HP Storage Solutions. Prehľad riešení na zálohovanie a ukladanie dát pre Virtualizáciu

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©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

HP Storage Solutions

Prehľad riešení na zálohovanie a ukladanie dát pre Virtualizáciu

Marian Galik

HP Storage Pre-Sales Consultant Hewlett-Packard Slovakia


Some storage solutions can’t adequately provide

VMs are only as available as their storage

A single array can only protect

data within that array

Clustered storage must protect

data across all arrays

– If not, data protection is analogous to disk RAID 0

Storage must be as highly

available as virtual machines

– VM HA protects servers only

– If storage is offline, VMs are as well








Storage Cluster


©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

HP P6000 EVA


The HP Enterprise Virtual Array success story

over 100’000 EVAs sold since 2001

11/2001 Enterprise Virtual Array 3/2009 EVA 8400 EVA 6400 2/2008 EVA 4400 EVA 4100 6/2007 EVA 6100 EVA 8100 EVA 4000 EVA 6000 EVA 8000 5/2005 EVA 5000 EVA 3000 5/2003 6/2011 P6500 P6300


Array performance comparison

RAID5 Group RAID1 Group

RAID0 Group

RAID5 Group RAID6 Group

LUN 1 LUN 0 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 5 RAID Controller S p a re S p a re LUN 7 LUN 6 LUN 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 12 7 8 8 4 7 7

Traditional Array

The performance of a single LUN is limited by the number of disks of the RAID Group it belongs to.

HP P6000 EVA

Each LUN can achieve the performance of all disks in the disk group.

40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 Max potential performance of a single LUN in disks EVA Controller Disk Group 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


P6000 EVA – What’s new?

New naming convention

• P6300 EVA P6500 EVA

Supports LFF and SFF SAS 6Gb Enterprise drives and

Mid-line SAS, instead of FC drives


• 8Gb/s FC host ports

• Integrated 1Gb/s iSCSI option

• Integrated 10Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE option

Supports more drives and more capacity than EVA4400

and EVA6400






P6300 EVA Combo Kit with

Dual Controllers, SFF Enclosure

and CV/ThP/DM LTUs


P6300 EVA Combo Kit with

Dual Controllers, LFF Enclosure

and CV/ThP/DM LTUs


P6300 EVA

Starter Kit







8 SFF drives


Online Vdisk/VRAID Migration

What does it do?

– Allows non-disruptive RAID level and/or LUN migration within or across disk groups

How does it work?

– By leveraging Business Copy Mirrorclone capabilities


with 600GB 10K drives


* Cooling estimated at an additional 1.5KW for each KW of power used

• 96 SFF disks

• 57.6 TB w 10K rpm SFFs

• Room for 154 more SFFs • 965 watts

• $2,219 per year

for power and cooling at $0.105/KW*

• 96 LFF disks

• 57.6 TB w 10K rpm LFFs

• No room for more LFFs • 1594 watts

• $3,665 per year

for power and cooling at $0.105/KW*


©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

HP P4000 G2 SAN Solutions

Scalable storage optimized for


HP P4000 G2 SAN

Virtual Storage for a Converged



 Scalable online

 Highly available

 Efficient capacity


 Standards based

 All inclusive feature set

Virtualized Pool

of Storage


Buy for today, and then scale with demand

Fully featured, Scale-out Architecture

All inclusive feature-set optimized

for virtualized environments

Granular scalability of capacity

and performance, online

Thin provision on-demand for

superior capacity utilization

Support for NFS and CIFS

–P4000 Unified NAS Gateway

Simple to install and centrally



Always on storage, data remains online during human, power, rack, network or component failures

Network RAID

High availability for storage

– Would you use disk RAID 0 for your data?

– Striping across arrays w/out protection is just as careless!

Protect data from any SPOF including

the array

– RAID 10 (Mirroring)

• Mixed workloads (email, DB, virtualization)

• Can lose up to half of nodes and data

remains available

– RAID 5 and 6 (Parity Based)

• Read intensive workloads (file shares)

Storage is as HA as the VMs

– Volume level granularity

– Change Network RAID levels on-the-fly

B A C D B A C D E E F F A D B C P1 E A D B C E F


Site/Rack 1


P4000 Multi-site SAN

Real-time protection from site failure

Single Cluster Single Cluster

Single SAN stretched between two sites or racks

• Physical separation for protection from:

– Component failure

– Node Failure

– Rack failure

– Building failure

• The next level of high availability for virtualized environments

– All NR10 volumes are online and accessible simultaneously at both sites

– Separate both storage and VMs for maximum protection

– Volumes and VMs remain online in the event of a site failure

– Volumes automatically re-synch after failed site comes back online

A B C D E F B C D A E F B A C D B A C D E E F F = or > 1 Gb


HP P4000 G2 SAN Solutions

P4300 G2 MDL SAS Starter SAN P4300 G2 SAS Starter SAN P4500 G2 Virtualization SAN P4500 G2 Multi-Site SAN P4500 G2 Scalable Capacity SAN P4800 SAN for BladeSystem P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) list price 22k EUR 25k EUR 43k EUR 80k EUR 90k EUR 100k EUR 1.930 EUR

Features Storage Clustering – Network RAID 5/6/10 – Thin Provisioning – App Integrated Snapshots – SmartClone – Remote Copy Starting Capacity 16.0 TB 7.2K MDL SAS 7.2 TB 15K SAS 14.4 TB 15K SAS 28.8 TB 15K SAS 120 TB 7.2K MDL SAS 31.5 TB 15K SAS 10 TB license Max Drives 256 256 384 384 384 1120 Varies Support

coverage Included: 3 years, next business day (NBD) support for HW and SW

Included 1 year SW support, NBD

NAS Support

P4000 Unified NAS Gateway

CIFS and NFS file services – Single instance storage (SIS) – VSS - Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS)

Site 1

Site 2

Replication for Remote Offices is optional via VSA for all P4000 models. It is included with10 license (10TB each) with P4500 Multi-site and with Virtualization SAN.


HP P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance

Highly Available Storage for ROBO Sites

P4000 Virtual Machine

for ESX and Hyper-V

Fully featured

Create highly available

SANs on servers

– Support servers listed on hypervisor’s HCL

– Convert existing SAN or DAS into P4000 storage

Affordable HA and DR

for small and/or remote




The industry’s 1


SAN converged with



– Leverage existing C7000 chassis – Field installable

– Common management •

Storage efficiency:

– Density and storage virtualization drives down cost

– Dynamically scale as infrastructure expands

Scalable Performance:

– High speed storage paths – Dense spindle count •

High availability:

– No single point of failure storage architecture

– Non-disruptive software upgrades

35 Drives 35 Drives 35 Drives 35 Drives P 4 8 0 0 P 4 8 0 0 P 4 8 0 0 P 4 8 0 0


P4800 - Configuration flexibility

More choices, higher storage density

• New starting capacity points

• Field installation for existing c7000’s

• Expand up to (8) P4800 nodes within 1 c7000

Start with a smaller footprint

• 15U vs 20U

• New 2 node configurations • More space for application



Clustered Storage

Storage high availability across racks or sites

Rack or Site B


Family positioning

HP disk-based data protection family

19 • Entry-level choice of 1.5 and 3 TBs usable • Small IT environments or remote offices • 4.5 to 9 TBs usable with upgrade • Remote offices and small to mid-size data centers

• Single or multi-node systems

• High performance and scalable

• Enterprise data centers

• Large FC SANs

All feature StoreOnce deduplication, data replication and offer VTL or NAS targets for backup

With deduplication for performance critical





D2D2500 Series D2D4106 Series HP VLS Family D2D4112 Series • 9 to 18 TBs usable with upgrade • Remote offices and small to mid-size data centers D2D4312 Series • Leading capacity • Scalable to 36 TBs usable • Remote offices and mid-size data centers HP Store Once Extended and Enhanced

D2D4324 Series

• Leading capacity

• Scalable to 72 TBs usable

• Entry and mid sized enterprise data centers


HP StoreOnce cleverly eliminates duplicate data to reduce the amount of

backup data to be stored on disk by typically up to 20x

Deduplication: what is it?


• Compares blocks of data being written to the backup device with data blocks previously stored.

• If duplicate data is found, a pointer is established to the original data.

• This removes, or “deduplicates,” the redundant blocks.

• For normal business data sets, a deduplication ratio of 20:1 might be expected after a period of > 3 months • HP D2D Backup Systems allow unique

data to be compressed following

deduplication and prior to storing to disk

Backup 1 Backup 2 Backup 3 Backup 4 Backup n Unique blocks Stored on D2D


The key benefits of data deduplication


Keep More

Data on Disk -

Typically 20x

More Backup


• Allows longer retention of backup data on disk before archiving off, or purchasing more backup storage

• Improve service levels and business performance – data is available on disk for longer for fast recovery of lost or corrupt files from multiple backup points

• More efficient storage utilization – effectively reduces cost per gigabyte for backup data






• Cuts the costs of data transmission through lower bandwidth lines

• Makes remote backup and disaster recovery more affordable for a wider range of businesses

• Reduces the overhead required at remotes sites required for backup, media management and off-site vaulting


Retention policy

•1 week, daily Incrementals (5) •6 months, weekly fulls (25)

Data parameters

• Data compression rate = 2:1 • Daily change rate = 1%

(10% of data in 10% of files)

Example - 1 TB file server backup

Data stored normally Data stored with deduplication

1st daily full backup 500 GB 500 GB

1st daily incremental backup 50 GB 5 GB

2nd daily incremental backup 50 GB 5 GB

3rd daily incremental backup 50 GB 5 GB

4th daily incremental backup 50 GB 5 GB

5th daily incremental backup 50 GB 5 GB

2nd weekly full backup 500 GB 25 GB

3rd weekly full backup 500 GB 25 GB

25th weekly full backup 500 GB 25 GB

TOTAL 12,750 GB 1,125 GB


Data replication that is network efficient


3. Replication of

changed data

blocks between

backup A and B

Target D2D Backup System

2. Deduplication

Source D2D Backup System A B A B A

1. Backup to D2D

4. Replicate to target



WAN Link

Site A

Site B


So ft w a re Se rv ic e s O n lin e N e a rl in e P2000 MSA

X1000 X3000 X9000 Lefthand P4000 P6000 EVA 3PAR P9500 XP

Data Protector Express Storage Essentials Storage Array Software Storage Mirroring Data Protector Business Copy Continuous Access Cluster Extension

SAN Implementation Storage Performance Analysis Entry Data Migration Installation & Start-up Data Migration

Proactive 24 Critical Service Proactive Select Backup & Recovery

SupportPlus 24 SAN Assessment

Consulting services (Consolidation, Virtualization, SAN Design)

Data Protection Remote Support D2D Backup Systems ESL tape libraries VLS virtual library systems EML tape libraries MSL tape libraries RDX, tape drives & tape autoloaders

HP Storage Portfolio

I n fr a s tr u c tu re

ProCurve Wired, Wireless, Data Center, Security & Management

B, C & H Series FC Switches/Directors SAN Connection Portfolio ProCurve Enterprise Switches




P4000 Remote Copy

Asynchronous Snapshot Replication for DR

Thin provisioned

snapshot replication for


Simple to Manage

– Bandwidth management

– Failover / Failback Wizard – Incremental failback

Support for VMware

SRM included

Site 2

Site 1

1:00 2:00 3:00 1:00 2:00 3:00



P4000 Unified NAS Gateway

Add file (CIF, NFS), print and

management services to P4000 SANs

Powered by Windows Storage Server

2008 R2

Provide file level deduplication via

Single-Instance-Storage (SIS)

Highly available solution

– Microsoft Failover Clustering


No physical SAN hardware at required at remote sites

Disaster Recovery for ROBO Sites

Main Site

– Meet core performance and scalability needs with physical P4000 SAN

Remote Sites

– Performance on a smaller scale with P4000 VSA

– No dedicated SAN hardware at remote sites

– Accommodate space and power restrictions at remote sites

– Fan-in / fan-out replication for flexible configurations


Site/Rack 2

Site/Rack 1

Multi-Site SAN and Remote Copy

End-to-End Business Continuity with P4000

Single Cluster

DR Site

Single Cluster DR Site A B C D E F B C D A E F B A C D B A C D E E F F

1 Gb



A better way to deploy client virtualization

HP client virtualization reference



Alleviate boot storms, enhance application response

SSD configuration support

Simple scalability

Scale in a linear fashion

Simply increase node count to

increase IOPs


Hot plug drives

Physical RAID-5

Multiple servers and storage

blades tied together in a virtual

raid configuration

HP P4000 Virtual SAN

Appliance software manages





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