Curriculum Vitae. Bachelor of Science in Education - West Chester University, Pennsylvania

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Cindy Kleiman, RDH, BS 8114 E. Wingshadow Road Scottsdale AZ 85255-6449 (480) 342-9655 FAX (623) 974-0132 E-mail: EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND

Bachelor of Science in Education - West Chester University, Pennsylvania Certificate of Dental Hygiene - U. of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Certificate of Dental Assisting - Phoenix College


2005- Oral Health Advisor: For critical care nursing units on the prevention of present Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

1996- Oral Care Consultant and Speaker

present Educational presentations to healthcare providers, particularly in the dental and nursing fields.

1996- Adjunct Faculty: Emergency Medicine Instructor 2008 Phoenix College, Department of Dental Programs 2002- Kivel Nursing Center

present Volunteer Dental Hygienist

2001 Adjunct Faculty: Clinical Patient Management

Rio Salado College,Department of Dental Assisting 1987- Coordinator, Office of Oral Health Homebound Program 1996 Arizona Department of Health Services/Phoenix College

Clinical dental hygiene care of medically compromised patients utilizing portable dental equipment in private and nursing homes; instructor for dental hygiene and assisting students in this non-traditional setting 1980- Coordinator, Dental Health

1986 Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona Founder of the department

Provided clinical and bedside oral hygiene care for patients with head injury, spinal cord injury and stroke; conducted in-service education for hospital staff; fabrication of mouthsticks for spinal cord injured patients 1978- Coordinator, Dental Health

1980 Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Same duties as previous entry



Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities American Dental Hygienists' Association

Arizona State Dental Hygienists' Association Central Arizona Dental Hygienists' Society Editorial Board, RDH Magazine

PUBLICATIONS Journal Articles

V. Prendergast, C. Kleiman et al, “Oral Health, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, and Intracranial Pressure in Intubated Patients in a Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit”, American Journal of Critical Care, 2009:18:368-376

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Profiled in “Change of Heart”, RDH, Vol. 20, No. 8, 38-42 (2000). Profiled in “Working”, Access, April 2006, 6-8.

Profiled in “Career Options”, Hygienetown, Vol. 3, No. 5, June 2007, 10-13. Profiled in “Finding a Collaborative Link - Treating Periodontal and Respiratory Diseases”, Access, April 2009, 16-18

Texts and Manuals

Dental Care Training Program for the Homebound, Phoenix College, 1987, rev. 1994 - Co-author

Head Injury Education Manual for Patients and Families,

Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Good Samaritan Medical Center, 1985 -Chapter contributor

I. Woodall et al, Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Care, C.V. Mosby Co., 1980 -Chapter contributor


1984 ASDHA Unique Access to Care Award 1990 Outstanding Phoenix College Alumni Award 1996 ASDHA Unique Access to Care Award 1996 Arizona Dental Public Health Award


PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS "Oral Care for the Medically Complex Patient”

1990 AZ State Dental Assn. Convention

1995 Central AZ Dental Hygienists' Society

1998 Phoenix College Dental Assisting

1998 to 2006 Phoenix College Dental Hygiene

1999 California Dental Hygiene Assn.

1999 National Oral Health Primary Care Conference

2000 Sacramento Valley Dental Hygiene Component

2000 Stanford University

2000 Ferris State University, Michigan

2001 American Dental Hygienists’ Assn. - Dist. 7 - Wisconsin

2001 High Desert Dental Hyg. Society - Albuquerque

2001 ACC Consultants - Albuquerque

2002 S. Nevada Dental Hygiene Society

2002 San Fernando Valley Dental Assistants’ Society

2002 Pasadena City College

2002 San Gabriel Dental Hygiene Assn.

2003 S. Arizona Dental Hygiene Society

2003 San Gabriel Dental Assisting Assn.

2003 Santa Barbara Dental Hygiene Association

2003 to 2006 Rio Salado College

2003, 2008 Nebraska Dental Hygiene Assn.

2003 Nevada Dental Hygiene Assn.

2003 RDH Under One Roof - Chicago

2003 Oklahoma Dental Hygiene Association

2004 UMKC Dental Alumni Convention

2004 California Dental Association

2004 Zurich, Switzerland Dental Hygiene Society

2004 Professional Learning Services - Connecticut

2004 Vermont Dental Hygiene Association

2004 American Dental Hygiene Assoc. - Dallas

2004 Wyoming Dental Hygiene Association

2004 South Caroline Dental Hygiene Association

2004, 2005 Buffalo/Niagara Dental Meeting

2005 Mid-Hudson (NY) Dental Hygiene Assn.

2005 City of New York Dental Hygiene Assn.

2005 Professional Learning Services - Connecticut

2005 Oregon Dental Hygiene Association

2006 Center for Health Professions, Phoenix

2006 Leventhal Dental, Scranton PA

2006 Texas Dental Hygiene Association

2007 Yankee Dental Congress

2007 Omega Seminars - Temple TX

2007 RDH Health Services - Troy, Michigan

2007 Concord Dental Seminars - Concord NH

2007 Concord Dental Seminars - Portsmouth NH

2007 RDH Health Services - Kalamazoo MI

2007 Creighton Dental School, Omaha NE

2008 Cleveland Dental Hygiene Association

2008 Tyler Community College - Tyler TX

2008 Southern AZ Dental Hygienists’ Society - Tucson

2008 Westmoreland County Comm. College - Youngwood PA

2009 IUPUI - Indianapolis IN

2009 Montana Dental Hygiene Association


“Oral Health & Ventilator Associated Pneumonia - Critical Care Nursing”

2005 Amer. Assoc of Critical Care Nurses, Sacramento 2006 Amer. Assoc. of Critical Care Nursing, Anaheim

2006 Greater Milwaukee Critical Care Nursing

2007 International Federation of Dental Hygiene - Toronto 2007 Workshop on Inpatient Care - Okayama, Japan 2007 University Dental and Nursing Schools, Sapporo, Japan

2007 Tokyo Dental College, Japan

2008 Central Arizona Dental Hygiene Assn

2008 Int’l Conference on Chronic Ventilated Patients - Tel Aviv, Israel 2009 Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kobe, Okinawa, Sapporo, Japan 2009 World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses - Toronto

2009 RDH Under One Roof - Las Vegas

“Medical Histories, Medical Emergencies”

2002, 2003, 2007 Phoenix College

2004 UMKC Dental Alumni Convention

2004 East Valley Dental Hygiene Society

2004, 2005 Buffalo/Niagara Dental Meeting

2005 Mid-Hudson (NY) Dental Hygiene Assn.

2005 City of New York Dental Hygiene Assn.

2005 Professional Learning Services - Connecticut

2005 AzDA Fall Conference, Prescott AZ

2005 Oregon Dental Hygiene Association

2006 Western Regional Dental Convention, Phoenix

2006 Yuma AZ Dental Society

2006 Texas Dental Hygiene Association

2006 Wausau Wisconsin

2007 Yankee Dental Congress

2007 Omega Seminars - Temple TX

2007 Concord Dental Seminars - Concord NH

2007 Concord Dental Seminars - Portsmouth NH

2008 East Valley Dental Hygiene Assn - Tempe AZ

2008 Tyler Community College - Tyler TX

2008 S. Jersey Dental Hygiene Association

2008 Westmoreland County Comm. College - Youngwood PA 2008 Northern Component NJ Dental Hygiene Assn. 2008 Comprehensive Care Continuum - Glendale AZ 2009 Howard County Dental Hygienists’ Assoc. - Baltimore

2009 Yankee Dental Congress

“Xerostomia, Causes and Treatment”

2000 to 2008 Rio Salado College

2000 to 2008 Phoenix College

2003 Fresno City College

2006 Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

"Oral Care in a Hospital Setting"

1996 Good Samaritan Medical Center

1996 American Transitional Hospital

1996 Phoenix Baptist Hospital

1997 Del Webb Hospital


"Oral Hygiene: So Easy It Must Be Magic"

1995 Signature Home Health Care

1997 Olsten Home Health Care

1997 Lifecare Center

1997 Hearthstone of Mesa

1997 Plaza Del Rio Nursing Home

1997 Integrated Health Systems Homecare

1997 Mesa Christian Nursing Home

1997 Inservice Directors Education Assoc. - Statewide Seminar

1997 IHS Homecare

1998 Monterrey Nursing Home

1998 Hearthstone of Sun City

1999 Renaissance Care Center

1999, 2000 Friendship Village Nursing Home

1999 Pueblo Norte Nursing Home

2000 Inn at the Amethyst

2001 New Mexico Health Care Association

2001 West Chester Care Center

2002 Nat. Assn. for Geriatric Nursing Assistants

2005 Foundation for Senior Living, Phoenix AZ

"The Occupational Therapist and Oral Hygiene"

1997, 2001 Good Samaritan Rehab

1998,1999, 2000 AZ School of Health Sciences

1999 AZ OT Assoc. Annual State Conference

1999 Scottsdale Memorial Hospital

1999 Yavapai County Health Dept.

2001 Arcadia Therapy

2001 Louisiana Occupational Therapy Assn.

2001 Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Assn.

“Senior Citizen Seminar”

1998 Madison Meadows Independent Center

1998 John C. Lincoln Hospital

1998 Hancox Senior Center

1998 Shadow Mountain Senior Center

1998,1999 Deer Valley Senior Center

1999 Guadalupe Senior Center

2000 Pueblo Norte Retirement Village

2001 Friendship Village

"Oral Assessments and Care"

1997 Desert Samaritan Care Center

1997 Columbia Home Health Care

1997 Sun Health Care Center

1997 Glendale Care Center

1997 Life Care Center of South Mountain

1997 Mi Casa Care Center

1997 Colter Village Care Center

1997 Village Green Healthcare

1998 Phoenix Southward Care Center

1998 Scottsdale Southward Care Center

1998 Arizona State Home Health Association