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UNIGRAPHICA AG has been a global supplier and provider of

complete solutions to the paper processing industry since 1985.

The solution provider for the graphics industry


The company’s priority is finding the best solution to meet the customers’ requirements. Our products are character-ised by extensive experience in the market, established know-how in the graphics industry and mature technol-ogy. Our product range:

Digital printing systems

• New and used digital printing systems • Inkjet and toner based systems

Digital printing post press systems

• Book-on-Demand • Inserting systems • Booklet systems • Cutting lines

• Customised solutions

New and used machinery

• Web offset printing machines:

Continuous stationary, heat-set, labels, newspapers • Collators, post press systems

• Web finishing systems • Spare parts

Security products

• Security applications • Product development

UNIGRAPHICA AG Equipment developed in-house

• Hologram stamping • Micro-perforation • Embossing

• Challenger – multi-web technology • Customised machine building


• Consumables

• Small parts and spares

Service and maintenance

• Machine maintenance • Consulting and services I founded my company in 1985 as a technical consultancy

based in Vaduz / Liechtenstein. Consulting, installation, commissioning and servicing of machines are naturally as important as thoroughly trained employees – their enthu-siastic dedication has proved itself at every level. Today we are a world-leader in the trading and overhauling of used machines. Alongside this, we provide our customers with new equipment for web offset printing machines, digital printing and post press finishing systems.

My international network of contacts has brought us out-standing expertise in high security printing and custom-ised machine building. With over 20 years’ experience, today UNIGRAPHICA AG is internationally the most re-nowned provider of complete solutions and products for digital and rotary printing, post press finishing systems, security printing and customised machine building.

Our qualified and motivated employees and our successful partnerships guarantee excellent quality products and a high level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, we are constantly pursuing the latest trends and most inno-vative technologies – we always want to be offering our customers that bit extra.

We would be delighted to put our expertise at your serv-ice. Feel free to call us.

Your Joseph Schweiger


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Joseph Schweiger,


Personalised printing even in the smallest batch size –

digital technology makes it possible.

Digital Printing

Digital printing makes dynamically changing printing jobs possible. By linking up with a database, our customers are able to create high quality personalised mail shots, invoices, account statements and much more, quickly and easily. Reference books and text books can be printed in small (even minimal) editions alongside out-of-print books required at short notice, as well as global publications of a particular title in several different languages at once. In any case, digital printing is far more cost-effective than web offset printing for small editions. Personalised print-runs are only possible with this technology.

From narrow barcode printers and addressing applica-tions to multi-colour printing with total variability: Flexible digital printing is the future.

Generally, digital printing technology can be divided into two groups:

• Laser or toner-based printers • Ink-jet printers

This technology makes monochrome, spot (single colour) and full colour printing possible.

The installation of Kodak digital print heads into a con-ventional printing machine is offered exclusively by UN-IGRAPHICA AG. Thanks to a high printing speed, our customers are able to personalise their material in-line. The positions of the digital print heads can be varied be-tween different printing units, so that for example, adding a coating or another process step is no problem, even after personalisation.

This design can be applied to all rotary printing presses and can be adjusted to fit customers’ requirements. So our customers save valuable set-up and production time.

UNIGRAPHICA AG is an excellent supplier of new and used digital printing systems:

• Kodak Versamark – a leading manufacturer of high speed ink-jet printing systems for monochrome, spot (single colour) and full-colour applications.

• Océ – innovative products for printing and document management, for monochrome, spot (single colour) and full-colour applications.

• Nipson – a leading manufacturer of digital black and white solutions for commercial printing applications. • Rena – printing system based on HP inkjet printing

technology for the direct mailing segment. Monochrome and spot applications.

Every digital printing system needs special software to create a print job, to convert all the information into a printable data file. For years UNIGRAPHICA AG has put its trust in GMC software technology and has used it to realise countless successful projects.

GMC – the standard for personalised communication

GMC software technology supports companies in the im-plementation of effective, personalised communication programs. It increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, promotes the acquisition of new customers, im-proves efficiency and reduces costs.

PrintNet is an easy to implement end-to-end software so-lution, with functions for comprehensive data integration and processing, design and production, cooperation and approval, shared task management and process automisa-tion – for highly customer-specific printed or electronic communication documents.

Integration of Kodak Versamark 9” print heads into Goebel Optiforma


UNIGRAPHICA AG Advantage by Müller Apparatebau

Post Press

This innovative and flexible finishing system for conven-tional and digital printing is distinguished by its modular design. The most appropriate modules can be easily com-bined to suit any application. Our customers can simply put together technically mature elements to create a reli-able post press system. In this way, the UNIGRAPHICA AG Advantage can provide solutions for simple combinations as well as for complex processing lines:

The product groups for all post press finishing requirements: • Book-on-Demand • Inserting systems • Conveyor systems • Cutting systems • Booklet systems Your advantages:

• Flexibility due to modular design • Compact design

• Secure paper handling • Simple user interface • Freely programmable jobs • Processed data 100% traceable • Reduced spare parts inventory due to common part design

• No high-voltage connection necessary (runs at 230 V) • Customised builds possible for customers

with special requirements

Dynamic Post Press System


material pile reel fold

pile envelope reel cutting reading Compa ny Name Stre personalising paper inserting pinfeed or pinless accumulating transporting stitching and back stripping adding enclosures inserting folding Final Product


Target markets

• Commercial printing • Mail shots

• Packaging • Labels

We have been maintaining and overhauling Müller Martini printing

machines for years. This expertise and close cooperation with the

manufacturer recommends UNIGRAPHICA AG as a first-class partner

for the sourcing of new Müller Martini printing machines.

New Machinery

Müller Martini Alprinta

The Alprinta web offset press has been developed for the production of high-quality commercial work and mail shots, as well as for the manufacture of flexible packaging materials and labels. With a maximum speed of 457 m/min, the Alprinta is also the ideal press for larger production runs and the manufacture of sheets, reels, signatures or continuous fan-fold products.

The Alprinta will convince you with the following advantages:

• Printing unit for highest quality • Easy-to-use ink remote control

• Short set-up times and minimum waste thanks to the Make-Ready system.

• Two types for web widths of 520 mm and 740 mm • Flexible modular system (also for extensions) • Up to 12 offset printing units

Wide variety of products

The application possibilities of the new Alprinta are almost boundless. Commercial products and mail shots are printed in the highest quality. Even self-adhesive labels on backing material and bottle labels made of paper or

plastic foils can be produced in a single process step with in-line finishing; punching, die cutting, perforating, cross-cutting and stacking. Fast and reliable.

Innovative printing unit

Superior print quality, simple operation and high productivity are some of the outstanding advantages of the Alprinta printing unit. The 14-roller high-performance ink train and four ink form rollers achieve outstanding ink coverage even at maximum machine speed.

New – variable-format offset module

Outstanding print quality makes this technologically advanced press from Muller Martini suitable for countless applications. In addition to conventional fixed format inserts, the Alprinta can also be equipped with a size-variable insert system.

Innovative ink zone control

The Alprinta’s colour control system is unrivalled. It allows the operator to control the colour profile with ease, using a clearly laid-out touch screen monitor.

Innovative control and an optimised printing unit

The Concepta controls can be integrated into the work flow of the printing plant using the CIP standard. The Make-Ready system uses the downloaded data for opti-mised, automatic set-up of the machine. The new print-ing unit is equipped with a high-quality ink train with three form rollers and temperature-controlled distributor rollers. This ensures uniform ink coverage for the entire speed range. Target markets • Mail shots • Marketing materials • Forms • Security printing • Admission tickets • Lottery tickets • Labels

Müller Martini Concepta

The Concepta web offset press offers superior print qual-ity, convenient operation and easy access. It is highly effi-cient, even on small printing runs. The large format range from 14 to 28 1/3 ” covers a wide spectrum of jobs.

The Concepta will convince you with the following advantages:

• High performance ink train • Innovative ink zone control

• Short set-up times thanks to the Make-Ready system • Flexible modular system

• Up to 12 offset printing units

Highly versatile printing

The Concepta can process a variety of substrates, such as paper (also coated and varnished) and paper-like materi-als, as well as plastic film and aluminium foil. The print-ing press offers almost unlimited possibilities, thanks to the toolless insert change system and the integration of specialised options in in-line finishing.


Only the high quality refitting of used printing machinery and the

application of innovative technology can create real alternatives to

buying a new machine.

Used Machinery

UNIGRAPHICA AG is a market leader in the trading and overhauling of used machines, offering a comprehensive service for used web offset printing machines and web finishing machines. Our service starts with clarifying what is needed and planning the project. Then the machines are built and tested at our modern location in Liechtenstein. Installation and commissioning of the machine and staff training are carried out on-site by our own technicians and mechanics.

Our expertise complements our partners’ product range perfectly – Müller Martini, Kodak Versamark, Müller Ap-paratebau and other manufacturers. Through these suc-cessful partnerships, UNIGRAPHICA AG is able to find a tailor-made solution for every requirement profile.

Make do and mend – one of the key strengths of UNI-GRAPHICA AG is the overhauling of used printing ma-chines and post press finishing mama-chines. These are completely disassembled, cleaned and repainted in our factory. Worn and defective parts are replaced; controls are renewed; so that the reassembled machine looks as good as new. All machines receive a thorough check-up and CE certification as a matter of course. This high quality refitting, supplemented by innovative technology, allows UNIGRAPHICA AG to give a manufacturer’s war-ranty – plus the upgraded machines create a cost-effective alternative to buying a new machine.

This kind of reutilisation not only reduces operating costs, but is also environmentally responsible in these recycling conscious times.

Our expertise in the used machine market covers products from the following manufacturers:

Printing machines • Müller Martini • Edelmann Graphics • Drent Goebel • MAN • KBA Web finishing • Bielomatik • Hunkeler • Schober • PSA

• Van den Bergh • Jakob

Used Refitted


Security printing has the very highest requirements –

this is why we build tailored solutions for our customers.

UNIGRAPHICA Challenger –

The innovative and modular post press system form the web –

for digital printing and pre-printed webs.

Security Products

UNIGRAPHICA AG Customised products

Special requirements need special solutions. UNIGRAPH-ICA AG has the contacts, the technical knowledge and the necessary development and production resources to gath-er customgath-er-specific requirements and to realise them.

Control systems

If security products are being manufactured, control sys-tems are needed to ensure quality. UNIGRAPHICA AG delivers the necessary equipment: cameras, sensors and software.

UNIGRAPHICA AG develops solutions and is at the same time a manufacturer of security and high security prod-ucts. As a trusted partner for consulting, planning, project management and the design of security products, UNI-GRAPHICA AG particularly stands out as a manufacturer of customer-specific machines. We have developed the following solutions ourselves – they can be combined and configured according to our customers’ wishes. This makes it possible to produce printed material with any number of security elements.


Hot foil stamping unit for register holograms, hologram strips and magnetic strips


Flat bed stamping unit for micro-perforation and blind embossing


Innovative, multi-web technology for the manufacture of multi-layer security products.

UNISeal – the high security label

UNISeal, a counterfeit resistant la-bel, is the result of our extensive experience and intensive develop-ment activities. Its large number of security features makes any manipulation of the product per-manently visible.

UNIGRAPHICA Challenger Pro



Security products

• High security labels • Vignettes • Revenue stamps • Seals • Sealants • Lottery tickets • Raffle tickets • Rail tickets • Travel tickets • Admission tickets • Ballot papers • Census forms • Tax returns • Packaging • Information leafs • etc. Security materials • Security papers • Laminates • Reagents • Anti-manipulation features


As a supplier of consumables and spare parts, UNIGRAPHICA AG

stands out through its impressively fast and comprehensive service,

from commercial clarification to delivery.

In case of breakdown, UNIGRAPHICA AG guarantees a fast response.

This is made possible by well-organised logistics and our large stock

of spare parts.

Consumables & Spare Parts

Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance

We do not abandon our customers. UNIGRAPHICA AG believes excellent customer support and fast service are prerequisites for successful cooperation.

In case of breakdown, customers of UNIGRAPHICA AG benefit from smooth service and a fast response. For this, the basic requirements are optimal maintenance of the machine, great availablility of spare parts and well-trained personnel. UNIGRAPHICA AG maintains a large stock of spare parts and modules for this purpose; with well-organised logistics we are able to reach every customer in the shortest possible time.


UNIGRAPHICA AG supplies print substrates and consuma-bles of all kinds. Based on the specific requirements of our customers we offer a full range of services, starting with commercial clarification, delivery options and quote-submission, to customs clearance and complete delivery. So our customers have the benefit of a specialist one-stop shop for consumables and spare parts.

We supply the following consumables for nearly all ma-chine types:

Upgrading and moving machines

In order to provide the highest possible machine avail-ability, UNIGRAPHICA AG offers an additional collection of services: overhauling machines, machine inspections, machine transport, maintenance plans, training, retro-fitting and development.


UNIGRAPHICA AG advises companies and institutions in all areas of the printing industry. We are happy to place our enormous experience, innovative creativity and well established processes at the service of our customers. We provide consulting services in the following areas: • Strategic company development

• Product developments • Planning of new operations

Spare parts

We supply the following spare parts for nearly all machine types:

• File hole punching tools • Shafts • Printing inserts • Gear boxes • Magnetic cylinders • Motors • Numbering units • Perforation cylinders • Register punches Further we offer: • Papers • Hologram foils • Magnetic stripes • Glues • Foils • Crimping segments • Printing paint • Filter mats • Flexo tapes • Printing blankets • Rubber rollers • Bearings • Magnetic valves • Dies • Die extractors • Sponge rubber bands • Perforating rules • Perforating knives • Perfo-strip tapes

• Special tools • pH-indicators • Cross cutting knives • Punches

• Punching tools • Press tools • Inks • Toner

• Roller covering bands • Wash blades

• Drive belts • Pulling wheels • etc.


UNIGRAPHICA AG Industriestrasse 46 9491 Ruggell Principality of Liechtenstein T + 423 375 81 81 F +423 375 81 80 Visit our showroom in Liechtenstein!