-41.878 -41.891

Total expenses -311.046 -338.821

Annual result before taxes 7.404 34.709 Taxes for annual result -6.909 -13.925

Reg. taxes for previous years 0 0

Annual result after taxes 495 20.784

Balance by 31 December

A C T I V E 2014 2013

Liquid assets 10.843 3.656

Debtors 60.075 11.437

Danish Shipowners Association 222.348 325.652

DSNAME Engineering Fund 0 0

Income taxes received 3.113 0

Received VAT 0 716

Stock of guest gifts 14.400 3.420

Prepaid expenses 1.525 940

Total Active 312.304 345.821

P A S S I V E Equity

Capital account balance by 1 January 202.961 182.177

Annual result 495 20.784

Total equity, by 31 December 203.456 202.961


DSNAME Engineering Fund 73.032 92.393 Maritime Development Center of Europe 6.187 3.561

Accrued expenses 21.797 40.754 Corporation tax 0 6.152 Accrued VAT 7.832 0 Prepaid expenses 0 0 Total debts 108.848 142.860 Total Passive 312.304 345.821

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (DSNAME) Engineering Fund. Statement of accounts 1 January to 31 December

I N C O M E Note 2014 2013

sponsorships and operating grants 107.000 176.000 Conferences and meetings 145.913 72.407

Total income 252.913 248.407


Conferences and meetings -11.989 -14.320

Administration -37.340 -35.759

Total expenses -49.329 -50.079

Result before financial posts 203.584 198.328

Financial income 40.659 47.749

Financial expenses -25.281 -22.107

Result before taxes 218.962 223.970

Taxes of annual result 0 0

Annual Result 218.962 223.970

Net profit

Distribution 232.729 329.405

Reversed distribution for previous years -4.388 0 Transferred to distributions frame 325.000 0 Used by other free reserves -334.379 -105.435 218.962 223.970 Balance Note 2014 2013 A C T I V E Current assets Receivables Receivables 16.875 45.000 Other receivables 475.881 806.920 492.756 851.920 Securities 1.035.491 699.522 Liquid assets 604 563

Total Current assets 1.528.851 1.552.005

TOTAL ACTIVE 1.528.851 1.552.005 Balance Note 2014 2013 P A S S I V E Equity 1 Base capital 300.000 300.000 Distribution frame 325.000 0

Other distributable reserves 752.574 1.086.953

Total Equity 1.377.574 1.386.953

Debt obligation current liability

Trade creditors 0 300

Other debt 151.277 164.752

Total debt obligation 151.277 165.052

Total Passive 1.528.851 1.552.005

Notes 2014 2013

1 Equity Base capital

Balance 1 January / 31 December 300.000 300.000

Distribution frame

Balance 1 January 0 0

Transferred result 325.000 0

Distribution frame 31 December 325.000 0

Other distributable reserves

Balance 1 January 1.086.953 1.192.388 Transferred result -334.379 -105.435

Other distributable reserves 31 December 752.574 1.086.953

Total equity 31 December 1.377.574 1.386.953 A share of the securities constituting the Fund's basic capital with kr. 300.000.


Business Contributors

Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’s events are financed by contributions from companies and institutions which are registered as business contributors.

All business contributors freely receive our program released every spring and autumn. Also blue meeting announcements with information of the companies’ events will be sent out via newsletters.

Donations to the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’s work are welcome. Business contributions are 1.500 DKK excluding VAT per year.

The following companies and institutions provide financial support to the Danish Society for Naval Archi-tecture and Marine Engineering’s efforts to safeguard common professional interests of vessel engineers in Denmark;

A.C. Lemvigh-Müller A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM A/S Hvide Sande Skibs- og

Baadebyggeri A/S Jørgen Petersen

- Rådgivende Skibsingeniører A/S Kelvin Hughes

A2SEA A/S ABB A/S ABS Europe Ltd. Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S AREPA Danmark A/S BAC Corrosion Control BIMCO

Blue Water Shipping Bureau Veritas Denmark Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian

Contractor A/S C.C.JENSEN A/S Cargotec

Castrol Marine Danmark ClassNK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) Copenhagen Malmö Port AB Corral Line ApS

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S Danmarks Rederiforening Danmarks Skibskredit A/S Danske Maritime DESMI A/S DFDS Seaways

DHI - Institut for Vand og Miljø DIAB ApS

DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas) DTU Mekanik, Institut for Mekanisk

Teknologi EMRI A/S ERRIA A/S ERRIA Consulting Falck Formco A/S Fjord Line Danmark A/S FORCE Technology Forsvarets Materieltjeneste Fournais A/S


GE Power Conversion

Germanischer Lloyd Denmark A/S Granly Diesel A/S

Grontmij A/S

H. J. Hansen Genvindingsindustri A/S Hans Buch A/S

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S Hansen Maritime Agency Aps Hauschildt Marine A/S Herning Shipping A/S HH-Ferries

Hundested - Rørvig Færgefart A/S Hundested Propeller A/S Hydra-Grene A/S

International Farvefabrik A/S J. Lauritzen A/S

J. Poulsen Shipping A/S Karstensens Skibsværft A/S Knud E. Hansen A/S

Københavns Maskinmesterskole og Elinstallatørskole (KME) Lauritzen Kosan A/S LF Ventilation A/S Litehauz ApS

Lloyd’s Register Consulting A/S Lloyd’s Register Marine Logimatic Engineering A/S Lyngsø Marine A/S MAN Diesel & Turbo Marco Marine A/S Marcore Consult ApS Marine Alignment A/S Marine Travel A/S Maritime Danmark ApS Marstal Navigationsskole Maskinmestrenes Forening Mekanord

Metalock Denmark A/S Mols-Linien A/S MS Engineering A/S MSR-Consult ApS Nakskov Havn Nielsen Marine ApS Nordic Tankers Marine A/S Norisol Isoleringsteknik A/S Novenco Marine & Offshore

OSK-ShipTech A/S Persolit Entreprenør A/S PJ Diesel Engineering A/S Pon Power A/S

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings Danmark A/S

Pres-Vac Engineering ApS Propulsion Dynamics Europe PumPac A/S

PureteQ A/S Rockwool A/S Rolls-Royce Marine A/S Roxtec Denmark A/S Royal Arctic Line A/S Rådgivende Skibsingeniører

Jens Kristensen A/S Scandlines Danmark A/S SeaMall Sejerøbugtens Færger SELCO A/S Siemens A/S SIMAC Skibstegnestuen ApS SKULD

Sperry Marine, Northrop Grumman Strömma Danmark A/S

Survey Association LTD. A/S SVITZER A/S

Syddansk Universitet,

Inst. for Teknologi og Innovation Søfartens Arbejdsmiljøråd Søfartens Ledere Søfartsstyrelsen Søværnets Officersskole Teknologisk Institut Tuco Marine ApS

Ulykkesforsikringsforbundet for dansk Søfart

Uni-Safe A/S

Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S Wencon ApS

Wärtsilä Danmark A/S Wärtsilä Svanehøj A/S


Is your company a contributor of the Danish Society

for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering?

If you can say yes to this, then you are a member of the core and the vast network of compani-es contributing to our technical specialist association, Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The association aims to safeguard common professional interests of their members and affiliated associations and contributors.

By being a contributor, you will receive several offers regarding technical specialist’s events and belong to a powerful network. We thank you very much for supporting the protection of impor-tant knowledge dissemination, exchange of experiences, ideas generation and innovation deve-lopment within the marine engineering and the maritime environment area.

Become a contributor to the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, if you can answer yes to the following:

You have a

• Desire to support, improve, and develop the vessel technical knowledge level in Denmark. • Desire to take home new and important knowledge for your company’s development in

mari-ne engimari-neering; environment and innovation.

• Desire to support the future young vessel engineers’ development and knowledge.

• Desire to make sure we have a forum and a network of Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, where we can meet with peers and share experience and knowledge.

Then become a contributor of Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering!

The contributors are the focal point of the activities of the association.

The contributions, together with donations, form the economic basis of the association.

Business contribution is DKK 1.500 per year. See more at

www.skibstekniskselskab.dk or contact the secretariat and ask for Kirsten Weede tel: +45 33 33 74 88.


Alfa Laval Nordic A/S • Krondalvej 7 • DK-2610 Rødovre Phone +45 44 57 62 00 • Fax +45 44 57 62 44



To be the preferred provider of safe tanker shipping solutions to the oil and chemical industry, known for the best people and operational excellence. www.nordictankers.com

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