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How to Choose a Website Development Platform




Businesses need to gear up with digital transformation strategies now more than ever. At CraftedQ, we have been working in close association with SMEs and corporates alike for near 9+

years now in helping them establish a strong digital presence and equip them with new-age

software, tools and technologies. Our software consulting is primarily directed towards

increasing revenue streams, establishing maximum productivity and yielding desired ROIs in the

longer run.


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Purpose &



Technical Expertise


Features &







Support &






Purpose & Goals

● Supporting collaboration between team members or stakeholders involved in website development, such as designers, developers, and content creators.

● Providing integrations with other tools and services, such as social media platforms, marketing automation software, and analytics tools.

● Ensuring websites are secure, fast, and optimized for search engines.

● Offering ongoing support and training to help users make the most of the platform's features and capabilities.

● Continuously updating the platform to keep pace with changes in web design and development best practices, as well as evolving user needs and preferences.


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● For web development, it is recommended to work with a team of developers who have the necessary technical expertise to build and maintain a website or platform.

● Alternatively, there are many website builders and content management systems (CMS) available that are designed to be easy to use and require no coding skills, such as Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress with a visual builder plugin.

● The choice of platform will depend on the specific requirements of the project and the resources available.

● It's important to consider the trade-offs between flexibility and ease of use when selecting a platform, as well as the scalability and maintenance costs over time.

Technical Expertise


Features & Functionality

● A good website development platform should have a user-friendly interface that allows developers to easily navigate the platform and build their websites.

● website development platforms should also offer customization options that allow developers to tailor their websites to their specific needs.

● If developers are building an e-commerce website, they will need a platform that

includes e-commerce functionality, such as the ability to create product listings, process payments, and manage orders.

● Finally, website development platforms should offer analytics and reporting tools that allow developers to track website traffic, user behavior, and other metrics that can help them improve their websites over time.


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● Website development platforms often provide users with a wide range of design customization options such as color schemes, typography, and layout.

● The web development company allow developers to customize the code of their websites to add new functionality or modify existing features.

● These integrations allow developers to add new features or capabilities to their websites without having to build them from scratch.

● Website development platforms offer content management systems (CMS) that allow developers to create, edit, and publish content on their websites.

● Responsive design ensures that the website is accessible and easy to navigate on mobile devices by adjusting the layout, font size, and image size.



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● Patagraph is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud-based platform that offers auto-scaling, which can scale resources automatically based on website traffic and usage.

● This helps to ensure that the website remains fast and responsive even as the user base grows

● This includes minimizing page load times, reducing the size of images and other media, and caching frequently accessed content.

● It allows the platform to handle large amounts of data without affecting performance.

● Patagraph offers integrations with third-party tools and services that can improve website performance and scalability.



● The website should be regularly updated with the latest security patches and software updates to ensure that it is protected against potential security vulnerabilities.

● The website should be regularly monitored for uptime, performance, and user behavior using analytics tools.

● Content should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains relevant and engaging for users.

● The website development should be regularly scanned for potential security vulnerabilities and threats.

Support & Maintenance


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● The type of website that you want to build can have a significant impact on the budget.

● The level of customization required for the website can also impact the budget

● A website that requires a high level of customization and unique features will likely cost more than a website built on a pre-built template

● Finally, consider your budget. Some platforms may be more expensive than others, so it's important to choose a platform that fits within your budget.




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