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for Transport and Logistics Security and Fleet Management Telematic Systems using GPS Tracking, and Video Surveying


Academic year: 2021

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for Transport and Logistics

Security and Fleet Management

Telematic Systems


GPS Tracking,

and Video Surveying


GPS-based vehicle and object tracking

Fleet management and telematic systems for

public and private transportation

Video security systems for mobile usage


Safety, theft protection, security


Monitoring of loading doors


Video monitoring on buses and trucks




Corridor monitoring

-Remote shut-off

Recording of routes and unloading points


Container tracking

Mobile timekeeping


Tourist and bus companies

Freight forwarding agencies and transport


Users of construction vehicles

Vehicle hire companies

Handicraft businesses

Technical service companies

Waste management companies

Container services


Security application for touristic sector:


• Dispatching of fleets • Tracking of tours

• Video monitoring inside the bus • Alarm messages

• Structured message and phone functionality Car hire companies:

• Theft protection/misappropriation (not insurable). • Flexible dispatching of vehicles (return locations)

• Flexible return times (chargeable; over the weekend etc.) Boats • Dispatching of boats • Tracking of routes • Video monitoring • Emergency call

Areas of Application

of a Tracking System (1)


Other examples in general:

• Security application for public transportation(in conjunction with an alarm or video system if necessary)

• Stolen vehicle recovery

• Activation of e.g. the immobiliser system from the control centre

Requirement: concealed installation

Taxis (in particular small and medium-sized fleets)

• Dispatching of vehicles

• Order transmission or inquiry via mobile phone • Emergency call

Yachts/Yacht charter

Areas of Application


Craftsman and service fleets

• Monitoring of routes to prevent unauthorised use

• Charging of working times and driving times in the case of mobile activity

• Dispatching of vehicles

• Monitoring/notification of delay and arrival times

Distribution vehicles/company vehicles

• Logbook function (private/company trips)

• Monitoring of target agreements (visits to customers)

Sector-specific delivery services (laundry services, hotels etc.)

• Documentation of trips and unloading locations • Monitoring/notification of delay and arrival times

Areas of Application


Long distance transportation

• Vehicle fleet dispatching • Timekeeping

• Monitoring/notification of delay and arrival times

Refridgerated transports

• Transmission and documentation of temperatures • Alarm messages in case of high temperature

Scanning and RFID-acquisition of goods

• e.g. Gas cylinders, containers

Building machinery/Construction vehicles

Areas of Application


With telematic solutions from Socratec you improve your quality:

– improve security in tourism, public and private


– control arrival times by knowing the vehicle position,

– inform customers correctly about delivery times,

– identify the exact position to fetch i.e. container, trailer,

– optimise route planning by recording real driving routes

– record delivery times when receivers are not present,

– record usage of auxiliary engines (refrigerator, etc.),

– prevent car theft

Quality Improvement


With telematic solutions from Socratec, you can

– avoid deadheads,

– monitor start and stop times,

– record working times,

– dispatch fleets more cost-effectively,

– reduce mobile communication costs,

– automatically invoice your clients for vehicle-related


Increased Efficiency


Further services can be provided on the basis of

vehicle tracking by our customers:

For example

Breakdown services for trucks

Alarm messages

Various location-based services, e.g. specific wheather

data, traffic announcements

Specific area-based security services, e.g. fire brigades

Platform for customer-specific use (easy integration of

vehicles into the information flow of the company)

Providing a Range of

Further Services


The location of the vehicle is tracked via GPS satellites

The position is transmitted once or at regular intervals

via mobile network

The data is collected in a database and evaluated or

displayed by means of software (via Internet or locally).

Just What is GPS-based

Vehicle Tracking?



 Deviation is 3-7 m (99% of positions) for GPS under perfect reception conditions

 Actual deviation is 5-20 m (effects of interference on the GPS signals)

Limits of the system:

 GPS does not work in tunnels, garages, halls or buildings

 GSM covering is necessary

Transmission standards:

 Via SMS or the GPRS/UMTS standard

Available information:

 Place

 Time

 Speed (maximum/average)

 Km driven

 Stopping and driving times

 Cartographic representation of routes

How Does a


• Control centre (SocraMapCenter)

– Can be operated via browser from any PC – Internet-based or local based server

• On-board unit an enhancements – Easy to install (and de-install)

– GPS-based and thus high-precision

– GSM/GPRS capability for cost-effective communication


Theft protection:

A geofence is created around the current position of a

vehicle/object. If the vehicle /object leaves the geofenced

area, an alarm SMS is sent to your mobile phone and via


Theft Alarm:

With an additional security key on the vehicle the geofence

for theft alarm based on the actual position is activated. If

leaving without deactivating by the key (towing away etc.)

an alarm is sent by e-mail or SMS.

Security Application via integrated



Trailer monitoring:

A back-up-battery-powered GPS-system sends its position

data when connected to the truck's power system while

driving. When unplugged without power it sends its position

once a day for 2-3 weeks. When towed away it will be again

connected to the power supply.

Security Application via integrated



Trailer door monitoring:

● A tamper-proof, battery-powered, wireless trailer identification

module is installed outside on the trailer. The module records the door opening and coupling status of the trailer and transmits the

status information to the truck (equipped with a bordcomputer),

from where routes, alarms and parking positions are transmitted to the control centre using GPRS.

Security Application via integrated



Corridor monitoring:

● Routes can be entered by a click of the mouse. If the vehicle

leaves the corridor, an alarm is triggered. At the next stop the vehicle can be switched off.

Security Application via integrated



Speed Alarm

● The system sends an alarm message when there is overspeed.

Security Application via integrated




• Internet-based telematic solution for easy tracking of cars, trucks, trailers, building machinery and containers using GPS and GSM/GPRS standard

SocraDispo/Socra Work

• Internet-based telematic solution for dispatching trucks and fleets using GPS and GSM, with possibility to

communicate with the driver by messages and status information and registering the driver

SocraDispo Enhanced

• Fully enhanced telematic solution for integration into customer’s supply chain management system / video monitoring

A Fitting Range of

Telematic Solutions


• Fleet View XMT and internet-based control centre

– Easy to install

– Vehicle and object tracking

– Route recording

– Vehicle status monitoring via digital input

– Theft alert

– Alarm messages

– Easy-to-use geofencing function (circle)

– Shut-down capability

– Back-up battery



FleetView bordcomputer XMT and

internet-based control centre

Small size

Easy to install

Vehicle locating via internet

Logbook (driving distances/time/speed per


Distinction between private and business


Adressmanager for adresses to be used very


Electronic Logbook


• SocraDispo (as SocraSecur), additionally

– Vehicle and fleet dispatching

– Transmission of messages and orders to vehicles

– Status information transmission from vehicles to


– Vehicle tracking

– Route recording/Logbook

– Driver registration/mobile timekeeping

– Battery back-up



Order Manager

➔ An order message can be

generated by the dispatcher

➔ This message is to be sent to one

or a group of vehicles

➔ It is sent to a display device


➔ The driver answers with an order


SocraWork (as SocraSecur), additional


Status Informationen from the

vehicle to the dispatcher

Mobile work time registration

Expotrable reports for the

bookkeeping department

Actual calculation of wage costs for

building sites



Control Centre


Tourism/Bus security:

An integrated GPS/video systems allows to enter a bus by

video in case of emrgency and locate the precise position

Security Application via integrated



On-board Hardware

Mobile Video System

Mobile video camera system

● Specified for public transport systems

● Connection to FleetView XM-GPS-on board unit ● Hard disk system for storing video data

● Up to 4 until 10 cameras to be connected

● Typical 1 camera per bus to be installed, which is vandalism


● Daylight/infrared cameras to be used

● Over the air-request for transmission of video data of the

actual pictures in case of emergency

● Transmission of pictures at certain


Functions of the

Mobile Video System

• Monitoring the bus by event-triggered cameras

• Recording video streams on the hard disk in case of

event which is automatically triggered

• Alarming by pushing the emergency button by the bus


• Transmission of actual pictures on request or at

configurable intervals

• Documentation

• Evaluation by checking the video stream on the

exchanged hard-disk




•Long-life battery-based positioning


•Adaptable low-power modes

•Maintainance-free up to 3 years

•Positioning on request and automatic


•Diagnostic messages on request

•Mechanical specification IP 65


Container Tracking


Personal Tracking

Trace and secure persons or packages

outside buildings

Recharchable battery based personal

tracking device

The device sends its position at defined

intervals via mobile network


High sense GPS-receiver for effective



• No admittance or allowance of authority needed

• No need of special client hard- or software

(Standard PC)

• Just an internet access is needed for the easiest


You can start now!


Socratec’s System Works Worldwide

where GSM/GPRS-Coverage exists


• Security:

– Theft alert

– Alarm in emergency situation

– Monitoring of buses, boats, security cars and transports

• Efficiency:

– Optimised business processes

– Reduced operating expenses

– Increased use of manpower and means of transport

• Reliability, Quality Improvement:

– Real-time status information on your transportation


– Customer/Tourist information by several reports on your

transport services



Socratec Telematic GmbH offers complete solutions

• Analysis of customer requirements • System concept • Software Solutions -Control centre -Mapping -Communication -Reporting

• Integration into customer’s environment

• On-board units • Server structure


Socratec is geared towards the tasks set by the

customers in order to optimize their business


• Focus on customer-oriented applications

• Innovative technology

• Approved and stable solutions


• Dedicated GPS- and GSM-Know-How • Control centre software:

Internet platform for displaying and evaluation of tracking data

 mapping software

 evaluation of logbooks  alarm messages

 monitoring of areas using geofences (theft protection)

• Onboard systems for vehicle tracking • Video systems

• Transmission of data using GSM/GPRS

Socratec is Specialized in Coherent

Fields of Competence


– 1996 Foundation of Socratec GmbH

– 2000 Start of marketing of on-board computers – 2004 Renaming into Socratec Telematic GmbH, – 2005 Enhancing of Strategic Focus

• Expansion of customer segments (building machinery, car hire companies, buses etc.)

• More extensive control centre software (internet-based and local)

• Renewal of product range (miniaturisation, GPRS) – 2006

• Further improvement of products and technology • Increase in market share and business numbers • Start of internationalisation

– 2007

• Market introduction of new control center software SMC

Experience from the Beginning

of Civil Usage of GPS


Socratec Telematic GmbH

Based in Bensheim, Germany (Frankfurt area)

Branch in Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Presence in several areas and countries direct or via partners


Unique Innovative Solutions

from Socratec

Socratec's offers

Focussed on modular systems of vehicle fleet

management and security

Focussed on all kinds of tracking and tracing

Solutions from one hand

Innovative technology on the edge of development


Project Processing

In order to implement a system the following

steps must be processed :

•Requirements on the system

•Analysis of the technical qualifikations

Concept tailored to the requirements

Preparation of an offer


Socratec Telematic GmbH

Your Partner for

Innovative Telematic Solutions

Socratec Telematic GmbH

D-64625 Bensheim


Tel. +49 (0)6251 8540 972

Fax +49 (0)6251 8540 973





On-board Hardware (1)

Fleet View XM-T

• Small size • GPRS modem (Quad-band) • Voltage 10-30 V • Back-up battery

• Data logger for 8000 positions • 4 switchable outputs

• 4 digital inputs • 4 analogue outputs

• CAN-Bus/FMS-Schnittstelle • RS 232 serielle Schnittstelle

• Storage for 7500 positions in case of missing GSM connection • Wireless configuration via SMS

– Flexible intervals (controlled by changing driving direction) – Current position request


• Cigarette package size • GPRS modem

• Voltage 8-40 V

• Battery powered 10-72 hours*)(option)

• Two SIM-card slots to fight against roaming costs • Data logger for 20,000 positions

• 2 switchable outputs • 6 digital inputs

• RS 232 serial interface

• Wireless configuration via SMS – Flexible intervals

– Current position request

– Possibility to deactivate roaming • Wireless software update capability

• Geofencing function (sends an alarm via SMS when the vehicle/object leaves the “fenced” circle area)

• Temperature range in compliance with automotive standard


On-board Hardware (2)

Fleet View XM



On-board Hardware (3)


• Door-Sensor

– A connection with a door sensor is able to detect opening and closing of doors (time and place)

– In combination with the adress manager an alarm can be generated when the doors a opened unexpected

– Totally three doors can be monitored • Key-Pad

– The key-pad will be enabled by the driver

– Driver and his collegue can be identified by RF-ID-button – Working times can be registered


On-board Hardware (4)


• Display

– To be enabled by both driver and dispatcher – Driver can register his working times

– Messages and orders can be sent to display by dispatcher (Message Manager)

– Driver is able to send back predefined status messages relating to his order



On-board Hardware (5)


• Telephone-Set

– Microphone and ear set to be added

– The driver is able to call some predefined numbers by pushing a dialling button

– The dispatcher is able to call the driver • Alarm button

– Alarm button can be used by driver in case of emergency – Time and location will be send to dispatcher

– Messages can be forwarded to e-mail-account or mobile phone • Crash sensor


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