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Rood Investments proposes to develop a 92,816 square foot Assisted Living and Memory Care Residence. Lifestyles Senior Housing Managers LLC will manage the 116 suite building.


We respectfully request a zoning ordinance amendment to allow the assisted living use in the LC zone. The current LC zone on the property is tied to the Oak Grove Professional Center as an office development. A Zoning Ordinance

Amendment is required to allow the property to be developed for an assisted living facility. With the Zoning Ordinance amendment, we request the ALF/MC project be released of any conditions tied to the prior office development. Upon removal of the previous conditions we request a Special Development Permit to allow parking within the 50’ front yard setback along Greenback Lane as

required in the SPA. OVERVIEW

Land Area: 3.4 acres

Existing Zoning: Special Development Permit No. SPBS-2011-0005 with underlying SPA (Special Planning Area) – Limited

Commercial (LC)

Proposed Zoning: Zoning Ordinance Amendment Existing Use: Vacant Land

Proposed Use: Assisted Living & Memory Care CONCEPT

The proposed project is a 116 suite ALF/MC residence. Our senior housing communities provide the very best in senior care and housing. Encouraging individual journeys and striving to satisfy our residents and family members are our daily goals.


Services include three prepared meals daily, housekeeping, laundering, and private shuttle van transportation. Around

the clock care and attention is provided to each resident on an individualized basis. Our programs are

designed to build upon their strengths. Resident rooms are spacious, comfortable and can accommodate personal pieces of furniture. BUILDING DESIGN

The overall building design aesthetic is residential in nature, blending roof gables, pitched roofs, covered porches lined with columns and varied building volumes all harmonizing together creating a residential feel.

The partial one story memory care building wing is intentially designed to harmonize with the adjacent small scale single family style residential development directly due north of the proposed development.

The building interior design contains common areas for a variety of uses. Both wings will have a common dining room and kitchen for shared meals. Each wing has dedicated areas for day activities.

Private rooms afford the advantages of independent living while the services included provide support, security and friendship. The Assisted Living private suites include studio, one and two bedroom versions. Each is similar to a conventional dwelling unit except a kitchen is not included. The Memory Care suites include private and semi-private rooms which do not include kitchens SITE DESIGN

Neighborhood compatibility is achieved in the site planning and building design. Care is taken to minimize the impact to the existing community.

The site will be nicely landscaped. Usable outdoor spaces include manicured lawn and enclosed courtyards. There will be outside walking paths, intimate patio areas and a tranquil water feature. The Assisted Living courtyards will be planted with an abundance of colorful flowers throughout the year. The

Memory Care wing also has a courtyard with walking paths and is designed with safe and enriching landscape tailored to the unique physchological and physical needs of our residents.


We currently meet the design standards for the Limited Commercial with the underlying Special Planning Area.


• Lot Area

o Required N/A o Proposed 3.4 Acres

• Density

o Allowed 10 dwelling units per acre

o Proposed 116 suites (84 Assited Living & 32 Memory Care) – As our use does not meet the

definintion of dwelling units, density is not applicable for this project.

• Front Yard Setback (South - Greenback Lane)

o Required 50 feet from ultimate right of way along Greenback

o Proposed 20 feet to parking area – Special Permit Requested

69 feet to 1-story portico 100 feet to 2-story building • Rear Yard Setback (North)

o Required 25 feet o Proposed 150 feet • Side Yard Setback (East)

o Required 6 feet

o Proposed 33 feet to building 5 feet to drive aisle • Side Yard Setback (West)

o Required 6 feet

o Proposed 34 feet to building 5 feet to drive aisle • Maximum Building Height

o Maximum 24 feet to 40 feet o Proposed 28 feet

• Maximum Number of Stories o Allowed 2 stories


• Parking

o Required 40 spaces - 1 space for every 3 beds

o Proposed 46 spaces - 6 accessible & 40 open spaces

• Bicycle Parking

o Required 1 bicycle space for every 25 car space o Required Type Class 1, lockers or Class 2, enclosed lockable


o Proposed 2 spaces located near front entrance TREE MITIGATION

Our infill site proposal will require removal of a majority of the trees. We will be working with a local arborist to remove all trees in poor health save trees where possible, including all the trees within the green space between our use and the existing residential development to the north.

It is our intent to utilize the canopy method for the trees to be removed. We will be working with Sacramento County’s Department of Environmental Review Agency (DERA) along with local resources to obtain approval.


Residents, since they are in need of assistance, will seldom drive. Because residents do not drive, we expect less than two trips per day per suite for visitor and staff purposes, but without the peak hour trip generation. This is based on the Institute of Transportation Engineers report and is far below equivalent trips per unit for a multifamily project.

By providing an excess of parking, we are able to reduce the amount of

pavement required thus allowing for more landscaped area. This will result in a better sense of place for the residents and surrounding community.


LifeStyles Senior Housing Managers LLC is a privately owned senior housing management company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Lifestyles has been serving seniors since 1995 and manages 11 facilities in California,

Washington, and Oregon. GOALS

It is our goal to serve the seniors in the Sacramento area and become a partner in the community. If the time comes that a loved one needs a little extra help with


the routine of daily living, it is reassuring to know our communities feature onsite service-enriched living environments. Staffed around the clock by

dedicated and attentive caregivers, our communities offer a comprehensive range of support services that provide a lifestyle of choice for area seniors.


In conclusion, we feel that this site is ideally suited for our use and would be a nice addition to the Sacramento area.




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