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The Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak is Out! Download Now.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the newest version of the Electra jailbreak, called Electra1131 is now available for download and it has complete compatibility with iOS 11.3.1. It works for a whole range of Apple devices ranging to the iPhone X and even supports Cydia.

The recent past has seen a number of jailbreak solutions make an appearance, with some of these being flash in the pan fixes while others have been able to stay consistent and keep functioning, thanks to numerous periodic updates. They have managed to do this over a span of firmware releases.

Some months ago, it looked like Electra would become one of the former, since the developer CoolStar was very disappointed in the community for not being thankful enough for their releasing such a tool. However, now this is definitely not the case and Electra is gaining traction as time moves on.

What users see is a very much improved version of Electra with the same old simple to use interface but juiced up with the necessary components and internals to let Apple’s 64 bit devices on iOS 11.3.1 run free.

There was some talk that the latest release would only support iPhone 6 and below running iOS 11.3.1 but these rumors were squashed when CoolStar itself confirmed that compatibility would be a feature offered all the way to the iPhone X. This is exactly what we see with the latest Electra release which not only supports just the iOS 11.3.1 but also older firmwares back to iOS 11.2.

Steps to Jailbreak IOS 11.3.1 With Electra.

Follow the steps below to jailbreak your device running iOS 11.3.1 with Electra jailbreak:

Step 1: First of all, download Cydia Impactor from this page.

Step 3: Connect your Device to the computer and open Cydia Impactor. Drag & Drop the electra ipa file to the Cydia Impactor window and enter your Apple ID & password.

Step 4: Trust the certificate by going to Setting – General – Profiles & Device management – Profiles.

Step 5: Open the Electra app and click on the jailbreak button.

The device will be rebooted several times and after the reboot you will see the Cydia app installed on your device.

Unlike the very first Electra release for the iOS 11.0.x to 11.1.2, the newest versions come with Cydia as a part of the payload right from the start, along with the Substitute framework, and this is a Comex crafted replacement for the Cydia Substrate, which in turn means jailbreak users can instantly access Cydia and implement their preferred tweaks without waiting for more updates.

It is possible to download the newest Electra release from coolstar’s website in the form of an IPA file which can then be sideloaded using a tool such as Cydia Impactor. There happen to be two different versions available, one which will require a paid developer account while the other one will not and can be used with a simple free account.

We will be giving a complete step by step guide to jailbreak your device using Electra so do stay tuned for more updates! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Roundup: iOS 11.3.1 Electra Jailbreak Errors and Fixes.

Just like its previous versions, iOS 11.3.1 Electra jailbreak, too, comes with its fair share of hard-to-fix bugs and glitches. Here are a few fixes that will allow you to resolve any issue on your own within minutes.

Error 1: Electra didn't work.

1. If the jailbreak isn't working for you try this: After you've installed the Electra IPA, reboot the device. Then wait 60 seconds and open Electra to run the jailbreak, and wait.

2. If it still does not work: Close out of the app from the switcher, wait 60 seconds and try again. Restart your device.

It is recommended to enable airplane mode, disable Siri and reboot before running Electra.

Error 2: rootfs remount error.

According to Coolstar, the OTA update data of iOS 11.4 is responsible for this error message.

Although the team gave no further details, the OTA firmware file apparently tricks the jailbreak tool into thinking that the device’s firmware version is iOS 11.4. Therefore, the fix involves erasing the firmware files from your device.

Error 3: exploit.

Please try to close the Electra app from the app switcher and try again.


Errror 4: Electra says "Already jailbroken" but Cydia doesn't show up.

SSH into your device and run uicache. For details, please refer How to Fix Common Cydia Problems on Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak?

Error 5: Electra fails at Please wait (1/3)

This is the most common problem users are experiencing with Electra right now. There is no 100% working solution, however there are methods that a few users have used to increase their chances of success.

Method 1.

Enable airplane mode from Settings.

Restart your device.

Navigate to the widgets section of your home screen, then Settings and scroll up and down until animations are smooth.

Lock your device for 10 seconds and then unlock it again.

Launch Electra and press the Jailbreak button.

Method 2 (recommended)

Enable Airplane mode from Settings.

Turn off Siri by going to Settings > Siri & Search and toggle off all the “Press Home for Siri” option present therein. What this does is, it reduces your the background activity significantly, thus allowing your device to run the jailbreak effectively.

Launch Electra and press “Jailbreak” .

Your device might reboot once again at this stage. As soon it boots up, run Electra once again.

How To Downgrade to iOS 11.3.1 for Electra Jailbreak [Complete Tutorial]

The excitement in the jailbreak community is rising like anything. Developers are coming out with new tweaks and modified applications which indicates pretty much one thing that the Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 is going to release soon. To assist those iOS users who are looking to downgrade their iOS version to 11.3.1, developers have released a downgrade toolkit with an aim to reduce their efforts. Earlier the jailbreak used to immediately come out after a new iOS version was released by Apple. But, nowadays the scenario is completely different. It is becoming much more complicated to jailbreak, so a jailbreak tool is released when the iOS users have already surpassed that firmware for the jailbreak has come up.

So, if you haven’t yet downgraded to iOS 11.3.1, you can make use of this tool which is designed and developed by the Jailbreak Status team.

However, please note that you need to have BLOBS saved for using this toolkit and your iOS device is running on a jailbroken firmware below iOS 11.3.1. However, if you don’t have BLOBS saved then you can down grade to iOS 11.3.1 without BLOBS, using the method provided in our linked guide.

[Update] – Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 Released! Navigate to our iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak guide to get your hands on it.

iOS 11.3.1 Downgrade Toolkit Released by Jailbreak Status Team.

Since, Apple is not signing the iOS 11.3.1 firmware the toolkit can be extremely handy if your device falls under the above mentioned prerequisites. Moreover, you don’t need to be much of a developer to use this toolkit as everything is covered under a smart and user-friendly interface. Indirectly, you are not actually downgrading with this toolkit but upgrading since your device requires to be on an older jailbroken firmware to utilize this smart toolkit. However, the jailbreak community uses the term ‘Downgrade’ only for the procedure since you are moving to an iOS version which Apple is not official signing.

Repeating the above mentioned prerequisites, you need to have BLOBS saved to utilize the services of this toolkit. Moreover, if you own an iPhone 8 or the big daddy iPhone X, then we are extremely sorry to tell you that your device, somehow, is not supported by this extremely useful toolkit. However if you have BLOBS saved, you can still down grade to iOS 11.3.1 using BLOBS by utilizing the method presented in our linked guide.

Restore your iOS device to iOS 11.3.1 for Electra Jailbreak using Downgrade Toolkit [STEPS]

So, if your device meets all the requirements please navigate to the official downgrade page of jailbreakstatus.com and select your iPhone or iPad model to continue with the process. Once you select your device variant you will get all the instructions regarding the downgrade process for that particular device. Along with the instructions, all the required tools will be available at your disposal so that you don’t face a tough time looking for anything. Everything will be available in front of your eyes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going and restore your device to iOS 11.3.1 for getting the latest Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak working on your iOS device. If you wish to ask any questions please feel free to put them down in the comments section below.


Electra Jailbreak.

Coolstar has released Electra jailbreak 1.3.2 as the latest version of Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.4 – iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak. Now, Electra 1.3.2 shipped with both Cydia and Sileo installed by default and compatible with iPhones, iPods touch, iPads, and Apple TVs as well. But Apple TV jailbreak only supports tvOS 11.2 - 11.3.1. Also, you can install Electra IPA with Cydia Cloud online method on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

As a bonus, you can find some information about Electra jailbreak alternatives and Electra scam tool in here. Here you can find a few guides which help you to install Electra jailbreak on various iOS versions and install Cydia on your iDevices.

Jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 - iOS 11.4 with Electra 1.3.2.

In here you can find the step guide to jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 - 11.4 running iPhone, iPad & iPod touch models with the latest Electra 1.3.2 version through the PC. Here is the list of supported devices.

iPhone - X/ 8/8 Plus/ 7 Plus/ 7/ iPhone SE/6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S iPad Air 2, Air (1st Generation) 5th Generation iPads iPad Mini 2/3/4 All iPad Pro 6th Generation iPod Touches.

Note: Make sure to update iTunes to the most recent version on your Mac or Windows PC before starting the process. Also, you have to delete OTA updates and install the tvOS beta profile and reboot your device before using Electra IPA. The purpose of installing the tvOS beta profile is to prevent OTA updates loading.

Step 01 - Download Cydia Impactor & Electra 1.3.2 IPA by clicking the below download buttons.

Step 02 - Now, connect your device to the computer using a recommended USB cable.

Step 03 - Launch the Cydia impactor then Drag and Drop Electra IPA on to the Impactor.

Step 04 - Enter your valid Apple credentials when prompted.

Step 05 - Then, Cydia impactor will sideload signed Electra IPA on your device.

Step 06 - Navigate to Settings >> General>>Profile & Device management.

Step 07 - Tap on Electra profile and Tap on "Trust" twice to trust the Electra IPA.

Step 08 - Now, disable Siri, Passcode and put your device on Airplane mode.

Step 09 - Launch the Electra app and tap on "jailbreak" button and then your handset will respring.

Step 10 - Open the Electra app again and tap on the "Jailbreak" button.

Step 11 - Finally, you will be able to see Cydia on your device's Home Screen.

Electra Online Jailbreak with Cydia Cloud.

Electra online jailbreak method from Cydia Cloud is easier than the PC method. Because it only requires a few steps to jailbreak your iDevice. you can jailbreak iOS 11.4, iOS 11.4.1 & lower versions with the single tap using this Cydia Cloud. The only thing you have to do is visit Cydia Cloud's official website and follow the steps below.

Step 01 - Visit www.cydiacloud.com using the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad. Please note that this method only works when you visit the website through Safari browser.

Step 02 - Tap on "Cydia Download" button.

Step 03 - Install Cydia Cloud app on your iDevice following the instructions given.

Step 04 - Then, Open Cydia Cloud and there will be Electra in the app section.

Step 05 - Tap on Electra jailbreak then install it on your iDevice. It'll appear on device's Home screen after a while.

Step 06 - You cannot launch the app until you trust the app. Go to Settings >> General >> Profile & Device management and trust the developer.

Next, run the Electra app from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 07 - When the Jailbreak process is completed you will see Cydia on your device's home screen.

Important : Make sure to re-jailbreak the device using Electra every time you reboot the device in order to get back the jailbreak back.

Electra for iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.3.1.

You can install Electra 11.3.1 on iDevices which run iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.3.1. It mainly used tfp0 exploit revealed by Ian beer. Also, users can use both the online method and computer-based method to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 - 11.2 and install Cydia with Electra1131.


Step 01 - First, download the Electra1131 IPA on your Mac or Windows PC and locate it on your computer desktop.

Step 02 - Next, download Cydia impactor on your computer and extract files to a specific folder which can find easily.

Step 03 - Now, establish a connection between your device and the computer using a certified USB ligthning cable.

Step 04 - Then, launch the Cydia Impactor.

Step 05 - Drag and drop the Electra IPA onto Cydia Impactor.

Step 06 - Provide your Apple ID and the Password to sideload the Electra on your iDevice.

Step 07 - After sideloading is completed, you will see Electra on the device's screen.

Step 08 - Trust the developer profile and run the Electra app.

Step 09 - Tap on the "Jailbreak" button and you will see Cydia after a few minutes.

Electra Jailbreak for tvOS 11.2 - tvOS 11.3.1.

Coolstar provides ElectraTV 1.3.2 to jailbreak tvOS 11.3.1 - tvOS 11.2 in collaboration with nitoTV and Jaywalker. For now, ElectraTV jailbreak only supports Apple TV 4th & 5th Generation.

Electra 1.0 for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2.

Coolstar initially released Electra 1.0 for iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 focusing on developers. It came with the ability to jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 and recorded a higher rate of success along without installing Cydia. You can use Electra 1.0 for iOS 11.1.2 - iOS 11 following the step guide below. This method is a computer-based method.

Step 01 - First, download the Electra 1.0 IPA on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 02 - Next, download and Install the Cydia Impactor according to your computer OS.

Step 03 - Now, connect your handset to the computer and Launch Cydia Impactor from your computer.

Step 04 - It will detect your device automatically.

Step 05 - Then, Click, Drag and Drop Electra IPA on to the Cydia impactor.

Step 06 - Provide your Apple ID and password when prompted and Cydia impactor will sideload Electra.IPA to your device.

Step 07 - When sideloading is done Electra Jailbreak app will be displayed on device's home screen.

Step 08 - Always, make sure to trust the developer profile before launching the app otherwise, you won't be able to run the app.

Step 09 - So, Go to the Settings > General > Profile and Device management > Trust.

Step 10 - Now, you are allowed to launch the Electra app then tap on the "Jailbreak" button to jailbreak your device. You will get a message and tap on "Continue Jailbreak"

Step 11 - The process will take quite a time and the device will reboot automatically when the process is completed showing you Cydia on your home screen.

Install Sileo on iOS 11 - iOS 11.4.1.

Sileo is the third-party app store from the Electra team instead of Cydia. Currently, both Cydia and Sileo come as default with Electra jailbreak but according to the developer you will no longer get Cydia in default in the future but will be available as installable. Here are the steps to install Sileo on iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1.

Step 01 - Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iDevice.

Step 02 - Go to the Sources section.

Step 03 - Click on Electra’s iOS utility source.

Step 04 - Scroll down.

Step 05 - Click on the "Packaging" and Install Sileo (Beta) package.

Step 06 - After installation click "Restart SpringBoard"


Step 07 - Now, Sileo will be on your device's home screen.

Electra for iOS 12 to iOS 12.2.

Electra team has not upgraded Electra jailbreak iOS 12 to iOS 12.2. But they have advised users not to upgrade iOS 12 until resolving iOS 12 exploit issues. So, if you are interested you can try another jailbreak method such as Cydia Cloud.

Electra Alternatives & Scam Tools.

Currently, Unc0ver Jailbreak is available as an alternative for Electra jailbreak from pwn20wnd with Sam Binger.

There are a number of websites and videos which provide you with fake information. Always try to download the tool from trusted sources to avoid future complications, Here are some few sites which give your wrong directions.

http://electraremote.com/ - It shows Electra is available for iOS 12. But the coolstar has not released Electra iOS 12 jailbreak.

http://12electra.com/ - This website shows Electra is available for iOS 12. But it is fake. https://download.net.ua/electra - Promises to jailbreak iOS 12 with Electra. You can download the jailbreak file But it can do nothing.

So, always be careful when you are trying to download a relevant jailbreak tool. Always use trusted sources to get the best results. Otherwise, you will get infected files and corrupted files instead of actual files.

Not only Electra jailbreak tool but also you can have other iOS projects from Electra team as Ventana, 3D Switcher Anemone, and Classicswitcher3 etc. When it comes to Anemone it works as a theme engine from iOS 7 to iOS 10. It helps the userS to customize the appearance of iOS, customize icon labels and many more. Due to its attractive features, most of the iOS users love Anemone and download it.

Ventana works as a modern lock screen for iOS 8 to iOS 10. It has been designed based on Windows 10 features.

Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 without a computer (Electra Jailbreak)

In this article, I will show you how to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 without a computer (Electra jailbreak). Today is the day (7/July) that we all have been waiting for. Finally, Coolstar has released the Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1. Electra jailbreak is an unauthorized app from which you can install Cydia to your iOS device without being revoked. The developer behind this app is Coolstar – also well knows as unknown hacker and developer.

You can check the new update on the jailbreak for any upcoming and updated iOS version just by going on to the official website of Coolstar – coolstar.org/elecrta/

Eligible devices.

These devices are only eligible for Electra jailbreak if they are running on iOS 11.2 through 11.3.1.

iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7, 7Plus, iPhone 6, 6Plus and iPhone 5S iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2 All models of iPad Pro iPod touch 6th-generation iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1th and 5th-Generation.

How to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 without a computer?

There are so many popular developers that are currently working on the tweaked apps like Tweakbox, Tutuapp, Appvalley and many more. They have uploaded Electra jailbreak to the tweaked apps so you don’t need Cydia impactor to install Electra jailbreak on your iOS device. The only things you need to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 is the internet connection and a browser that allows you to open untheorized websites. Follow the steps down below to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 without a computer.

Important Note: Coolstar itself said that Electra is a free jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0 – 11.3.1. It is recommended for future restore before running Electra. Although Electra itself should be safe, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your iOS installation by any tweaks or executables you load after the jailbreak. It means that you don’t have any kind of authority to blam on Coolstar for what you iDevice is suffering after jailbreaking. Before jailbreaking your iOS device, you must back up your iOS device.

Step #1. Go to (This website), tap on the apps category. Tap on the “Tweakbox Apps,” you will see the Electra jailbreak on the first page. If you don’t have the Electra jailbreak at the first page just tap on the search icon. Search “Electra 11.3.1” and once you have it on your screen tap on it.

Hit install, wait for the popup hit install again. It will be on your iPhone’s interface. Now if it sticks on loading, just tap on it and it will start installing.

Download Electra Jailbreak From Tweakbox.

Step #2. Now you need to allow access to Electra jailbreak. Tap on Electra jailbreak app and it will give a notification popup. Note the profile because it will help you find the profile quicker. Now you have to open Setting << General << Device management and find Electra jailbreak’s profile. Hit trust, trust again and then you are good to go.

Verify Electra Jailbreak.

Step #3. Launch the Electra app, once you are on the app, make sure to turn on the tweak option. Hit jailbreak and wait until it shows restarting.

Once it shows restarting, your device will reboot. The first time you won’t have Cydia so please don’t be upset.


Run Electra Jailbreak.

Step #4. Open the Electra app again and hit jailbreak. Your device will reboot after 30 seconds and then when it reboots you will have the Cydia app right next to Electra app. You can open Cydia without a problem.

Electra Jailbreak With Cydia.

Important note: If you want to keep your iDevice jailbroken, don’t update your device and especially don’t delete the Electra app because each an everytime you reboot your device, you will have to enable Cydia from Electra app. You can’t use Cydia without Electra app.


This article was about the jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 without a computer (Electra jailbreak). Hope you guys have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say, just by commenting in the comment section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe and also, visit our website every day, because we post new articles every day.





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