Camilyo APS package by Techno Mango Service Provide Deployment Guide Version 1.0

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Camilyo  APS  package  by  Techno  Mango  

Service  Provide  Deployment  Guide  

Version  1.0  









Introduction  ...  3


Endpoint  deployment  ...  3


Endpoint  minimal  hardware  requirements:  ...  3


Endpoint  software  requirements:  ...  3


Obtaining  the  APS  package  ...  3


Obtaining  the  php  runtime  ...  3


Installation  process  ...  3


Preparing  POA  ...  4


Package  deployment  on  Parallels  Automation  ...  6


Uploading  the  package  ...  6


Configuring  APS  package  instance  ...  9


Configuring  main  resource  types  ...  13


Application  Service  Reference  Resource  Type  ...  13


Application  Service:  Tenant  Resource  type  ...  15


Application  Service:  Domain  resource  type  ...  18


Configuring  offers  ...  21


Camilyo  Standalone  ...  25


Configuring  Service  Template  ...  25


Configuring  Service  Plan  ...  30


Bundling  Camilyo  with  other  services  ...  40





Camilyo  by  Mobeeart  is  an  online  presence,  marketing  and  engagement  platform  that  enables  real   business  results  for  small  and  medium  sized  enterprises.  

The  document  contains  description  and  guidelines  for  integration  of  Camilyo  application  with  the   Parallels  Automation  cloud  platform.  

Endpoint  deployment  

For  the  APS  package  to  work  a  functioning  application  endpoint  server  is  required.  

Endpoint  minimal  hardware  requirements:  

CPU   RAM   Diskspace  

Pentium  III   512Mb  RAM   50Mb  


Endpoint  software  requirements:  

-­‐ Centos  6.5  or  RHEL  6.5  or  later  

-­‐ Apache  2.2.15  or  later  with  mod_rewrite   -­‐ PHP  5.3.3  or  later  

-­‐ php-­‐cli   -­‐ php-­‐common   -­‐ php-­‐xmlrpc  

Obtaining  the  APS  package  

Please  contact  you  Camilyo  representative  in  order  to  obtain  the  package  

Obtaining  the  php  runtime    

Download  the  latest  RPM  from­‐runtime-­‐download    

Installation  process  

Step  1.  Extract  the  script  from  the  obtained  APS  package:  


 Step  2.  Copy,  the  runtime  RPM  and  the  APS  package  itself  to  the  endpoint  server.   (example  below  using  scp/pscp  utilities)  


#  scp  camilyo-­‐1-­‐  root@endpointserver:/root    

Step  3.  Install  the  runtime  RPM    

ssh  into  the  endpoint  server  with  root  privileges   run  in  shell:  

#  cd  /root  

#  rpm  -­‐-­‐ihv  aps-­‐php-­‐runtime-­‐2.0-­‐312.noarch.rpm   Step  4.  Run  the  script:  

#  cd  /root  

#  chmod  +x  

#  ./  camilyo  camilyo-­‐1-­‐  

This  will  create  the  folder  “camilyo”  with  endpoint  scripts  in  /var/www/html/   Step  4.  Check  that  the  endpoint  works:  

Browse  to  http://endpointserver/camilyo/tenant/    

The  response  should  be  similar  to  the  following  (json-­‐formated!):  

{"code":404,"type":"RuntimeException","message":"Not  Found:  No  appropriate  method  found  for   url  camilyo\/tenant"}  

Preparing  POA  

In  this  version,  the  Camilyo  APS  package  will  need  to  call  POA  API  in  order  to  manage  DNS  records.   This  is  a  temporary  requirement  and  will  be  alleviated  in  future  versions  of  the  APS  package.   To  prepare  POA  API,  login  to  Parallels  Automation  -­‐>  Settings  -­‐>  Public  API  


  Note  the  Access  Point  URL  as  you  will  later  need  it  to  configure  the  APS  package.  

If  HTTP  Authentication  is  enabled,  you  will  need  have  a  provider-­‐level  user  account  in  POA  that  has   privileges  to  manage  DNS  records.  Admin  account  has  such  privileges  by  default,  but  is  not  

recommended  for  use  in  production.  Note  the  name  and  the  password  of  such  user  account,  as  you   will  later  need  it  to  configure  the  APS  package.  

If  Accept  connection  from  allowed  networks  is  configured,  you  may  need  to  add  the  IP  address  of   the  endpoint  server  in  the  Allowed  Networks  tab.  




Package  deployment  on  Parallels  Automation  

Uploading  the  package  

Login  to  Parallels  Automation:  




Click  “Import  Package”  


Choose  “Download  package  from…  local  file:  




Browse  to  the  APS  package:  

  Click  open.    

After  about  a  minute,  the  package  will  be  uploaded  and  will  appear  in  Parallels  Automation  list:  


Configuring  APS  package  instance  

The  backend  provisioning  tasks  for  Camilyo  are  ran  on  the  endpoint  server.  The  endpoint  server  can   work  with  multiple  APS  package  instances.  Each  instance  can  represent  a  separate  instance  of   Camilyo  software  itself.  For  example,  if  you  wish  to  offer  Camilyo  in  different  countries,  an  APS   instance  per  country  can  be  configured.  Each  such  instance  will  be  executing  provisioning  tasks  with   its  country-­‐specific  installation  of  Camilyo  software.  

Instance  installation  steps  are  as  follow.  

In  Parallels  Automation  Applications  list  click  “camilyo”:  



Switch  to  the  Instances  tab:  


Click  Install  and  fill  the  “Application  API  end-­‐point  URI”  with  the  full  path  to  Camilyo  APS  endpoint  on   the  endpoint  server.  Usually  it’s  the  URL  of  the  format  http(s)://<endpointserver>/camilyo  ,  where   <endpointserver>  is  the  IP  address  or  hostname  of  the  endpoint  server:  


Click  next.    

For  this  step  you  will  need  to  acquire  the  following  information  from  your  Camilyo  representative:  

Field   Description   Example  of  value  

Endpoint  URL   URL  of  Camilyo  software  native  API  


Camilyo  instance  identifier   Internal  instance  identifier  in  Camilyo   CAMILYOUK  

Admin   Login  name  for  remote  Camilyo  

native  API  calls   admin  

Password   Password  for  remote  Camilyo  native  

API  calls   ***********  

IP  address   IP  address  of  the  Camilyo  platform.   Portal  address   URL  of  the  Camilyo  Customer  Portal.  

This  field  is  optional.  If  value  of  this   field  left  empty,  customers  will  only   be  able  to  launch  Camilyo  from  their   Parallels  Customer  Control  Panel   (CCP)  using  Single-­‐Sign-­‐On,  and  would   not  be  able  to  activate  direct  access   to  Camilyo. web/sites-­‐login.aspx  

POA xml-rpc API entry point   URL  of  POA  Public  API  access  point 0/RPC2  

POA API login Login  name  of  POA  user  account  with  

privilege  to  manage  DNS   Admin  

POA API Password Password  name  of  POA  user  account  


  Click  Next.  Click  Finish  

Application  Service  Reference  resource  type  

Camilyo  APS  instance  should  be  created  with  status  Ready  



Configuring  main  resource  types  

Application  Service  Reference  Resource  Type  

Open  the  Resource  Types  tab  and  click  Create  

  Select  Application  Service  Reference  

  Click  next.  

In  the  Name  field  type  the  preferred  name  for  the  resource,  that  would  represent  country-­‐specific   installation  of  Camilyo  software,  e.g.  Camilyo  UK  Globals  Reference  


  Click  Next  

Select  Camilyo  Global  Settings  

  In  the  list  of  available  instances,  select  the  one  relevant  for  the  country:  


  Review  the  results  and  click  Finish.    

The  Application  Service  Reference  resource  type  will  be  created:  


Application  Service:  Tenant  Resource  type  

Click  Create.    



Choose  Application  Service    

  In  the  Name  field  type  the  preferred  name  for  the  resource,  that  would  represent  tenant  in  Camilyo   software,  e.g.  Camilyo  Tenant  

  Click  Next          


Choose  Camilyo  Tenant  

  IMPORTNANT.  Make  sure  that  Automatically  provision  service  for  this  Application  Service  is  


  Click  Next.  Review  the  results    


  Click  Finish.    

The  Camilyo  Tenant  Application  Serivce  Resource  type  will  be  created.  


Application  Service:  Domain  resource  type  

Click  Create.    



Choose  Application  Service      


In  the  Name  field  type  the  preferred  name  for  the  resource,  that  would  represent  Domain   assignment  in  Camilyo  software,  e.g.  Camilyo  Domain  




Choose  Camilyo  Domain  

  IMPORTANT  Make  sure  Automatically  provision  service  is  cleared    

  Click  Next.  Review  the  results.  


  Click  Finish.  

The  Camilyo  Domain  Resource  type  will  be  created  




Configuring  offers  

Camilyo  allows  selling  a  number  of  various  atomic  features  from  which  Service  Providers  could   construct  their  products  and  offerings.  The  decision  on  which  features  to  sell,  on  whether  Camilyo   services  should  be  bundled  together  with  other  services,  such  as  Shared  Hosting,  Hosted  Email,   Office  365  and  others,  should  be  made  based  on  Service  Provider’s  business  model.  


This  document  doesn’t  discuss  or  make  any  recommendations  on  which  features  should  be  sold   together.  For  best  practices  and  recommendation  please  contact  your  Camilyo  representative.   The  procedure  of  adding  individual  Camilyo  features  as  resources  in  Parallels  Automation  is   described  below.  It  is  very  similar  for  all  of  the  features,  therefore  it  will  be  shown  only  once.   Camilyo  APS  package  supports  provisioning  of  the  following  features:  

socialads   Social  Ads  (non-­‐quantifiable)  

sites   Sites  (quantifiable)  

pages   Number  of  pages  (quantifiable)   social   Social  -­‐  number  of  apps  (quantifiable)  

contacts   Contacts  (quantifiable)  

commerce   Commerce  -­‐  number  of  products  (quantifiable)   commercetype   Commerce  level  (quantifiable)  

coupons   Coupons  (quantifiable)  

scheduler   Scheduler  -­‐  number  of  calendars  (quantifiable)  

sms   SMS  (quantifiable)  

emailcampaign   Email  Campaign  (quantifiable)  

videogenerator   Videogenerator  -­‐  number  of  videos  (quantifiable)    

Non-­‐quantifiable  features  are  the  features  that  can  only  be  sold  in  a  since  unit  –  no  more  than  one.   Of  more  than  one  unit  of  non-­‐quantifiable  feature  is  present  in  a  customer’s  subscription  –  the   quantity  of  the  feature  will  be  ignored  and  the  feature  will  simply  be  enabled  for  the  customer.   Quantifiable  features  are  those  that  can  be  sold  in  any  positive  number,  including  Unlimited,  and  of   which  Camilyo  APS  package  will  provide  usage  reporting.  

In  the  Resource  Types  tab  click  Create  


Select  Application  Counter  (unit)  


In  the  Name  filed  specify  chosen  name  for  the  resource  that  would  represent  the  Camilyo  feature.   For  example  Camilyo  Sites  



  Review  the  results,  click  finish  

  The  Resource  Type  for  the  desired  Camilyo  feature  will  be  created  


  Repeat  this  procedure  for  all  desired  Camilyo  features  


Camilyo  Standalone  

Camilyo  can  be  sold  as  a  standalone  application  and  doesn’t  require  integration  with  any  other   hosting  or  cloud  service.  In  the  absence  of  DNS  hosting  among  Customers’  subscriptions,  Camilyo   will  still  be  able  to  assign  domain  names  to  sites  created  in  Camilyo,  but  will  not  be  able  to  create  the   required  DNS  records.  In  this  case  Camilyo  APS  package  will  provide  Customers  with  hints  on  which   DNS  records  should  be  set  up  in  an  external  DNS  system  for  domain  name  resolution  to  function.   NOTE  Customer  subscriptions  to  Camilyo  standalone  that  co-­‐exists  with  subscriptions  to  DNS  hosting   in  the  same  customer  account  can  delegate  the  hosted  domains  to  Camilyo  and  create  necessary   DNS  records  in  their  DNS  zones.  

Configuring  Service  Template  

For  standalone  Camilyo,  only  Camilyo  resources  are  be  added.   Click  Service  Templates,  then  click  Add  New  Service  Template  


  In  the  Name  field  specify  the  desired  Name  of  your  Service  Template.  For  example,  Camilyo  


Make  sure  Auto  provisioning  is  checked   Choose  Custom  in  the  Type  list  

  Select  all  code  Camilyo  resources:  

-­‐ Camilyo  Globals  Reference   -­‐ Camilyo  Tenant  


  Select  the  Camilyo  features  that  you  wish  to  sell  using  this  Service  Template.  Most  frequently,  the   Service  Template  would  contain  all  Camilyo  features.  If  you  wish  to  allow  for  the  ability  for  

customers  to  choose  from  a  number  of  Camilyo  products  and  editions  with  self-­‐selection  of  features,   with  possibility  to  move  between  editions,  you  will  be  able  to  create  Service  Plans  in  Parallels  

Business  Automation  (PBA)  from  a  single  Service  Template  by  tailoring  the  resources  as  desired.  

  Click  Next  


Set  quantity  of  the  core  Resource  Types  as  follows:  

Resource  Type   Quantity  

Camilyo  Globals  Resference   1  

Camilyo  Tenant   1  

Camilyo  Domain   Unlimited  


You  can  set  up  the  amounts  of  Camilyo  features  to  the  desired.  In  this  example,  where  we  would  like   to  define  quantities  in  PBA  Service  Plans  instead,  we  would  set  quantities  of  all  Camilyo  features  to   zero  at  the  Service  Template  level.  

Review  the  results  and  click  Finish.  

  Camilyo  Standalone  Service  Template  will  be  created  


  Click  on  the  new  Service  Template  

  Click  Activate  





Configuring  Service  Plan  

Service  provider  is  free  to  define  any  combinations  of  Camilyo  features  in  their  Service  Plans.     We  will  demonstrate  service  plan  creation  in  a  scenario  where  2  editions  of  Camilyo  Presence   product  will  be  created,  with  an  upgrade  relationship  between  them.  

Switch  to  PBA  by  clicking  the  Billing  link.  In  PBA  open  Service  Plans.  

  Click  Add  New  Service  Plan.  Choose  Generic  Service  Plan  


The  Service  Plan  Wizard  will  start.  In  Service  Template  field  select  Camilyo  Standalone.  Fill  in  all  the   other  relevant  fields  according  to  you  desired  Service  Plan  Name,  descriptions,  terms,  billing   configuration  and  appearance.  For  details  and  help  please  refer  to  PBA  Provider’s  Guide.  

  Click  Next.  

Select  the  desired  allowed  subscription  periods  and  set  prices.  You  may  wish  to  include  Trial  period.  

  Optionally,  specify  details  of  the  allowed  subscription  periods  


  When  done,  click  Set  Up  Plan  Rates.  

In  our  example  we  will  create  Standard  Camilyo  Presence  product.   This  product  should  include  the  following  resources  and  their  amounts:  

Resource     Amount  

Camilyo  Sites   10  

Camilyo  Pages   Unlimited  

Camilyo  Social   10  


Set  up  the  Included  amount  and  Maximum  amount  and  set  up  and  recurring  prices  for  each   resource.    


  Click  Setup  Up-­‐Sales  

Select  other  service  plans  that  would  wish  to  Up  sell  with  Camilyo.  Typically  these  would  be  domain   registration  service  plans.  

Click  Finish.  The  new  Camilyo  Presence  –  Standard  service  plan  will  be  created.  




To  activate  service  plan  click  the  new  Camilyo  Presence  –  Standard  in  service  plans,  click  Publication   Settings,  click  Edit.  Tick    Published  option  to  activate  the  plan.    


We  will  create  another  plan  Camilyo  Presence  –  Advanced,  that  would  include  the  following  Camilyo   features  and  quantities:  

Resource     Amount  

Camilyo  Sites   10  

Camilyo  Pages   Unlimited  

Camilyo  Social   10  

Camilyo  Social  Media  Ads   1  


Click  Clone  Existing  Plan  

Choose  Camilyo  Presence  –  Standard  

  Click  Next                


Name  the  Service  Plan  

  Click  Finish.  This  will  create  the  new  service  plan.  Click  the  new  service  plan  and  open  the  Resource   Rates  tab.  

  Click  Add  New  Resource  Rate  



Select  Social  Media  Ads  and  set  its  Include,  Maximum  and  Minimum  amount  to  1.  Set  the  desired   prices.  


Click  Add  Resource  Rate(s)  

Configuration  of  the  Camilyo  Presence  –  Advanced  will  be  completed.  

We  will  configure  Upgrade  path  from  Camilyo  Presence  –  Standard  to  Camilyo  Presence  –  Advanced.   In  Service  Plans  select  Camilyo  Presence  –  Standard.  Open  the  Upgrades  tab.  


  Click  Add  New  Allowed  Upgrade/Downgrade  

Select  Camilyo  Presence  –  Advanced  and  click  Add  Selected  Plan(s).  

  Configuration  of  the  upgrade  path  will  be  finished.  

To  display  the  Camilyo  products  in  the  online  shop  you  have  to  create  a  Sales  category.  We  do  not   provide  a  simple  setup  guidance.  For  more  extensive  setup  instructions  please  refer  to  Parallels   Operation  Automation  Provider’s  Guide  and  Parallels  Business  Automation  Provider’s  Guide.  

Click  Service  Plans,  Sales  Categories,  then  Add  New  Sales  Categor.  Name  the  Sales  category  you  want   to  show  the  plans  in  and  tick  the  Show  in  Customer  Control  Panel  if  you  want  customers  to  be  able  


to  sell  it  through  the  CCP.  Click  Save.  Click  in  the  newly  created  Sales  Category.  Click  on  the  Service   plans  tab,  click  on  Add  new  plan,  choose  the  plans  to  be  included  and  click  Add  Plan(s)  To  Category.   Click  on  Online  Store,  Screens,  Add  New  Screen.  Add  a  screen  ID  and  chose  HOSTING  for  Template   Name.    

In  the  Screens  tab  Click  on  the  newly  created  screen.  Click  Add  Existing  Category.  Choose  the  created   Category  name.    Click  Finish.    

Click  on  Online  Store,  Add  New  Purchase  Scenario.  In  the  next  screen  don’t  forget  to  tick  Published   in  Store  option.  Click  Save.    

Click  on  the  newly  created  Purchase  Scenario.  Click  on  Add  Existing  Screen,  and  choose  the  newly   created  scree,  any  optional  screens  you  want  to  show  during  checkout,  and  the  CHECKOUT_SCREEN.   Click  on  Add  Screen(s).    

Click  on  Online  Store  and  then  Synchronize  Now.    

To  be  able  to  sell  individual  Camilyo  features  using  the  Resource  Rate  feature,  the  Camilyo  resources   will  need  to  be  placed  in  a  Resource  Category.  

Click  Resources,  open  Resource  Categories  tab,  click  Add  New  Resource  Category.   Name  the  new  Resource  Category  and  select  Optional  checkbox  

  Click  Add.  Click  on  the  Camilyo  Resources  category,  open  Resources  tab.  


  Click  Add  New  Resource  to  Category.  

Filter  the  list  of  resources  to  Camilyo,  and  select  all  the  Camilyo  features.  

  Click  Add  Selected  Resources.  

Now  that  the  Service  Plans  and  Resources  are  configured  in  POA  and  PBA,  the  Camilyo  products  can   be  sold  to  customers  using  normal  Parallels  Automation  features:  online  storefront,  by  direct  order   creation  or  via  Parallels  Automation  API.  


Bundling  Camilyo  with  other  services  

Camilyo  APS  package  completely  relies  on  capability  of  Parallels  Automation  to  allow  for  bundling   with  other  services.  Therefore,  Camilyo  core  resources  and  features  can  be  added  to  other  Service   Templates  and  Service  Plans.  For  more  information  refer  to  Parallels  Operation  Automation   Provider’s  Guide  and  Parallels  Business  Automation  Provider’s  Guide.  





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