4Motion. End-to-end 4G Wireless Broadband

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End-to-end 4G Wireless Broadband



Meeting your

4G needs with

freedom of choice

4Motion is Alvarion’s end-to-end 4G wireless broadband solution, connecting

people and businesses everywhere for a better quality of life, increased

productivity and a more resource–efficient world. Our 4Motion solution is

founded on our industry-leading BreezeMAX


platform - the world’s most

widely deployed wireless broadband solution.

4Motion enables operators in urban and rural markets around the world to introduce profitable 4G services today, while preparing wisely for the future. In designing 4Motion we have harnessed our field-proven know-how and our technological expertise to offer a solution that facilitates an optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivers high-quality subscriber experience.



4G Wireless Broadband that Delivers

Empowering the Industry, Inspiring the Evolution

4G wireless broadband is transforming the lives of millions of people around the world by enabling pervasive, high-speed connectivity and the delivery of valuable data, voice and video services. 4G is a natural evolution to the convergence of voice, fixed broadband Internet services and mobility. 4G technologies offer operators the opportunity to bridge the digital divide when infrastructure resources are scarce, and offer connectivity to residents, businesses and mobile subscribers in underserved and un-served regions.

4G 4Motion: For Today and For Tomorrow

4G wireless broadband facilitates always-on high-speed connectivity together with mobility, handover and roaming services, ensuring that subscribers are connected and online 24/7. 4Motion offers continuous connectivity and allows subscribers to get the most out of work or play by supporting a fast-growing variety of mobile consumer devices.

4Motion targets a fast-growing range of market segments:

• Customers looking to add broadband data capacity to existing mobile voice services

• Fixed subscribers interested in wireless broadband access for true mobility

• WiFi customers seeking extended range

Staying Ahead with Future-proof 4G Services

4Motion empowers operators to achieve strategic business goals. Leveraging the unique advantages of 4G wireless broadband technologies, 4Motion is an enabler for the deployment of challenger broadband networks. It enhances existing infrastructures and extends the offering of unique, differentiated services with top QoS in both existing and emerging markets.

Alvarion 4G Architecture

Alvarion’s distinctive approach to 4G network architecture is an innovation in network implementation, granting operators freedom of choice in integrating elements that best meet their business needs. Our open network approach allows our customers to opt for the preferred best-of-class model, and offers an ecosystem based on a number of fundamentals:

• Scalability: making it equally suitable for large, medium or small deployments

• Cost optimization: enabling operators to control network deployment costs

• Application-centric: allowing simple integration with third-party applications and services

• Future-proof technology: securing current investment with a clear network evolution path

Full-scale Turnkey Execution

Our dedication to the advancement of 4G technologies, teamed with our commitment to the success of our customers and industry partners have been the driving forces behind the conception of 4Motion. To this end, we have forged cross-industry partnerships that are aimed at delivering complete, powerful solutions that best fit our customers’ varying needs. From network equipment, through consumer electronics and on to service offerings, 4Motion enables operators to select best-of-breed products from a combination of vendors.


Radio Access Network

The Radio Access Network (RAN) is the part of a mobile telecommunications system that connects end user devices to the 4G network Core. Alvarion’s RAN portfolio includes a diversity of indoor and outdoor platforms - Macro and Micro BreezeMAX base stations to enable an optimal solution suited to the operator’s market needs and geographical conditions.

Core Networking

Linking the RAN to the application layer, 4G Core Networking forms the central component of the network. The Alvarion Core Network is designed to provide pay-as-you grow scalability. The solution can be tailored to small, rural challenger networks as well as for large scale, nationwide deployments.

End User Devices

The End User Device is the customer’s access point to a 4G network. It includes fixed or nomadic enablers such as indoor and outdoor CPEs and 4G equipment such as a Smartphones, MIDs or laptops. Physically, the device is connected at the edge of the network, although functionally it connects to the entire system. The 4Motion ecosystem supports a range of end user devices, consisting of outdoor and indoor CPEs and personal devices such as laptops, PC cards, USB dongles and UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs).


The application layer of the 4Motion network enables operators to host the latest in wireless broadband applications made available to subscribers. These applications integrate high-speed voice, data and video. Today, thousands of applications are supported, and with the materialization of 4G, the bandwidth barrier has been removed to enable location-based and mobile shopping applications.

Network Management

The Star management suite is a unified carrier-class management solution for 4Motion. Featuring 4 modules for managing networks and end user devices, assuring QoS and generating inventory reports, it provides operators with comprehensive monitoring and control of the entire network.


4Motion Operator Benefits

• The 4Motion end-to-end solution is an operator-centric solution that enables operators to choose the best fit for their network demands

• Alvarion technologies, including advanced antenna technologies, radio resource and media management

• Improved business case with reduced CAPEX and OPEX and top capacity,

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

4Motion enables converged voice, video and multimedia services over an all-IP network architecture, addressing the current and future needs of communications, business and entertainment markets. Combining quality-assured high throughput and availability, advanced radio resource management technologies, component redundancy and a comprehensive network management system, 4Motion is the solution of choice for all types of broadband operators.

4Motion supports flexible pay-as-you-grow deployment schemes for rapid market penetration, and enables more users per cell site and more available bandwidth (more applications and services), thereby reducing the number of necessary sites, CAPEX and OPEX. By leveraging this widely-deployed solution with advanced technologies, 4Motion offers a unique deployment paradigm which transforms technological superiority into a compelling business case. This paradigm optimizes total TCO, providing operators with sustainable, long-term cost advantages.

Alvarion for Technological Superiority

4Motion components considerably improve coverage, capacity and QoS by utilizing advanced antenna technologies, radio resource management, radio network architecture and media technologies. The result of years of extensive and highly advanced development, Alvarion technologies combine innovation and responsiveness to market demands. Providing more than just compliance with the IEEE 802.16e standard, they leverage superior technological advantages to facilitate better 4G and future networks.

4Motion Highlights

• All-IP, end-to-end 4G solution for mobile and fixed deployments

• Advanced technology integrated with different vendor options

• Support for rich media-centric content services

• High-speed, reliable services for the anywhere, anytime personalized experience

• Industry-leading core network WiMAXTM


• Compliant with 802.16e and WiMAX Forum CertifiedTM


About Alvarion

Alvarion (NASDAQ:ALVR) is a global 4G communications leader with the industry’s most extensive customer base, including hundreds of commercial 4G deployments. Alvarion’s industry leading network solutions for broadband wireless technologies WiMAX, TD-LTE and WiFi, enable broadband applications for service providers and enterprises covering a variety of industries such as mobile broadband, residential and business broadband, utilities, municipalities and public safety agencies. Through an open network strategy, superior IP and OFDMA know-how, and ability to


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