We Believe in Security with a Capital S

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The number of attacks on IT systems has

increased dramatically in recent years, with

the style and approach of such attacks

chan-ging on a daily basis. In addition to the spread

of new viruses, incidences of industrial

espio-nage are snowballing. Only the targeted use

of customized security solutions can protect

your company’s intellectual property.

New laws and policies require management and IT personnel to make constant adjustments and remain vigilant. The issue of ‘data security’ is therefore a top priority for companies. However, a considerable amount of effort and expenditure are necessary to maintain the highest level of security.

arvato Systems will be happy to advise you in this area. We also develop and implement solutions on-site that satisfy operational and legal requirements (such as Basel III, SAS 70, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, EU data privacy rules). Another option is to outsource your IT operations to our highly secure data centers.

Security Consulting by arvato Systems

We Believe in Security with a Capital S

Benefits at a Glance

Collaboratively designed,

cost-effici-ent security solutions.

 Scalable and forward-thinking


 Ongoing system protection, always

up to date.

 High-availability systems with short

recovery times.

24-hour support, seven days a week. 

 Highly trained and certified


 Cost savings on internal manpower

as well as on training and certifica-tion measures


The arvato Systems Security Strategy

As a leading system integrator with our own data centers, data protection and the optimization of business pro-cesses form the foundation of our business. Our security strategy is based on five pillars and provides the frame-work for keeping risks as low as possible.

To ensure that the level of security chosen is proporti-onate – in terms of the investment made, the value of the information being protected, and implementation

Our principles for a comprehensive security strategy:

 Adjustment of guidelines and procedural instructions to

the company culture and applicable legal requirements

Reinforcement of security awareness through intensive

training programs and an open information policy.

Constant monitoring and measurable improvement

of security status through an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Careful consideration of current IT investments, as well

as the importance of your data and its value for daily business communications.

Definition of security requirements on the basis of a

risk analysis and assessment.

Custom-made solutions for security policies and

secu-rity measures that fit our customers’ business goals.

costs – we never lose sight of financial considerations. We will continuously measure and monitor your security processes for effectiveness and adjust them to changing conditions.

We will find the right strategy for your company.

Feel free to contact us!


Jochen Weper An der Autobahn 200 33333 Gütersloh Phone: +49 (0)5241-80 899 51 E-Mail: jochen.weper@bertelsmann.de


Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Firewall systems

Intrusion detection system

Intrusion prevention system


Virtual Private Network


Web Security


In today’s mobile world, communication takes place over the Internet or protected networks such as intranets or extranets. Data is delivered via a LAN, WLAN or WAN to the end-user. A high level of availability, performance, dependability, and security is essential for your business’s IT systems. This is only possible with the protection pro-vided by sophisticated security systems.

Securing servers and operating systems is one of the fundamental tasks of security management. By taking a variety of clever measures, arvato Systems ensures that servers and operating systems are physically and logically protected against unauthorized use or misuse:

Rule-based access authorizations. 

Change management process to keep systems

con-stantly up-to-date.

Anti-virus protection 

Regular system scans to check the effectiveness of

security measures

Personal firewall

Spam filter

Data encryption


Managed Mobile Device

Log-File Management


Anti-Virus protection

Patch Management

Having stationary and mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones, and tablets that are reliable, stable, and up-to-date also contributes to the security of the entire enterprise network. Professional support from arvato Systems immediately fixes security risks and provides uninterrupted service. Internet security solutions alongside frequent updating of programs and attack signatures help to secure workstations.

arvato Systems offers state-of-the-art security solutions for a wide variety of networks and customer demands. For example, private service areas ensure secure client separation in the event of external threats.

Network Security




5 mm

Application Security

Access concept

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Web Application Firewall

Spam filter

Cloud Security

Software partition

Anti-Virus protection

Identity Management

Role definition

Single Sign On (SSO)

Security solutions are an integral part of all our services.

Business Application Services:

Sophisticated access concepts, role definitions, and authentication solutions can be implemented to secure established enterprise resource planning software (ERP systems such as Microsoft Axapta, SAP), Microsoft Office software, and customer relationship management applications.

Workplace Services:

Securing workplace architec-tures and protecting data on mobile devices in the event of theft, loss, or improper use ensures that enterprise data stays where it is needed and does not fall into the wrong hands.

Communication Services:

Tamper-proof sto-rage of electronic correspondence is ensured using the latest technology. This includes the encryption of e-mails through PKI or Information Rights Management. Moni-toring mechanisms help to uncover security risks and address these promptly.

Network, Computing and Platform Services:

arvato Systems provides baseline security for your IT infra-structure. Network Security Services form the foundation here and includes basic security services such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, and Web security solutions. Secure access is provided to the IT infrastructure for mobile users, thereby protecting local data. Our portfolio is rounded off by Compliance Services, which ensure the secure handling of all business-critical data.

Physical Security

Video surveillance

Perimeter protection

Individual access control

Highly sensitive early-warning fire prevention systems geographically dispersed locations.

emergency power generators

Structural security zones

Physical security is essential for providing IT services. Our data centers are effectively protected by numerous secu-rity features, including perimeter protection, individual access control systems, effective climate control techno-logy, highly sensitive early-warning fire prevention sys-tems, video surveillance inside and out, redundant power supplies, structural security zones, and geographically dispersed locations.

Only authorized persons are granted access to these areas. Our own on-site security personnel constantly monitor access to the property and buildings. We believe that security depends not only on our technical expertise, but also on the combination of innovative technology with highly-qualified personnel.




5 mm

In order to satisfy all these security standards itself, arvato Systems has itself audited regularly. We were one of the first enterprises in the world to be certified to the internationally recognized ISO 27001 security standard. Our service management is based on ITIL, the internatio-nally accepted framework of best practices for IT service organizations. This is the foundation for arvato Systems’ dependable service for customers all over the world.

Organizational Security

Security policies




Process instruction



Improvement process

Chief Information Security Officer

SAS 70 / ISAE 3402

German Data Protection Act (BDSG)

What use are technological security measures if there is no general security concept in place? A company’s management is not only responsible for leading the company, it also has to implement adequate safeguards against all types of risk.

Intellectual property can only be protected and the legal requirements only met (e.g., data protection regulations) by introducing an appropriate Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Drawing on our extensive experience with enterprise security standards, arvato Systems will also advise you

on organizational security. Cost-efficient measures to protect physical and logical assets can be implemented on the basis of an existing ISMS, providing high levels of security. The intervals for reviewing and documenting risks associated with operational systems and processes can be defined in this way. It also helps in the implementation, constant monitoring, and development of security goals and determination of suitable measures.

At the end of this process, every employee will have clear policies and guidelines at hand for how they should deal with information and the facilities.



Any questions? Please contact us.

arvato Systems

Jochen Weper

An der Autobahn 200 | 33333 Gütersloh

Phone: +49 (0)5241-80 899 51 | Fax: +49 (0)5241-806 899 51 E-Mail: jochen.weper@bertelsmann.de | www.arvato-systems.de

About arvato Systems

As a systems integrator, arvato Systems has been involved in successful projects for well-known companies in many different business areas for over 30 years. 2,000 dedicated employees work at 25 sites throughout the world.

As a subsidiary of arvato AG, the outsourcing service provider of Bertelsmann AG, we are able to cover the entire value-added chain. We rely on the combination of extensive industry expertise, technological knowledge spanning all manufacturers, genuine partnership, and true entrepreneurial spirit.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions for areas such as commerce, logistics and transport, manufacturing, and media, as well as support and administration. Our expertise in many strong technologies, including Microsoft and SAP, can be seen in our competencies in topics such as BPM, cloud computing, CRM, and e-commerce. A large range of infrastructure services such as managed services, as well as an application management system based on it, complete the range of services we offer.




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