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DTN GPS Tracker Fleet




How does DTN GPS Tracker


A vehicle tracking system using DTN GPS takes the location, speed, direction and time data provided via satellite from the Global Positioning System to the GPS receiver unit in a vehicle and transmits it to a central


Easy To Use and Accurate

 With the DTN GPS tracking system you will be able to sit at your laptop computer or cell phone, login to the system and monitor the movement,

direction and speed of any vehicle that has a DTN GPS tracking unit installed for your system.

 You should also be able to look back at historical data of where the vehicle has been, when it was there and how long it stayed there, monitor trends and

calculate vehicle running costs.

 You will be able to do this at any time because the DTN GPS unit in the vehicle will operate correctly in all weather conditions.

 DTN GPS tracking systems are extremely accurate and will be able to show you vehicle positions on a digital street map that is correct to within 5 meters.

 If you can use a computer you will have no problem enjoying all the functionality that it has to offer.

 The latest development on this system now allows you to view the vehicle location data on a map on your cell phone, which is updated automatically


“Traditionally, fleet owners had no idea what

went on outside their office walls when their

employees drove off the lot. Companies had

no concrete or accurate way to measure job

performance and accountability. There was

no way to verify a driver’s location at any

given time. Nor could owners ensure that

employees only used vehicles for authorized



Real Time Tracking

Our DTN GPS Fleet Tracking solution improves efficiency of your

business operations by providing real time tracking that improves

customer service by streamlining routing.

 Get real-time response and information so you can make decisions on the fly based on verified information and not only your gut feeling

 Make your drivers accountable by empowering them with accurate vehicle monitoring

 Stay in constant contact with drivers and monitor routes to help ensure successful operations

 Record working hours for your crew and how much travel they did (distance

traveled)  Optimize route planning by avoiding

heavy traffic areas

 Knowing where your drivers are so you can alert customers of arrival times

DTN GPS Vehicle Tracking is an investment that can boost your company’s

performance, save you money, generate more revenue, and make your life a lot


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Increase Productivity

DTN GPS gives you powerful tools that dramatically increases your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet. By eliminating costly inefficiencies and saving your drivers/staff time with fleet tracking, you will be able to pick up more jobs in a day and increase your profits.

Shorten response times by deploying the nearest vehicle

to any location

Eliminate phone calls to drivers for current location

Minimize wasted time on job sites

Reduce vehicle down time


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Reduce Labor Costs

Stop guessing if time sheets are accurate

Stop paying high overtime costs and eliminate false time sheet claims while saving office time. DTN GPS System helps you record accurate work hours, improve back office efficiencies and eliminate payroll disputes.

Our Hours Worked Report provides information on actual hours a vehicle is in operation and can be used as an electronic time sheet. Data includes daily actual start and finish times, hours worked, days worked, average daily hours and weekly totals.

Reduce overtime with your vehicle tracker

Eliminate time sheet fraud with actual start/finish times

Monitor private vehicle use

Quickly detect excessive overtime hours


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Control Fuel Costs

Stop fuel-wasting behavior in your fleet

Many fleet managers see fuel savings of 15% and more when they implement GPS tracking on their vehicles.

Stop burning fuel and money. With gas prices seemingly always on the rise, now is the time to use DTN GPS to control fleet fuel costs. DTN GPS fleet tracking eliminates costly fuel activities the moment you start using it.

Control fuel costs with fleet reports showing fuel use

Reduce vehicle idling times

Minimize vehicle mileage and deploy nearest vehicles

Monitors high speeding

Improve routing

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use


When a vehicle is left idling, it can consume one gallon of gas each hour.

The American Trucking Association states that one-hour of idling per day

for one-year results in the equivalent of 64,000 miles in engine wear when

adding up all the contributing factors.

The Chart Below Shows Daily, Monthly & Annual Cost For Vehicle’s Idling

1 Hour Per Day @ a fuel cost of $4.00 per gallon.


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Increase Fleet Safety and Security

Keep your employees and vehicles safe

Protect both your employees and one of your company’s most

valuable assets, your vehicles. DTN GPS tracking gives you the

peace of mind of knowing that your fleet vehicles are always

monitored. In addition, by monitoring your drivers' speed and

location, you can correct unsafe behavior before it leads to more

serious issues

Know the second a vehicle moves during non-working hours

Get fast recovery of stolen fleet vehicles


unauthorized fleet vehicle use


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Improve Customer Service

Respond faster with more accountability

Our DTN GPS tracking system helps you respond to customer needs faster and with greater accuracy. Improve dispatching, increase customer satisfaction and save valuable company time. Improve your response to customer needs in two ways: by using vehicle tracking to improve dispatching and by ensuring

employees complete their jobs in a timely manner.

 Get to your customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies

 Beat your competition to prospects

 Provide historical proof of service

 Provide more accurate delivery estimates


How can DTN GPS Improve your Business?

Reduce Operating Expenses

Keep your Fleet running for LESS

Our DTN GPS Tracking System increases your productivity and the productivity of your fleet while also reducing a whole host of operating costs beyond your fuel spend.

 Stay on top of the repair and maintenance of your vehicles

 Pay less overtime

 Cut communication costs

 Lower insurance premiums

Many insurance companies offer a discount on liability premiums when their customers proactively use these devices to improve driver safety.




Reduce your fleet's carbon footprint

There is pressure on businesses with vehicle fleets to reduce their

carbon footprints and develop green business practices. Fleet tracking

can help your business adopt greener practices and improve your

bottom line as well as help save the planet.

Optimize routing and dispatching for more efficient fuel consumption

Get fleet maintenance reports and alerts to ensure your vehicles are

operating efficiently

Hinder speeding and other fuel wasting behaviors

Send the closest vehicle to customers, reducing miles driven


Who can Benefit from our services?

Fleet Service Vans/Transportation Vehicles


Taxis / Limousines

Law Enforcement

Health Industries ~ Ambulances

Boats, water sports equipment

Heavy Machinery




Mixers trailers, other construction


Tow Trucks

Trucking companies

Delivery, Distribution & Couriers



Reduce Un-Authorized Vehicle Use

Geofencing and Landmarks

Instantly flag movement of your vehicles during non-working hours Designate areas that your vehicles are allowed or not allowed

 Theft and inappropriate vehicle use is a common concern for many businesses with vehicle fleets. With geofencing and landmarks we call them "Points of Interest“ our customers can quickly retrieve stolen

vehicles and identify misuse of company property.

 DTN GPS Tracker makes it easy to designate areas on the map that your fleet are allowed or not allowed. This means you can indicate a work site or client location as well as an employee's home or local bar. The fleet tracking system will then report on when your vehicles enter or exit these geofenced areas as well as how long they spent there.


You could be saving your company thousands of dollars

yearly... even monthly!

Increase Productivity

Eliminate costly inefficiencies and save your workforce time with fleet tracking. Pick up more jobs in a day and increase your profits.

Reduce Labor Costs

Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers with powerful fleet reports. Time sheets are accurate to the minute!

Control & Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports and fuel card integration. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys.

Improve Customer Service

Reach customers faster and ensure work is completed with optimal speed.

Increase Fleet Safety and Security

With real-time DTN GPS vehicle tracking, gives you peace of mind knowing that your fleet vehicles are always monitored.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Without fleet tracking, inefficient fleet

management practices can contribute to the high cost of running a vehicle fleet.

Going Green

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your green initiatives while saving money on fuel.

Reduce Un-authorized Vehicle Use

Instantly flag movement of your vehicles during non-working hours.

Cost Savings on Auto Insurance


School Bus Fleet Tracker

School Bus Precautions

Schools should consider many factors when dealing with the safety of

their children. Schools are responsible for the children and students

once they step onto the bus. State laws are strict when it comes to

school buses and the schools should be strict as well to guarantee the

safest procedures possible.

Schools and bus companies are now using our high-tech DTN GPS

gadgets to track school buses in their school bus fleet. You can never

be too safe these days, especially with the safety of children.


Importance of GPS Tracking for Medical Purposes

Tracking medical vehicle fleets can help locate emergency vehicles, locate accident scenes and help assist driver with navigation.

 Hospitals are relied upon to save lives on a daily basis. The emergency response vehicles arrive at the scene very quickly and are usually driving very fast to get there. When someone's life is on the line, having a GPS tracker installed on the emergency response vehicle can help in several ways. A few ways GPS locators can help a

medical transport vehicles is by navigation, locating and determining scene location.

 GPS Tracking is commonly used for medical transport vehicle fleets such as

ambulances, helicopters, ems vehicles, air ambulance and organ transport vehicles. Knowing where these vehicles are can be an important factor and can help save lives. Every year, more and more ambulances and medical transport vehicles are


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GPS Tracking works. If you’d like to discuss

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