How to Get Your Banker To Give You What You Want!

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How to Get Your Banker To Give You

What You Want!

Dear Friend,

There is probably no one more important to your long-term success than your banker.

Adequate financing when you need it clearly is vital to your financial health.

Money for a start-up or expansion, inventory or new equipment is a necessity. Plus, you have the ongoing need for sufficient working

capital. A cash infusion at the right moment is the very lifeblood of your business.

But successful banking relations for today’s business owners and executives involves even more than providing financing. For example, to arrange important introductions. Bankers often have the best

contacts in a given area.

Bankers can also provide vital references to important people with whom you are in business discussions and negotiations.

With your permission, and at my own risk and expense, I will send you a handbook which is so helpful and complete it’s like having a good friend behind the scenes in your bank.


Mind you, this will not cost you a penny or obligate you in any way. Simply return the special Free Trial Request.

After six weeks’ examination, it if is not all we say and more, send it back at our expense. Could we give any stronger evidence of our faith in THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR?

I’m almost certain your experience will parallel that of our family of subscribers. If so, this insider knowledge will help you accomplish four goals. You will:

1. Succeed in all bank negotiations

2. Save money by obtaining the most favorable terms

3. Discover entirely new sources of funds for yourself and your business.

4. Navigate the seas of finance with a sure hand to attain all your goals.

Immediately upon receipt of THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR, it will become your personal source of guidance on every question of finance. Rely on



it to help optimize every opportunity for profit or expansion.

Use it to get all the credit you want and need. Let it help you plan every monetary move wisely and well. Maintain and protect your assets for present and future needs.

Here is what you’ll discover in THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR:

• How your business can pay your personal taxes on a deductible basis

completely legally!

• The 15 most powerful arguments to negotiate lower bank interest and fees

• 14 little known alternatives to raising capital. Bank loans are not your only route to funds.

• A successful strategy when a bank threatens to do a credit check that could hurt you.

• How to work up a financial that practically guarantees your loan.

• How to determine in advance if any planned activity will make money for you. You’ll be amazed how often phony figures are used to mask serious drawbacks. But you’ll be able to spot them.

• Every worthwhile method of financing real estate...with the pros and cons of each laid out for instant comparison.

• How to shield your family’s personal assets permanently from the bank’s grasp. Regardless of what happens to the business, you will be protected.

• Discover at a 30-second glance if the bank is giving you first or second class treatment.

• How to decide if dealing with one bank is safe or too risky for you.

• How to apply the Gold Rule of Banking: How much "annual turnover"

should you have in the banks you deal with.

• How to transact foreign payments most profitablythrough a simple and completely legal maneuver

• How to interpret bankers’ reports to make sure your bank is giving you a clean bill of health.

• How to take full advantage of government financing.

• How you can accurately compare 3 credit offers in less than 30 minutes.

• How you can negotiate all the way down to the last quarter percent of bank interest.

• How to recognize when you can really use venture capitaland where your best sources are.

• How to get around being a "principal debtor" for a loan.

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• 7 ways to obtain financing when there are credit problems.

• 16 comprehensive taxes of which your tax advisor must be aware.

• When a high discount has interest and tax advantages.

• One simple step to make sure your tax advisor has used all the special write-offs to which you are entitled.

• 22 checklists for assuring the growth and security of your assets.

• When it pays to transfer pensions to reserve funds.

• How you can get into the Euromarket with as little as 10,000 Marks in Luxembourg.

• How to get your bank to release funds you placed as security so your money is not tied up.

• How to use the float on checks to finance your business.

• How to best structure your mortgage loan for follow-up financing.

• How to make the best use of leasing and which traps to avoid.

• What insurance you definitely need for yourself and your business and how to get it at the best price.

• How to figure when it pays to use your own or outside capital for any sized investment.

• 12 proving methods for reducing your outstanding debts.

• How to qualify and best use government credit sources.

How to negotiate successfully with banks

Sample letters, examples based on actual experience, crystal-clear comparisons, and "inside" professional checklists assure you the best possible deal in money mattersand guarantee you will always be on the safe side. THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR spells out for you the decisive

arguments with which you can come out on top in all dealings with banks.

Get the best deal always!

Big business can afford complete staffs of finance experts. Their finance departments dicker with banks down to the last percentage

point. They know every existing trick and possibility for holding onto money...and, when necessary, they work out new and better strategies.

This expert knowledge and ability are now yours to command in THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Frankly, I wanted a handbook like this for my own guidance and I wanted it to be good. I insisted on a world-class writing team: Expert practitioners with long years of top-level participation in the centers of commerce and banking.

...independent experts in every area of finance, tax authorities and lawyers. And all of them work together to guide you in every step



of planning and make sure you get whatever it takes to make any project succeed.

Clearly arranged and completely free of unnecessary and confusing detail. Here’s everything you need to do things right...everything to protect you from dangerous errors. Reliable guidance for every

financial question, yours to call up and use24 hours a day, every day of the year, even when other advisors are asleep or on vacation.

2,846.23 Marks saved

Electrical dealer Robert K. was only 36, but already a skilled negotiator. Using the tips in THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR, he got a

business-expansion loan for 9.75% instead of the asking price of 10.25%. Interest saved: 2,845.23 Marks.

And you, too, should know that within 30 seconds of reading the monthly Interest- and Fees Review of THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR you can always tell exactly how your bank is treating you in the matter of interest. More importantly, you learn how you can significantly improve your status with the bank. Without changing banks. All it takes is a few quiet words, backed by a very convincing argument!

How just one little tip can earn you cash money

John S. owned a computer school...and was close to despair. Three times he had approached his bank about a loan. "My business is fine,"

the entrepreneur says, "and the bank was basically ready to give me the money. But not the amount I had in mind."

In a trial issue of THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR, John S. quickly found the precise reason why he wasn’t getting what he wanted. "I had simply been talking to the wrong people in the bank. Now I know whom I have to see for results!"

That was only the beginning of his success. "Now I also have a terrific credit rating, better than I ever dreamed of before," he boasts.

Make maximum use of every financing source

It didn’t take Bernard F. long to get tired of working for others.

He was only 28 when he decided to go into business. He opened a

halogen lamp store. "And then the stress began," he recalls. "I never dreamed it would be so hard getting the financing I needed to make it go.

"Naturally I talked with the Chamber of Commerce and the bank.

Also with my father’s tax consultant. That gave me a good overview on starting a business. Only the matter of financing remained."

Completely by chance Bernard came upon a sample of THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR. "Yes, I was skeptical at first if this was actually the knowledge I needed," he says.

"But with the borrowing plan in the accompanying Checklist, I was able to convince my bank completely. My credit limit is now exactly



the amount I require."

Today the business of this young entrepreneur is going well.

"Naturally I kept THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR, he says. "Now anytime I have a financing question, I have my Advisor right at hand."

You can depend on the financing information in THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR

It’s a fact. What’s true today in financing questions is quickly out of date. Financing possibilities that were yesterday open only to the multinational giants are now wide open to small and medium-size companies. Financing conditions in the money market are always changing.

So you can always depend on your Financing Advisor, I have set up a special service for you. In addition to your basic handbook, you receive updating material 4 to 6 times a year. Each with 100 to 120 pages, yours for only 37.6 pfennigs a page, containing:

* up-to-date tips and decision-making help

* vital expansion on subjects already published

* an automatic updating of expired date

In addition, you receive every month, at no extra cost, an Insider Survey on current bank interest and fees. With this help you are

constantly informed and have room to move around in your negotiations with your bank.

Up to 5 Free Bonus Gifts Just for Giving THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR a 6-Week Free Trial


Discover what to look for and the right questions to ask when negotiating with any banker.


Make it easier to retire rich with the help of these useful documents.

For "early birds" who respond within 5 days, we’ll include 3 more Free Gifts.


Learning what not to do can sometimes be even more helpful than knowing what to do.


You have less than 7 seconds to make that all important first



impression. You’ll find these tips invaluable.


Discover the best methods to cash in on all the important ways your banker can help you, including accessing contacts, which can be invaluable.

Test the new FINANCIAL ADVISOR without risk—for 6 weeks

THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR is brand new. Therefore, we are inviting you to let us send you the 632-page volume to examine and use for 6 weeks. Guaranteed at no cost or risk to you.

If THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR does not live up to your hopes 100%, then all you need do is send it back within the 6-week period. And the

matter will end right there. That I guarantee you. Plus, you may keep your Free gifts, regardless.

Order your personal FINANCIAL ADVISOR sampler now!

Just fill in the enclosed Free Trial Request and mail it. If you don’t have a stamp handy, we’ll pay the postage. And you can start right in for the 6-week trial period using the advice in your business.

Yours very truly,

Norman Rentrop


P.S. I am certain that you can profit by using THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

Therefore I offer you this additional guarantee: your money back if you reach a credit agreement with a bank without easily getting better than the bank’s standard interest rate.

P.P.S. Answer right away, in 5 days at the very latest, and make sure of receiving 3 extra Free "early bird" gifts.

* Please note:

If you order THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR within 5 days for 6 weeks’ free trial, you also get a special price advantage: the favorable subscription price of only 98 Marks for the basic volume. You save 20 Marks on the later (after printing) price.

This subscription discount is no promotion gimmick. As publishers, we also benefit by being able to arrive at an accurate print run. Cash in on your advantage and mail your order right away.