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Pricing guide

Lumesse TalentLink pricing

guide for G-Cloud 5


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Pricing Introduction

TalentLink pricing is composed of two distinct elements: Implementation and Subscription. These are outlined below:


The one-off set up charge is based on the implementation being delivered on time and the materials involved in that process. It encompasses payment for the project planning, implementation, configuration, installation, testing, training and deployment work required for a successful, results driven deployment. Lumesse recognises the SFIA rate table request, however implementation costs are based on a pre-agreed number of project days at the applicable day rate set out within this document.

Due to the nature of the TalentLink service it is impossible to provide complete pricing for every project eventuality, as such Lumesse has provided the cost for a standard TalentLink implementation with a view to discussing client specific implementation options on a case by case basis.


The Monthly Licence Fee is based notionally on the number of employees within the UK organisation served, as well as on a per module basis. The TalentLink solution is true SaaS to make it more cost effective for the customer. There are no incremental costs for number of users or vacancies for example as our clients gain greater competitive advantage the more they use our products therefore we have developed a pricing model to encourage them to do so.


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Implementation Costs

Our standard implementation involves the delivery of the functionality listed in the functionality table below;

Module List of available features

Front office delivery (Includes 1 set of external careers site components and 1 set of internal careers site components)

Search jobs on criteria and keyword List jobs matching the criteria View job description

Print job, send job to a friend

Apply online, apply with candidate homepage Enter candidate information

Attach document(s) Submit application

Access candidate home page

Update personal file from candidate home page Subscribe to jobs via email

Supplier portal View jobs submitted by client

Submit talent on job View submitted talents

View pending contracts and hires View current contracts and hires Update company information Change password

Back office

Operational usage (1)

Use workspace and apps

Use quick search on candidates and jobs Use quick actions

o Create new job

o Create new candidate or employee o Create new message


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 4 Use advanced search

o On candidates by criteria or by document or both o On candidates, use saved searches

o On jobs, by criteria Use online help

Change user settings View last visited items

View job list, general applications list Manage jobs and general applications

o Create, edit, archive, search jobs o Manage job approval process o Search for matching candidates o Manage sourcing

 Create job ads

 Manage application process

 Post job ads on career sites, job boards and agencies

 Send job ad via email

 Manage candidate dispatching rules  Select referral programmes

o Manage job selection and hiring process

 Manage candidates in the process 1 by 1 or in groups

 Proceed, reject, offer and hire candidates  Register candidate withdrawals

Manage candidates and employees o Create and edit candidates o Mark candidate for archiving

o Delete candidate file (Administrator only) o Search on the database

o Contact candidates  By SMS


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 5  By email

 By letter o Link candidates to jobs

o Invite candidates to express interest on jobs o Link to/remove from talent pools

Back office

Operational usage (2)

Manage communication centre o Manage tasks o Manage messages o Manage calendar o Manage sessions Use standard reports Use analytic reports Use Ad Hoc reports

o Create edit and delete Ad hoc reports

 Manage report business rules and format  Manage columns and column order  Manage filters

 Manage scheduling

 Manage sharing and distribution o Add tag to a report

o Preview, download Ad Hoc report View referral programme report

 View OFCCP report

Back office Configuration (1)

Manage forms and questionnaires Manage email communication templates Manage system administration

o Manage company configuration

o Manage organisation breakdown structure o Manage document security

o Manage standard fields activation o Manage corporate configurable fields o Manage corporate sites


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 6 o Manage organisations

 Manage local organisation breakdown structure  Manage local configurable fields

 Manage organisation properties  Manage organisation processes  Manage organisation pools  Manage local sites

 Manage local sourcing channel list  Manage referral programmes

Back office Configuration (2)

Manage user administration

o Manage advanced users and managers  Create edit and delete users  Assign rights and roles  Extract user lists o Manage email users Manage workspaces

o Create and edit workspaces o Assign workspaces to users o Import/Export workspaces

o Assign default workspace to advanced users and managers

Mobile Phone Access Smart Phone Application available on iPhone

o Manager and Recruiter Access

o View Jobs, applicants and new starters o Approve Jobs


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Implementation Days and Cost

The following shows an overview of a typical implementation project scope and cost based on a standard project with the functionality listed in the table above.


stage Description of this stage Roles included Description of the role

Kick off meeting, project plan and project

initiation document created and signed off.

0.5 days Sponsorship time has been allocated across the project

Initial kick off call, regular sponsor meetings throughout project, point of escalation 13.25 days have been allocated

for project management across the project

How often the Project Management deliverables are provided (weekly, bi-weekly etc.) and in what format (excel, MSP etc.) will be agreed at the kick-off meeting.

Attends weekly status meetings, documentation, project planning and

management as well as support at key stages of the project, initiate, adopt and launch.

11.5 days of consulting time has been included for design workshops and configuration consultancy

Attends Design workshops, responsible for Design documentation, system configuration and support for client system configuration and testing. Provision of purchased Optimise services (e.g. Launch adoption/Post Launch


System configuration and support for client system configuration. Technical and addded value services activated. Configuration acceptance workshop and telephone support during client end to end testing. Sign off of system ready for launch.

3.5 days have been allocated for the technical work required on the project.

Responsible for technical activations and development of front offices. Provides standard consultancy included with the activation

Additional Technical Consultancy

End user training, system preparation activities for launch.

1.25 days training have been allocated to deliver the following courses:

Recruiter training on the Customer site, this training

Provides training sessions and preparation both on client site and at Lumesse open course. NOTE: this may be the consultant who delivers the


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 8 session will prepare the project

team for the testing and to use the live system. Each training session lasts for 1 day for up to 8 delegates. Number of delegates to be trained: 8

TalentLink System Administrator open course at Lumesse offices in Luton. The course duration is 3 days and delegates must attend every day. Number of delegates to be trained: 2

If such training does not take place at the Customer’s premises, the cost of hiring external training rooms shall be payable by the Customer


Go live, handover to support team, final project close meeting.

The project management time above will be allocated to close the project and review the successes and improvement areas.

Implementation rate card:

Rates Day rate

Sponsor £1,150 Project Manager £1,150 Consultant £1,150 CTS Consultant £950 Technical Consultant £1,150 Trainer £1,150


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 9

Total implementation days:

Project role Days Cost

Sponsor 0.5 £575

Project Manager 13.25 £15,238

Consultant 11.5 £13,225

Trainer 1.25 £1,438

Client Technical Services 3.5 £3,325

Technical Consultancy 0 £0

Total days (less GSA training) 30.00 £33,800

GSA (global system

administrator) open course 2.00 £2,250


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 10

Subscription Costs

The Monthly Licence Fee is based notionally on the number of employees within the UK organisation served, as well as on a per module basis.

Included in the licence fee

Software Licence

Software and Hardware Maintenance Updates and Upgrades

Systems management

Server Hardware infrastructure Network Infrastructure management Dedicated Account Management

User/Technical support (tel,web,email)

User Groups

Subscription Bandings

The following table shows pricing for the standard TalentLink recruitment service (any additional subscription fees are listed in the ‘Additional Options and Pricing’ section of this document.

Customer size in Full Time Employees

Monthly subscription charge Total annual subscription

Up to 999 £1,286 £15,432 999 – 1999 £1,929 £23,148 2000 – 3499 £3,227 £38,724 3500 – 4999 £4,286 £51,432 5000 – 7499 £5,271 £63,252 7500 – 9999 £6,487 £77,844 10,000 – 14,999 £8,270 £99,240 15,000 – 24,999 £11,816 £141,792


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 11

25,000 – 49,999 £19,105 £229,260

50,000 – 74,999 £25,893 £310,716

75,000 – 99,999 £31,116 £373,392

100,000 + Price on review

Notes to Standard Pricing

All prices quoted are in Pounds and are exclusive of taxes Subscription prices based on a 2 year agreement

Implementation Cost is based on day rate of £1,150

Monthly Subscription Fees will be invoiced on an annual basis up front

All travel expenses associated with the project will be charged for in addition to the Implementation Fee

Lumesse’s day rates will apply for any work outside of the agreed project scope and they will be charged at the rates of £1,150 per day.

Total project management cost is based on a standard 14 week project. Should the client wish to extend this period an additional 0.5 day charge may be applied for each additional week extension Only standard functionality is included in this pricing – additional optional items listed below will impact on cost

Lumesse will provide components for the Customer external careers sites (Front Office components using javascript) and Lumesse hosted candidate application process . These components will be branded for the end to end candidate journey as specified by the Customer and are fully configurable.

No data migration included No integrations included


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 12

Additional Optional Items and Pricing

Contingent WorkForce Management

Should a customer wish to use electronic timesheets for the management of contingent labour.

Customer size in Full Time Employees

Monthly subscription charge Total annual subscription

Up to 999 £1,286 £15,432 999 – 1999 £1,929 £23,148 2000 – 3499 £3,227 £38,724 3500 – 4999 £4,286 £51,432 5000 – 7499 £5,271 £63,252 7500 – 9999 £6,487 £77,844 10,000 – 14,999 £8,270 £99,240 15,000 – 24,999 £11,816 £141,792 25,000 – 49,999 £19,105 £229,260 50,000 – 74,999 £25,893 £310,716 75,000 – 99,999 £31,116 £373,392 100,000 + Price on review


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 13

TalentLink Exchange

TalentLink Exchange is the API layer of TalentLink which enables integration with other systems.

Item Total additional implementation


Additional monthly subscription charge

Recruitment API - Career portal (includes 1 day technical

consultancy) £2200 *From £282

HRIS Bundle (includes 2 days

technical consultancy) £4975 *From £282

User Administration (Includes

SSO) £4975 *From £282

Timesheets and contracts £2675 *From £282

Assessment provider £4975 *From £282

Background checking £4975 *From £282

Queues (included in HRIS bundle

setup) n/a *From £282



Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 14

Pre-built integrations

There are a number of pre-built integrations with 3rd party technology providers available within


Item Total additional implementation


Additional monthly subscription charge

Mobile careers site £6,900 £1,209

Technology partners - Contract with Lumesse*

Burning Glass - Predictive

matching £6,900 15% of total subscription value

SMS (Volume to be consumed

within 12 months) n/a **From £37

Value Add Services - Contract

with Partner*** £475

Multiposting integration -

Broadbean n/a £133

Work4Labs integration - Facebook

recruiting App £2200 £133

SHL integration (up to 5 norm

groups or tests) £950 £133

HireVue - Video Interviewing**** TBC TBC

Saville integration - Online

assessment £4975 £282

Assessio integration - Online

assessment £4975 £133

Social Referral (Posting

webservice) £2100 £133

HireRight (Background Checking) £4975 £133

TalentQ integration - Online

assessment £4975 £133



Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 15 ** Price is based on the size of text bundle required

***The customer is required to have an agreement in place with the 3rd party provider for the use

of their service

****This is a new service and pricing is yet to be confirmed, should a customer be interested they should contact their Account Manager for details.

All implementation pricing is based on standard requirements. If the customer should have any additional requirements this will be reviewed and priced accordingly.

Service options

Item Total additional implementation


Additional monthly subscription charge

Extended hosting – Akami Service n/a £369

Data Escrow (NCC) n/a £528

Code Escrow (Shared licence –

NCC) n/a £92

Standard Data Dump £1,525 £133


Pricing Guide – Lumesse TalentLink Page 16

Professional Services

The table below lists common requirements which require additional professional service days to be purchased and an indicative price. Should a customer require any service which is not listed here please contact the Lumesse Account Manager.

Item Days required Total additional implementation


Additional 1 day recruiter training course bespoke to customer (on customer site for up to 8 delegates)

1.5 £1,725

Recruiter training course at Lumesse Luton office (2 day

course) 2

£750 per delegate

Additional system administrator training (2 day course at Lumesse Luton office) - all delegates must have previously attended a recruiter training session onsite or at Lumesse offices

n/a £750 per delegate




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