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Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 1

St. Agnes (Richeyville)

January 3, 2021

The Epiphany of Our Lord

“If we wish to serve God and

love our neighbor well, we must

manifest our joy in the service we

render to Him and them.

Let us open wide our hearts.

It is a joy which invites us.

Press forward and fear nothing!"

~Saint Katharine Drexel


Our Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of Saint Katharine Drexel Parish, serve Southeast Washington County with a spirit of

welcome, compassion and charity. We are a community rooted in the Eucharist

and nourished by the Sacraments.

We come together to joyfully celebrate our faith in prayer and worship, respecting our spiritual diversity

and cultural heritage. We are sent forth from this Eucharistic community, in response to the call of Jesus our Savior, to reach out to youth, families, elderly, and

all those in need in our parish, communities and beyond. In the pioneering spirit of our patroness, we offer support through witness, prayer and good works,

and we embrace the challenges and opportunities of what it means to be a Christian

in an ever-changing world.

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil - 4:00 p.m.

Bentleyville Main Church Sunday - 9:00 a.m. Richeyville Mission Church

Sunday - 11:00 a.m. Bentleyville Main Church

Parish Website: www.katharinedrexelpgh.org


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 2

Pastoral Staff

Director of Evangelization, Faith Formation and Bulletin Editor

Deb Augustine (ext. 412)



Office Manager

Theresa Moser (ext. 404)



Safe Environment Coordinator

Joan Organiscak (ext. 410) Email: joanosec@gmail.com

Facilities Manager

Gary Damich (ext. 418)

Email: gdamich@gmail.com


Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


126 Church Street Bentleyville, Pennsylvania 15314

PARISH PHONE PARISH FAX 724-209-1370 724-987-7204

PARISH EMAIL stkdrexelparish@gmail.com



Contact the administration center to make arrangements. Pre-Baptism classes are obligatory.


Couples must contact a priest at least six months prior to the proposed date. Marriage instructions are compulsory.


If a parishioner is seriously ill or about to have surgery, please notify the administration center.


Saturday 3:20-3:45 PM Drexel Hall Chapel

Sunday 8:20-8:45 AM Richeyville

Also available by appointment. Contact the administration center. RCIA & RCIC

The Rite of Christian Initiation for

Adults & Children: For those who

have not received all sacraments of initiation and for those who would like to become a Catholic. Please contact the Parish Office at 724-209-1370.

Saint Katharine Drexel Parish Membership Information

Name____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________________________ City_______________________Zip________________Phone__________________Cell Phone___________________


New Registration

Change of Address

Moving out of Parish

Note: Use of this form does not automatically register you with the parish.

Welcome to Saint Katharine Drexel Parish!

Diocese Victims Assistance Hotline:

Phone: 888-808-1235 or 412-456-3093 Reporting Child Abuse Phone: 1-800-932-0313

Call 911 Immediately if a child is in danger.

The ChildLine and Abuse Registry is available 24 hours to receive reports of suspected child abuse. Any person may report suspected abuse

and remain anonymous.


If you or someone you know needs assistance please call the

Saint Vincent de Paul Society Help Line at 724-249-4715

“Let us love God, my brothers, let us love God, but let it be through the

works of your hands. Let it be by the sweat of our brow.”

~Saint Vincent de Paul~

Parish Website

Go to: www.katharinedrexelpgh.org

College Campus Ministry

Reverend Thomas J.


Director of Campus Ministry at California University, Waynesburg University & W & J College

College Masses:

There will be NO college Masses during the Fall 2020 Semester due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Email: tlewandowski@diopitt.org

Drexel Hall Rental

Contact Stan Glowaski - 724-239-3673

Reverend Edward L. Yuhas Pastor


Reverend Donald Chortos Retired Priest in Residence

Deacon Tom Raymond


Clothing Bin at Benteyville Campus

Bring your clean gently used, or new clothing for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society Clothing Bin which is located on the Bentleyville Campus. Next to Drexel Hall Chapel.

Food Bank Collection is taken the 2nd


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 3

Mass Intentions

Weekday Mass Schedule Due to the requirements to clean and disinfect the inside of the church after EACH USE, which includes:

weekday and weekend Masses, Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms and any time the church is used, there will be a reduction in daily Masses until further notice.

The Temporary Mass Schedule is as follows:

Monday - 9:00 AM Bentleyville Main Church Tuesday - 8:30 AM

Richeyville Mission Church Wednesday - No Mass Thursday - 8:30 AM Richeyville Mission Church Friday - 9:00 AM

Bentleyville Main Church

Readings for the week of January 3, 2021 Sunday: Is 60:1-6/Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-11, 12-13 [cf. 11]/Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6/Mt 2:1-12 Monday: 1 Jn 3:22—4:6/ Ps 2:7bc-8, 10-12a [8ab]/ Mt 4:12-17, 23-25 Tuesday: 1 Jn 4:7-10/Ps 72:1-2, 3-4, 7-8 [cf. 11]/Mk 6:34-44 Wednesday:1 Jn 4:11-18/Ps 72:1 -2, 10, 12-13 [cf. 11]/Mk 6:45-52 Thursday: 1 Jn 4:19—5:4/ Ps 72:1-2, 14 and 15bc, 17 [cf. 11]/ Lk 4:14-22a Friday: 1 Jn 5:5-13/Ps 147:12-13, 14-15, 19-20 [12a]/Lk 5:12-16 Saturday:1 Jn 5:14-21/Ps 149: 1-2, 3-4, 5 and 6a and 9b [cf. 4a]/ Jn 3:22-30 Next Sunday: Is 42:1-4, 6-7/ Ps29:12, 3-4, 3, 9-10 [11b]/ Acts 10:34-38/Mk1:7-11 or Is 55:1-11/Is 12:2-3, 4bcd, 5-6 [3)]/1 Jn 5:1-9/Mk 1:7-11

Saturday, January 2 - Vigil: Epiphany of the Lord

4:00 p.m. (Bentleyville) Walter Bular, Sr., 4th Anniversary (Wife & Children)

Sunday, January 3 - Epiphany of the Lord

9:00 a.m. (Richeyville) Parry & McFeely Families, Dan & William

(Phil & Patty Parry)

11:00 a.m. (Bentleyville) People of Saint Katharine Drexel Parish

Monday, January 4 - Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Religious 9:00 a.m. (Bentleyville) W.A. Carroll (Daughter, Marian Lese) Tuesday, January 5 - Saint John Neumann, Bishop

8:30 a.m. (Richeyville) Thomas S. Yuratovich (Dad, Mom & Jimmy) Wednesday, January 6 - Christmas Weekday

Saint Andre Bessette, Religious

No Mass

Thursday, January 7 - Christmas Weekday

Saint Raymond of Penafort, Priest

8:30 a.m. (Richeyville) Deceased Classmates - Beth-Center Class of 1967

(Constance Furman)

Friday, January 8 - Christmas Weekday

9:00 a.m. (Bentleyville) John Kadash (Brother-In-Law, Bernard Kubitza) Saturday, January 9 - Vigil: Baptism of the Lord

4:00 p.m. (Bentleyville) Helen DiMarzio (Gail & Al Morgan & Family) Sunday, January 10 - Baptism of the Lord

9:00 a.m. (Richeyville) David Mayton (Phil & Patty Parry)

11:00 a.m. (Bentleyville) People of Saint Katharine Drexel Parish We reserve the right to make unavoidable changes in the Mass Schedule.

Sanctuary Candle

The Sanctuary Candle will burn at our church this week

for the following intention: Bentleyville Main Church

W.A. Carroll by Daughter, Marian Lese

Lectors Serving Next Weekend January 9-10, 2021 Bentleyville Sat. 4:00 p.m. L. Perchinsky Richeyville Sun. 9:00 a.m. C. Slagle Bentleyville Sun. 11:00 a.m. Ande Raymond Memorial Donations

We gratefully acknowledge the following memorial donations made to our parish:

In Memory of

+Catherine “Kay” Puskarich

From: George & Laura Hrutkay and Steven Stout and Friends at

Atlas Services Corporation

Special Gratitude of Gifts for Clergy

Father Ed, Father Don and

Deacon Tom express sincere gratitude to all who were so generous with cookie trays, fruit baskets, chocolates and gifts of all kinds given to the clergy during this glorious Christmas season. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Thank you for your kind remembrance of us all at Christmas and know of our continued prayers for you and your loved ones in this New Year of God’s grace!


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 4

Dear Friends in Christ:

Happy New Year! As we come to Mass this weekend, we celebrate

the Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord. This solemnity shows us that Jesus has come among us for all people of all times. The Gospel at Mass from Saint Matthew tells us: “Magi from the East arrived in Jerusalem, saying: ‘Where is the newborn King of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.”

When the Magi came from the East, it became clear that the mission of the Christ child was to spread far beyond the borders of Bethlehem, far beyond the reach of the Hebrew people – this Child had come for everyone. By the guidance of a star, the Magi were led to Jesus. By following the bright light of the star, they came to God’s own Son. Finding Jesus, the Scriptures remind us: the Magi worshipped, laying before the Lord the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The feast we celebrate today invites us to reflect on our own life’s journey and those whom we look to for advice and counsel, those “stars” if you will who are for us role models, especially in our lives of faith. As we consider those people who

have played a vital role in our lives, there is yet a more challenging question we must ask: for whom are we role models in faith? For whom are we guiding lights? And where are we leading those trusting souls who see the light of Christ in us? People look to us for example, for leadership, for support as they journey through this life, especially in such uncertain times that we face with the Covid-19 pandemic. There are people on the road behind us following faithfully, trusting that we are bound to find Christ just as were the Magi. Those following in our

footsteps believe that we are in search of the very best that life can offer, something that can only be found in God and God alone.

Like the Magi, we too have been given the eyes of faith to keep us on course as we follow Christ the Light in our lives. We are called to be the wise women and men of our times, bringing to others Christ our Savior and Redeemer in our daily living.

Like the star that guided the Magi to Jesus, may our lives shine bright with faith in Christ and lead others to the Lord through his Church.

“Today the Magi gaze in deep wonder at what they see: heaven on earth, earth in heaven, man in God, God in man,

one whom the whole universe cannot contain now enclosed in a tiny body. As they look, they believe and do not question,

as their symbolic gifts bear witness:

incense for God, gold for a king, myrrh for one who is to die.”

~Saint Peter Chrysologus~

Wishing you all of the continued blessings of this glorious season of Christmas and

a New Year of God’s grace and peace!


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 5

Parish Weekly Calendar

DrexelHall / Bentleyville Available for Party Rentals Drexel Hall/Bentleyville is

available for rent for your gatherings/ parties Please contact Stan Glowaski, Scheduling Manager, for a complete list of available dates/ times, rental fees, etc. Stan can be reached by telephone at: 724-239-3673.

Sunday, January 3 LIFT Family Session 9:00 AM (Online Zoom Meeting)

Opening the Word-6:30 PM (Online Web Meeting)

Monday, January 4 Mass - 9:00 AM Bentleyville Main Church

LIFT Core Team Meeting 6:30 PM (Online Web Meeting)

Tuesday, January 5

Mass - 8:30 AM Richeyville Mission Church

Wednesday, January 6 Thomas Merton Small Group 6:00 PM –(Online Web Meeting)

Thursday, January 7 Mass - 8:30 AM Richeyville Mission Church Pastoral Staff Meeting - 1:00 PM

Fundraising Board Meeting 6:00 PM

Friday, January 8

9:00 AM Mass -Bentleyville Main Church

Saturday, January 9 Sunday, January 10 LIFT (Grades 1-5) 9:00 AM (Online Zoom Meeting)

Opening the Word-6:30 PM (Online Web Meeting)

End of the Year Statements

For any parishioner who wishes to receive an end of the year statement of contributions for 2020, please complete the request form and drop it in the weekend collection basket or mail it to the parish administration center. Once we receive your completed form, statements will be mailed beginning in January 2021.


I/We would like a record of my/our parish contributions for 2020.

NAME: ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

ENV. NO.: ____________________ PHONE #_______________________________

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Dolores #1675, has cancelled their January 5, 2021 meeting, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Merry Christmas to all our members, and have a happy, healthy new year ahead. Hope to see you all again soon!


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 6

Parish News

Covid-19 Safety Reminders

With an abundance of joy and gratitude the Diocese of Pittsburgh has been able to open many churches for prayer, Masses, and other Sacramental services. As you can imagine, it is a massive, ongoing effort to allow people to gather while doing everything in our power to protect everyone’s health.

We need to work together, and act with each other’s health and safety in mind if we are to continue keeping our churches open for worship.

As a reminder, Bishop David Zubik has suspended the obligation to attend Mass until further notice. If you are in a vulnerable population and/or have an underlying health condition, please approach the celebration of Holy Mass with charity and love for our clergy and faith community by following all safety protocols including:

 Staying home if you are not feeling well

 Mandatory mask-wearing at Mass. If you have a medical exemption from the Governor’s Order, please provide a copy to the parish so that it may be recorded and honored by those who are working to maintain a safe space for all

 Sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the church

 Sitting in designated pews and respecting social distancing of six feet or more unless you are one family unit living in the same household

 Refraining from congregating before or after Mass in the church building and parking lot

 Follow all the protocols to receive Holy Communion as directed at Mass

Church Support During Covid-19

As the world continues the battle with the Coronavirus, our parish needs your continued financial support. There are several options for you to consider using to support our parish during these unprecedented times:

1. If you are coming to weekend Mass, drop your offertory envelopes into the baskets located at the base of the sanctuary.

2. You can use the U.S. Mail to mail your offertory envelopes to the parish administration center.

3. You can drop off your offertory envelopes at the parish administration center during business hours or deposit the offertory envelopes into the mailbox at the administration center main entrance. 4. You can donate online by going to the parish website: katharinedrexelpgh.org and follow the directions. If you have any questions, contact the parish office: 724-209-1370, extension 404.

We are very grateful for your generous support. Please know of continued prayers for you and your loved ones!


2021 Mass Book Now Open

Saint Katharine Drexel Parish is pleased to open the 2021 Mass Book. You may book your intentions by completing the form below. Notes: You MUST include the $10 stipend when scheduling Masses. Only TWO

Masses per year can be scheduled on weekends. Additional Masses may be scheduled for weekdays. Any

questions, contact Theresa Moser, Office Manager: 724-209-1370, extension 404.

NAME:__________________________________________ PHONE #:_________________________________ CHURCH: BENTLEYVILLE_________ RICHEYVILLE_________

MASS INTENTION:____________________________ DATE REQUESTED__________ MASS TIME________ MASS INTENTION:____________________________ DATE REQUESTED__________ MASS TIME________ MASS INTENTION:____________________________ DATE REQUESTED__________ MASS TIME________ MASS INTENTION:____________________________ DATE REQUESTED__________ MASS TIME________ MASS INTENTION:____________________________ DATE REQUESTED__________ MASS TIME________


Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 7

Parish News

Annual Diocesan Parish Share Campaign for 2020 Drawing to a Close

Our annual Parish Share Campaign which began March 1st for the current 2020 calendar year will soon draw to a close. The Parish Share Program supports the needs of older adults and the less fortunate: Catholic Charities, Roselia Center and Mon Valley Social Services are among the many social programs that receive support through Parish Share. In addition, your contribution provides a vital role in helping more than 85,000 young Catholics receive a firm grounding in their faith through parish based religious education programs as well as through campus and youth ministry, helping to bolster the spiritual development of young adult Catholics. Supporting Parish Share promotes new vocations to the priesthood and religious life, provides for the continuing spiritual and educational formation of our current diocesan priests, and the care of retired priests who have given their lives in service to us. Parish Share also helps in educating parishioners on pro-life issues, counseling women and teenagers in crisis, and reaching out to women and men suffering from the trauma of abortion. In all, Parish Share helps parishes achieve things they cannot do on their own. Your contribution helps to provide our parishes with property planning and insurance expertise, legal and judicial counsel, stewardship and development services, financial and auditing services that allow the parish to serve you better.

The assessment as issued by the Diocese of Pittsburgh for Saint Katharine Drexel Parish in 2020 is $83,086.00.

Our Parish Share assessment for the parish continues to increase as does the cost of living. This year, each household is asked to please consider a pledge of $350.00 to the Parish Share

Program for 2020 that can be payable over the course of the year ($100.00 as the initial gift plus a

monthly gift of $25.00 over the next ten months). You are asked to be as generous as you are able according to your means.

For the 2020 Parish Share Campaign contribution, plan to use the bright pink colored envelope in your monthly offertory envelope packet, or you may place your gift in an envelope and drop it in the regular collection at weekend Masses the churches where you participate in Mass. You may also send it via U.S. mail in care of the administration center office, or you may drop it off at the parish office during regular business hours. May God abundantly bless you for your generosity!

Prayer for God’s Blessing in the New Year

(Early in the year, the household gathers at the table or at the Christmas tree or manger scene.) Our lives are made of days and nights, of seasons and years,

for we are part of a universe of suns and moons and planets. We mark ends and we make beginnings and, in all, we praise God for the grace and mercy that fill our days. Remember us, O God;

from age to age be our comforter. You have given us the wonder of time, blessings in days and nights, seasons and years. Bless your children at the turning of the year and fill the months ahead with the bright hope that is ours in the coming of Christ.

You are our God, living and reigning, forever and ever. ~Amen~


Solemnity of the Epiphany of our lord Page 8

Parish News

January 24











Sunday Supper

Image not the actual dinner

“Meatloaf Dinner”

11:30 AM – Until Sold Out

$11 per dinner

Limited Dinners

Call ahead to place order – 10:00 AM – 724-209-1370 ext. 424


Drive up to the first booth in front of Drexel Hall

Dinner includes

Two pieces of delicious Meatloaf

Mashed potatoes / gravy

Green Beans

Curbside Pick-up

Drexel Hall

208 Abromaitis Street – Bentleyville, PA 15314



Saint Katharine Drexel Parish • January 3, 2021 Page 9

Evangelization and Faith Formation

WHAT’S NEW IN LIFT (Living In Faith Together)

 Sunday, January 3rd-(9:00 –10:00 AM) Family Session via Zoom Meeting (Theme: Prayer-A Life of True Happiness:

Jesus’ Teachings)

 Sunday, January 10th-(9:00-10:00 AM) Grades 1-5 via Zoom Meeting  Sunday, January 17th-(9:00 –10:00 AM) Grades 6-7 via Zoom Meeting

 Sunday, January 24th –Families on Mission All families should plan to devote one Sunday of each month (or another time regularly each month) doing service of some kind. This component of LIFT is known as Families on Mission, where we strive to be Christ to others!

Members of our parish Prayer Team Ministry are available to pray with you and for your special intentions. A member of the Prayer Team will contact you to pray with you directly over the phone, or simply keep your prayer request in our prayers. Please keep in mind those who may not be able to email us and who need prayers. Ask their permission to give the Prayer Team their phone number, and we will contact them to pray with them over the phone. Please contact us by emailing skdevangelization@gmail.com or leave a voicemail with your phone number or email address at 724-209-1370 (ext. 412).

Calls to Homes of Every Registered Parishioner

During this Covid-19 pandemic, our parish continues to offer prayers and outreach to our parishioners. Over the next few months, you will be receiving a call from a parish volunteer as part of our evangelization efforts to remain connected in faith. These calls are meant to express our support to you in the midst of this pandemic and to provide the occasion for us to listen to your needs. Please welcome the opportunity to speak with one of our volunteers.

Opening the Word—New Participants Always Welcome!

All adults are invited to join our weekly online Scripture Sharing Group via Zoom web meeting, or you may choose to participate by using the study guide independently at home! We meet live each Sunday evening from 6:30 - 745 PM as we share and pray

together using each week’s Sunday Readings. Weekly attendance is not mandatory—

just a willingness to enrich your life by learning more about the Scriptures, and giving them meaning through daily prayer and actions! For more information, please contact Deb Augustine at

skddebaugustine@gmail.com or 724-209-1370 (ext. 412). Please leave your name, email address and phone

number, and Deb will contact you so you may join the group as soon as possible. (Materials and videos are

provided by the Augustine Institute through FORMED.org. and there is no cost for participants.)

LIFT Program Reaches Out To Our Shut-ins

All children and teens in our LIFT Program have begun sending cards and good wishes to our parish shut-ins on a regular basis. If you know of a relative, neighbor or friend, or perhaps a veteran of our armed forces who could benefit by receiving a caring card or letter from a child or teen from the parish, please contact Deb Augustine, Director of

Evangelization and Faith Formation with his/her name and address: email Deb at skddebaugustine@gmail.com or phone her office at 724-209-1370 (ext. 412). *Note: Letters and cards will be mailed by our parish office, and children and youth will not be directly given their “adopted” person’s contact info at any time, or disclosing their own family’s contact information.

LIFT Core Team Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the LIFT Core Team will be held on Monday, January 4th at 6:30 PM online via Zoom. We will further develop our outreach project to shut-ins from the parish, and plan classes for January and February (Particularly the diocesan curriculum for the Catholic Vision of Love, which will be taught during the month of February. Please let Deb Augustine know if you are unable to attend at skddebaugustine@gmail.com or 724-209-1370 (ext. 412).


Solemnity of the Epiphany of our lord Page 10

Parish News

Second Collection on January 16-17, 2021

The second collection on January 16-17, 2021 will be taken for the Saint Anthony School Programs and the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech.

Saint Anthony School Programs

Saint Anthony School Programs offers inclusive education to students ages 5-21 with the primary diagnosis of autism, Down syndrome and other developmental delays. Students attend regular classes based on their individual abilities and supplement their learning with fully-certified special education teachers in their Resource Rooms. The inclusive nature of their program allows the students to develop academically, socially and spiritually in a caring and respectful environment.

Students between the ages of 18-21 attend the vocational program at Duquesne University. At the post-secondary level, students train vocationally at local job sites to learn the functional aspects of jobs as well as proper business attire and appropriate work related behaviors. In addition, they practice independent living skills such as cooking, shopping and cleaning at the Life Skills Training Apartment. It is the goal to provide the education and resources each student needs to live life as independently as possible after graduation.

Saint Anthony School Programs provides hope and encouragement to families in need of their services. As an inclusive program, it allows siblings to attend the same school and interact together as part of the same student body, while meeting the special learning needs of each child. It helps children develop friendships and a deeper love for God, while preparing them to become active and contributing members of the community.

Visit the website: www.stanthonykids.org for additional information.

DePaul School for Hearing and Speech

DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, founded by the Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill as DePaul Institute, is a State Approved not-for-profit school dedicated to auditory/oral education as well as spiritual and personal development of deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to age 14. Students are offered a full scholarship for academic programs. A comprehensive continuum of clinical and family support programs are also offered free of charge to parents and caregivers.

Auditory/ oral education teaches children to learn to use whatever hearing they have, in combination with lip-reading and contextual clues (speech-reading) and the latest technologies such as cochlear implants and digital hearing aids, to understand and use spoken language. The goal is to give children the necessary academic language skills to fully participate in the speaking and hearing world. Virtually all of the students mainstream to their neighborhood schools during their elementary or middle school years with minimal supports.

DePaul School for Hearing and Speech is the only program of its kind in western Pennsylvania and among just a handful of state providers to offer a center-based educational program for children under the age of three.

Visit the website: www.depaulhearingandspeech.org for more information.

You are invited to be as generous as you are able to the second collection on January

16-17, 2021 which will benefit the Saint Anthony School Programs and the DePaul

School for Hearing and Speech.

**Important note: The amount collected for Saint Anthony School and De Paul

School will be credited towards our 2020 Parish Share goal. We invite you to be as generous as you are able.**


Solemnity of the Epiphany of our lord Page 11

Prayer for the Sick

Almighty and Eternal God, You are the everlasting Health of those who believe in You. Hear us for Your sick servant (N…) for whom we implore the aid of Your tender mercy, that

being restored to bodily health, he (she) may give thanks to You in Your Church. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.



Weekly Budget Amount (includes Christmas & Easter) — $ 7,748.34

Sunday, December 20, 2020 (week 25 of 52) — $ 3,997.00

Faith Formation — $ 304.00

Over/Under for week 25 — $ <3,751.34>

Budgeted Offertory Amount to Date — $ 193,708.50

Actual Regular Offertory Amount to Date — $ 128,118.00

Over/Under for year — $ <65,590.50>

797 envelopes sent - 90 envelopes received. Attendance: 126

Second Collection This Weekend 1/2-3, 2021

Extraordinary Expenses

Second Collection Next Weekend 1/9-10, 2021

Capital Improvement Fund

Parish Share 2020—Update:

Parish Share Goal: 83,086.00 Received to Date: $32,389.00

Balance Due: $50,697.00

Please Remember in Your Prayers

Irma Abercrombie Eric Adams Mary Alfano Dale Angelo Mike Babyak Nikki Lucas Bachinski

Sondra Bandini Barbara Barbic Beverly Bailey Elmer Berish Evan Breakeron Dale Brinkley Gai Cain Bryce Cherok Toni Clay Malta Cordisco Aiden Crawford Kallen Crawford Kathy Dalee Ella DeAngelo Mariano DiNardo Elaine Dworek Donna Ewedosh Joni Floriani Patty Garnic Larry Gaso Rita Ann Gigliotti Sheryl Giovanelli Barbara Glendenning James Glendenning Gary Grybosky Helen Grybosky Marge Hanak Tekla Herilla Michelle Herron Lisa Hitchings Brian Husarchik Lorraine Johnson George Kabay Eleanor King Brenda Koval Laura Kruzynski Thaddeus Kucherawy Tamara Lipscomb Carmine Litwin Josephine Machinak Monica Macintyre Irene Mariscotti Alma Marissa Alex Marran Kathy Marran Marian Mazutis Carol McConnell Marlene McManus Danita Miller Mary Ann Molish

Sheila Monack Kris Nagy Tammy Nelson June Pajerski Mark Patrone Amy Pawuk Laura Prentice Mary Ann Price Daniel Puskarich Michelle Puskarich Lorraine Reid Al Rhoades Lynette Riley Earl Rocca Joanne Romboski Agnes Rusilko Allen Rusilko Rick Sapko John Saxon Theresa Saxon Sal Schippers Agnes Schrader Byron Schrader Pat Shumar Colby Simkovic Lois Sims Louise Smith Dave Stevens Rose Teluch Baby Lincoln Tidwell

Pam Wagner Megan Weaver Darlene Wilbur John Yadamec Jackie Yuhas


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We want people to know that we are committed to maintaining safe environments in our parishes and schools through adult child abuse prevention training, mandatory

Next Week - Saint Bridget Catholic School Scholarship Fund: September 19-20 our second collection will benefit the Saint Bridget Catholic School Scholarship Fund. Allyson McTaggart

To register, please contact the parish office by September 22, 2021. The parish office will gath- er and submit all

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Bucks County Health Department continue to require Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School to collect and to report positive cases

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