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20 Congresso C.T.E. BIM e Grandi Opere: Potenzialità, Applicazioni e Prospettive


Academic year: 2021

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Maurizio Teora | Director | Europe Milano, 6 Novembre 2014

20° Congresso C.T.E.

BIM e Grandi Opere:


Date: 6 Novembre 2014

Location: Milano | Politecnico di Milano


We are an

independent firm

of planners,

engineers, designers, consultants and

technical specialists, offering a broad range

of professional services around the built



creative spark and intellectual


has been there from the very

beginning. These shared values, like the

firm’s name, are essentially

derived from

the beliefs and convictions of the firm’s


, the engineer and philosopher, Ove


Ove Arup


We are truly global.

From more than

90 offices worldwide our 12,000 planners,

designers, engineers and consultants



Who we are

12,000 staff

90 offices

35 countries


We are still growing.

From modest

beginnings in 1946, today we are



Today, Arup has a commanding presence

that is steadily expanding.

Arup’s strategy

of diversification across geographies and

business segments

means that the global


Arup has come a long way since the firm

was founded, yet we stay true to Ove Arup’s

original values.

Our unique trust ownership

structure means our people are free to

pursue the firm’s vision rather than chase

short-term shareholder returns.

This is how

we maintain our distinctive culture and

intellectual independence.








Building Information Modelling

is a



that incorporates


the aspects of the


in one

single virtual model.

BIM is a descriptive term

for technologically

advanced, collaborative and

information -

centric processes

in built environment design,

construction and operation.


BIM Explained

Data Value

Element ID 34534345j Element type Pump 4j-b Part No. 737474 – 2323 Manufacturer Prestige Net weight 1.87t Service

interval 5,000 hours O&M Ref TTA-4 Programme

code WP4-L2-C34 Install date 27-02-2011 Commission

date 15-05-2011 Residual risks 4a/d, 6, 7, 9b


BIM means different process

Several partners, each with different, yet still complimentary documentation

Several partners,

one single coordinated model

Architect Structural Engineer Services engineer Control engineer Construction Manager Maintenance Manager Property / Client Civil Engineer Architect Structural Engineer Services Engineer Control Engineer Construction Manager Maintenance Manager Property / Client Civil Engineer Shared BIM Model
















BIM is




Lifecycle Information Management


Communication errors and loss of project



25-30% of cost - splitting up processes/ bad



Information is re-entered on average 7 times

before handover


Information is re-created several times by

different software


Design and construction is only a (small) part of

the lifecycle cost!



Errors are avoided

in the project by having the complete

documentation at your disposal

without interferences.


Errors are avoided in the

quantity surveying and


: complete and updated 3D model.


Contradictory pricing

caused by geometric errors in the

project drawing

are avoided.


Pre-payments are avoided by parties still not set up.


Cost of management

, maintenance and replacement of


is reduced

during the


of the building.



improves productivity



in all phases.


Constructing the Business Case for BIM

The MacLeamy Curve.

Project progression E ff ort ex pe nd ed Traditional process BIM process


BIM can contribute to these objectives

Tangible Benefits from BIM in projects:

Up to 40% elimination of unbudgeted change

Cost estimation accuracy within 3%

Up to 80% time reduction to generate a cost estimate

Up to 10% savings of contract value from clash detections

Up to 7% reduction in project time

A study of 32 major projects, Stanford University Centre for Integrated Facilities Engineering http://www.stanford.edu/group/CIFE/


WIP WIP Shared WIP Archive Publish Stage Description

Work in Progress Non-verified design data used by in-house design team only Shared Verified design data shared with the project team

Published Documentation Co-ordination and validated design output for use by the total project team Archive Project history maintained for knowledge and regulatory and legal requirements


BIM Impact

- BIM is mandatory in a number of countries for project above a certain size,

i.e. UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, parts of the States, Finland,


- Other countries are considering a mandate, i.e. Germany, Australia.

- There is a EU-wide initiative for more collaboration with a strong lead from

the UK.

- In the UK the Government client group is responsible for ~ 40% of UK

construction procurement – changes in procurement system apply.

- Consistency of procurement across public sector clients.

- Contractual implications (liability, IPR, ownership).


BIM as a modelling tool


BIM during the building works

Connection with Construction Management programs (ie Primavera)


BIM as a modelling tool


BIM as a modelling tool


Façade energy radiation study

Comparative Energy Demand graphs


BIM as a modelling tool


BIM as a modelling tool


BIM projects in Arup

Leadenhall Tower



Case Studies


Palasport Olimpico


2006 Winter



Palasport Olimpico Torino

• Full 3D Model for the roof structure and structural modeling, erection planning during design

• Modelling moveable seating

• CFD for comfort and ambience temperature and humidity control

• CFD for fire simulation, smoke evacuation and check on roof temperatures (performance based approach)

• People movement and evacuation


Stazione Treno ad

Alta Velocità


Geometry generation for the roof structure and analysis 3D details representation for construction

Model for people evacuation simulation

Model for smoke evacuation across the station roof similation


Diamond Tower


Biggest model in the world at its time

Soil structure interaction for the tower foundations Induced vibration from adjacent railway

Comfort analysis due to footfall induced vibration in the slab Tower steel structure detailed design model directly to fabrication

Diamond Tower and Varesine

x yz

Element list: all not "soletta" Scale: 1:248. x y z MRR Scale: 1:235. Isometric Scale: 1:288. Maxim um Resonant Response Factor: 12.5 /pic.cm Output axis: global

9.26 7.94 6.62 5.29 3.97 2.65 1.32 0.0 Case: A16 : Footfall


Morocco Mall




3D model for the structure Prefabricated units design

Facades panels geometry rationalization

CFD wind model for environmental impact and comfort check


Isozaki Tower


Full 3D model for structures and facades

Soil-structure interaction analysis - designing a new concept foundation system Tuning the dynamic dumping from the props

Planning the construction sequence


CityLife Towers



3D model of the facade Panels rationalization

Full site geometry generation

Environmental impact overall modelling


Hadid Tower


3D model of the facade Panels rationalization

Rationalization reduced types substantially

Geometry study minimises hot bended glass panels Planning the construction sequence


Bosco Verticale


3D structural model for static analysis Post-tension concrete slab from the model

Model for vibration induced structural noise and structural isolation design


Regione Piemonte



Change during the works for a new energy center, MEP detailed design as concrete was erected

Clash check and penetrations in concrete fully coordinated


Parametric generation of the seating

Detailed modelling of seating concrete units

Optimization in families for formworks and reinforcement



Parametric generation of

stadium bowls

Structural axis definition

Evacuation modelling


Future, BIM and Industry

- Elements Tags

- The element ‘knows’ where it goes in the construction and it is linked with the construction program

- Can connect with construction monitoring tools - Can help with lifting setup

- The element embeds components which tell about the status or behavior of the element


Future, BIM e Industry

- BIM may help production optimization as in comes from project

- BIM provides information for formworks construction - Other industries work on BIM (cars, airplanes ect) - BIM may enable the Italian construction industry to

export its knowhow abroad

- Production camps may be thousands of kms away from the industry process is developed



- BIM si applica a tutti i settori del costruito e si propone come evoluzione moderna del processo di progettazione classico

- BIM porta alla industrializzazione del processo costruttivo

- Si evidenzia la nuova professionalità del BIM Manager come gestore del processo

- Altre professionalità cambieranno il loro rapporto con lo strumento informatico (ie ingegneri,

disegnatori ecc)

- Il progetto viene elaborato da tutto il team di progetto, viene consegnato in formato informatico



- BIM resta in vita per tutta la vita dell’edificio - BIM viene elaborato ed aggiornato dal

costruttore durante l’intero processo dell’appalto - Viene riconsegnato alla committenza quando la

costruzione è completata

- Gli strumenti, metodi e processi aiutano, ma nel nostro settore quel che conta sono sempre le idee associate alla conoscenza

- BIM deve essere considerato come via di comunicazione tra tutto il team, i progettisti, il cliente, l’impresa e l’utilizzatore dell’edificio - Il processo di integrazione di BIM, come metodo

di processo nel mondo del costruito, è irreversibile



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