Eduserv Managed Cloud Solutions. Helping you to migrate securely to the cloud

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Eduserv Managed

Cloud Solutions

Helping you to migrate

securely to the cloud


Organisations are seeking solutions that are:


The ability to rapidly scale cloud solutions up and down according to demand helps to ensure responsiveness to the needs of users and improve service delivery.

Cost effective

The ease of procurement and multiple pricing options available for cloud solutions helps organisations transform their IT estates into ones that are cost effective and fit for the future.


Secure working practices, robust governance, Pan Government Accreditation and UK data sovereignty help to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Economic pressures, growing

demand for online digital services

and the ever increasing need to be

more flexible means that public

sector and charity organisations

are seeking new IT solutions to

support their business strategies.

We are helping public sector and charity organisations to improve services, reduce costs, free-up real estate and increase security by migrating to cloud based solutions.

We understand that not every organisation is the same. We have a team of consultants who will work with you to understand your business and provide bespoke professional services to help you adopt the right cloud solution for you.

No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud we have the professional services, managed services and

infrastructure services to help you plan and implement a migration strategy.

For over 25 years, Eduserv has

worked with leading UK public

sector and charity organisations on

their IT transformation projects.

We believe that sustained high-value can only be delivered through deep and trusted relationships with our customers.

As a not-for-profit, our business philosophy is centered on creating lasting customer value rather than short-term shareholder gain. We are flexible in providing outsourced solutions, whether you want to take a phased migration approach or make the full journey from a largely on-premise, physical IT estate to a predominantly cloud, virtual estate.

Eduserv at-a-glance:

● 130+ staff, 80+ of whom are security cleared

● 25 years serving the public sector and charities

● Experienced business and technical consultants

● Fully-managed cloud services

● Pan Government Accreditation at IL2 and IL3

● Own 40,000 sq ft UK primary data centre and UK secondary data centre at partner site

● Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity

● Janet connectivity

● vCloud Powered VMware Partner ● Microsoft Gold Partner

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We understand

your IT challenges

Why we are the trusted partner

of government and charities

Already a reliable partner to the public sector and charities, we have a proven track record of helping to save £millions with our solutions.

We helped BIS share services with its partners to improve the consistency of its web services. Not only did it improve services, it also reduced costs by more than £5 million.


Professional services

Our professional services team will help you align your IT strategy with your business goals, then plan and implement your migration to the cloud.

Managed services

We can manage all your cloud services – freeing up your staff to focus on your core business. And we will continue to work with you to make sure you’re always benefiting from the latest technologies and to continuously improve your services and efficiency.

Industry leading infrastructure

Our colocation and cloud services offer you a flexible route to cloud migration, driven by your business priorities. We support a range of hybrid cloud models so we can help you with a phased migration whatever set-up you need.

Digital development

We design and develop websites and content management solutions, helping organisations become digital by default.

Helping you on your cloud

migration journey

Eduserv offers a range of services

to support you throughout your

migration to the cloud.

Whether you have developed a

clear plan and need experts to help

implement it, or you need advice

creating your cloud migration

strategy, we will help you securely

and efficiently achieve your goals.

Gain peace of

mind that your

data is secure

and resilient,

housed in

Eduserv’s own

UK data centre.

Our services at a glance

Business analysis

IT and business strategy alignment

Cloud strategy



Managed public and private clouds

at IL0, IL2 and IL3

Hybrid cloud deployments




Regular service reviews

Capacity and process improvement

Customer-led innovation




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Our professional services

Eduserv professional services can be procured individually or in combination.



Our professional services team brings

a diverse range of skills and experience

across the business, technical and

security domains. You will work with the

same consultants pre- and post- sales

for a consistently high level of service.

We will work with you to assess what can be moved to the cloud and to define an iterative design and migration process in line with your business needs.

Cloud Strategy

We assess the business drivers and benefits for strategic cloud adoption, then develop an associated cloud strategy and high-level roadmap that is aligned to your business goals.

Cloud Design

We develop a comprehensive set of requirements, a

solution architecture and detailed designs to ensure that new services and legacy systems can run effectively on cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

We support your migration to the cloud, ensuring that infrastructure, users and applications are transitioned smoothly and that the continuity of your business is maintained.

Everyone has been an absolute pleasure to work

with. For a project of this size and intensity, we

couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.

Our professional services can help you:

✓ Identify and implement the right

solution to achieve your objectives

✓ Align your cloud strategy to your

business goals

✓ Reduce the risk and cost of

cloud adoption

Key benefits


Strategy &






Our managed services offer real value

by providing the expert skills needed to

take over the day-to-day running of your

IT estate. We help you to save money

and improve the security, performance

and reliability of your services.

Managed Hardware

We look after your colocated physical systems, taking care of monitoring, maintenance and service desk support.

Managed Infrastructure

We manage the day-to-day running of your public and private clouds and monitor and maintain your virtual IT estate, operating systems and network connectivity.

Managed Database

We look after the day-to-day running, monitoring and backup of your databases, including the security, availability,

recoverability and performance.

Managed Application

We look after the running of your

applications. Whether they are off-the-shelf or bespoke, we work to maximize their availability and performance and minimize any security risks.

We needed a hosting service

that could cut our costs,

reduce our carbon emissions

and ensure excellent uptime.

Not only did we get more

for less, we got something

better for less.

Bill Hudson, Head of Supplier Management, Department for Education

Our managed services can help you: ✓ Focus on your core business and

IT priorities

✓ Improve uptime of business critical services

✓ Deliver assured, SLA-backed, services

Key benefits

Service Desk

Managed Applications

& Databases





Cloud Services





Cloud IaaS

Multi-tenanted public cloud infrastructure, delivering compute, storage and network connectivity from our UK data centres at Business Impact Levels IL0, IL2 and IL3. A choice of payment models, short-term contract options and on/off-boarding support gives you a flexible and cost effective way to move to the cloud without lock-in.

Private cloud IaaS

Secure, uncontended compute, storage and network connectivity. You’ll get all the benefits of cloud computing on a dedicated platform with security up to Business Impact Level IL3, all managed on your behalf by Eduserv.

We support a range of hybrid cloud models to facilitate phased cloud migration.

Physical systems / public cloud hybrid

We can integrate with physical infrastructure located on your premises, in Eduserv’s data centre or with a third-party provider.

Private / public cloud hybrid

We can integrate with existing on-premise private clouds. Alternatively, we can host your private clouds and integrate them with our public cloud services.

Eduserv / third-Party cloud hybrid

Our public and private clouds can securely integrate with third party clouds such as Amazon AWS and Windows Azure.

Key features of our cloud services include: ● 99.9% availability

● A choice of pricing models

● Pan Government Accreditation at IL2 and

IL3 to host OFFICIAL information

● Network connectivity to core carriers

and public sector networks

● Business hours or 24/7 technical support

Our infrastructure services can help you:

✓ Improve the security and

availability of services

✓ Reduce your hosting costs ✓ Increase business agility and


Key benefits

On-premise physical

infrastructure Eduserv managed cloud and colocation services Third-party public cloud services other Cloud Compute (IL0-IL2)

Cloud Compute (IL3)

Private Cloud Compute (IL3)

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We are dedicated to helping

organisations make better

use of cloud technologies for

public benefit.


We are a UK not-for-profit SME. We work

with some of the largest public sector

and charity organisations in the UK.

As a not-for-profit organisation we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver real value to the public good organisations we work with, helping them to get the most out of their IT. A combination of service satisfaction and the resulting benefits to their businesses means that our customers like to develop long-term relationships with us.

About Eduserv

Our aim is to be our customers’ most trusted IT supplier.

For more information about how our services can help your organisation

email or phone





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